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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 59 - 9/11/2001

911 America: Talking Through The Terror...

Talking Through The Terror... And helping each other cope with the tragedies that struck at the very heart of the United States. The Witches Voice has opened up this forum in order that Pagans may express their thoughts on the terrorist attacks that took place in NYC and DC on September 11th. As the full realization of what happened and the toll numbers begin to come in, Americans have many challenges ahead.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? How are you feeling? Feel free to post any magickal workings or other support gatherings planned in your area.

WebNote 9/16/2001: Since we launched this on 911 this forum as become laced with powerful inspiration and critical information, feel free to use the search functions on your left to better define the info you are looking for. Search for your area, famous Pagans, key words etc. Also check Wren's Nest News for the latest news related to our community.

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Every Thing Has Changed We Can Never Go Back. My Family Has... Sep 16th. at 9:20:46 pm EDT

Onyx Rioux (Sweet Home , Oregon US) Age: 35 - Email

Every thing has changed we can never go back. My family has spent the last few days trying desperately to cope with the grief and rage that we all feel. I have spent countless hours trying to find a way to bring reason to this abomination within my self. Being pagan we know that this is a price we pay being human and we are finding a few ways to deal with our feelings. My first choice is prayer. IŐd like to share what I have with my community. My hope that someone else will find comfort in these words. Some of these prayers are my own; some of them are poems that I have tweaked a little. I invite you to change any wording that you like to make these prayers your own.

13 comforts
1 Aset give us hope
2 Aset give us courage
3 Aset help us to recover
4 Aset help us to understand
5 Aset make us strong
6 Aset make us resilient
7 Aset guide the victims
8 Aset guide the nation
9 Aset protect our shores
10 Aset protect our lives
11 Aset watch over the living
12 Aset watch over the dead
13 Aset hold up our hearts

Aset engrave these words upon my soul. Hope, faith, and love. That I shall find strength when life surges madly, that I may find light in the darkness.

Into this troubled world
Where shadowy figures
Stalk the sunshine
As the tiger stalks his pray.
I seek to capture and hold each elusive ray.
Where drifting cobweb visions
Replace the brightest hues
With tints of gray.
Aset comes
And in the quiet darkness of my day
She kisses the shadows all away.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep,i Am Not There... Sep 16th. at 9:11:04 pm EDT

Fyrehawk (Tucson, Arizona US) Age: 21

"Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there... I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow...
I am the diamond glints on snow...
I am the sunlight on ripened grain...
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you waken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of gentle birds in circling flight...
I am the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there... I did not die..."

Though I do not know the author of these beautiful words, I thank that person for them today.

My love and blessings to all of those who have suffered in this horrible tragedy, but let us remember:

Peace is not propigated by war.
Suffering is not eased by more sorrow.

Let the Witches of the world come together now to change the focus of this world from anger to acceptance, and from vengeance to peace.

Circle of the Goddess

*Please see for more information on our Circle's vigils and meditations for the victims of this tragedy.

I Found Out Through Undernet On Irc When This Happened, Very Shortly... Sep 16th. at 9:06:21 pm EDT

Emerald Willow (Grinnell, Iowa US) Age: 21 - Email

I found out through undernet on IRC when this happened, very shortly before I had to be to work. Unfortunately, I've just started this job and had to go into work anyway and could not hope to be kept informed of all that was going on. I figured that since I live in a small town in Iowa that the people who came in would not say much about it. I was wrong, everyone was touched and effected by what had happened. Reactions ranged from shock, to horror, to anger, and even denial that it had ever happened. That afternoon as I left work I noticed that we had a line up of cars waiting for gas, everyone thought that the gas prices would skyrocket and to be honest my boss had actually been waiting to get a call to raise the prices, but refused to raise them until that call came. The call never came in and I had to be proud of the little gas station I work at simply due to the fact that they were not trying to capitalize on the tragedy of what had happened. I will be the first to admit that I did not react as many people did, I simply accepted that this had happened and tried to figure out what I could do to cope and perhaps help. A friend of mine cried out of sorrow and fear, certain that by the time she awoke in the morning a war would have been declared. I hope that this does not come to war as war is not, nor will it ever be the answer. Do not get me wrong, the USA has been wronged terribly and we have not only the right but the need to retaliate against this outragous happening. Those who have done this should and must be punished. I just do not want to see innocent civilians of any country having to suffer for something that they did not do. We are all suffering, but do we want other's who were not directly responsible to have to do the same? Do we want our children to have to see a war? Do we really want to make the mistake of causing more pain than is deserved. I hope not, I do not want to have this come to a war, I do not want to have to wipe any child's eyes dry from tears because they're mother, father, brother, sister, or whatever died in a war that they needn't have died in. There are enough children crying for those who have already died.
Goddess Bless those who are lost, those being found, and those doing the finding. Goddess Bless all of us who cry that this has happened. Lord and Lady bless those who will defend us. And may the Gods have mercy on those that did this, for we cannot give them any mercy.

