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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 59 - 9/11/2001

911 America: Talking Through The Terror...

Talking Through The Terror... And helping each other cope with the tragedies that struck at the very heart of the United States. The Witches Voice has opened up this forum in order that Pagans may express their thoughts on the terrorist attacks that took place in NYC and DC on September 11th. As the full realization of what happened and the toll numbers begin to come in, Americans have many challenges ahead.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? How are you feeling? Feel free to post any magickal workings or other support gatherings planned in your area.

WebNote 9/16/2001: Since we launched this on 911 this forum as become laced with powerful inspiration and critical information, feel free to use the search functions on your left to better define the info you are looking for. Search for your area, famous Pagans, key words etc. Also check Wren's Nest News for the latest news related to our community.

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I'm Angry Over The Incidents That Have Recently Occurred In The U.s... Sep 15th. at 5:35:15 pm UTC

Jennifer Whildin (Absecon, New Jersey US) Age: 33 - Email

I'm angry over the incidents that have recently occurred in the U.S. I feel the same as most people have expressed: I want to find out who did this and I hope Bush sends a military strike at them.

On another note, as much as I understand religious people wanting to join together in prayer, I have a problem with Bush declaring a Day of Prayer. Atheists and agnostics care and are angry, too. And earth-based religions like Wicca and Santeria aren't acknowledged, really. Bush doesn't even consider Wicca a religion, I've read. I'm not Wiccan; I'm agnostic, but I want everyone to be acknowledged.

Finally, I'm also upset at the prejudice being pointed at American Muslims, Arabs, and others. Being Muslim or Middle Eastern doesn't make one a terrorist. They have lost people, too, and are angry over this situation. There have been physical assaults on these people by fellow Americans. We mustn't let our anger and hatred blind us.

An Open Letter To All Creatures Of The Worldi Have Listened... Sep 15th. at 4:53:49 pm UTC

Sherry Penoyer (Everett, Washington US) Age: 43 - Email

An open letter to all creatures of the world

I have listened. I have sat in horror. I have cried. I have l felt hopeless. I have felt fearful. I have listened. This world doesn’t scare me. This world is my home and the home of those I love. This world confuses me.

Destruction now seems to be the way to bring people together. Last night I met neighbors for the first time in three years. Why? Are we really that different? What are our differences? Our physical structure? No. Our mental structure? Possibly. I believe it’s called socialization. Or would that be philosophy? That is definitely different. But is it really so very different?

I have listened. The many sound-bytes of the media invoke “God” over and over. I hear our leaders making assumptions about the people’s philosophy. I have come to understand that it’s not because they are arrogant or insensitive. Maybe it’s simply that they’ve never been asked to be inclusive in a manner that goes beyond laws and rulebooks, beyond standard operating procedures for dealing with the masses.

I have listened. To a young woman as she asked, “Where is the Goddess in all of this?” I had no answer for her. I was still listening.

I have bled. For 18 days now I have bled. Bleeding is something the female does as an affirmation of life. When the male bleeds, it is an affirmation of illness and death. When creatures bleed in a group, it is destruction. It is power and control, it is retribution for the differences – supposed or real, though as the science of genetics has shown us we are much more alike than different. It is a way to keep or put the masses in line. It is terrorism. The response is a reaction, by many who know no better, to seek out the different as they conceive it: To isolate the different and take action to change it or to eradicate it.

This is what the Tuesday attacks of terrorism attempted. This is what our government attempts to do when training a group of persons in acts of destruction, regardless of whether toward the enemy of the time, or in aid of people. The physiology of laughing and crying are the same. What makes the difference is the emotional filter present. Laughing and crying will not harm another creature or this planet. Terrorism, war, whatever it’s name, destroys lives as well as the planet.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
And it harm none, do what you will.

You shall reap what you sow.
Everything you send out returns threefold.

These phrases come from two differing philosophies. They aren’t that different if you just read the phrases. But the roots, the wings, that’s different.

