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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 12 - 10/23/2000

Pagan Choice for the y2k US Election

This week's Pagan Perspective question is a redux of one that we asked about at the beginning of August... And we apologize in advance to our non-United States readers that we have again brought up an issue that is rather exclusive to just one country, but feel free to comment on the shenanigans of the American political system as you see it.) Which political platform or candidate are you leaning towards? Have you made up your mind or changed your mind? Will you vote and who-if you don't mind telling the world-are you planning to vote for? Why have you made this particular choice?

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After Reading The Responses To The Questions On Religious Freedom On Web... Oct 23rd. at 10:06:28 am EDT

Akriel WatchingWolf (Tucson, Arizona US) Age: 29 - Email

After reading the responses to the questions on religious freedom on Web, White and Blue, how could any pagan vote for Bush? In one breath he espouses his commitment to freedom of religion and in the next he makes the statement that he doesn't think witchcraft (the question actually asked about Wicca specifically) is a religion and that it should not be promoted by the military.

I think that is a dangerous statement coming from some one who may be the next leader of our country, and, if so, commander-in-chief of our military.

What gives any individual the right to determine if a religion is valid? What happens when "all those damned pagans" are dealt with? Maybe Buddhism is next? Hinduism? If Wicca can so easily be dismissed as a false religeon, why not any other faith not endorsed by men like George W. Bush?

O.K., rant mode off... I was going to vote Green Party, but I know they don't really have a chance. And just to do my part to try to avoid having a closed-minded individual like Bush as our president, I will be voting for Gore.

Georgie Jr. Hasn't The International Experience To Deal With The Volatile Mid... Oct 23rd. at 9:35:47 am EDT

Andy Giamis (Binghamton, New York US) Age: 28 - Email

Georgie Jr. hasn't the international experience to deal with the volatile Mid East. His programs and "reforms" are obviously directed to benefit the wealthy and "other" right wingers. No matter where I cast my vote, I cast my vote against George Bush.

I think Al Gore would do a good job, but I really don't trust him. I would almost consider voting for him. I know that he will fight for the environment. He will appoint pro choice justices to the Supreme Court. He will veto any attempt from Senator Lott to expell Wiccans from the military. But I feel that he will also bend to the influence of lobby groups and special interests.

The third party canidates are interesting this year.

Pat Buchannan: I suspect that his closet holds a ritualistic "hooded white robe"

Ralph Nader: I like his environmental platform, however I think he'd be a bait fish thrown into the DC shark pool.

John Hagelin: Surprisingly, I actually agree with his entire platform. Being a physics grad. student, I like the idea of actually having an intellectual president as opposed to having some guy whose daddy got him into college and probably paid extra so they wouldn't kick him out. Unfortunately, Hagelin doesn't have the exposure. I want to vote for him, but I am afraid that a vote for him will benefit Bush. I don't want to do that.

I am indifferent to the remaining third party canidates.

I guess my voice supports John Hagelin, but my vote is still undecided. I should vote my heart, but I also feel that the stakes are very high in this election. I can stomach Gore as president, but I fear Bush.

I Agree With Gryphontamer. I Will Vote My Absentee Ballot For Al... Oct 23rd. at 7:35:19 am EDT

Raven (Johannesburg, Saudi Arabia) Age: 52 - Email

I agree with Gryphontamer. I will vote my absentee ballot for Al Gore because voting for Bush is unacceptable on so many levels, but mostly because he is patently anti-Witch! Thank goodness I am missing that entire hullabaloo over in the USA right now. I liked Nader because of his honesty and concerns for the environment, but unfortunately, giving him my vote would be like giving it to Bush and that is just unfathomable. Nader is probably going to take votes away from Gore just like Perot took votes away from the elder Bush in '92. That's too bad. I wish he were going to get more Republican votes to help Gore. This is one of those elections where it's "Gee, this guy isn't my perfect choice, but he is archaeological levels above Bush"! So, because of the separation of Church and State argument, if nothing else, I will vote for Gore.

While I Would Prefer To Vote "green" At This Juncture In The... Oct 23rd. at 7:24:16 am EDT

Trish Telesco (western , New York US) Age: 40 - Email

While I would prefer to vote "green" at this juncture in the race those votes are lost, and since this is definitely a two-man race, it seems best to vote for the person who would continue our freedoms rather than hamper them - and Gore is definitely that man. While I'm not thrilled with either choice, the race is too tight to allow ANY vote to not count against Bush (again, why I've gone this route over the green line).

