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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 22 - 1/1/2001

What More Do You Want To Know About Paganism?

We hear time after time that Paganfolk want to see/read more in-depth articles/books about Paganism. Is there anything beyond Wicca/Witchcraft 101? Okay. Let's help them (whomever they may be) out here. What do YOU want to know more about? Magickal practices? A Pagan Philosophy of Life? Pagan History-ancient or modern? What is it that YOU want to know that you are just not getting information about? Be as specific as you can. Pretend that you are interviewing some Pagan of renown, either living or passed on and in any time era. What questions do you want him/her to answer?

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It Would Be Interesting To Sit Down With A Pagan Of The... Jan 4th. at 12:21:39 pm EST

Xamien Mooncrow (Charleston, South Carolina US) Age: 16 - Email

It would be interesting to sit down with a pagan of the Old World or one of the Druids before the advent of Christianity, just to see how the Elders did things. Magical languages and writing would one area of concern for me, since I'm endlessly the scholar and looking through every source I can find. Also, as for pagan parenting, I agree with one of the previous people that posted. No one seems to have anything or any suggestions about how you raise your child with morals without relying majorly on religion. (Gotta have SOME religous basis, the kid's gonna want to know what justification you have for saying "No, that's bad." ^_^) Of coursem then one must consider the age old Golden Rule, "If you don't want it being done to you, don't do it to others.", which, in fact, ties in with the Three Fold Law. Also, raising the child with pagan household, but raising the child in such a way, that he is encouraged or is confident about exploring (and choosing, if the choice arises) other paths. In looking at some documents relating to everyday events in the Old World, I've read of people having a generally tolerant view towards other religions. (i.e. "May the gods you worship/pray to/believe in carry you home safely.") It makes me wonder what was so different about the societies back then from our soceity today, that we can't have the same view. I, myself, would like to be able to say "May your Deity get you home safely." and receive a smile and a similar response. Instead of wierd looks and mutters of "psycho". (okay, so maybe that's a bit much to hope for, considering I KNOW I'm crazy, LoL ^_^)

Okay, I'm Going To Play Devil's Advocate. I Think There's Tons Of... Jan 4th. at 10:55:33 am EST

Skye Cat (Edinburgh, Scotland UK) Age: 27 - Email

Okay, I'm going to play Devil's advocate. I think there's tons of written / net-based information out there to learn from. Ever since I became interested in this path it's been more of a case of information overload than the other way round. I just found my research moving more naturally to more esoteric areas once I knew better how to define what my interests were. I also had to learn to read critically pretty quickly, but that's no bad life skill to have.

Also, I learned that my studies needed to encompass a whole lot more than paganism. So far, I've ranged from theoretical physics to rereading the Bible again! Truth can be found in the strangest places. But what's a truth for me isn't necessarily a truth for you.

We live in the luckiest age. The Internet is a brilliant resource for learning, there is absolutely so much out there. What I would like to see is this web to continue to expand, bringing even more viewpoints out in the open.

I can see however, that there is a lack of person to person teaching felt in some of these posts. To me, that's not necessary, but I can see how others might benefit from it. Perhaps that's an area the Pagan community can work on?

And finally I'd spend my moment in history with Gerald Gardner and some truth serum to see where he thought Wicca came from!!!!! .

I Remember About A Year Ago I Was Looked For Books On... Jan 3rd. at 11:24:29 pm EST

Vande Devinanda (Denver, Colorado US) Age: 19 - Email

I remember about a year ago I was looked for books on advanced Wicca. I had read Silver Ravenwolf's "Magick Cauldron" and a couple other titles, but nothing that had what I needed. I got to really wondering why there wasn't many advanced books. Then I realized that the advanced stuff isn't found in a book, it's found in practice. Getting your hands dirty is what advances you from the 101 stage.

Anyway, what I would like to see is ANY resource on the blending of Hinduism and Wicca. I have found a very comfortable niche in Hindu philosophy and practices, but had some initial trouble bringing it together with Wicca. I learned quite a bit, and might soon consider sharing some of my discoveries, but it would be nice to find someone who has done the same thing, and could share with me their troubles and triumphs.

1) Readily Available Language Lessons. (gaelic, Welsh, Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, & Other Handy... Jan 3rd. at 7:37:40 pm EST

Awena Llwyndyrys (Murray, Utah US) Age: 23 - Email

1) Readily available language lessons. (Gaelic, Welsh, Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, & other handy esoteric, magical languages)

2) In-depth herbalism. How can we become experts?

