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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 110 - 5/14/2003

What’s Your Favorite Element?

Do have a special affinity for one of the elements of Earth, Air, Water or Fire? Do you find one of these easier to work with than the others? Do ritual objects or other items associated with this element just seem to find their way to you?

On the flip side, do any of these elements – or what they represent – give you trouble? (For example: If you are drawn to the Fire principle, do you struggle with the emotional or spiritual aspects related to Water?) How do you balance out the elements within yourself? If you are ‘missing’ an element (or more than one) in your astrological chart (few or no Air, Water, Earth or Fire signs), do you consciously make an effort to enhance or strengthen the influence of that missing element(s) in some way?

What symbols, tools, animals, compass direction, emotions or spiritual guidance do you associate with the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire? And what does Spirit represent or mean to you?

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Now To Hear From A Pyromaniac May 20th. at 8:00:39 am EDT

SilverFox (Tennessee) Age: 19 - Email

I am a newbie to the wiccan faith, and I just want to say I love this site. Okay now to the question. Ever since I was younger I have had a fascination with the flames. I use to take dried anything and watch the fire devour and consume. A stick, leaf, bug, anything dry and flammable would suffice. I didn't realize then what this meant I just knew that because of my fixation, I was going to "wet the bed everynight from playing with fire." My mother being a sweet understanding lady bought me candles. My room is full of all colors and sizes. I sit in my room with all of them lit and just bask in the light, warmth, and dancing flames that surround me. Then as a I grew I found out about the greek gods and immediately became fascinated by hephestus and apollo gods of fire and the sun. Everyone has always called my personality Firey. I charge my crystals by fire light and dreamt since I was a child that I could control the flames or conjure them at a whim. On rare occasions this dream resurfaces and I use my gift in order to clean fields of dead rubbish so that new can grow to cleanse the earth of filth that it may flourish and not stagnate. When I meditate it is easiest to calm myself down by imagining myself in a warm fire and feel the flames consume the baggage of the day and take away all of its stress. Flame magick came fastest and easiest to me. And flame scrying is the most fun I have. And a couple of months ago a friend did my astrological chart for me. I am a cap (earth) with a rising Leo (fire) . Strangly enough earth is my least favorite. Water is my second, I was swimming before I was talking. I do nothing but sleep, eat, swim during the summer. Third is Air. This element boggles me. Even though it is inconstant and shifty as fire it doesn't have any stability. And last is earth like I said, I just find the earth too solid and not shifty enough. I revel in change and chaos, the crazier life is the better. Thank you for letting me express myself :D.

The Colors Of The Wind Are My Paint... May 19th. at 10:28:50 pm EDT

Nic (WA) Age: 15 - Email

My favorite element has always been the wind, the air, the sky, space...anything and everything to do with the air! Ever since I was a child wading into the disagreeing rapids of Christianity with the rest of those around me, I have loved the air and wind. I used to believe I could control the wind and even now people tell me I seem to had a certain power over it. I tell them that the wind and I just have an agreement. On windy days I used to climb to the top of the highest hill I could find. Then I'd run as fast as I could to the edge and leap off into the air. For the few seconds, with the wind whipping at me gently, I felt like I could fly. Only those seconds seemed like eternity. The feeling was so pure and rich and free! Then I'd come crashing to earth and tumbling down. I have quite a few scars from it too. In all truth, I still can't resist trying to fly whether it's off a cliff into the water or out of a tree onto the ground. My dream has always been to fly, and now that this faith has found me I am certain it was a sign.
The earth comes in second, I have always known it well. We seem to have come to terms with each other since I was young. I am very much an environmentalist and seem to gather a special flow of energy from the earth that I don't get with the other elements.
In a close third is water. I've known how to swim for about as long as I've known how to drive, ride a horse, shoot a gun/bow and climb...which is before I could even walk very well. The water and I are like fire and ice. You need one to help the other, whether the fire be to melt the ice or the ice to stop the fire.
Then comes fire, of course. I am obsessed with fire, but not to the point of pyromania. I just love to watch it, feel it's warmth and security. It mesmorizes me. Don't mistake me, I've been burnt more times that I can count but I am still drawn to it.
But through all of this, air is my favorite. It has been there to lift me up when I was down, give me love when I needed a hug, listen to me when I needed someone to talk to, and watch over me when I was feeling unsafe. The air has always been my secret friend and there is no one who could replace it, because it will always be here for me.

* * *Nic* * *

Such A Hard Choice... May 19th. at 8:01:04 pm EDT

Jesse (Arcadia, IN) Age: 21 - Email

I like all the elements because they all are integral to everything. As I have grown in my spiritual beliefs I have come to see them all as necessary. But the one I have always had an affinity with and have been close to is Water. I have loved to swim all my life, and I feel its emotional pulls as well.