I Hadn't Intended To Post My Thoughts, But Now I Feel I... Sep 16th. at 9:03:49 pm EDT

Morrigan-Aa (Woodbridge, New Jersey US) Age: 26 - Email

I hadn't intended to post my thoughts, but now I feel I should. I am a Wiccan: i have been so for 14 years. I have spent my life in central New Jersey, and could see the World Trade Center clearly from my town. On clear days, the Twin Towers sparkled clearly on the horizon, accompanying the Empire State Building like two friends on the New York skyline.

I am also a reporter by trade, employed by a daily newspaper. Yes, a member of the faceless, dreaded "media." Yes, we have Pagans among our ranks, as well as atheists, Jews, and human beings of all stripes imagineable.

I was engaged in route duties - talking to the mayor about a budget, compiling a community police blotter - when these acts of heinous terrorism occurred. At the police headquarters, I listened to the news broadcast and it slowly dawned on me what had occurred, how many lives have been senselessly lost. I had seen the plumes of smoke on the horizon while headed for work, but thought nothing of it at the time; perhaps a fire in a neighboring town, I surmised.

Not knowing what to do, I went to a local park with a clear view of the Manhattan skyline. A crowd was there, binoculars in hand. A lead weight attached itself to my heart. I realized that the only thing I could do was whip out my notebook and my pen and do my job.

I took no pleasure in it. None of us did. My colleagues had tear-streaked, ashen faces. We cover these towns, live in them. We felt those losses dearly, dearly. We knew the value of the lives that have been lost.

We are not ghouls. We take no pleasure in pain. We do our jobs. We have families and loved ones. We are truth-speakers. And we are not faceless.

The other day, I talked to families whose loved ones never made it home. Not surprising here, because the commuter lots are like graveyards, filled with abandoned cars. At the end of the day, I drove back to one family to return some pictures. Two little girls answered the door with smiles, asking "Where's mommy?" Luckily, I made it back to my car before I broke down. Even so, I could only break down for a moment, because I was on deadline and had to write about a vigil taking place in town.

Goddess, bring us peace.

How Soon We Become What We Fight,the World Is Now A... Sep 16th. at 9:01:09 pm EDT

Elamberel (Sydney, New South Wales AU) Age: 25

How soon we become what we fight,
The world is now a darker place,
The cycle of hate continues,
How will it end?

It was late in tuesday night here in OZ when the news flashed across the tv as i was preparing for bed. The two planes had crashed into the WTC but the plane had yet to plow into the pentagon. I remember thinking I pity those who hurt America because America awoken to rage will not rest.

For the next few days I wondered HOW? how could anyone malicously plot to kill as many people as possible? When will it end?

America will respond that is obvious. But I'm a Pacifist. Conflict repulses me. As a pagan, as a wiccan I hold all life sacred even if the terrorists of the world do not. There will always be people who are prepared to do anything to themselves and others to promote their point of view.

When will it end?
How far will the world go?
When I have children will it be into a world fragmented by a war?

I hope not.

I cried when I saw what transpired in that great city. It has such a precence in the world. But I also cry when I realise there will be more death, more destruction. I am a woman, a witch and a writer.

I can see both sides of the story. They're not equal, death dealers will face the consequences of their actions. The fundimental laws of the universe ensure that. But will the hatred mearly pass to their children?

Bombs are an expression of pain. They inflict it and are an instrument of it. I refuse to add more pain to the world with hatred. America has a choice. Find them, lock them up but don't become them

Blessed Be.

