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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 14 - 11/6/2000

The Unresolved US Election

Did YOU vote? Which candidate did you vote for? How do you feel about the political wrangling going on right now in Florida? Will/Should either candidate concede for the good of the country-or should either/both fight it out until we all scream for mercy? How do you think either candidate, if declared the winner, will be able to bring the country together given the inference that the election results now point to an America that is almost equally divided into one camp or the other? And the BIG question-What, if any, impact will the final results have on the Pagan communities?

 Reponses:   There are 263 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

I Feel That When George Bush Claimed He Would Have Less Government... Nov 9th. at 9:13:50 pm UTC

Silver DarkSky (Bozeman, Montana US) Age: 0 - Email

I feel that when George Bush claimed he would have less government I had to vote for Al Gore. I was going to anyway because of his enviromental leanings. To have less government is to have less protection for minority people, disabled, gay, lesbians and pagans. We still need protection.

I put up a prediction on my web site on Monday and every hour that passes my reading makes more sense.

Blessed Be!

Yes I Voted. I Voted For Al Gore. From What I Have... Nov 9th. at 9:12:46 pm UTC

Maginum Spiritwolf (Murfreesboro, Tennessee US) Age: 34 - Email

Yes I voted. I voted for Al Gore.

From what I have seen, if George Bush is elected, we can all expect something close to the burning times to return. Bush has said that Wicca is not a religion and if he gets his supreme court justices I am afraid that there will be a case come up and his justices will rule in favour of Christian based religion. I was totally shocked when Bush got West Virgina and Ohio. I had thought they would go for Gore. I also feel if Ralph Nader had fled the country that Gore would had won and we would not be having this mess tonight.

I am very afraid for the future. It feels like that if George Bush wins, by the time he is out of office, the only ones with special rights will be the Christians. Those who say the election will not effect anything are just wrong. Listen to the 700 club or Focus on the Family. They have already lit the bon fires for the new burning times. I have overheard christians say "We are in control now and anyone not a christian had better watch out or had better plan on moving to another country" Others have said that they would make the nation similar to Iran, a Fundamentalist Republic only based on Christianity.

Now I hear that George Bush is going to retaliate if Gore ask for a recount in florida he will ask for one in Oregon, Wisconsin and Iowa.

I am not meaning to create negative energy. I am trying to sound a warning. However know this. We do have an outlet. If the worst were to happen, in 2002, We can vote all the Republicans out of the congress and elect people who truely represent United States and not just the Christian Fundamentalist Right.

You're Darn Right I Voted, And I Voted For Gore! I Raced... Nov 9th. at 9:05:15 pm UTC

Dottye Anderson (New Port Witchey (Richey), Florida US) Age: 44 - Email

You're darn right I voted, and I voted for Gore! I raced home to Pasco County, Fl from my job in Pinellas County, FL, a distance of over 50 miles in rush-hour traffic, and made it to the polls on time. The voting in Florida is a travesty- roadblocks for minority voters in the Panhandle, bad ballots in Palm Beach county- sounds like more Bush crookery! We should vote again in Florida, and the National Guard should be brought in to ensure that everybody gets a chance to vote, regardless of race. Also, churches should not be used as polling places- separation of Church and State. Gore is our hope for preservation of our religious rights. Bush wants to destroy us. Bush will not succeed in destroying us! May the Gods preserve the Craft!

Of Course I Voted! I Voted For Gore, And My Husband Voted... Nov 9th. at 9:02:44 pm UTC

Ann White (Laurel, Maryland US) Age: 35 - Email

Of course I voted! I voted for Gore, and my husband voted for Nader. We're
in Maryland, which is heavily Democratic. I think that, to paraphrase
Shakespeare, "something's rotten in the State of Florida." I also find it
very suspicious that the media is saying that the turnout was low. I
waited about 45 minutes in line, and I've heard reports of waits of over
2 hours to vote!

