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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 15 - 11/13/2000

What are YOU Thankful For?

As we get together with family and friends at this time of the year (and at every time of the year), which people do you want to thank for making a meaningful difference in your life? (Why not surprise someone and thank him/her/them publicly right now and right here?) What lessons that came your way turned out to be blessings in disguise? How do you demonstrate your gratitude to the Earth and/or to your Gods/Ancestors for their continuing guidance and blessings?

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I Am Thankful For Everything, The Good And The Bad... I Am... Nov 25th. at 2:01:11 pm EST

Lady Rowan Phoenixheart (Sacramento, California US) Age: 27 - Email

I am thankful for everything, the good and the bad...

I am thankful for the presence of the Goddes and God in my life. I can feel them within me and all around me. Even when I am by myself, I know that I am never alone.

I am thankful for having my coven sisters in my life. They are the greatest group that I have had the honor of working with. But without this site, I would have never met them, so thanks to the Witches Voice as well.

I am thankful for having my husband in my life. This has been a year of trial and pain for both of us. We had split up this year, and then soon after he was diagnosed with cancer. But thanks to prayer and modern medicine, he overcame his illness. And we both learned the true power of love, and how rare and precious love really is. We were handfasted in October, and it was the happiest day of our lives. I am thankful every day for having him in my life.

I am thankful that I am finally finishing my degree after eight years of study. This has been a dream of mine since I was a child. It hasn't been easy, but following a dream rarely is.

Lastly, I am thankful for every laugh, and every tear, every moment of joy and sorrow that I have experienced, because it has made me the person that I am.

I Am Thankful For My Mom, Who Has Taught Me How To... Nov 25th. at 1:25:44 pm EST

Tasha (Mansfield, Texas US) Age: 20 - Email

I am thankful for my mom, who has taught me how to deal with adversity, helped support me when I feel like the world has come crashing down around me, and is always continuing to give me support in every part of my life. I am thankful for my son, without whom this year would have been very hard, who has taught me how to stop and smell the violets in the backyard, to wonder at cars and trucks passing our house, and who's simple smile can make everything seem like it will be alright. I am thankful for my sister, who continues to amaze me with her inner strength. I am thankful for my Grandma, who as annoying as she can be, I love dearly, and who has given me the opportunity to go back to school so I can do something with my life. I am thankful for WitchVox, who posted my essay about Teens and the Craft, and has helped me find other Pagans and Wiccans in my area, and always helps keep me up-to-date on current events. This year I have learned how very important family is in a crisis. I moved in to my own apartment in June. My car was in the shop all of July, August, September and most of October. My family helped get me through that, giving me rides, and when I couldn't afford rent, let me move back in. I try show my gratitude to the Earth and the Gods and Goddesses everyday, through my actions, by being the best person I can be (I can't think of a better way to say that).

I'm Thankful For Opening Up My Ears, Eyes, Hart, And Mind To... Nov 25th. at 1:12:06 pm EST

Connie Hilton (Wells, Maine US) Age: 37 - Email

I'm thankful for opening up my ears, eyes, hart, and mind to the Pagan path. Being brought up one way and deeply feeling it was not my way . Alway feeling like I was looking in from the out side ( yet with my head pushed in and suffocating!)
I'm thankful for the happiness and strength That I have gained. I love who I'm now, and I look forward to growing and branching out into the person I will become on my Pagan journey.

Good Afternoon: I Am So Greatful For The Fission I Had While... Nov 25th. at 1:06:01 pm EST

Keith Hatke (Lafayette, Indiana US) Age: 28 - Email

Good afternoon:

I am so greatful for the fission I had while sleeping clear out of know were that started me on my pagon path. I was so lonely (still very much am) depressed, totally dead inside with no direction. yes probably suicidal thoughts have even entered my mind. I for 36 years asked for help and guidence prayed begged literly for help in the Catholic faith I was confirmed and raised in to know avail. And now although I still have a long way to go I am 100% better than were I was. I read and learn and practice all I can, I am just so greatful for my new bigening. Now if i just could one day find an answer to my loneliness. But at least I now the answer/person is there some place. Merry meet to one and all!


Most Of What I Have To Be Thankful For Has Been Taken... Nov 25th. at 10:48:56 am EST

Silver MayKitten (Springfield, Missouri US) Age: 55 - Email

Most of what I have to be thankful for has been taken from me in the last couple of years, Two people very close and important to me have marched into the Summerlands. My mother had a stroke on Beltane, thankfully she is still alive and appears to be slowly recovering in a rest home. My Mom's custody hearing again proved once again what kind of trecherous thief my cousin is; but thankfully she was saddled with the honorous task of doing the probate court paperwork required of a custodian. Two weeks later teens attempted to break into my home and thankfully I was home to stop them. This month my home was broken into by persons who would have gladly done me harm considering that what they didn't take they damaged or distroyed, they killed my familiars; poor defenseless kitties, and prepared to set my home afire. Thankfully I was not at home or they would have harmed me more than their actions had allready harmed me and thankfully they are in police custody or I most certainly would harm them. People I trusted because the wer Wiccans turmed on me over coven politics and I am no longer with them, but I have found support from the greater Pagan community, and several from my former coven are providing me friendship and prayers behind my old HPS back.

As long as you can enumerate your problems in one paragraph you are lucky.