One invokes a “God” who many follow blindly and with great faith knowing a great place awaits them beyond this life. He is often referred to as “Father” and is seen as the ultimate power and the One invoked to make others see the error of their ways. You must repent your “sins” and be counted among the “faithful” in order to considered for His wonders. He is the “Yahweh” of the Old Testament. He is the same “God” for those of the faiths known as Judiasm, Christianity, and Muslim. He is the “One God” of monotheism.

One invokes a “Goddess” who is revered as present in all things in the world, who is immediate and encourages the continuation of life and family and harmony amongst all things sharing this organism called Earth. She is often referred to as Mother Earth, though She has many names and many faces. She has as many ways of being, from loving to chaos. She is self-perpetuating and death is as much a part of Her as life. She is shared by all. Belief is not a prerequisite for Her to be there. Like your mother, She’s there whether you like Her or not, whether you’ve seen Her or not. She’s seen you. She knows your scent and your sound. She’s carried you in her belly and brought you forth into this world but She won’t carry you across the sand. She is the sand. She is you. She is also the one you call your enemy. She is the place to which your physical body will return at the end of this life. She is the beginning of the cycle and the end of the cycle. And the cycle continues even as the wheel turns. She is the pantheism of gods and goddesses throughout all time. Hers is not an organized way of religion but rather a way of living a life in harmony with many. She doesn’t claim to be superior or inferior. She just is. The same as women throughout the world who just are. Who take care of so much without bringing it to your notice.

That’s become my job, bringing it to your notice.

The world needs all things. The male and female, the God and Goddess, the Muslim, the Jewish, the Christian, the Pagan, the Witch, the Shaman, the Buddhist, The Taoist, the Sikh, the Shinto, and others. All things life affirming shall be recognized and respected. All beings and creatures who bring life out of chaos shall be invoked and revered. Our language, our national language, should reflect this. All philosophies look to a God/dess as the embodiment of their belief.

Give validity to all peoples by showing respect for all the many parts. Start by recognizing the Goddess as well as the God. Semantics are more than just words. It’s not the tip of the iceberg that causes life or death but the huge foundation under the waterline. Show your respect for all peoples and affirm all life. When you thank “God” thank the “Goddess” as well. Use “Goddess” as often as you use “God.” The thousands missing and slaughtered in the name of someone’s version of “God” were brought into this world through the blood of their mothers. That bleeding was for something beyond the petty differences of mankind. That bleeding was the hope of the future and the hope of the world. Mothers everywhere cry for the children that will not be. Mothers everywhere cry for the children that will not have a chance to hear their parent’s voice singing a lullabye or telling a story of “Once upon a time…”

Meanwhile the Father speaks of wrath and retribution in an effort to protect those he loves. He speaks of differences and everywhere there is chaos and confusion. Our only way out of it is to walk through it together. Hand in hand and heart to heart. We shall reap what we sow, and so shall those who have done their sowing.

Where does it all end. If everything sent out returns threefold, we would send out how many missiles in return for the planes that were the carriers of such death and destruction in Tuesday’s attack. And then how many more tools of retribution will be volleyed back and forth. I don’t want a volley of weapons. I want a world of colors and freedom for my daughters and their children and grandchildren and all those who come after I am long returned to dust. When a woman fights, it’s to keep her children safe. It’s not nice, it’s not pretty, it’s lethal, for nothing is as sacred as her child.

Mothers – light a candle and see your child’s face in the flame. Watch as something comes hurtling out of the sky and extinguishes that face. What are you going to do?

Now you see my confusion. Now you hear my cry. Mothers grant life. We don’t take it away. But this is a matter of our children. We cannot stand by and let those we have bled for give their blood in vain. We should not stand by and let those we have bled for take the lives of others whose mothers have gone through such peril to bring them out of the dark. What do we do?

Start by changing the language. Start by revering the blood that brought life forth on this planet. Start by acknowledging half the population of the planet and the planet itself. Start by thinking about what the repercussions are seven generations down before you decide to take action. And when you take action, know that it must be to put an end to it. Not simply to slap a hand and say, “you need a time out.”

