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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 56 - 8/27/2001

What Would You Like to See at The Voice?

By most measurements, TWV is a very successful site. YET, it is always in a constant state of change. This week we ask "What if YOU Ran the Witches' Voice - What would you change? In fact, feel free to post ANY suggestions that you may have related to this web site, its look, feel, design, content or tone... We have literally hundreds of ideas but would love to hear yours. Why? Because TWV has been built on your suggestions since day one... It's time to ask again! Kindly, keep your suggestions constructive.

 Reponses:   There are 65 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

While The Photos Look Absolutely Beautiful On Black Backgrounds, I Would Change... Aug 30th. at 1:25:11 am EDT

Swiftpaw (Portland, Oregon US) Age: 16 - Email

While the photos look absolutely beautiful on black backgrounds, I would change as much of the site as possible over to the uniform template of this page, with the colors different for the different sections. It looks great on every page you've done it on, but there are a few more that could be changed over as well.

Navigation would be easier, the main page perhaps a little bit more condensed. The drop down menus are fantastic and very easy to use, but sometimes they're hard to find, and/or the links on the side of the page can lead into a tangled mess. I find myself typing your main address to get back to the main page.

However, in terms of content I can't complain about getting lost because the range of information is incredible. I do wish there was more of an open forum for Essay submissions, as there was in the beginning years. However, I do understand if you're swamped already with work, and I'm certainly not saying to accept every single essay. But if it's well written with a clear purpose and intent, a real *essay* relating to pagan teen issues (or pagan adult issues) instead of an off-the-cuff rant, then it deserves to be put up.

Other than that, I would keep it the same. Wren, your essay every week are fabulous and only help me to get myself outside more to experience life for myself. Keep those up, they are a true inspiration. I love how there is a perfect combination of personal issues/experiences and the business-like efficiency and design of the pages.

Well, I Have To Agree With The Majority That The Site Is... Aug 29th. at 11:24:37 pm EDT

Secular Pagan (Minneapolis, Minnesota US) Age: 37 - Email

Well, I have to agree with the majority that the site is already very well done, so any suggestions I have are in the nature of "tweaks" and aesthetic preferences, little details that I personally would like to see.

First, let me join the chorus of "get rid of the black background, " but with a caveat: I'd like to see the black text on white background become the standard style for TEXT-based pages (articles, essays, news, etc., including the weekly update and the splash page. Much, much easier on the eyes. However, I do like the aesthetic effect of a black background, and I would suggest using that for "special" pages, especially if they are primarily graphic-based. I love the suggestion of a photo archive (probably rotating, to keep the number of "active" photos reasonably small) and think that the beautiful, often colorful photos you feature on the home page each week look terrific set against black.

Though I wouldn't want you to feel you're "hiding" or "compromising" in any way, the suggestion from the person concerned about surfing at work without having the screen scream "WITCH!!! PAGAN!!! WICCAWICCAWICCA!!!" might be worth considering. I am fortunate to have a boss who probably couldn't care less if I read Pagan stuff, as long as the work's getting done, but I know that many people are not so fortunate. Then again, if I worked in a Pagan/Witch-unfriendly place like that, I probably wouldn't dare surf WitchVox at work. ;-) (People do realize that many workplaces track the URLs you surf, right? Caveat surfer.)

Navigation: I did figure it out, after a little time snooping around the site, but it probably could be made clearer. Have it a little more prominent on the main page, or a prominent "Site Map" link leading to such a page? The footer links on every page are terrific, but if there's a main place that says "here's where you can view the structure of this site" I haven't noticed it. That could be my fault, not yours, of course. ;-)

Oh, yeah...and about those "fluffy bunny" accusations... Hey, I'm a right mushy ol' granola-munching tree-hugger myself, so maybe it's just me, but frankly I *LOVE* the positive, life-affirming, nature-affirming tone of The Witches Voice. Living in the here and now with honed awareness is, to me, the heart of what it means to be Pagan. Wren, your recent essays about your early-morning communions with the animals near your home were some of the most spiritually-uplifting things I've ever read! Please keep up the good work, there. I also strongly appreciate the diversity and tolerance and even-keeled tone I find here, and the overall sense of courtesy and respect that I pick up from what you both write.

Oh -- one teeny thing I'd like to change or add: In the "Traditions" section, one requirement is that a tradition has to be "established" in order to qualify. Well, some of us Pagan types tend to run, not walk, from anything resembling "organized" religion, yet we follow a path that, supposing it was an original creation, proves to be independently developed/pursued by others. I would like to see a space made for sharing such "individual" or "non-organized" paths among Pagans, Wiccans, etc. Do you have room for a Very Eclectic nook in your "traditions" section?

And to anyone who wishes this site were a sort of how-to primer on witchcraft/magick, my answer would be the one commonly given in tales to young questors: No one can give you the answer; you have to discover it yourself.

That's my spin. Your mileage may vary. Thanks for listening.

Greetings Fritz And Wren,if I Had My Druthers Absolutely Nothing Would... Aug 29th. at 10:54:45 pm EDT

Scatha (Oregon, Wisconsin US) Age: 47 - Email

Greetings Fritz and Wren, If I had my druthers absolutely nothing would be changed!I surf in here at least once a day and I've yet to be disappointed with anything.You both do a superb job in keeping up an excellent site!Bright Blessings, Scatha.P.S.I am proud to be one of the sponsors for my state:)

I Would Drop The Black Background. I Used To Use It Alot... Aug 29th. at 7:55:55 pm EDT

Lori Dake (Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 27 - Email

I would drop the black background. I used to use it alot myself, so I'm not saying it don't look cool, but if every page were either white or beige/tan (better on the eyes) using dark ariel fonts, it would make *every* page a printer-friendly page :)

I would also add a community section where people can join in if they wanted to, but not make a login mandatory (you can read stuff, but you have to log in to comment). That way people could comment on Wren's Nest articles, send out community messages, etc. Also, where people post their ads: perhaps a hyperlink to a thumbnail picture - but have an on/off button for people who dont want to wait for pics to download. You wouldn't have to hog up space: just have people use a hyperlink to the image. Then it's their dime, not yours ;)

Another thing that you may want to consider is making the navigation just a little bit easier. I know I'm quite guilty of it too, but you just have so much good stuff, that it takes a few minutes to find everything!