As Pagans, we all need to remember that words are power. The outcome of
this election hasn't been decided yet, and probably will be decided in the
courts. Remember that whatever is said is put out into the Universe. So,
keep thinking, acting, and speaking POSITIVELY. (But we'd better have a
backup plan just in case.)

Oh, Yes, I Voted. I Also Prayed And Lit Candles On The... Nov 9th. at 8:54:20 pm UTC

Byron Ballard (Asheville, North Carolina US) Age: 44

Oh, yes, I voted. I also prayed and lit candles on the altar and spent time calling all the Pagans I knew to get out the Pagan vote. What's happening is fascinating and intensely frustrating but I love watching the machinery of government. I am a Gore supporter because I believe he has some concern for the state of the global environment and he's a very hard worker. I don't think he's charismatic in the least and I happen to like that in a leader. I doubt that either will concede until there is no hope left. I think Bush is dangerous because he's not very bright (aside from his obvious opinion of my spiritual path) and I'm concerned about his connections to the Religious Right and the US oil lobby. The Pagan movement is a juggernaut worldwide. Election of a Pagan-hostile President might slow the movement somewhat and make our positions as Pagan Americans more problematical (especially for Pagans in the military). But this movement will not be stopped by anyone. Certainly not Bush. Now, if we could just do something about Chainsaw Charles Taylor...

Of Course I Voted. This Election Was One Of The Most Important... Nov 9th. at 8:51:34 pm UTC

SilverPangaia (Arvada, Colorado US) Age: 20 - Email

Of course I voted. This election was one of the most important in history because our vote actually counted. Often the margin of difference between the canidates are so large that people don't feel they made a difference by voting. We definitely can't say it didn't count this time.I voted for Gore, because although I didn't particulary care for either canidate, Gore as publically said he support freedom of religion and freedom of choice. However I don't think that the pagan community at this time will be impacted all that much. The voters sent a clear messae that they don't really think one canidate is better than the other. Whoever wins will spend the next four years trying just to get the basics passed through a congress that is almost divided down the middle. I don't think any real radical measures will get through.

Let Me Start By Saying That What We Are Seeing In This... Nov 9th. at 8:50:30 pm UTC

J Kerr (Atlanta, Georgia US) Age: 30 - Email

Let me start by saying that what we are seeing in this election is a travesty.
My wife and I voted for Gore because this country needs a real leader. One who understands that America is governed by a Constitution and Bill of RIGHTS and not a Christian agenda. Even as we voted in Atlanta, we both witnessed injustice at the polls. A black woman robbed of her driver's licence by a poll worker so she couldn't ID herself to vote. A young WHITE woman told at three other sites that they were either closed or out of ballots. Our voting site was her last stop. We never saw her vote. She was probably turned away at the tables. I heard poll workers joking about locking people out. In a house of God, even. We voted at a church. I guess they thought that their God had stepped out for coffee, or something. I wasn't amused. I'm still not sure if I even voted for Gore at all. My ballot has the #4 hole punched out when I checked it at the box. #4 was Buchannan. I had better of gotten Gore! Even my wife found problems with her ballot being way to confusing, and neither of us are idiots. She is a Wiccan, like you all. I support her in this and would be ready at a drop to fight for her freedom in a heartbeat. And it seems like I'll have too here soon. The republican cheated. How much evidence does America need?
Why else would they want the electoral college vote to stand over the word of the people? A victory by cheating isn't a victory at all. If GW Bush were a noble man, he would personally bide by the wishes of ALL of the people and let the Floridian re-vote. The democrats want it, not as politcians but BECAUSE it is DEMOCRATIC! We the people run this country (Wiccans are people too, Governor), the republicans are living up to their name. They don't think so.
History once put a man named Hitler into power and the people said "Hey, this is a charasmatic guy we can all follow. I like his style!".
Read your history. Freedom IS pro-choice. Freedom is to believe in whatever Gods or Goddesses you choose. Freedom is to have your voice heard in he vote.
The republicans are not for freedom.