And I challenge women everywhere to stand up and speak out and be heard. Is this how you taught your children to behave? Is this how you want your children treated. Your children are spread throughout the world, for it is a finite world and there is no escape for your children, or your grandchildren. How shall we leave our world, women. In the hands of men who only understand the destructive forces of blood? Or shall we endeavor to teach them the affirmation of life’s blood?

Help me to establish a world whereby the bedtime story starts “Once upon a time…” and ends with “…and they all LIVED.”

No, I don’t offer a solution, just a step along the way. I suggest we all work together each doing what we do best, each with respect for the lives of our fellow travelers, each without fear of being singled out because of our differences. Yes, I’m a witch, a priestess of the Goddess, and I will endeavor to work in harmony with all. I have my part as you have yours. We’re in this together. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With love and respect,
Sherry Penoyer

The Events Of Tuesday Are Real, They Belong In A Movie. Those... Sep 15th. at 4:51:44 pm UTC

Tiamat Selene (Columbia Heights, Minnesota US) Age: 17 - Email

The events of Tuesday are real, they belong in a movie. Those were my thoughts as I watched the t.v. My second thought was what would have happeded if they did this a year ago, when I was on plane coming to live with my Dad in MN. I felt a part of me die as I watched the people jump out of the twin towers. To have lost all hope, is the worst feeling in the world. I firmly believe that we should stop this kind of madness. As a Pagan, I had hoped the Burning Times and Salem Witch Trails would be the only and the last times religious fanatics would hurt and kill people, but they aren't, and it is our duty to stop them now and with any means nessaray. As I grow up, I will feel safer knowing that I live in a country that is willing to come to our defence. If this means war, so be it. In the words Ozzy Ozborne.'Thank God for the bomb.' I know that some people won't agree with me but I believe that the punishment should fit the crime!

And as for the extream pasifisim that seems to be the view of some Americans I say WAKE UP, pasifism is not the answer, it gets people killed. When we sit here and do nothing we are inviting others to come and do what they will with us. We must take the offence so we can be assured of our freedom and get back to our cushy little lives.

Lord and Lady Bless. And may their Karma come back to them 10 fold. (and may we help it to do so.)

Earth Healing Ritualthis Ritual Has Been Written So It May Be... Sep 15th. at 4:44:31 pm UTC

Jarrien Wolf (Somewhere in Scotland, England UK) Age: 39

Earth Healing Ritual

This ritual has been written so it may be performed by a multitude of faiths whose sole purpose is to send healing to the Earth and to bid loved ones a safe passage. This is done without any preference to race or religious belief and should be performed in an open circle.

The ceremony should also be performed in the early evening, preferably outdoors if possible although this can be conducted inside. If outside you need a central fire, if inside a central candle.

Placed around the fire (or candle) in a circle are night-lights (or small candles) which remain there until the close.

Once everyone has arrived, you can begin. If anyone wishes to join in while the ceremony/ritual is in progress they can quietly find a place to stand inside the circle. Once inside the circle it is better if people stay until the end, unless they really feel the need to exit.

Earth Healing Ritual

1 First person enters the circle from the west, they then walk a full circle and settle in the North.

2 Once the first person is in place the second person enters the circle and again walks a full circle before standing in the South.

3 Once the second person is in place the third person enters and walks a full circle before settling in the East

4 Once the third person is in place the fourth enters and walks a full circle and settles in the West.

The person in the West, then takes three casual steps towards the South. Once everyone has entered the circle they return to their place in the West.

Once this is done the North speaks:

"We are gathered here this eve, to join united in faith, in love and in light. We offer healing prayers to our brothers and sisters and to the Earth, in the spirit of harmony and without the boundaries set by man.

Now you know of our intent, we invite you to join in our prayers within this circle, without fear, without judgement and of your own free will. Should you choose to do so. we ask that you do so now."

The people then walk into the circle (one at a time) and are guided to walk once around before taking up their positions. First person stands on the left of the north and the next, next to them. People should be spread evenly around the circle.

The person in the West then says:

"We have gathered here today to offer healing to the Earth and to our brothers and sisters for the loss and pain they have suffered. I ask that the South step forth and light the flame so we may begin."

