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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 14 - 11/6/2000

The Unresolved US Election

Did YOU vote? Which candidate did you vote for? How do you feel about the political wrangling going on right now in Florida? Will/Should either candidate concede for the good of the country-or should either/both fight it out until we all scream for mercy? How do you think either candidate, if declared the winner, will be able to bring the country together given the inference that the election results now point to an America that is almost equally divided into one camp or the other? And the BIG question-What, if any, impact will the final results have on the Pagan communities?

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My Policitcal Views Aren't Real Important (except The Fact That I Dislike... Nov 10th. at 4:46:11 pm EST

Megara (Jackson, Michigan US) Age: 0 - Email

My policitcal views aren't real important (except the fact
that I dislike all choice of candidates) but really I think
they're being quite immature and its take them THIS long to
realize that an Amendment is neccessary and practically
mandatory. Ever notice that when the population complains
they don't listen? They think revising the election process is
a waste of time. But when it finally hits them and their popularity
and their pocketbooks, the whole GOP is an uproar and the talk of
Amending the Constitution arises.

Either candidate will have a cloud over their presidency no
matter what now because of this fiasco. They're both acting
extremely cocky and childish. There either needs to be a revote
in the state of Flordia, the entire country or it needs to be
take to the House. Constitutionally, it's supposed to go to our
House of Representatives. Have they forgotten that the Constitution
exists in this?

Now That's A Lot Of Questions.....i Voted For Gore, Out Of... Nov 10th. at 4:42:04 pm EST

Victoria Glynn (Huntsville, Alabama US) Age: 47 - Email

Now that's a LOT of questions.....I voted for Gore, out of fear of a more intrenched right-wing control of the federal government than of any real commitment to Gore or his positions. In my heart, I'm GREEN. If I had to do it over again, considering how tight this race is, I think I'd vote the same way again. I don't believe the dems should back off their demands for a re-vote in Palm Beach County, indeed, I think they should probably call for the entire state to vote again, considering the reports of police intimidation of black voters, voters turned away because the polls were "out of ballots", et al.

Think what would be happening if the situation were reversed. Let's imagine that the state in question is one in which the Democratic candidate's sibling is governor, his father is the former head of the CIA, recorded in our history books as the president who sold us out in Iran/Contra and who brought us the Savings and Loan debacle. Now let us assume that this Democratic candidate had serious discrepencies in both his arrest record and his military record but that those records have mysteriously evaporated. What, gentle readers, would the Republicans be doing right about now? Based upon prior example, they would be marching in the streets, insisting that Bill and Hillary Clinton were performing lewd sexual rites in the Lincoln Bedroom with all their satanic liberal friends in show biz, and Bill would be waving that 'magic wand' of his toward the state in question to assist in the terrible miscarriage of democracy. Statesman like behaviour from Shrub? Please. As I heard (2nd hand, albeit) from a REPUBLICAN lady from Texas, "That boy couldn't pour piss out of a boot". Do I sound bitter? Please excuse the rant. Goddess help us all.

For Myself, I Voted For Gore - The Minnesota Race Looked To Be... Nov 10th. at 4:39:46 pm EST

Jenett (St. Paul, Minnesota US) Age: 25 - Email

For myself, I voted for Gore - the Minnesota race looked to be quite tight, and I did *not* want Bush to win (and I don't agree with Nader on a number of issues. I'd have had some harder thinking to do had there been an Independence party candidate) I voted for Gore not quite so much because I agree with him, but because I think he is the best alternative (and because I think he has experience which Bush does not, and a willingness to at least *appear* to listen to alternative opinions)

My consolation from this is what other people have said - even if Bush wins, the Senate and the House are both so close to even that it's going to be hard to make major changes at least until the next House/Senate elections in 2 years.

As far as Florida, I understand both that the ballots are not created as dictated in Florida law, that they are quite confusing (having seen them myself, I can see why people might be confused), and I have heard (second hand, but from sources I trust to have checked their evidence) of people being denied replacement ballots when they realized their mistake (while still in the polling place) (Florida law apparently should allow two replacement ballots if you realise you've entered a vote incorrectly.)

It's the last one I think is the most egregious problem, but I also think that with the race this close, they really need to do *something* to come to a consensus, particularly given the large number of ballots discarded due to double punching.