I Voted For Gore/lieberman; Although In My Neck Of The Woods... Nov 9th. at 8:48:14 pm UTC

Anne Niven (Point Arena, California US) Age: 41 - Email

I voted for Gore/Lieberman; although in my neck of the woods any vote *except*
for Nader was considered quite retro. Nader, to me, seemed to be sadly trading
his role as a crusader for that of a demogogue, and didn't help anyone.

Bush is a boob, and a corporate boob at that. But what with Congress being
locked in knots and the illegitimacy of the election, nobody is gonna get
anything done for 4 years anyway.

Sigh. That will show us for holding an election on the very day of a
Mercury Retrograde change!

Well Another Election Year Has Gone By, And Yet Again I Am... Nov 9th. at 8:47:46 pm UTC

Kerri (Windsor, Ontario CA) Age: 18 - Email

Well another election year has gone by, and yet again I am convinced of the utter impossibility of the American electoral process. Now, I don't mean this as an insult to Americans, some of my best friends are American, I simply feel that the electoral process is quite, to put it mildly, silly.

Let's start of with the campaign. An entire year is crazy, it's much too long, it just drags things out. And the mudslinging, my goodness, is it utterly impossible for there to be an election without candidates insulting eachother every minute?

Secondly, the voting process doesn't work very well, as we can see from the indisicion we are currently seeing. It would make much more sense to simply count all the votes and get it over with, but no, that would be too easy.

As for this year's candidates, that's a hard choice, Tweedle-Dee, or Tweedle-Dumb. One the one hand we have a guy who thinks he invented the internet, and on the other hand we have a guy who in his book wrote that he hoped Quebec would separate from canada so that the United States could annex the great white north, leaving Quebec by itself. Yeah, real smart, make war on the most peaceful country in the world.

All I can say is that I understand completely why most Americans don't make the effort to vote, with a situation like this who would brave the incomprehendability of the whole process?

Yes I Voted. I Don't Think My Vote For Nader Was A... Nov 9th. at 8:44:10 pm UTC

Starlite (Olympia, Washington US) Age: 27

Yes I voted. I don't think my vote for Nader was a wasted vote. Although the race is still very tight I believe the issues the green party represents are not views that can be labled wasted. I don't think I would of punched any box if I had to choose between Gore and Bush. I honestly think that in ten years from now when all the truth about Florida comes out there will be one candidate whose views got a lot of attention. Nader. Democarats will have to reexamine their stands on many issues labled green isssues by 2004. I think it is an incredible time to be an American WHO VOTED because I feel that a lot of change is going to happen. We all have our views. No one can say who is right or wrong. But maybe one thing is true. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!! And this is a great time to let all your views be known....

I Didn't Vote. Not Old Enough. Missed It By One Month. Really... Nov 9th. at 8:42:39 pm UTC

WindSong (Los Alamos, New Mexico US) Age: 17 - Email

I didn't vote. Not old enough. Missed it by one month. Really mad. I think something was really off kilter in Florida. We need to do it over. It is really screwed up that we're divided into these two parties, but as long as we have an electoral college we will never have a third party president. That's why those votes are wasted. We don't need to work on the Democrat and Republican parties, we need to get rid of the E. C. It is outdated and unconstitutional. How can a president truly represent the American people if he can win an election without the popular vote. That is really messed up. This country is going downhill fast. We need a party that knows how to compromise in our best interests without breaking the Constitution. I'm really worried about our First Amendment rights if Bush wins. I wouldn't mind so much about him if it weren't for the openings in the Supreme Court. However, I heard that some justices have decided they won't retire if he does win. We can only wish them good health.

May the Bright Lady watch over us. We need it.

Blessed Be.

I Voted For Bush Which Was A Huge Upset To Most Of... Nov 9th. at 8:25:10 pm UTC

Starie (Thousand Oaks, California US) Age: 20 - Email

I voted for Bush which was a huge upset to most of my friends and co-workers, who are largely Gore suporters. I was very upset by the way both canidates treated my age group. True, we don't usually vote in large groups, but wouldn't it be an asset to have us on your side if you so decided to turn out in masses?

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