Fear Kills. My First Feeling When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning To... Sep 16th. at 8:59:08 pm EDT

Elizabeth Jane (Vancouver, British Columbia CA) Age: 30 - Email

Fear kills. My first feeling when I woke up Tuesday morning to hear CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) radio news broadcasting that New York was under attack was the most profound experience of fear in my entire life. I've never been so afraid for my nation and our American neighbours. I didn't even fear for myself, but for the people around me, the reprecussions if the US retaliates against the attackers, the implications for global events.
The terrorists want us to fear. If we succumb to fear, we do exactly what they want us to do. If we respond with force and violence, we do what they expect us to do.
This weekend happens to be the start of the Spirituality and Sustainability Summit 2001 in Vancouver, BC. I found myself toiling away in the kitchen, chopping vegetables and comiserating with the other volunteers. We talked about everything today - raising children, ethical business practices, our varied spiritual paths, death. What I heard in the kitchen and in the lecture hall helped me let go of the fear I've been carrying around with me all week. Community is what makes us strong - our Pagan community, our neighbourhoods, our cities, our nations. That's what is going to sustain our belief in compassion, cooperation, communication, our faith in God and Goddess.
At the Summit, there is a Sacred Space created by the organizers and participants. As I prayed to God and Goddess and meditated on the events of the last few days, I focused on the sacredness of all things, all people. These are the things I'm going to keep in mind as I pray for the dead, for the peace of nations, for the attackers, for the people that I love.

I Was Home On Tuesday, I Had Barely Woken Up When Nbc's... Sep 16th. at 8:52:02 pm EDT

Amanda (North Jersey, New Jersey US) Age: 21 - Email

I was home on Tuesday, I had barely woken up when nbc's today was broken into with the image of the one tower burning. And while my mother and I watched, we kept having to switch channels because they kept going off the air and back on again. Radio stations played only news. And around 11, my sister got the call from work to go down near Jersey City and Bayonne, she's an EMT, and they needed everyone. She didn't come home until midnight, and then she just took time for a shower, a few short stories that we didn't want to hear about what was happening, and was out the door until 8am. She worked a lot like that, with more sleep until saturday, and then she got a day off.
Mom and I wanted to do something, so we went to go donate blood. We were turned away at the local blood banks, they said they were at capacity, to come back in a few weeks and donate then. We tried to donate our time, but we couldn't get places early enough, by 8am, the red cross, salvation army, and the piers at Jersey City were turning people away, so we put our names on a few lists to be called for volunteering when they needed people again. I wanted so much to help... if I could just do something, I wouldn't feel so helpless... maybe I could forget the smell of dust when the wind blew from the south. Maybe I could forget how much that first fighter plane going overhead scared the hell out of me, or how on thursday I woke up in the middle of that thunderstorm and ran downstairs to turn on the tv 'cause I thought something else had happened.
So, I did my ritual, I called out to Maat for justice and Kwan Yin for compassion. I can only hope they heard me... I helped my family put up all the flags we have thanks to a 4th of july birthday and my dad being a vietnam vet. And now, there's candles, those big yankee candle ones, burning on our porch, all day, all night. As a reminder. And I feel better. I don't know any victims, but I'm still sad and scared.
What about war? What about it? If Bush is smart, he'll send in some ground troops to get that bin Laden guy, instead of bombs. Bombs will not only hurt innocent people, but they won't do much to cites already reduced to rubble from thier own fighting. CNN has been reporting that Afgani resistance leaders have said they are more than willing to fight alongside with US troops to get the Taliban out of power and bin Laden out of Afganistan. They said they have 15, 000 trained men, and 15, 000 more willing that they can train. They sound like some damn good escorts to have. What to do with Bin Laden when they get him? I say death is too good. He should feel the horror he has inflicted on others. My favorite suggestion is to put him in a NYC prison. That would definatly inspire terror in him.
And for all of you who don't want war, I want a good suggestion on how to do this peacefully. How do you reason with people who believe that if they die killing you, they go to heaven? No one is innocent to them. We are all guilty of not supporting thier cause. And to them, that is a crime punishable by death. We cannot just roll over and fogive these people. There is no fogiveness for maybe 5, 000 civilian deaths. Especially all those that were working to save others when the towers came down. I don't know about you, but I want blood. I may be immature but some things are worth fighting for, and I belive that making sure this never happens to anyone else ever again is one of them.

