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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 35 - 4/2/2001

Pagan Web Surfing Likes/Dislike

Please don't list actual sites you like/dislike, but rather what YOU look for, if you find it, and what you liked or disliked about the Pagan sites that you visited. What would you like to see more or less of? Do you make use of 'Book of Shadows' information, such as utilizing the spells or rituals in them? Do you want more interactive areas such as chat rooms and message boards? More scholarly pieces? Less pop-up windows or advertising? What makes you go, "Hurray! I love this site!" or grumble, "I won't be coming back to this site in any century real soon!"

 Reponses:   There are 60 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Like: Regular Updates, 'user Friendly' Pages And Information Searches Dislike: Negativity! I... Apr 5th. at 9:08:14 pm EDT

Pan (Sarnia, Ontario CA) Age: 32 - Email

LIKE: Regular updates, 'user friendly' pages and information searches
DISLIKE: Negativity! I mean, come on! We can ALL have a difference of opinions without the negativity sneaking in!

I REALLY like the "FAQ" aspect of Pagan sites....these sections were of upmost imortance when I was beginning my search for answers, and I found that while I didn't necessarily agree with/follow some ideals/practices, simply learning everything that I possibly can from so many avenues has been extremely helpful.

A Site That's Heavy On The Animations Will Make Me Go Away... Apr 5th. at 6:41:07 pm EDT

Dee (D'Iberville, Mississippi US) Age: 46 - Email

A site that's heavy on the animations will make me go away in a hurry! Original content a biggie with me and if they have original (Or at least not overdone) graphics, that's a plus too! Some host have popups after popups with their own popups that won't even go away after I leave the site - you can be sure I won't be back to that site! Site has to be easy to navigate and show at least a rudimentary knowledge of html coding.

When I Look At A Pagan Website, I Am Expecting More Than... Apr 5th. at 3:07:11 pm EDT

Bridget Blackwater (Santa Barbara, California US) Age: 22

When I look at a pagan website, I am expecting more than a list of links to other sites. Because I myself use Angelfire (and kick myself all the time), Pop-ups don't bother me nearly as much as some people.
A things that I look at when deciding to return to a given page:
1. is it graphics heavy, and does it take a LONG time to load?

If this is yes, I generally ignore the page.
1a. does it use a lot of flashy animated gifs?

if yes, again an ignore. Flashing lights are not my friend.
2. Is the site well laid out, and do they have a working knowledge of html?

This isna quite a direct yes or no question, and is completely subjective. If the layout is hard to read, or if I have to highlight the text to be able to read it on the background, then most likely will have a word or two to say about it.

3. Is the content original, or cribbed heavily from books, other sites, etc?

I like original content. It shows a certain creativity that is lost in today's society. When surfing the pagan web, I want I know about other people's beliefs, paths, and othersuch. In the world of contemporary paganism, things are not black and white, or even in shades of grey. They come in all colors, real and imagined.

On the BOS issue, I like to see how other people practice, but including entire spells, or step-by-step instructions is the work of companies like Llywellyn publications and othersuch. The web is a great resource, but one shouldna look to it for ultimate guidance. (This coming from a minor techno-pagan!). Anyhow, enough babble for this week.

Greetings All, I Feel There Is To Much "baby" Stuff On The... Apr 5th. at 10:45:26 am EDT

Terra~Lee (Calgary, Alberta CA) Age: 29 - Email

Greetings All,
I feel there is to much "baby" stuff on the web, rather than hard core information. I have visited great websites with a load of information, (Witch's Voice included) but others that just seem to make fun of the religion. There are more sites in between than there are hard core information or "baby" sites. I find these okay because people do like them and it is nice to have a fun touch. This is just my point of view.


Every Site Should Have A Privacy Policy! This Policy Should Be Easy... Apr 5th. at 10:05:53 am EDT

Shea Thomas (Washington, District of Columbia US) Age: 33 - Email

Every site should have a privacy policy!

This policy should be easy to find, and clearly explain what information is collected, how information is used, how it is kept safe, how it can be controlled, and how it can be reviewed/corrected. Sites should also explain how to contact the webmaster/mistress in the instance their are questions or concerns.

I Like Sites With Good Content!(doesn't Everyone!!)sites That Are Easy... Apr 5th. at 8:55:00 am EDT

Silverheart (Wimberley, Texas US) Age: 39 - Email

I like sites with good content!(doesn't everyone!!)Sites that are easy to negotiate, and that are not bogged down with heavy graphics tend to keep me there for a while. I like seeing folk's personal interpretations on the Craft, and how it has impacted their lives. i don't particularaly like the Christian bashing sites, as I'm kinda tired of feeding that monster.I used to really dislike the pop-up ads on a lot of sites, but without those free servers, there would be a lot less of us on the web.I thouroughly enjoy the sites that have photos, as its fun to see the folks, especially the big smiles. I feel a bit more connected when i gaze upon a big warm smile from a brother or sister somewhere on the planet. it reminds me, that even though I work alone, im never alone!!
Thanks to all the folks that put their love and sweat into their sites! you may not realize just how much your work is needed!!!!!