Finally, I just wanted to say that I think you've done a helluva job here. While some people think it's a little too fluffy at times, I think it kinda has to be. I've found out for myself that pleasing everyone is impossible, so it's best to go with the majority, while maintaining a serious side... on the side :)

I Would Make The Site Easier To Navigate. I Love This Place... Aug 29th. at 9:54:48 am EDT

Blackbird (Richmond, Kentucky US) Age: 20 - Email

I would make the site easier to navigate. I love this place as it is but I often get lost due to the navigation.

Absolutely Nothing !!!! The Witches Voice And Their Entire Staff Are Better At... Aug 29th. at 9:18:23 am EDT

barbara vassar (palmetto, Florida US) Age: 53 - Email

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !!!! The Witches Voice and their entire staff are better at what they do than anything else I can find on the web. The news updates are great and completely unbiased, in my opinion, which is more than you can say for you local newspaper, (which I seldom read anyway). I also enjoy knowing that there are others out there that share my values and beliefs without reguard to what they might be. Thanks Witches Voice for all the services you provide. Airfawn

No More Black Pages With White Or Colored Text! It Kills My... Aug 29th. at 12:30:19 am EDT

Willow Polson (Groveland, California US) Age: 35 - Email

No more black pages with white or colored text! It kills my eyes! That's the #1 thing I would change. And maybe easier navigation? I know it's a very complex site, but often I have trouble finding things because the navigation is sometimes at the bottom, sometimes on the left border, sometimes in teeny type, sometimes called something different than what it is, etc... Thanks!

I Would Add A Message Board Or Two As Well As Possibly... Aug 29th. at 12:12:55 am EDT

Mike Bartlett (Calgary, Alberta CA) Age: 16 - Email

I would add a message board or two as well as possibly even a chat room. This would make the Vox more of a community than a newspaper type site that you check for updates every once in a while.

What Would I Change? Good Question....i Have A Simple Answer Nothing... Aug 28th. at 10:18:38 pm EDT

Shadowulfe (Oak Park, Illinois US) Age: 24 - Email

What would i change? Good Question....I have a simple answer Nothing At All! In my opinion is the most informative Pagan/Wiccan Site On the web and on that note i have only one thing to say...Congatulations on a job well done!

I Have Found Consistently That Twv Is One Of The Most Informative... Aug 28th. at 7:55:53 pm EDT

Rhea Foxfyre (St. Johns) Age: 16 - Email

...I have found consistently that TWV is one of the most informative, open, and to be honest, classy sites on the internet today. The content is accurate, there is no restriction of free speech, and all topics are of interest to a broad range of people. The pages are easy to navigate, and aside from the font size occasionally being a bit small, I can't think of anything in the formatting I'd change. It would be nice to see some kind of feature that helped draw the pagan community together; however I acknowledge that the very independence of this site and those who frequent it is what makes it so unique and special. Bravissima!

The Only Thing I Would Prob Change Is The Level Of Interactivity... Aug 28th. at 7:20:16 pm EDT

P.I Andreas VargaSon (Gwydi'Nah'Og in Southern Norrland(Northland), Sweden) Age: 17 - Email

The only thing I would prob change is the level of interactivity, and just focus a little less on American stuff ;) N more on like things that happen in EU(The European Union) or at least Northern Europe :) seince that's were I live :). There are not many European Pagan sites that offer the same level of things as TWV, and there prob won't be either seince we're on like a whole different other mental level(not as flashy as you guys*smile*), besides, there are much other things to work on IRL for pagans(the grownups) before one can get any peace, for instance, the rebuilding of Temples and stuff like that. But for the teen-side of N-Europe(or whatever) need pagan-stimuli when we're surf'n the net or while talking to friends. Don't know if it's due to the fact that noone from EU ever sends anything to use or that twv is American(at least the Xians over there seem a bit hateful(not at twv!)) :) :)
yup!, thats what i think if anyone cares... now I'm of to eat a VeggieBurger!

/Mist of Avalon Coven/P.I Andreas VargaSon(icq:30731544, Lunarstorm.Se:CyberWitch)

First Of All, There Wouldn't Be Any Changes, Just Some Additions. This... Aug 28th. at 4:37:12 pm EDT

Stephanie B (Decatur, Illinois US) Age: 23 - Email

First of all, there wouldn't be any changes, just some additions. This was one of the best sites I fell into :) I am a solitary in Central Illinois and it is awfully lonely out here (especially as a solitary). The world can be a very scary place when youre doing it on your own. I use TWV constantly to keep tabs on whats going on, listen to the rants, raves and songs. It feels like home here and it gives me info on things going around in my state so I can go and feel connected with other witches/pagans. I know there is an essay section but how about an article section that features practioners from around the country? To have an article listed on the "main page" as I call it. I know myself I would love to be able to write some of the great articles like Peg, Wren, and the rest of the staff at TWV. I want to hear from other solitaries as well as groups and what problems they face, I want to find out whats going on in my area and find out how things are in other communities. You guys do a wonderful job here. The site rocks! Like I said i visit it a LOT. Its kinda routine, eat breakfast, check my email, hit the site, etc. Almost second nature. Keep up the great work.

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