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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 12 - 10/23/2000

Pagan Choice for the y2k US Election

This week's Pagan Perspective question is a redux of one that we asked about at the beginning of August... And we apologize in advance to our non-United States readers that we have again brought up an issue that is rather exclusive to just one country, but feel free to comment on the shenanigans of the American political system as you see it.) Which political platform or candidate are you leaning towards? Have you made up your mind or changed your mind? Will you vote and who-if you don't mind telling the world-are you planning to vote for? Why have you made this particular choice?

 Reponses:   There are 129 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

I Have Already Cast My Absentee Ballot For The Green Party Candidates... Oct 29th. at 5:19:46 pm EST

Joanna Hautin-Mayer (Denver, Colorado US) Age: 35

I have already cast my absentee ballot for The Green Party Candidates: Nader/LaDuke.

My philosophical views tend to be very liberal and socialistic.While I initially thought to vote for Gore, I began to find it increasingly difficult to differentiate between the "values" of the Democratic Party and those espoused by the Republicans.I am persuaded that there is no real significant difference between them; both are simply two aspects of the Rich Man's Party.

Nevertheless I must stress that we ALL have an obligation to vote. We can no longer pretend that politics has no effect on us simply because we may play at being "magickal". If we honestly intend to be taken seriously, we had better start acting in a serious manner.

I Read This In A Book I By Robert Fulghum, I Quote... Oct 29th. at 4:53:34 pm EST

Joe Sykes (Hemet, California US) Age: 50

I read this in a book I by Robert Fulghum, I quote "The closest I ever come to angry violence is in the presence of someone who says he will not even bother to vote because it doesn't make any difference". He goes on to say "He's typical of those who have a shallow view of history- those who don't understand that nobody has a right to ride on the bus without making some contribution to the cost of the journey. They don't respect the fact that somebody else paid the price to build the vehicle of civilization in the first place. They owe. We owe. It's a moral obligationto participate in the work of society. If you take from the pot, you must put into the pot."
I do not like either major candidate. The other candidates don't inspire me either. I will still vote. There is much more on the ballot than the presidential choices. Those issues are just as important as choosing the next leader of our country.

I Think Both The Candidates Are Absolute Bone-heads - Unfortunately, My Perspective Is... Oct 29th. at 2:22:23 pm EST

C Loucks (Cohoes, New York US) Age: 37

I think both the candidates are absolute bone-heads - unfortunately, my perspective is, if you don't vote, then you shouldn't complain because you have not participated in the process. I will probably vote for Mr. Gore only because since the Democrats have been in office the economy overall does seem to have been better - not in my particular case as I am filing bankruptcy - but that was not due to anything that the government had done.

Well, In The Beginning I Was Looking To Support Bush. His Dad... Oct 29th. at 2:07:00 pm EST

Zandra Nightmoon (Tacoma, Washington US) Age: 26 - Email

Well, in the beginning I was looking to support Bush. His Dad did a great job and he seemed like a nice man. But that quickly changed when Bush opened his mouth! He just scares me to death...If he is voted into office, I feel our rights as people will be taken away. Some people don't realize that the next President will get to appoint 4 new Court Justices. If Bush is in you think he will choose Justices that will believe as he does? YUP! And we all know that Bush is opposed to Wicca and Witchcraft. So, what does that mean for us?
Another major issue for me is abortion rights...We also know that Bush is Pro-Life. And we all know that Roe vs. Wade and the Supreme Court changed the abortion laws in the early 70's. Well, if that can happen can be changed right back. So, if Bush wants to take away a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body, what else can he take away from us? Our right to think? I want the freedom to practice MY religion and the freedom to choose what I do with my body. These are very important issues for me, as a woman and as a Witch. So, I am going to vote for GORE. I am not entirely sure that he is the best man for the position of president..But he is the lesser of the two evils in my eyes. Okay, there is my 5 cents on the matter...Bye for now! Blessings to all! )0(

I Originally Started Out Intending To Vote For Harry Brown, The Libertarian... Oct 29th. at 8:01:32 am EST

Sheila Guthrie (aka Thistle) (Burlington) Age: 42

I originally started out intending to vote for Harry Brown, the Libertarian candidate, but after following the Bush/Gore debates, decided to vote for Gore and Leiberman. Mainly because Al Gore has some good ideas about preserving the ecology, and ways to get this country away from fossil fuels and towards alternative energy sources. Also, from what I gather, he will uphold the Constitutional rulings about religious freedom, and the abortion rights bill, among others. Frankly, George W. scares the living daylights out of me! Any man who would smugly smile about how many times he's signed a death penalty order, well, I don't think he's the right person to have in Washington with his hand on the nuclear button, so to speak. So, that's my politcal plan, and I'm sticking to it, lol. Brightest Blessings, Thistle.