At this point the person in the South steps forward and lights the fire or central candle, then returns to their place in the South. The fire should be prepared before hand using kindling and papers, if required use fire-lighters to get the fire going.

The person in the East then says:

"Now the sacred fire burns let it lift our prayers of light and healing skyward so they may travel across the world to be shared by all.

The person in the North then says:

"All faiths and races are welcome here today. I ask that we offer a moment of silence so those amongst us may offer a prayer to their own deities in the knowledge that they are safe to do so."

The circle then falls quiet for a moment and waits until everyone is ready to proceed.

The people standing in the quarters each in turn; turn to face the outside of the circle and say the following. Once finished they then turn to face inside the circle again.


"We ask those in the North to step forth and hear our prayers of Love, Peace and Unity. In this may you grant us strength and wisdom that we may share with those near us and with those from afar."


"We ask those in the South to step forth and hear our prayers of Love, Peace and Unity. In this may you grant us protection and cleansing that we may share with those near us and with those from afar."


"We ask those in the East to step forth and hear our prayers of Love, Peace and Unity. In this may you grant us awareness and intelligence that we may share with those near us and with those from afar."


"We ask those in the West to step forth and hear our prayers of Love, Peace and Unity. In this may you grant us healing and wisdom that we may share with those near us and with those from afar."

The West then turns back into the circle. Once this has been done, North, South, East and West all turn together to face the outside of the circle and say:

"Together we stand in Peace and Love, our prayers we offer to those above. As above we look below, harmony and healing are seeds we sow."

Short pause!

The North then takes one step forward into the circle and says:

"We welcome you this eve to stand united as one, one spirit, one earth, one circle begun. These words we offer from our hearts and souls, from this day forth let the healing unfold. Join us now should you so feel right, and repeat these words unto the night"

"For those who have loved and now have lost" (Wait for others) "Our prayers now travel, the barriers crossed" (Wait for others) "Now let justice reign over vengeance's might" (Wait for others) "So innocents are spared from a similar plight" (Wait for others) "Let tears now shed, now be gently caught" (Wait for others) "Love's hearts shared will not come to naught" (Wait for others) "As flames now flicker with this healing light" (Wait for others) "Let it lighten hearts with Love, this night" (Wait for others) "Now in this circle, these words have been told" (Wait for others) "Carry them forth so that the world may hold" (Wait for others) "Our Loves, our faiths, and our common beliefs" (Wait for others) "Respected in truth, they now grant us relief"

Pause for reflection


"Now for this moment the circle has told, of our loves held dear so our wishes unfold. Accept this candle to burn in your home, for the Earth, the sick and those alone. Burn it as you would will, for true faith would never cause you ill. For those who have lost and those in fear, know now your deities hold you close and dear."

The West then walks to the centre and collects a number of night-lights. These are then passed to the people to the left of the West up to the North. The North then collects some candles and hands them to people until they reach the East. The East does the same and stops in the South. Then the South hands out candles to the people in the final quarter.

The person in the North then turns to face outside the circle and says:

"We thank those in the North for joining us in this circle and for hearing our prayers. May you go with peace and love in your hearts, for all to share."

The person in the South then turns to face outside the circle and says:

"We thank those in the South for joining us in this circle and for hearing our prayers. May you go with peace and love in your hearts, for all to share."

The person in the East then turns to face outside the circle and says:

"We thank those in the East for joining us in this circle and for hearing our prayers. May you go with peace and love in your hearts, for all to share."

The person in the West then turns to face outside the circle and says:

"We thank those in the West for joining us in this circle and for hearing our prayers. May you go with peace and love in your hearts, for all to share."

The North then turns to the person on their right and asked them to quietly leave the circle walking anti-clockwise. They walk once round the circle and exit once they reach the west, having past it once.

Then the West asks the person nearest them to walk anti-clockwise around the circle and they exit once they reach the West again.The South asks the person next to them to do the same and the East does the same.

Once those in the circle have left, it is then time for those who have held the quarters to unwind the circle.

The person who is in the North walks once around the circle before exiting in the West, the person in the South follows next, then the person in the East. Finally the person in the West walks once around the circle before exiting from the West.

