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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 101 - 3/3/2003

Have You Made Any Extra Security Preparations?

Faced with the potential threats of terrorism and/or war, many governments have asked their citizenry to ‘be prepared’. Have you stocked up on any items? Do you have a first aid kit? How’s your plastic to duct tape ratio?

Should you ever have to vacate your home and you could only take ten (10) items with you, what would these items be?

If you are trained in outdoor survival skills, medical emergencies or in other related areas, what advice can you share with us on how to be prepared in case the unthinkable does come to pass? What ten things do you think everyone should have on hand?

 Reponses:   There are 85 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

10 Items? Mar 8th. at 1:49:50 am UTC

Storm's Feather (Russellville, Arkansas) Age: 16 - Email

Toilet paper. Number one item on my list, followed by a jug of water, a sack of a granola mix, my pets (that's 5) , a bag of dog food, and a bag of cat food. Big bags of the pet food. But, Toilet paper is the top item on that list. I don't perceive terroristic attacks as a threat we should linger on. This is a capitalistic government; they don't want to kill consumers. Nuclear war? C'mon people. We were straining milk in Wisconsin for gamma rays after that nuclear accident in Russia. That one little idiot in Iraq is a health freak. He doesn't want to get sick and die after he's spent so much time in staying alive. Bush might believe that his god will protect him from death, and grant the USA and UN victory, but, my goodness, you can't trust anything all the time. Put a little faith into yourself..
Right now, my mother has me downing multivi pills, olive leaf, echinaecia, and any other substance she thinks might prevent me from contracting a virus or bacterial infection. I have atopical dermatitis, so the smallpox vaccination is her, and my, worst fear. And who thought up that little rumor, i wonder...

YAY ELF Mar 7th. at 3:58:49 pm UTC

Skeggi (NZ) Age: 32 - Email

It is good to see a post thats not me focused. As i said eariler what do you think Iraq people are doing to protect themselves from the upcoming act of Terrorism. And to the person who who to me explaining that I knew nothing about Iraq, I suggest that you look into the history of your own country and I dont mean ancient and see the wrongs you have comitted. Also check out the facts about Iraq, you will find that the only people who have sold WOMD to terrorists are the USA (to Israel) .
Get off the what about me thing and start to think what about them.

Stocking Up? Mar 7th. at 1:54:31 pm UTC

Moonstar (AZ) Age: 34 - Email

I live in a rural community about 100 miles north of Phoenix. I feel like there isn't any thing I can do beyond live day to day. I don't feel as though we would be a direct target but indirectly we could get an influx of fleeing Phoenicians. I have stock piled some water but I feel a little silly about it. I really feel like Lyric mentioned below that the biggest threat in this country is what we might do to each other in a crisis situation. That is my biggest fear.

Don't Panic, Demonstrate? Mar 7th. at 12:30:31 pm UTC

Sati Caldwell (Westminster MD) Age: 25 - Email

Who said we were panicing? Or not demonstrating. Personally, I am doing my part, demonstrating when I can, calling my senators and representatives, talking to people about what a bad idea this all is. Getting interest up, trying to make people be less apathetic. To know what I would want with me should our civilization collapse is not panicky. I'd rather have this plan in the back of my mind than be caught with my pants down when/if all the protests and petitions and demonstrations don't work.

DON'T PANIC - DEMONSTRATE Mar 7th. at 7:11:18 am UTC

elf (cornwall, england) Age: 23 - Email

Instead of sitting there getting paranoid and worrying about ourselves, we should be focusing on what we can do to prevent deaths. Typical of us Westerners to worry about ourselves - over 50% of people living in Baghdad are children under the age of 14!! (Bet Bush didn't tell you that) .

Demonstrate - get involved - RISE UP - organise, get everyone you know who is against this terrible war to get involved. On March 17th we are having a national die-in day. Cover yourselves with fake blood and wail - block roads, stop cities, stop everything. Don't just sit there with your windows boarded up waiting for Armageddon, stop your crazy President!!!!!

Que Sera, Sera Mar 7th. at 1:52:58 am UTC

Aromadon (Parkersburg, WV) Age: 37 - Email

I've done nothing to prepare for a terrorist attack or war because there is nothing to be done. What will be, will be. If that means that the next life comes sooner than later, so be it. Maybe this time I'll be sharp enough NOT to incarnate! :)

As for what I'd take with me, assuming that I would leave, it would only be my cats. If everything around me is destroyed, nothing I have is going to change things, so why burden myself? The fact is, if it came down to "leave or die", I'd likely choose the die option... I'm not much for running.