I Personally Refuse To Accept "the Lesser Of Two Evils". My Concience... Oct 29th. at 1:05:06 am EDT

Isis Macnamara (Greenville, South Carolina US) Age: 22 - Email

I personally refuse to accept "the lesser of two evils". My concience will not allow me to cast a vote for a candidate I do not believe in. I am torn in this election because I range from being ambivalent to outright hostile towards the two main candidates. Bush's comment on witchcraft not being a "real" religion left me incensed and frankly a little nervous that this man is as close as he is to being the most powerful man in the country. Where does that leave us if e is elected and the president is essentially saying we are kooks? On the other hand, Gore just doesn't appeal to me, he hasn't said much of anything that I have whole heartedly agreed with. IF I vote at all (and I'll get into why I might not in a second) I will be voting for Ralph Nader. My first time voting was the last presidential election, and before it was even a celebrity endorsed grassroots campain, I voted for him. My feelings were and still are that he shaowed himself, through his cosumer advocacy, someone who genuinly cares about the well being of people. That is more than I can say for most politicians who are all phonies, saying what we want to hear so they'll get elected. I may not vote at all because as I said I cannot morally concience voting for a candidate I do not believe in, BUT the campain for Nader IS proving to be pulling votes away from Gore and thus enhancing Bush. So I don't know what I'll be doing. Untill I do, I'll get off the soapbox for now.

I Had Been All Set For Bush. After All His Father Did... Oct 29th. at 12:38:33 am EDT

Richard Midgette (West Palm Beach, Florida US) Age: 40 - Email

I had been all set for Bush. After all his father did a decent job as Commander-in-Chief and his brother Jeb is seeminly doing a decent job as Govenor of Florida.

After reading his comments on Wicca, I don't want him in the position of running this country. I had never really cared much for Gore, but he didn't actually voice an opinon on Wicca. So, it's hard to tell where he stands.

I have feeling that I, along with many others, will be forced to chose the lesser evil.

Note: Posts That Contain Personal Attacks (and Related Threads That Follow) Will... Oct 28th. at 9:27:45 pm EDT

Fritz Jung (Clearwater, Florida US) Age: 47 - Email

Note: Posts that contain personal attacks (and related threads that follow) will be removed and are not welcome here. If your disire is to inspire a "good fight " or to talk down to the community at large, do know that we will not give you a soapbox.

Feel free to attack the issues at hand but not the individuals that post their opinions here .

Happy Samhain,

Yes, I Plan On Voting This Year, And I Plan On Voting... Oct 28th. at 8:00:52 pm EDT

Lizzie (Atlanta, Georgia US) Age: 29

Yes, I plan on voting this year, and I plan on voting for Harry Browne, as he is the only candidate who truly stands up for our Civil Right and Civil Liberties. Unfortunately, participation in the Presidential election is a waste of time and will be until such time as the President is elected by popular vote instead of by the Electoral College.

George W. Bush Is Nothing But A Dim-witted (and Possibly Drug-addicted)pawn... Oct 28th. at 6:16:10 pm EDT

Amethyst (Lynnwood, Washington US) Age: 42 - Email

George W. Bush is nothing but a dim-witted (and possibly drug-addicted)pawn of a wealthy conservative Christian movement that wants the rest of us to just shut up. Strangely enough, today on Fox News he looked like death and barely blinked. I suspect more is going on than meets the eye.
Al Gore is smart, experienced, visionary, virile, healthy, and his book Earth In The Balance is suspiciously Pagan. We should use our prayers and magick to win this election for him!