Each person who has held a quarter salutes the circle and offers a quiet but sincere thank you to the circle once they have exited.

Afterwards it would be a good idea to offer drinks and some food to all who have attended.

Earth Healing Ritual written by Jarrien Wolf - 14th September 2001

This ritual may be reproduced at will, printed and/or posted on other websites. I don't mind if people retain the copyright or not as this ceremony was written to be shared. It is my hope that it helps in some small way whatever your belief, race or culture... Blessed Be!

Merry Meet (although I Wonder If That Is Appropriate At This Time... Sep 15th. at 4:40:59 pm UTC

Gwydion Elkmoon (Lancaster, Pennsylvania US) Age: 57 - Email

Merry Meet (Although I wonder if that is appropriate at this time.) It is sad, so very very sad that it took an incident such as the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon for us in this country to wake up to the realization that unless we change our perspective on life and living, we will eventually lose our soul as a people. I was deeply touched by the pulling together America has shown since the attacks, from the unprecidented acts of volunteerism to the donations of blood to aid the victims. Gone is the "MEism" so prevalent in today's society, at least for now, and it is really like a breath of fresh air seeing people actually being polite to each other once again. Our driving has become less agressive, we don't seem in such of a hurry and it seems like we are caring a little more about our fellow man. Was this a wake-up call for America? I think so, because this is not the end of terrorism in the United States. It will happen again, and unless we pull together as a people in this country and STAY together, we can expect only a world of chaos for our children. Our nation is a blessed nation, financially, materially and in it's diversity. We have the highest standard of living in the world. But with blessing comes responsibility. We have also become a nation of narcissistic self-worshippers, who glorify violence and guns with phallic reverence, measure a person's worth not by humanitarian efforts, but by money and materialistic gain. We fight with those of different faiths and even amongst ourselves (witch wars)in the misguided belief that we alone have the right answers. I am Pagan because I believe in this planet. I am Pagan because I cannot relate to a religion that carries a violent image as it's symbol and harrasses people who don't believe as they do. I am Pagan because I deplore violence and hateful acts as we have witnessed this past Tuesday. Although I believe those responsible should be brought to justice, why is it nessesary to harm the innocent? To seek revenge, the most worthless of causes, puts us no higher on the scale of humanity than the perpetrators of these evil acts. I had a dream the night before the terrorist attacks of a plane crashing and burning into a city. I awoke sweating and shaken. That day the dream manifested itself into reality. Psychic vision? Perhaps. But more of a message that I should change my perspecive on a lot of things in my life and love those close to me just a little more and care more about my country and my fellow man. This is a call for us all to unite, for divided we will indeed fall. Blessed be.

I Just Wanted To Let Some Of You Know That Even Though... Sep 15th. at 4:25:16 pm UTC

Sedna (Clairton , Pennsylvania US) Age: 36

I just wanted to let some of you know that even though I am a Salitare I belong to no one coven but am a part of many groups, in fact I am the only Witch in my little town and everyone know's. So it was a surprise to have many of them come to me after this tragic act and ask what the Wiccan people are doing and how do we pray. On September 14th 2001 at 7pm many of them showed up at the town park and braught there candles as I sugested and I showed them. It was wounderfull!!

Yes there is a Goddess and she hears us all, . Keep trying never give up

P/S Many of them were surprised to see it was'nt so different after all :)

Does Anyone Know Of A Spell, Charm Or Ritual To Protect A... Sep 15th. at 4:16:29 pm UTC

SpellCaster (Houston, Texas US) Age: 22 - Email

Does anyone know of a spell, charm or ritual to protect a soldier going into battle? My boyfriend is a Marine, and I'm afraid he is going to be "activated". I'm sure everyone here with loved ones in the military would be interested in any type of help. Thanks.