As for my advice, though it's not medical or emergency in nature, it would be only this... Know what you believe, be sure you believe it and be prepared to accept the consequences of that belief. If you're Christian, live the life prescribed for a Christian and be prepared for your reward. If you're Pagan, make whatever offering your particular god or goddess find acceptable, if they require such, and be prepared for your journey. If you're an athiest... put on some old sweats and a grungy t-shirt and relax... it would be silly to be all dressed up and no place to go. :)

Just Waiting... Mar 6th. at 7:42:13 pm UTC

Jervamp (Illinois) Age: 28 - Email

My only concession to the current state of the world is to buy a guide to edible plants a few months earlier than I was planning on. (was waiting till spring, figured economy will be worse by then) I really think that we have more to fear from our government than we do from others. I'd want good shoes, a good knife, a muzzle loader (old gun) , my herb books (I hope family doesn't count as an Item...) Axe, hmm And a mystical doorway to a world where people are reasonable.

No, I Rather Die Mar 6th. at 7:28:45 pm UTC

janet (washington) Age: 55 - Email

Than live a scared life under the Bush scarathon administration. I grew up in the 50's and 60's near air bases that were ground zero for russian bombs. We did not worry then and I refuse to worry now just because we have a president that has never lived a real life outside a golden cocoon and consequently is afraid of his own shadow. What ever happens , happens. Trust the Goddess.

Why Bother? Mar 6th. at 6:59:10 pm UTC

Sati Caldwell (Westminter MD) Age: 25 - Email

I figure that if we're attacked with nuclear weapons, I'll either die quick in the blast or hope the winds aren't coming out of the south that day. If I'm at home (near the PA border) and the winds are blowing from the north or west, I've got a good chance of being fine.

Chemical or biological weapons? again, I live out in the country away from any cities.

I don't really fear any terrorists or unfriendly governments, for the most part they couldn't do much global damage. My fear is the US going hog wild with our nukes. The planet will only shrug off so much.

Of course, my views could be a little naive, but that's okay. Let's see, 10 items to take with me. Food, lots of food. First aid stuff. Herb book with color pics. Clothes, lots of socks. Weapons if I have any (I don't) . A copy of Gray's Anatomy. I'd also take Jean Auel's Children of the Earth series. Great herb stuff, hunting techniques, stuff like that throughout the books, I'd take the FOXFIRE series of books as well. these aren't exactly items, but this is what I'd take. Plus all the birth control stuff I can get my hands on. Who would want to worry about bringing a child into this world in a flee or die situation? (I can't imagine having to leave my home unless it was a flee or die situation, so that's what these views reflect.)

THe most important thing anyone can ever have onhand is COMMON SENSE. CLear thinking runs a close second.

Nada Mar 6th. at 5:36:53 pm UTC

Ashe Winterwolf (Irving, TX) Age: 39 - Email

Didn't make any preparations for the Y2K diaster-that-didn't-happen, not going to make any preparation for this either. Reading today and it sounds like the world, and one foreign US diplomat is waking up to Shrub's real agenda and joining the "coalition of the unwilling".

Umm...well.... Mar 6th. at 5:35:41 pm UTC

Twilight Shadowfyre (Penryn, California) Age: 13 - Email

Nope, no safety precautions here. We have duct tape, canned food, water (I think that was from Y2K, actually....) already, so my family really sees a lack of need to seal the house up. Personally, if I'm meant to die during a terrorist attack, so be it. I have no regrets so far, and there's always the next life. I highly doubt that my little town will be destroyed, which migh tbe part of why I'm so carefree about the subject, but if it was andf I survived (no thanks to ducttape) I can survive well enough on my own.

I just recommend everyone do their best to send some positive eergy into the world, and then go out and live your life. Unless someone is high up in the US government, can we do much else?

Love and Trust,

NO And YES Mar 6th. at 12:26:23 pm UTC

Swan (East Coast USA) Age: 40 - Email - Web

I already had duct tape ......I use it on my mini greenhouse ..... :>

What I have done is ritual and workings for peace and safety and EARTHEALING ....
especially so that the forces for peace balance the forces for war to result in the
most peaceful and beneficial outcome for all ........

Love and HUGS

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