Gore Is Clearly The Better Man. I've Wanted To Vote For Gore... Oct 28th. at 3:38:49 pm EDT

Eli (Fort Lauderdale, Florida US) Age: 18

Gore is clearly the better man. I've wanted to vote for Gore since Clinton got elected the first time in '92, and I'm just disappointed he couldn't run with Hillary as his Veep. Gore has a quarter century of political experience in Washington, and has spent the last eight years as the most active and influential Vice President in remember history. He has done the job and now he deserves our votes. He trusts us and supports us, while George W. wants to take away the rights and money of everyone except the wealthy white Christian folks, who he would try to give total run of this nation too. You can see it in his smile, he's the devil (not literally, but a close enough mortal faximile). Even if you don't think Gore should be President, those of you who aren't white, wealthy, and conservative Christian men should be voting for Gore just to keep that hate-filled man Bush out of the most powerful office in the world. There are even interests in Europe, China, Russia, the U.N., and NATO among others that don't want him elected because of his stands on the issues. His actions could single-handedly cripple the NATO Alliance, threaten the establishment of democracy in Kosovo, and put as at odds with the rest of the world because he plans to rush ahead with the development of a Ballistic Missile Defense that if not handled with utmost care over the next few years could create paranoia about our nation throughout both hemispheres and ultimately probably lead to the total abandonment of the program. Think about it.

P.S. -- The GOP are now advertising for Ralp Nader, so obviously a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush.

Hopefully, Gore Will Be Elected. I Understand That There Was A Gasoline... Oct 28th. at 1:03:26 pm EDT

Raven (Johannesburg) Age: 52 - Email

Hopefully, Gore will be elected.
I understand that there was a gasoline and heating fuel crisis of some dimension in the USA (especially the Midwest) a month or so ago. Could this have possibly been manipulated by the Bush connections to make Gore look badly? A lot of people will vote their pocketbooks regardless of the candidate. Scary stuff, indeedÉ Here something to think about....
The following information (paraphrased) keeps cropping up in various reputable and informational journals. Kind of makes one wonder if ALL these journals can be wrong. It also gives one pause to wonder just who this Bush, Jr. is and to what kind of family he belongs. This is weirdly, scary stuff. I think Bush, Jr. should give up the run for the Presidency and start writing his autobiography for a horror genre movieÉ
Many members of the White House staff, including the then President George Bush Sr., signed waivers regarding their conflict of interest in waging war against a fellow business competitor, since they owned millions of dollars in oil company stock. A twentyish Bush Sr. got his start in the oil business with a million dollar gift from his father, Wall Street lawyer Prescott Bush (involved with a company busted for dealing with Nazis and violating the Trading With The Enemy Act during World War II), to start an offshore business named Zapata Oil (alleged in The Nation as Sr. Bush's first job as spy for the CIA, and a prelude to Sr. Bush's job as CIA director in the 1970s). A war would not only help eliminate a business competitor but would also drive up the price of American oil even though Arab oil accounts for a mere 3% of oil consumption in America. Allegedly, American troops were ordered to "defend" flaming Kuwaiti oil wells from American firefighters, apparently in order to drive up the price of oil thanks to news media coverage of the smoking environmental disaster. Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney was worth approximately $40-million thanks to his ownership of oil stock. In 2000, during the presidential campaign of George Bush, Jr. and vice presidential nominee Dick Cheney, oil prices suddenly rose sky high. A criminal antitrust investigation by the Bill Clinton and Al Gore Justice Department resulted in an equally sudden drop in oil prices.
(When it comes to military employment, is father like son? Bush Jr. rarely showed up for work in his cushy Vietnam War job as stateside National Guard pilot. Bush Sr., allegedly shot down during battle, tells inconsistent stories as to why he survived and his crew did not. His apparent "memory loss" was reported by The Nation and many other publications, but never by the mainstream news media. If Bush Sr. really did almost become a POW, how did he have the heart, along with then President Ronald Reagan and Secretary of State James Baker, to allegedly turn down Vietnam's offer in 1981 to return their living POWs if paid the $3-billion in war reparations agreed to by corrupt then President Richard Nixon? Billionaire Reform Party candidate Ross Perot wrote that was why he ran against Bush Sr. for the presidency in 1988, sabotaging the Republican vote so Bill Clinton would win. As for Bush Jr.'s arrest for cocaine use, perhaps he takes after then Vice President Bush Sr. arrest for DUI-- along with one of his mistresses -- after a car crash, according to former first lady Nancy Reagan. Reagan [Nancy] hated Bush Sr. for running against her husband and then within one year taking control of the presidency after her husband was shot by an assassin Ð AN ASSASSIN WHOÕS BROTHER WAS DUE TO HAVE DINNER WITH A SON OF BUSH SR., not Bush, Jr., but Neil Bush of the billion-dollar Silverado Savings and Loan bankruptcy infamy.

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