One Of The Most Important Aspects Of Being An American Citizen, Is... Oct 23rd. at 2:31:13 am EDT

GriffinWolf (Portland, Oregon US) Age: 31 - Email

One of the most important aspects of being an American citizen, is that of the voting process to determine our nation's leader, the President. I for one, absolutely HATE election time, or rather the month leading up to it. All you see or hear about on TV, Radio or whatnot, is about the elections and the voting issues. Oh well, there are some people who just need to hear the information more before they can make an informed decision.

Myself, personally, am voting for Al Gore on election day. I have followed both candidates and their personal life choices and affiliations carefully over the last year. I believe that the person who would be best suited for the job is Al Gore. One very important reason that I have made this choice is the fact that he supports and adheres to the idea that our Founding Fathers had for this nation, a land where people were free to practice their faith, or no faith at all...without fear of persecution or prosection. He believes in keeping the serparation wall between Church and State standing tall...which is where it belongs. I fear that due to statements that Bush has made recently about Witchcraft not being considered a religion to him, could pose a threat to this religious peace that we have enjoyed here in this country of the free. Al Gore is also a proponent for the environment...for the Earth. I guess, after all is said and done, my decision is made because I AM an American, and I believe in the on-going vision of our Founding Fathers.

I vote for freedom.

Al Gore Will Be Much Friendlier To The Earth, Of That There... Oct 23rd. at 2:26:16 am EDT

the ShadowDancer (Tucson, Arizona US) Age: 47 - Email

Al Gore will be much friendlier to the Earth, of that there can be no doubt. No one who is interested in protecting the environment should even consider Bush, because with him (oil) industry preceeds any other concern. He has stated that he will exploit a pristine national wilderness for a trivial amount of oil.

Also, Bush has said that he does not believe that "witchcraft" can be a religion. He is no more a friend of Pagandom than he is of the Earth.

Both candidates are bought and sold by major $$$$$$. I would prefer Nader, but he can't win so if I vote for him it will be one less for Gore. I am a registered independent, but am seriously considering Green as well.

Today I Asked A Friend Of Mine, A New Pagan, Who He... Oct 23rd. at 1:41:16 am EDT

Gryphontamer (Corona, California US) Age: 29 - Email

Today I asked a friend of mine, a new pagan, who he was planning to vote for in this election. His answer: "Bush."

After five minutes or so of talking, he was convinced that that would be like shooting himself in the foot. He's now going to vote for Gore.

I wish we had a third option, but I'm not willing to give up my religious freedom. I'm voting for Gore, and then I'm changing my affiliation to Green. Hopefully in four years the Greens will have a better candidate available and we can start to really make a difference.

For those of you thinking of voting for Mr. Bush -- do you really *want* to live in a theocracy? Because I'm convinced that that is precisely what will happen.

I, Likewise, Haven't The Status To Vote. (as A Minor, I'm A... Oct 23rd. at 12:47:49 am EDT

Lisa (ChaosMoth) (Mountain View, California US) Age: 16 - Email

I, likewise, haven't the status to vote. (As a minor, I'm a legal non-person. On the internet, it hardly ever comes into play; socially, it's a gamble -- but enough of my whining.) But personally, I would have to say that Gore -must- be elected. It's vital that he take enough of the vote. Not because he would make a particularly -good- president, but because he wouldn't significantly endanger the rights of we who happen to be Pagans, or women, or g/l/b/t . . . etc. This world is enough of a mess as it is, and I feel certain that G. W. Bush is very much unsuited for the presidency.

He pushes for increased drug laws -- locking someone up for as much as having items with drug residue on them -- while prisons are overcrowded, and he still refuses to make a statement on his own suspected drug use as a youth. Drug use is a crime without victims, but if George had been subjected to his own laws, he could've been in prison for years! And he states that he doesn't think Witchcraft is a religion. (Yes, it's debatable, depending on what one means by 'witchcraft' -- but the issue being discussed at the time was Wicca.)

All praise Gore, patron saint of mediocrity! Or else just vote Cthulhu. Why settle for a lesser evil?

Blessed Be, and pardon my cynicism,


Although Too Young To Vote, I Pay Close Attention To All Of... Oct 22nd. at 9:43:13 pm EDT

Night Tiger (Liverpool, New York US) Age: 16 - Email

Although too young to vote, I pay close attention to all of the debates. I currently like Al Gore the most. And if you are unsure, take a hop over to (they have programs that will match you up with canadates baised on answers). I think he has more experience for the job and knows better what we "The people" want and need.

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