This Incident Hits Very Close To Home For Many Of Us Pagans... Sep 15th. at 4:10:21 pm UTC

Mahina Noita (Columbia Heights, Minnesota US) Age: 25 - Email

This incident hits very close to home for many of us Pagans (as well as the world). It is again a religion trying to stamp out the infidels. Now I know that not all Muslims agree with what the fundalmentalist Muslims are doing, but then again the oridnary Christians did not agree with what the "Church" did during the burning times, but thousands still died reguardless. I am feeling this event on many different levels. First of all my home (America) has been violated and second, my love for my fellow human is being put to the test. As apart of my religious training I have been taught to accept all religions as valad for those who believe in them and to let them be as long as they are happy. The problem here is that their happiness is now being shown in the greeving faces of thousands of Americans. As a nation we MUST put aside our petty differance and come together to put a stop to this unholy selfishness. As for me, I am prepared for war, I hope sincerly that our County reaches out and slaps down their arrogance. And as far as the Rede goes "An it harm none do what ye will" I do believe that this is truly an act of self-defence. If we do not stop them, even if we have to kill many, they WILL do it again and again. They hit at the heart of our great nation and now we must protect ourselves by making sure that they can never do it again.
Thank you for my rant, Goddess preserve us all. With love and light, Blessed Be.

Rae Beth Put It Best....may I Never Feel The Need To... Sep 15th. at 4:00:42 pm UTC

QuieT Cha0s (Toronto, Ontario CA) Age: 27 - Email

Rae Beth put it best....
May I never feel the need to warn or advise... unasked

As Nostradamus puts it.. this is the beginning of the end, the end being "as we now know it" apparently, this attack is just the beginning, much more death is to come still, and while I feel the sorrow of the loss of life this civilization is starting to feel, and will continue to feel, I know in my heart and soul it is needed for the world to become a better place (we will learn from our mistakes)

Blessed Be

Thank You, Fritz & Wren For Providing This Space For Us To Share... Sep 15th. at 3:43:36 pm UTC

Babajji (Holly Hill, Florida US) Age: 51 - Email

Thank you, Fritz & Wren for providing this space for us to share our feelings and thoughts. In reading through the posts, I feel proud to live in a country where all may share their diverse opinions.

I am a Unitarian Universalist. Sunday, our church was to have celebrated the Autmn Equinox under my guidance. I have scrapped this event and created a Memorial service in it's place. Speakers from the Christian, Humanist and Buddhist perspective will share their reflections along with mine. I am so blessed to have a church to go to where all can freely practice their individual faith, and respect the faith of others.

I wanted to share the reflections I will be presenting there, as they were written after reading all of your reflections on this list, and many of your posts helped me put the words to how I am feeling.

Blessed Be,
Barbara Jean/babajji

To give a definitive statement of the Pagan point of view is impossible. We are as diverse in our reaction to this holocaust as any other religious organization. I have heard Christians who plead that we pray for peace and forgiveness in the name of Jesus, others have taken up the chant "Praise the Lord & pass the ammunition". So it is as well with Pagans and Wiccans. Many of us, myself included, are torn between both emotions, As practicing Witches, we have learned to work with the powers of the universe, and have the ability to affect the outcome of this situation, as do all of us, of all religions, with our prayers to any of our Dieties. Therefore we must search our hearts before taking any action through spellwork and prayer. When we ask our Gods & Goddesses for assistance, They will do exactly what we ask. "Be careful what you ask for".

A condensed version of the Wiccan Rede is "Bide the Wiccan laws we must, in Perfect Love, and Perfectt Trust. Mind the threefold law you should, three times bad and three times good. An ye harm none, do as ye will'".

How to follow this law in light of this malevolent attack on the American people becomes is a matter for extensive soul searching. To send out energies of retribution from a heart filled with hate would be be to invite chaos. These energies would return threefold, raining more death and destruction on our world. Sending out energies of Peace & Love should be the priority of all who pray. But is it enough? Are there enough beleivers in the power of the collective conciousness to effect a peaceful outcome to this grevious situation? I think that, unfortunately, there are not. The world would already be at peace if there were. But I also beleive that the spells and prayers for peace that are given now will make a dIference in the severity of the outcome.

As Wiccans, we believe in reincarnation, that death is a symbol of rebirth and new life. Some, as I do, also adhere to the beleif that the path of your life on earth was chosen by you before you came here, including the time and method of your death.

