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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 19 - 12/18/2000

What do YOU of our newest entry into the Presidential Political Pool?

Okay, the United States has a new President-Elect. And that's all that we here at TWV are gonna say about that! What do YOU think about our latest entry into the Presidential Political Pool?

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See Ya', I'm Moving To Europe! But Seriously. America Is A Great... Dec 22nd. at 11:33:15 pm EST

simona elda (duluth, Minnesota US) Age: 30

see ya', i'm moving to europe!

but seriously. america is a great country. at least in theory. our european ancestors came over here because of the idealism america conjured up for them, and i for one will be damned if i am going to let their dreams die simply because i do not care for our president.

i personally voted libertarian because i see it as the only party who truly practices keeping the government out of people's personal lives. this is something that neither of the two major political parties seem incapable of doing anymore. both democrats *and* republicans (tho the latter won't admit it) are for *more* government intruding on us and infringing upon what made this country great in the first place--freedom! and i'm not talking about the narrow-minded freedom of the puritans. i'm talking about our deist forebears who gave us true freedom.

i think the green party has a good platform, but in my opinion, none of this can be accomplished until we first re-teach the government what their true role is--that they are *our* servants, *not* the other way around! the libertarians would clean up washington, d.c., in my opinion, and *then* the green party could move ahead with their reforms. in the meanwhile, i will continue to clean up the environment the best way i know how--through the fork.

that's it for my rant for today.
blessed be!

Usually, I Don't Really Care Who's In Charge Of Which Country. When... Dec 22nd. at 9:55:29 pm EST

Luna Fae (Franklin, Wisconsin US) Age: 19 - Email

Usually, I don't really care who's in charge of which country. When I lived in Belgium, it bugged me that I payed about forty percent income taxes and ended up with roughly $1000 a month, while the Princes did nothing and drove around in Beamers and Porsches on account of the working class. If they feel they need to take so much, why can they not give it to the underpriviledged, set up funds so these people have a chance at climbing the ladder, which they now can not?

But now I live in the US, and though I live out in the middle of nowhere and hardly anyone comes out this far and bothers me, I'm afraid.

In Louisiana, people are trying to pass a law against public practice of the Craft. Doesn't the Constitution say "Freedom of Religion"?

Bush is already trying to pass a law, forcing people to register their faith. Why? It may sound paranoid to Christians, I don't know. But it seems to me, knowing who is Pagan can only come in handy when they haul us off to be terminated.

Do I want to give birth to a child in this country? Do I want to teach my daughter to hide what she believes in?

She will have free choice of religion, if she chooses Christianity as her faith, we will not even try to tell her it isn't right. It isn't religion that makes people dangerous, it's belief. My husband has told me already: if she chooses to marry a Christian, he will gladly walk her down the aisle.

But she will know how to use Majick. There is hardly any doubt about that.

I am afraid. More than I care to tell him, more than I want him to know.

People are insane. An angry mob has no beans with the law until the witch has been hung.

Am I paranoid? In light of the past, I don't think so.

I'm Thoroughly Disgusted With How This So-called Democracy (usa) Has Conducted Itself... Dec 22nd. at 9:44:45 pm EST

Seongeona (Stevens Point, Wisconsin US) Age: 33

I'm thoroughly disgusted with how this so-called democracy (USA) has conducted itself and I'm quite fearful about what's gonna happen the next four years. I'm even seriously considering leaving the country. I'm keeping a very close eye on "W" (I refuse to acknowledge him as Pres.) and will fight him every step of the way when he upholds the Right - he stands for everything I'm against.

To Begin, I Am Tired Of Hearing Greens Blamed For Gore's Loss... Dec 22nd. at 9:08:50 pm EST

pat james mannix (lancaster, Pennsylvania US) Age: 16 - Email

To begin, I am tired of hearing Greens blamed for Gore's loss. Your vote is intended to help you SUPPORT who you WANT to be president of the United $tate$, not IMPEDE who you DO NOT WANT. If this continues, we will never have a non-republicat president. That seems simple enough.
I didn't vote, of course; I am sixteen. But, I am old enough to be disgusted. There really isn't much else to say that hasn't been being said. Here I come, Canada ...

I Don't Trust Either Mr. Bush Or Mr. Gore. They Are Both... Dec 22nd. at 7:13:08 pm EST

sprite (Portland, Oregon US) Age: 25 - Email

I don't trust either Mr. Bush or Mr. Gore. They are both power junkies. In this day and age, you have to be to aspire to the highest office in the land. I do prefer Bush to Gore in hopes that he will slow the growth of the government. Either way I'm sure we will see no end to the slew of new government regulations that have plagued this country for 70 years. And I'm sure those new regulations, which are all intended to do good things, will continue to cause unthinkable and unknowable harm to us all (poverty, war, environmental damage, economic instability, loss of liberty, etc.) The path of imbalance is wrought with the best intentions to paraphrase an older, better known cliche.

Personally, I hope the Libertarians gain a foothold soon. They are the only political party that rejects the initiation of force against others. They expect the government to abide by that, too, not just us poor individuals.

I'll part with one last thought. Common law in this country has fallen by the wayside, and its replacement--political law--is very dangerous. Common law can be summed up in two sentences: Do all that you have agreed to do. Do not encroach on other persons or their property. When common law was our way, the goverment abided those two laws as well as individuals. Spread the word.
PS Read Richard Maybury if you want to know more.