Earth Is My Haven May 19th. at 4:49:46 pm EDT

Fate Stepped In (Santa Barbara, CA) Age: 26 - Email

My favorite element is Earth, and has been since I was a child too young to understand what an Element even was. I was the girl on the playground who played with clovers, made wishes on dandelion puffs, and even pretended to be a witch with my best friend, by sitting in a cube made of tires and making "potions" from acorns and grass for our classmates. I found my spirit guide at age 6, and she has been with for 20 years now, but I associate her with the Earth, because she draws me to the forests and rivers of my past so often. I don't have a green thumb, but I can easily commnicate with plant spirits and I have been told by people who think magick is bad, that I have an uncanny ability to communicate with animals. Most of my time on the Path has been as a solitary, and my altar faces North, a custom I started before ever picking up my first Craft book. Winter has a rare quality to it that has always called to me, cold though it may be, I find it refreshing and love it.
My second favorite Element is water, and Fall is my favorite season. I love the bracing winds that begin in Fall, and the way they carry over to Winter. Samhain has been my favorite holiday since childhood, a time when communing with spirits wasn't considered so odd by those I lived around. As far as my other magick practices are concerned, many consider mirror magick to be associated with Air, but to me it has very much been associated with Water. I usually see Earth or Water scenes before me when I perform mirror magick. Gemstone magick is also near and dear to me, and I like to charge my tools in a bowl filled with dirt.
My parents did not know it when I was born, but the name they created for me was perfect for a child with a Virgo (Earth) sun sign, and a Scorpio (Water) rising sign. My name means Bee Waterfall.

I Am Wildfire Sooo Ya May 19th. at 1:39:35 pm EDT

Wildfire (In my own little wonderful world) Age: 18 - Email

I would definately have to say I like the fire elementals the most. This is closely tied with spirt. Then earth, air, and water.

blessed be

I Find.. May 19th. at 12:41:38 pm EDT

ekastasis (MA) Age: 15 - Email

I wold have to say that the Earth Element would have to be my favored one. I have tons of dried herbs, gardens of flowers, and i find that nurtering brings a peace over me. Sitting in the middle of a forest, the middle of nowhere, yet in the mist of a world of its own.

Re: Quetion Of Element May 19th. at 12:22:14 pm EDT

RhiannonLeFae (Lynnwood, Washington) Age: 48 - Email

Merry Meet, I work best with the earth element , love nature & nurturing, i have gardens of flowers, bushes , trees & herbs. i also have faeries that help me tend them.

Love, Peace, & faery Dust to all

Elemental Personalities. May 19th. at 8:30:48 am EDT

Kestrel (Australia) Age: 0 - Email

This question really caught my attention. Although I call myself a trad. celtic pagan the elements have always held a special fascination for me. Even before I decided I was pagan I used to 'pick people out' as being of different elements.

I identify mostly with air, which came as a bit of a suprise to me when I realised it because my personal colour is green and I never feel more at home than in the forests. Both of which sound very earthy. But its in the forests that you get the best quality air, and green is associated with spring, new beginnings and the east. So thats my figuring. But nothing makes me feel alive like a stong easterly wind.

And when I dream, sometimes I remember how to fly ;)
- Kestrel

Some Are Easier Than Others May 19th. at 3:47:25 am EDT

Ruby (Kentucky) Age: 19 - Email

I find that Fire and Spirit elements are easier for me to work with, but odly enough the earth is the hardest. Fire is my key to most of the things i do...i Need the flame and not just the candle to sets my visions right. My biggest trouble is where i need to use the earth. I havent yet figured out how to work with the air. Most of my workings I have to use the fire to start and the spirit to keep it strong.

Use Of Elements May 19th. at 3:02:05 am EDT

Kha´lish (Finland) Age: 15 - Email

Every element has it´s place. Element of Fire works fine to matter spells, Element of Air is perfect for mind and spirit spells and my faorite... Element of Water, best element for channel and energy spells. You can use Water to charce and boost other elements and it can be found from every where. Only thing that Water isn´t good at is Fire. When you mix Water and Fire only thing you get is... I think you will figure it out... (just don´t try this at home) .

Child Of The Earth May 19th. at 2:37:36 am EDT

christoph dixon (Tampa, Fla) Age: 21 - Email

My dear brothers and sisters,
I am and alyays have been a child of the earth.When I am in the woods or in the mountians i am at peace in mind, body, and spirit. I can feel the wisdom and stringh and life flow through me when i am by myself in the woods, It takes me to state of being taht nothing in this world can ever do.

Thank you.

Live in light and love and grow in
stringh and wisdom.

Element Affinity May 19th. at 1:03:06 am EDT

Soaring Hawk (Canada) Age: 17 - Email

i am totally, 100% connected with air. i always had dreams of soaring through the clouds, and the mysterious and haunting "whoooooo...." sound wind makes in trees is magickal to me. my name represents my dream. to be a soaring fly would be to be free of worries...soaring above all the worries...ill stop before i get way too spiritual...hehehe....i guess im the rare element since most people are not air people on this board...

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