I Really Dislike The Use Of Foul Language,i Respect Everyones Right... Apr 5th. at 3:58:28 am EDT

Teddy Tsabetsaye (San Diego, California US) Age: 47 - Email

I really dislike the use of foul language, I respect everyones right to express themselves, but I also feel that one can do so without offending others.

Blessings And Love To All, It Is A Simple Thing To Say... Apr 4th. at 11:50:45 pm EDT

Riki Crosado (Christchurch, New Zealand) Age: 34 - Email

Blessings and love to all, It is a simple thing to say. But a lot of site are more intrested in selling you something. Some site are amazing and full of information and good advise. It is wisdom we are trying to share. We are not trying to line someones pocket. I have no problem with people trying to make a quick buck.

I do like meeting new and intresting people aswell. It has been a great place to make new and wonderful friend.

Hi, I Really Appreciate The Lack Of Advertising. I Also Like Pages... Apr 4th. at 9:37:48 pm EDT

Ishtar (San Francisco, California US) Age: 30 - Email


I really appreciate the lack of advertising. I also like pages that:

1. are updated regularly, daily is best--and rare!
2. sites that are inclusive for all types of 'white light' seeking pagans
3. there's a certain friendly 'tone' to the good sites, not too newsy but not too fluffy, either
4. the information it contians has been fact checked and is reliable
5. lots of info about herbs, not only the traditional roses for love stuff but articles or charts on new ways to use them in everyday life, i.e. charging your Rose Body Lotion (which I do and love--Dr. Hauschka's rocks!!!) and adding some rose quartz to the bottle :)
6. same thing with crystals, the well researched and detailed basics in addition to some interesting suggestions or unknown quirks
7. great links to other good sites
8. absence of secular politics that isn't directly related to paganism and seperation of chruch and state (i.e. nothing about abortion, no articles on supreme courts cases regarding handguns...) 'cause I read enough of that in the SF Chronicle
9. HOROSCOPES and ASTROLOGY daily lunar cycles and major aspects--this should be on the first page, like a weather forcast!
10. craft ideas, info on mandalas, other fun things to try... maybe a section where readers write in things they like to do (like my body lotion idea!) I'd love to hear what other people come up with :)

I Love Reading About Mythology. It Would Be Great To Pick One... Apr 4th. at 4:25:48 pm EDT

Terri (Ashland, Massachusetts US) Age: 28 - Email

I love reading about mythology. It would be great to pick one or more gods/goddesses/other characters for every site refresh and do a whole getting-to-know-them article. I'd really like that!!

I'm a big fan of lists and bullet points. I'd like to know the "Top Ten Essential Magickal Herbs of Summertime" or "Top Five Books on Gems, Crystals & Stones" for instance. Maybe include a spell to try with it?

Pictures!! I come to your site all the time anxious to see your new picture. (The one you have up now is gorgeous, by the way!)

I get bored with sites that are heavy on the text. Maybe not bored, but my eyes start to hurt!! If I stumble across a site that has a lot of great info, I'll most likely stick around and re-visit often. But! If that site is too heavy on the text, I'm gone and chances of me returning are slim to none. (Another reason I love lists and bullet points so much: easy on the eyes)

Hope that helps you!

Love & Happiness


Things I Like:articles,especially Original Ones; Book Reviews;opinions And Experiences.the... Apr 4th. at 3:54:10 pm EDT

Ruby (manchester, England UK) Age: 17 - Email

Things I like:articles, especially original ones; book reviews;opinions and experiences.the personal touch

Things that annoy me:Huge sections from Cunningham's "Wicca:A Guide.." copied out ; music that you can't turn off ;too many pictures so it takes a long time to load ;pop-ups ;chat rooms that dont work ;sections obviously cut and pasted from sites such as Witchvox claiming to be the work of the site owner; backgrounds the same colour as the text so you can't read it

I Like Sites That Challenge Me. To Think, To Be A Better... Apr 4th. at 12:38:58 pm EDT

Ken Ra (Minneapolis, Minnesota US) Age: 48

I like sites that challenge me. To think, to be a better priest, to do something real, to understand the Old Gods better. I HATE FLUFF The sites that go on and on about how wonderful it is to be pagan because it is so wonderful to be pagan that it is just well PAGAN these sites make me ill. Political correctness is also aggravating. If something is wrong, explain why without exaggeration . If you donŐt understand it and canŐt explain it GET OFF THE SOAPBOX. Ken Ra

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