A Deadly Virus Was Released Into The Usa On September 11th. And... Sep 16th. at 8:41:57 pm EDT

Maggie Shayne Benson, (LadyHawke, the Mythmaker) (Central New York State, New York US) Age: 39 - Email

A deadly virus was released into the USA on September 11th. And it's spreading. The virus is called Hate.

It was brought here by some individuals who claim to be waging a holy war. But religion isn't about hate. It's about love. Islam doesn't teach hate. The teacher of those suicide bombers twisted his religion's teachings out of all proportion, until he poisoned the minds of his students with the virus. They became living vials of the disease that was eating their hearts and souls away. Perhaps that was their leader's goal. He didn't care about those men. He used them, infected them with hate, and then hurled them at the U.S. the way medieval armies hurled plague-carrying rats over the city walls of their enemies in the middle ages. Those airliners carried more than innocent passengers, brave pilots, and deadly terrorists. They carried the virus of Hate.

When the planes detonated, the virus was released. Hate killed thousands on impact. It wounded thousands of others. But that was only the beginning, because it spread, became airborne, and is even now making its way across the entire nation, traveling from heart to heart.

The symptoms are wild and varied, but all incredibly easy to spot. People who are normally kind and loving, suddenly have blood in their eye. They wish for the deaths of other people. An entire race. Even pray for it! They'd like to see whole nations reduced to rubble, entire peoples brought to their knees. They say things like, "Let's just blow them all away. God will sort them out!" And, "Who cares how many of their innocents die? Did they bother to spare our civilians?" And, "Why do we let their kind into our country in the first place? Why don't they stay home where they belong?" They make jokes about "camel jockeys" and "towel heads." Hateful, hurtful, evil germs spread with every word they utter and every thought they think.

These are the early symptoms. In the later stages, more serious ones develop. Some patients shout obscenities at anyone who bears a physical resemblance to the original carriers of the disease. Some physically assault them. People who look a certain way, those who bear the strikingly beautiful dark eyes and hair and skin indicative of Arab descent, find their homes and businesses attacked. One hate-infected individual left a flaming bag of excrement on the front steps of an innocent's home. Another smashed in the windows of an ethnic grocery store owned by an Arab American. One victim fired his weapon into a place of worship, peppering it with bullet holes. Several others tried to burn similar holy places to the ground. Holy places. Temples of worship. That how destructive the Hate virus is, that those suffering from it can pray to their own god while destroying the house of anotherĐnever even caring that the two are one and the same. Can you imagine it? "God, please, rip my enemy to shreds, while I destroy your most holy shrine! Do this because I am righteous and they only think they are!"

God, by any name, is crying tears of blood today, and is ashamed of the acts being carried out in His or Her or Their holy name(s.)

It's quite clear acts such as those I have described are symptoms of the same disease that infected the hijackers, because they manifest in exactly the same way: In mindless, illogical, idiotic hatred and violence against innocent civilians.

The victims of this disease who are burning mosques and shouting obscenities and posting racist "jokes" all over the Internet, are no different in any way from the ones who flew those jets into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. No different. Except perhaps in their own minds. They are in the earlier stages of the same disease.

There is only one cure for the rampant Hate Virus. (Many think attacking it with more hate is the solution, but that only makes it stronger.) Buddha gave us the answer. So did Jesus. And Mohamed, and Allah. The Pope, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Kwan Yin, Inanna, Gaia, Aradia, Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, and countless others. The cure is love. Every spiritual leader of every faith agrees.

If you know someone who is infected with the virus, and you don't tell them, you are guilty of helping it to spread. Telling them that their hatred is a sickness is an act of love, and will help to cure it. The more people who tell them, the closer they will be to a cure. When they finally realize that it's true, they'll be cured.

Love. Give it freely to the victims of the initial assault, and all the other victims of this disease that has infected our nation. Use it to innoculate those not yet infected with the hate virus, and use it to treat those who have.

It is in love, and out of love for the entire body of mankind, that the source of the virus must be eliminated. Like a cancerous tumor, it must be cut out. But not in rage or anger. Out of love and a need to do what's best for the good of the whole. And with as little damage as humanly possible to the innocent, lest we inadvertently infect them and start the disease spreading all over again. Perhaps the only way the tumor that has entered the world in the name of Islam, is for the true Muslims of the world to remove it themselves. Give them love so that they have the strength to do so. Do not infect them with hate by hurling it at them, lest they lose sight of the greater good. Perhaps if all Muslim leaders condemn this behavior, it can finally be extracted from the body of man.