As a note: I was very impressed with my first time voting in Minnesota. Everything went very smoothly, and they do one thing here I find very useful - tehy allow same day registration (you need a driver's license with your current address, or a photo ID + proof you live at the address, like utility bills). Although I'd registered when I got my driver's license, it was still really nice to see every reasonable effort made to allow people to vote. They also used a quite simple voting method - you took a black marker type pen and joined in two parts of an arrow pointing directly to the person you wanted to vote for.

Although I'm Canadian, I've Been Watching The Whole Bush/gore Debacle With... Nov 10th. at 4:26:50 pm EST

Laurie E. Smith (Winnipeg, Manitoba CA) Age: 36 - Email

Although I'm Canadian, I've been watching the whole Bush/Gore debacle with great interest. Our own election race for Prime Minister is well underway... and one of the leading candidates, Stockwell Day, has many of the same right-wing anti-gay pro-life pro-Christian views as Bush. If Bush wins, I fear that the chances of Day winning will also increase. And if that happens, North America as a whole could become a very unfriendly place for Pagans. Are we about to go underground again?

I Live In England And We're All Having A Good Old Laugh... Nov 10th. at 3:54:54 pm EST

Celestial Lily (Surrey, England UK) Age: 17

I live in England and we're all having a good old laugh at the 'mickey mouse' way the election has been handled. No offence, but it does sound quite ridiculous; Bush is declared president then they're not sure then a recount then dispute over oversees votes then confusion over voting slips then threats of legal action etc. I wonder what'll happen next.
PS I want Gore to win cos I was offended by Bush's comments.

I'm From Holland So At First Glance If I Could Vote I'd... Nov 10th. at 3:48:00 pm EST

Digger3 (Doorn, Netherlands) Age: 16 - Email

I'm from Holland so at first glance if I could vote I'd vote for gore, but the great thing about all this, is that amerika is always such a big nation, we are so good, we are in front with this, we are the best, etc. Finally this big nation feels small, they cannot even do an election well. That is (for me) a great thing to see, no one is perfect, nor am I.

Although I Am Only 16, And Cannot Vote, I Want Gore To... Nov 10th. at 3:31:31 pm EST

Lola (Livonia, Michigan US) Age: 16

Although I am only 16, and cannot vote, I want Gore to win. He can do the job right. But, part of me wants Bush to win. For the simple fact that he will send our economy down the drain, and when Hilary runs for president in 2004, she will win. Finally, our first woman president. Bush is evil though. grrr to him.

My Name Is Staria Cannon Belle. The Mood Surrounding Me And My... Nov 10th. at 3:29:17 pm EST

Staria Cannon Belle (Norman, Oklahoma US) Age: 28

My name is Staria Cannon Belle. The mood surrounding me and my friends has been
like the election: uncertain and tight. It is all up the Florida now, whatever
the outcome. I voted for Gore for several reasons: 1) his pro-choice stance. I am a long time feminist, and as the Goddess worshipper that I am, women's health and lives should not be dictated by older, white men in business suits who have
absolutely no idea what the women's experience is like. These right-wingers, in my opinion, believe that women who are comforable in expressing themselves and enjoying their sexuality are evil and should be harshly repremanded. It is my sober opinion that George W. is one of that "gang". 2) In an earlier statement concerning gays and Wiccans serving in the military, Gore stated that America was built with the purpose of promoting freedom of religion. When asked the same question, Bush made it abundantly clear of the distaste that he felt for the Pagan community, saying that he wouldn't allow Wiccan military to practice their religion. And finally, 3) I think Bush is all talk and his actions do not reflect his promises. Look how he treated Texas. Do we really need someone like that to run the country? Gore, in my opinion, is a man of substance, a lover of the environment and of freedom as a whole. If Florida says that Bush is the winner, I can see darker days ahead...

Unfortunately I Wasn't Able To Vote... In Pennsylvania, If You Don't Register... Nov 10th. at 3:28:44 pm EST

Oaktree (Never Mind) Age: 30

Unfortunately I wasn't able to vote... In Pennsylvania, if you don't register before a certain date you have to "vote your party" and I pretty much refuse to pick a party because they all have problems in my opinion. But I can say that if I would have been able, I would have voted for Gore, due mainly to the fact that I am a Wiccan serving in the military. Bush has said that Wicca (witchcraft) is not a religion and doesn't belong in the Military. Well He is wrong, I have met many Wiccans in the military who have spent many years defending the right to choose their own religion. If Bush has his way we will not be able to have services on base, which does happen in quite a few places now. I'm also afraid that if he becomes president, he will exercise his power with Executive Orders to ban Wiccans and Pagans from the military all together. Unfortunately, he will have that power if he wins!!!

as for Florida...
Fix the ballots where nessecary and let all of Florida vote again. As far as I'm concerned, that was NOT a fair vote.