I Think I'm Beginning To Agree With Nostradamas, Or However His Name... Dec 22nd. at 2:16:32 pm EST

Mino Mercurious (Naples, Florida US) Age: 42 - Email

I think I'm beginning to agree with Nostradamas, or however his name is spelled. And that's all that Mino is going to say about THAT!!!!!!! *smile*

I've Read All The Current Posts, & Didn't Realize Bush's Position On Wicca... Dec 21st. at 10:15:11 pm EST

Toby (Alexandria, Virginia US) Age: 31 - Email

I've read all the current posts, & didn't realize Bush's position on Wicca. Like everything else surrounding this guy, its an enigma. I'll be up-front...I voted for Gore, as the lesser of evils with a shot at winning. Yes, he's not great, but to all the Nader voters who cost Gore the election, I hope you can live with any damage to the environment, women's issues, etc. caused by Bush. This was not the year to make a point. I myself would like to see Greens in politics, but they need to approach it like they did in Europe...start at the local level, then get seats in Congress to force the other parties into a coalition, & then work into cabinet positions. The "all or nothing" approach of winning the presidency was idiocy & has probably set us back 20-30 years.

Like others, I'm not worried about our religion. I doubt Bush will ever address anything relating to Wicca during his 4 year term (yes, one-termer just like his daddy...notice the economy already starting to crater). Remember, he called a reporter a "major-league asshole"...but does that mean he will outlaw journalism. Nope...just ain't gonna happen. I think the best approach is to remain vigilant & protest civilly but loudly should any anti-pagan issues come up. I think we'll have plenty of support from other civil liberties groups.

In the meantime, follow the wheel of the year, focus on your faith, & remember that this too shall pass.

Thank You Rhiannon Gwendolyn For The Most Interesting And Amusing Comment I... Dec 21st. at 5:57:30 pm EST

Ariel (San Rafael, California US) Age: 39 - Email

Thank you Rhiannon Gwendolyn for the most interesting and amusing comment I have heard so far. (See previous posting) Is there anything Nostradamus didn't know?;) Seriously, I feel that there is global transformation afoot, and these events are the beginning of this change. Where we will end up is still undetermined, but it seems wise to me to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. Change is always scary, but an inevitable part of life. I believe we as community and also as individuals possess the tools to survive this birthing process, and our efforts have the potential to produce the "best" mentioned above.

I Agree With Some Of The Other Postings; We Shouldn't Really Waste... Dec 21st. at 4:40:36 pm EST

Mike (Warren, Michigan US) Age: 14 - Email

I agree with some of the other postings; we shouldn't really waste much time on this issue. But since you asked.... I'd just like to remind everyone here at WitchVox about what President-Elect George W. Bush said concerning the freedom of Witches in the United States. He publicly stated on Good Morning America, June 24, 1999, that he respected the First Amendment's freedom of religion, but then went on to say "I don't think witchcraft is a religion." There have been numerous instances where he has discriminated against Wiccans, and quite frankly, I worry about our future with him as President! I agree with Ms. Akins-Becker, we should speak out against this peacefully.

If you need proof, or want to get even angrier at Bush, go to I thank you for your time.

I Really Don't Think That We Should Waste Our Valuable Time Whining... Dec 21st. at 2:15:36 pm EST

Goldie (Winchester, Virginia US) Age: 21

I really don't think that we should waste our valuable time whining about this. Yes, I am a Democrat, and yes, Bush isn't a strong leader, but what can we do? Instead of wasting time wishing and hoping for another Watergate to take him down, we need to work with what we have. We can't wait for the next four years to be over with. Already oil drilling in the northwest has gotten me worried, and we need to be working against that and for alternative energy, rather than wasting any more energy on a corrupt beaurocracy. We need to keep a watchful eye out for any threats to minority rights and the environment. If we want something done, it will get done, no matter how hard it is. I intend to live my normal life for the next four years, and keep Bush from screwing up too bad in office. And for all you Dems out there: keep in mind that this can be a positive experience. The parties have strayed too far from their bases and this loss will help the Dems realize this. These two parties were supposed to be opposite sided of a coin, but that coin seems to have fallen into a fire and melted into an indistinguishable blob. The indecisiveness of the voters signifies the existence of the Republicrat party, and we need to change that. And if I ever see another Dem talking about making abortion illegal, getting rid of affirmative action, or instituting Christian prayer in school, I'll jump out a window (martyr for the cause, lol).

Although I Fear What Bush May Try To Do While In Office... Dec 21st. at 10:23:26 am EST

Sabrina Akins-Becker (Woodbridge (S of DC), Virginia US) Age: 27 - Email

Although I fear what Bush may try to do while in office, I am hoping that the even-ness of the political power in Congress will keep things in moderation. When I heard about Barr's antics last year, I didn't hesitate to call & e-mail my Congressional representatives. If I hear of Bush trying something, I will do so again.
We must become a vocal segment of the population - but we must voice our concerns *respectfully*; coming off as angry religious fanatics does nothing for us, and helps those who would see us disempowered.

With love & trepedation,
Okami Myrrhibis, HPs
Earthly Oak Spirit Coven
Woodbridge, VA

Well, I Think America Needs To Give Bush A Chance, Who Knows... Dec 21st. at 4:07:13 am EST

Michelle (Dahlonega, Georgia US) Age: 20 - Email

Well, I think America needs to give Bush a chance, who knows, he could suprise us all. This year's election will be remembered and read about forever, and I can't wait to hear what historians will say about it. I think that the whole legal mess that occured shows to what extent the government has contorted itself. If the people in power would stop being so power-hungry and returned the government to a Constitutional state, everyone would be much better off. The Libertarian party could do so much in Washington, and I just hope that people wake up soon and take a look at what's going on.


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