You can help. Spread love, enough to overwhelm the hate. Don't sit quietly while people make racist comments or tell racist jokes, or spew their hatred and rage, or cry out for war.

If we cannot defeat the hate quickly enough, the USA will try to remove this cancer from the world by force. This is the year 2001, people. The TRUE Millennium. We have nuclear weapons, and they have biological ones. Sting said it years ago, and it's even more true today: "There's no such thing as a winnable war. It's a lie we don't believe anymore."

Spread love. Stop the hate. And Pray for Peace. Work magick that our leaders exercise the utmost restraint and give the world a chance to rid itself of this illness. Pray that if our leaders do strike, that they do so in wisdom and in love, not in rage and hate and vengeanceĐsurgically removing the tumors; bin Laden, Hussein, the TalibanĐbut sparing, even protecting, the healthy cells all around them. The innocent lives. The others who are victims just as we have been.

I know we're angry. I know we want someone to pay. But we cannot afford to indulge ourselves in those feelings. If hate wins, we are not talking about an extended war, and we are not talking about heavy losses. Make no mistakeĐwe're talking about the very real possibility of destroying ourselves and our planet. The annihilation of mankind. A third world war. That's what's at stake here, and nothing less.

We CANNOT stand in silence and watch this happen.

Speak out against hate! Work for peace and restraint, work for healing and protection. Spread love as widely and thickly as you can. It's our only hope.

Rev. Maggie Shayne Benson aka: LadyHawke, the Mythmaker

It Started Like Any Morning, I Got Up From Working A Graveyard... Sep 16th. at 8:38:34 pm EDT

K. Manis (Hesperia, California US) Age: 38

It started like any morning, I got up from working a graveyard shift around 9:30ish. I turned on the t.v and it was on Nickelodeon (I have a 11 year old daughter at home). I grabbed the remote and sat down at my computer. As I turned on my computer I flipped channels. I went to my local channel as always and instead of seeing my usual Judge Mathis it was the news. As they told the story I froze in disbelief. I could not believe what I was seeing or hearing. After a few minutes I rushed in to wake my room mate and tell her. Her daughter was in South Carolina coming home by way of Greyhound.
I am still realing from the attack on us. I just pray and beseech the lord and lady that cool heads will provail not only our world leaders but the common american at home and we stop the hate before we are consumed by the Karmic backlash that will ensue.

Test... Sep 16th. at 8:28:40 pm EDT

uu (juu) Age: 0 - Email


I Pray With All My Heart That There Are Still People Alive... Sep 16th. at 8:09:52 pm EDT

mielikki (albany, New York US) Age: 39 - Email

I pray with all my heart that there are still people alive that we will find. There have to be. It's not impossible.

Therefore I have been casting the following spell:

I raise energy and focus it and direct it to those unfound survivors that they hold on to life and hope.

I raise energy and focus it and direct it to those searchers and rescuers that all their senses be alert and their spirits be able to continue to hope, even when it seems there is no chance.

I visualize clearly rescue workers finding and saving individuals and groups that have somehow managed to survive.

Oh mighty Isis, daughter of Ra,
Sister-wife to Osiris, mother of Horus,
I greet you this night in perfect love and perfect trust.
With free will to all and harm to none,
As I have willed, let it be done.

There Is A Time For Peaceful Contemplation And A Time For Action... Sep 16th. at 7:26:29 pm EDT

Macross (Sycamore, Illinois US) Age: 32 - Email

There is a time for peaceful contemplation and a time for action. There is a time for healing and a time for war. Not all problems can be solved with magik no matter how powerful or well intentioned. Quite a number of us have called upon the Morrigan at one time or another. We must not forget that she is a warrior Goddess. There are times when that kind of power is needed, now is one of those times. We are at war with an enemy who will never give up while life lasts. When our armed forces go forth to combat this enemy, I for one hope she is with them. I intend to be doing everything in my power, magically and materially, to protect our fighting men and women and strengthen them against this terrible foe.

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