Merry Meet All, I'm From Palm Beach County, Florida, And I Have... Nov 10th. at 3:20:48 pm EST

Theresa (Boynton Beach, Florida US) Age: 34

Merry Meet all,

I'm from Palm Beach County, Florida, and I have to admit, I did ask for another card to vote a second time, as I had accidently voted for Buchanan instead of Nader. There was no problem, they gave me a card and I inserted it right, and voted!

Buchanan has over 3000 votes in my county alone. Even he said that wasnt right and we need to vote over again. There are a lot of old folks here, and maybe in this case it would be a good idea.

I do not know anyone who wants Bush to win this election. Of course I dont assciate myself with materialist people or big-time gun owners either. (Not much use for a gun in FL).

If Bush wins, we are all in trouble, everything will take a step back in progress, Pagans, homosexuals, not to mention the rest of America becoming as polluted as Texas!! Bush only cares about $$$, and times are changing. I hope in 4 years people will be ready for Nader, a man who for 30 years has changed the US for the better in many ways like starting the clean-air-water act, and air bags for cars. He wants to stop commercial logging and abuse at the factory farms--he speaks with his soul, not like Bush who wants a vote-so will say whatever he thinks will get it.

If we get to vote again, I will have to vote for Gore this time--Bush cannot get into office!!!!!!!!!

Yes I Did Vote..i Voted For Bush And It Really Wasnt... Nov 10th. at 3:20:07 pm EST

John (Richmond, Indiana US) Age: 22 - Email

Yes I did vote..I voted for Bush and it really wasnt for religious freedom reasond, we are garenteed that in our constitution which is being dissected to pieces right now...but the main reason I chose Bush to gore is from a sexual orientation stand point..IM gay, and one thing that really turned me off to gore was his involvement and support of Gore helped get this thing started and is even mentioned on the site. It is a sick site explaining how God hates gay people and they even go so far as to put a picture of the slain Matthew Shepard ingulfed in flames saying matthews message from Hell. No matter what one believes religiously, this is just something a group shouldnt do. It is an attack on an innocent person condeming them and I dont want my next president to support such an act. I feel that the mix up of voting is a wake up call from the Lord and Lady that Neither canidate is worthy of 2004, maybe a pagan should run!

Both My Husband And I Voted After Deliberating Which Candidate Best Fit... Nov 10th. at 3:13:01 pm EST

Anne Rutherford (Mechnicsville, Maryland US) Age: 53 - Email

Both my husband and I voted after deliberating which candidate best fit our views. Since Mr. Bush doesn't think my religion is real, he didn't get my vote. I doubt either candidate will concede for the good of the country, that hasn't happened since 1960. The only real remaining question is whether or not the "confusing" ballot in one district in Florida will be revoted. I seriously doubt that a re-vote will take place - there isn't a prescedent for it in law. That will mean that 19, 000 votes will be lost. At this point, whomever is declared the winner has no clear "mandate" from the people; will inherit a divided House and Senate; and will need to be a stateman and be able to envoke or provoke cooperation from both parties to pass any legislation. The people are saying that their don't completely trust either major party and prefer not to give either party a clear ability to pass their legislative agenda.

Both candidates claim the art of statemanship. I didn't see lots of examples of it at the end of the campaigns. Historically, those without Federal Government experience (i.e., house of senate membership) haven't been able to hammer out compromised deals well. They simply aren't up to speed on how it's doen (right or wrong) and the learning curve can be steep.

The results on the pagan community - will depend largely on whether or not a conservative religious minority in this country create the illusion of a "mandate" for prayer in schools, mingling of church and state issues. Again, however with a nearly evenly divided House and Senate, finding a 2/3's majority will be diffiult. The long range implications for this President will be the appointment of Supreme Court Justices. Since the selection process requires agreement between the two houses of the legislature, the best we can hope for will be a middlel-of-the-road candidate that may go either way.

What we may actually see, is government run by business interests, pretty much unfettered. If that's the case, you'll see more division on OSHA requirements, requests for less enforcement of ADA, tax relief for business, less stringent EPA enforcement, etc. I don't think it will mean much health care reform will take place, and other protective measures will suffer

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