3) Bardic training. I know the original 12 years of training would be unwieldly (and unecessary since not every bard these days needs to know the full history and magick/mythic traditions of their people/country). But it's so hard to dig up ancient music and poetry. And I don't know the first thing about composing my own (form etc.) I would love to get formal training and access to materials.

4) Pagan parenting that doesn't focus on "fun crafts and songs to do with the kids to teach them about the seasons" (that's already available). I want psychology, do you raise kids in a pagan way when all you've known is the way your Xtian (or whatever) parents raised you? How to instill the morals w/out relying on religion, etc.

5) Shamanic ways/meditation techniques. There's plenty of guided meditations, but it's hard to learn HOW to meditate in the various forms unless you visit your local Zen center or something. And I'd love native shamanic teachers to be more available to seekers.

So where are all the hermetics books? I guess I have something new to search for. =) Luck and blessings to all, may the Lord and Lady lead us to what we seek.

Great Opinion Questions, And I'm Loving The Responses! I Would Like To... Jan 3rd. at 5:40:52 pm EST

Dragon Hawk (Mesa, Arizona US) Age: 23 - Email

Great opinion questions, and I'm loving the responses!

I would like to see books on the magickal properties of the plants of the American Southwest. I'm sure they're out there, but they're not particularly easy to find.

In response to Trish Telesco's comment about 202 books, I think this is a difficult modern conundrum. All of our technology creates an atmosphere of isolationism. We don't have to meet to discuss these things; we send in our answers and walk away. (Hey, I'm an internet addict as much as anyone else, because it provides some kind of connection. I still think there is something to be said for human connection.) We can watch a video. Buy a book through the computer and never go out. How do we pass on useful "202" knowledge responsibly in an era of avoidance?

I wish I knew the answers. We'll find our way.

Many blessings to all!

Greetings And Merry Meet... I Think It Would Be Nice To Have... Jan 3rd. at 2:12:32 pm EST

Teresa Dawn (Gerrardstown, West Virginia US) Age: 37 - Email

Greetings and Merry Meet...

I think it would be nice to have "biographies" of Pagans who are prominent people in society as well as those who are in our own communities and doing helpful/positive things. We hear about what all Pagans are into, but knowing the actual life story of someone who is Pagan and has made it "in the big time" (or not so big time) I think would be quite interesting.

Though Paganism And Wicca Give Me A Lot, I Have To Admit... Jan 3rd. at 12:26:22 pm EST

Cat (Asheville, North Carolina US) Age: 34

Though paganism and Wicca give me a lot, I have to admit that I still *want* a lot (though that may be no more than the human condition.) In terms of books, I'd like to see more novels with normal pagans as protagonists (and am writing one myself), and I'd like to see more books that stress the fact that magic isn't...well, magic, except in the sense that a skunk cabbage emerging from the frozen swamp is magic. Given the number of people, both pagan and non, who focus on the drama and the self-importance, I might feel safer, even, if more books called it "active prayer" or "focused meditation" or almost anything that suggests that you can be a witch or pagan even if (as is not improbable) you'll never shoot lightning from your fingertips, have a recognizably "psychic" experience of any kind, or use the term "energy work" without irony. Such an approach, as a sideline, might go a long way toward convincing skeptics (not Christians, but scientists) that we aren't a bunch of nutcases, and it might discourage people who are drawn to the faith by the trappings.

However....dearly as I love books, books aren't really what I need more of. What I really want is PRACTICE of the relatively empirical side of magic, and someone to practice *with*. I want to work with someone who can tell me of her own knowledge, yes or no, whether an object's charged with my intent, and show me how to tell for sure--someone reliable, reliable as in if six priestesses check the same object in six different rooms, they'd all give the same answer. I want a group or a person who doesn't, pardon my language, **** around--who's not afraid to joke or admit to uncertainty, and yet who's not totally relativist, who will work with the letter and not just the spirit. (The spirit tends to get pretty evanescent once the letter is abandoned, although what the exact letter is can vary with the people involved.) I want to work with someone who understands that when you write a spell it helps to get the grammar right and choose your words, and that when you summon the north you REALLY need to know where north is--using a compass, if necessary. I want to feel a group's focus manifest itself from the effort of perfectly ordinary people: I've only had it happen once, and it was virtually unmistakable. I want practice and training that's unmistakable in the same way. And I want it with people who are okay about the fact that (around here, anyway) we're mostly European Americans, who don't have to go searching around for Irish heritage or Native American magic or Anglophile titles to make themselves feel special--who know that being special and being ordinary aren't antithetical at all, who can respect themselves without vanity or pomp.