After searching my soul, I offer this blessing;

To those that those who have passed through the veil to the Summerlands, I send prayers of gratitude for the time they shared with us here on earth, and know that their purpose here has been fulfilled.

To those who have lost family & freinds, I send energies of comfort for their loss, may they find joy in the rememberance of the time they shared with their loved ones.

To all of us, who are struggling to deal with the reality of the events that have come to pass, I send energies of Peace and Hope, May we overcome the fear and greif this tradgedy has brought us. May we maintain our acceptance of the rights of all humanity to live and worship as they wish, and not succumb to directing our anger towards the innocent.

To those who are involved in the rescue effort, and those who will undertake the sad duty of cleaning up the rubble, I send energes of strength, May they know our love and gratitude is with them.

To our American President, his advisors, and to all World Leaders, I send energies of wisdom and clarity. May their decisions be just, and may they weigh the consequences of their actions very heavily before proceeding.

To those who serving in the armed forces that will be involved in carrying out the decisions of The President and the World Leaders, I send energies of courage, and heartfelt gratitude for their willingness to lay down their lives in defense of not only our American freedom, but the freedom of the world.
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, I will leave it to the God & Goddess to see that the threefold law comes to pass on those involved in this horrifying attack.

So Mote it be.

So Many Posts To Read, And It Took Me So Long To... Sep 15th. at 3:43:05 pm UTC

Marian (Richland, Washington US) Age: 49

So many posts to read, and it took me so long to think to come and look for a forum here, dispite my love of this site - I'm sorry I won't have the time to read them all. Several here have commented that they feel excluded from community expressions of grief and worship. It's true that our mode of worship is pretty much non-existent in these events. But then, what is one to do with a large diverse public group? I feel strongly that we must, as pagans, both practice our own faith and respect the rights of others to practice theirs. Knowing that stress brings out the need for religious expression in folks and that most of the folks around us are Christian, it seems to me that my faith calls me to share in the experiences of grief and prayer with those in my community even though those expressions will be wrapped in concepts of worship different from my own. It's particularly important to practice tolerance and acceptance right now, I think. As a pagan, that's what I feel the Goddess is calling me to do.

I also feel that She is calling me to speak up in protest to expressions of exclusion and intolerance from those around me, in order to promote peace. I teach psychology in a mid-western university. And, of course, Tuesday has been a topic of conversation in my classes. As expected, someone expressed the viewpoint that all of this has to do with the "disintegration" of Christianity in the U.S. and that she so much appreciates our President's call to (Christian) prayer. It was a prefect opportunity to point out that, yes, approximately 82% of the country is Christian, but that 18% is of many other faiths and that all faiths are shaken and reaching for understanding right now. The right to worship (or not) as we each see fit is a precious freedom. Our ability to come together in the midst of both diversity tragedy and to pray together or offer our positive thoughts while respecting the fact that we have different views of faith is one of the things that makes this country strong. Our leaders are calling us to prayer as a diverse nation united in grief that surmounts our differences. The nods of agreement and mumurs of support during my little soap box speech were ever so heartening! I'm grateful to the Goddess for giving me the opportunity to appeal for peace, to point out that the need for peace extends beyond Christian, and for giving so many of my Christian students the opportunity to express support for those same opinions.

Out of adversity may we, as a nation, find strength and tolerance.
Within adversity may we, as pagans, find new ways to promote peace in
both our faith and our secular communities.

Blessed Be to all......

I Humbley Ask That The White/green Witchs And Magicians That Can... Sep 15th. at 3:03:00 pm UTC

Mark Slone (West Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 45

I humbley ask that the White/Green witchs and magicians that can, please go to the building that houses the Black Cult of Skull and Bones and perform the banishing rituals. Cleanse the human bones there of the shadow power that the individuals in power of this country have used to further their power lust. Take Geronimos skull to his people so that his medicene men can perform their banishing rites. Here in the US we can do something about the dark shadow forces that are in power. Our Magic can affect other areas in the world, but we need to really cleanse here at home.
May the Gods and Goddesses protect us.
Blessed Be, Coyotemoon

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