I do have much to be thankful for however. I have had several nice job offers in the last few weeks, and I may be moving from this city of bad memories. And I have found I have more friends than I thought I had.

And taking inventory of my friends I find my shelf reserved for enemies dusty and only populated by those few who deserve my scorn, but then still overpopulated. (But I did find some black candles as big as ballbats.)

Living next door to an elementery school has been a burden with broken windows and other damage, but two months ago their insurance company has settled a long running liability class law suit and has paid us our expenses for new glass, bandaids and other damages as well as paying for our lawyer. (Actually they gave a first aid kit to each of the eighty-odd plaintiffs to cover the Band-Aids. (Some of them very odd at that.))

I have two new Goddess Daughters (Twins!) and a new second cousin named after me.

And a cousin thought to be permanently disabled in a car crash three years ago began to walk again this year and now walks without walker, crutch or cane. (Don't ask about my candle and incense bills.)

I have much more to be thankful for, but mostly I am thankful that I was able to suffer another year to give thanks once again to the Goddess and Horned God.

I Am Thankful To The Goddess Above Thee, That Maketh The Mankind... Nov 25th. at 9:59:30 am EST

May Acu–a (Wanchai, Hong Kong) Age: 28 - Email

I am thankful to the Goddess above thee,
that maketh the mankind for giving a friend
like you to me...

for being there in times of despair,
for bringing light to all my visions blur,
for the calmness only you can prepare

i thank thee for everything
and for embracing the principle i solely

i have the Goddess gift of being thankful
for the day i've come to known you
and for many years i will be beside you.

Blessed Be!

I'm Thankful For My Beautiful Son, Who Turned One On Thanksgiving. He's... Nov 25th. at 6:33:33 am EST

Lynx Rufus (Twin Cities, Minnesota US) Age: 38 - Email

I'm thankful for my beautiful son, who turned one on Thanksgiving. He's healthy, happy and a joy to watch explore the world. I'm thankful for my husband who works hard so I can stay home to raise our son. I'm thankful for my best friend Patti, whom I've known for 35 years and has been there for me through all life's ups and downs. I'm thankful for my mother-in-law and father-in-law, who helped us out so much this past year and accepted me and my path wholeheartedly. I'm thankful for the internet pagan community for everything and to the stay at home moms I've met online who have been wonderful, supportive and open-minded.

Mm Everyone, First Of All, I Am Very Thankful For My Loving... Nov 25th. at 1:07:37 am EST

Artemis CrystalMoon (Baylis, Illinois US) Age: 21 - Email

MM everyone,

First of all, I am very thankful for my loving family and friends who support my beliefs. Secondly, I am thankful for the guidance I receive from them and my patron Goddess, Artemis. Third of all, I am thankful for the freedom to practice my religion. Also, I am thankful for life itself. And last, but not least, I am thankful for Magic.

Blessed Be,
Artemis CrystalMoon

I Am Thankful For All The Lessons In Life, That Come From... Nov 24th. at 11:59:51 pm EST

Ann Marie (Pinellas Park, Florida US) Age: 49 - Email

I am thankful for all the lessons in life, that come from friendly and not so friendly sources. All these events enrich us. They make us strong in the weak places and tender in the tough places. I am thankful for all the lives that touch mine and that I can touch others lives as well. I am thankful for the here and now and for what was and is yet to come, the known and the mystery. Thew magick of human beingness!

I Am Thankful For My Wiccan Beliefs,my Wiccan Sisters &bros. I... Nov 24th. at 8:08:36 pm EST

Sandra Kay Beavers (Pulaski, Virginia US) Age: 39 - Email

I am Thankful for my Wiccan beliefs, my Wiccan sisters &Bros. I am Thankful for the guidance and sheltering I have had from the Goddess&God. I realize they have sheltered and watched my back all my life. I am Thankful for my strength, which has pulled me out of an abusive marriage, a very supportive, sweet second chance with a better half. I realize that my strength, my knowledge, my street smarts have all been sent to me to help me survive and learn from my experiences. I appreciate and am Thankful for people and things everyday of the year. I know priorities are not monetary wealth, material things, or fancy titles. Priorities are our loved ones, our family, our friends, our Earth, our enviroment, our treatment and attitude towards family, friends and people we are around everyday, if you are blessed with extra then you pass it on , should someone need a helping hand. I rememeber something I read in my Wiccan studies not long ago. Do not measure your wealth by how much you have, but how much you can give/or help. I am Thankful for all of you, who willingly, & unsacrificingly help people like me study and learn, not just to gain something for yourselves. Thank You. Sandy

I Am Thankful That The Higher Powers Have Provided Me With The... Nov 24th. at 7:11:03 pm EST

Sir Bonnie Knight (Pittsfield, Massachusetts US) Age: 47 - Email

I am thankful that the higher powers have provided me with the knowledge and the love of family and friends both far and near.

I Am Not Thankful For Anything. I Have Been Without A Car... Nov 24th. at 6:27:53 pm EST

J. Norman Lussier (Palmer, Massachusetts US) Age: 53 - Email

i am NOT thankful for anything. i have been without a car for 3 years - and cannot afford one but need one desperately. i have been trying to find Raven Cabot (Laurie Cabot's daughter) for several years to join her Coven. Again NO luck. Jennifer (co-editor Horns & Crescent) suggested this sight. As i said - i'm truly NOT thankful for anything as my luck has been nothing but bad. Sorry.

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