Want much--who, me?

I Have Been Drawn To The Craft All My Life, But Only... Jan 3rd. at 3:28:59 am EST

Scarabia-LeoMoon Flower (Gauteng, Saudi Arabia) Age: 25

I have been drawn to the Craft all my life, but only recently over the past year or so have I actually been reading and putting to practice what I have learned. Now what I am fining is that the information that is available in books and on the web sites that I have seen is that there is information for the beginner and the advanced practitioner, but nothing for the intermediate.

I am in many ways a beginner but I know the basics, of basics and now I need to know the relevance of the locations of the planets for spell workings.

As well as the significance of the planetary hours with regards to spell casting. I would also like to know more information on the Gods and Goddesses and weather you can incorporate Egyptian Mythology and Norwegian Mythology together, i.e.; use the Egyptian Goddess Hathor and Norwegian God Odin in your spells, and exactly how would you do that?

I would also like to know the dos and don'ts as far as making your own spells. Many books tell you the basics of casting a spell but forget to tell you that if the moon happens to be in the wrong sign then the spell won't work.

I would also like to know more about the other aspects of Paganism such as: Druids, Bards and Magicians. I have found societies for these religions but no explanations on what the belief structure is and of the practices of these religions.

I've Been Conciously Paracticing Wicca For About Ten Years Now. I Have... Jan 3rd. at 1:31:39 am EST

Maythen Apple (Redding, California US) Age: 23 - Email

I've been conciously paracticing Wicca for about ten years now. I have been fortunate to find others that shared some of my passions and interests. There are so many wonderful books out there for those of us just starting out on this path. But when you get past basics, there seems to be no where to turn. I can go to my book store to learn basic candle magick, how to get started in Wicca, and how to begin in many aspects of the Craft such as herbalism. The problem begins when you start looking for anything beyond the basics. Not all of us can look towards others for these answers. A solitary often has no one around to help us when we have a need to move beyond the "Beginners Books". I would love to see books that move deeper inside the theory and practice of this religion. It's terribly frustrating to purchase a book that claims to be more advanced, only to find this wisdom couched in sophisticated psychobabble. Even more daunting is finding a wall of shadows and secrecy, half truths, and even outright lies. I can certainly understand the need that others feel to protect their ancient ways. But perhaps the need for such secrecy is coming to an end. I certainly hope so. There are many of us out here that are hungry for that knowledge. I'm hoping that there are those with wisdom and compassion who are willing to share the knowledge they have gleaned with those of us who are unable to locate a teacher. There is a world of magick before us. Let's all work together to teach each other.

I Would Have Loved To Sit Down With Scott Cunningham And Learn... Jan 3rd. at 1:14:30 am EST

stephanie lynn (Sharon , Pennsylvania US) Age: 22 - Email

i would have loved to sit down with scott cunningham and learn what he knew. to see what it took to accomplish all he did in so short a time as was given to him. i think i'd ask him something like how many times did it take to refine your recipes before you got them "right". what were the funny mishaps that happened along the way? i'd love to hear his responses.

I've Been Doing A Lot Of Studying For The Past Few Years... Jan 3rd. at 12:24:16 am EST

Crystal (Edmonton, Alberta CA) Age: 17 - Email

I've been doing a lot of studying for the past few years on the subject of paganism and lately have begun to actually practice and appply what I've learned. One thing that still confuses me though, is what exactly is a familar? I've read lots of articles and whatnot but none of them really explain it in clear terms or explain how you know if you've found your familar or how to find one.

I Would Like To Know What The Exact Translation Of Wicca Would... Jan 2nd. at 4:05:23 pm EST

Ishtar (QuŽbec City, Quebec CA) Age: 20 - Email

I would like to know what the exact translation of wicca would be in French. Although I am bilingual, my mother tongue is French, but I cannot seem to find any really good books in that language. I would also like more information about raising children in the Craft.
Blessed Be!!

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