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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 59 - 9/11/2001

911 America: Talking Through The Terror...

Talking Through The Terror... And helping each other cope with the tragedies that struck at the very heart of the United States. The Witches Voice has opened up this forum in order that Pagans may express their thoughts on the terrorist attacks that took place in NYC and DC on September 11th. As the full realization of what happened and the toll numbers begin to come in, Americans have many challenges ahead.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? How are you feeling? Feel free to post any magickal workings or other support gatherings planned in your area.

WebNote 9/16/2001: Since we launched this on 911 this forum as become laced with powerful inspiration and critical information, feel free to use the search functions on your left to better define the info you are looking for. Search for your area, famous Pagans, key words etc. Also check Wren's Nest News for the latest news related to our community.

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Brightest Blessing In The Darkest Of Times. Where Is The Lesson The... Sep 15th. at 12:15:27 am UTC

Ceridwen (Hattiesburg, Mississippi US) Age: 37

Brightest Blessing in the Darkest of times. Where is the lesson the Goddess has set before us, I wonder. I think all of us wish we might awake to find this only a nightmare and that everything is the same as it was before. No more. So we place one foot in front of the other and try to return to some semblance of our normal lives. I think we all on some level resist this transmutation of our national soul, the comfort we seemed to have. I find myself seeking routine to dull the pain I feel.We react to the moment with anger, sadness and a sense of perhaps powerlessness. All we can do is open ourselves to the lesson. One thing becomes another in the Mother.What shall we make this moment become? Will I give myself over to the rage and desolation? Will I strive to open my self in defiance of the fear and doubt that seems to have dimmed the light? This I do know: As within, so without. What I find the strength to choose defines me as my Mother's shall I honor Her?
Goddess, grant us all the insight and wisdom to choose wisely and well for ourselves and this Earth we serve in Your Name.

My Thoughts Go Out To All During This Time Of Great Sorrow... Sep 15th. at 12:12:09 am UTC

Silver Moon (Maple Valley, Washington US) Age: 25 - Email

My thoughts go out to all during this time of great sorrow. I am many miles from where the terrorists attacks were located and yet at the same time i feel so close. I send my energy to those still trapped in the rubble and those in hospital beds. My thoughts drift to all those families that have been ripped to shreds.

The terrorists acts said nothing. Only that they were heartless to effect so many people with tragedy.

It is my hope that our country pulls together to help one another. and that we do not blame those americans with similar ethnicity and religious beliefs as if they are a terrorists. it is my hope that the country will not react to this violence with more violence. the terrorists should be punched, but not at the cost of more innocent lives.

Love will make it easier to go on. We must remember that when our hearts go from sorrow to amger. help one another to heal and send your thoughts and energy to those who need it most. We will grow stronger and we shall remain united!

It Has Taken A Few Days For Me To Post My Feelings... Sep 15th. at 12:11:56 am UTC

Lynn Salisbury (Kyriea) (Brooklyn Park, Minnesota US) Age: 0 - Email

It has taken a few days for me to post my feelings on the events of this last week. Part of it is because I was still in the dis-believing mode. How can this be happening on American soil and in this day and age? What have we come to in this world that life is thought of as just a commodity, a casualty, a number?

Well, my life was put into perspective quite quickly on Wednesday. I am 7 1/2 months pregnant. Due late November. I was picking up my 9 year old from daycare at around 5pm and to make a long explaination short was in a very serious car accident. All 3 of us are fine, me, daughter and unborn child.

Thank the Goddess.

The last few days for us have been recoup and recover. But one thing that I was having a problem coping with about Tuesday was even though I know the universe has it's reasons for everything, what was the purpose of Tuesday's horrendous tragedy? What could the lives of thousands taken in such a horrible way possibly mean in the greater scheme of things? Why do some have to die in such a way to make the universe balance?

Wednesday's events in my life didn't give me the reason for the greatest tragedy man has ever inflicted on another but it did give me my solid faith back.

Events have a reason. We may never know fully what the reason is, or understand it if we knew, but in the greater scheme of the universe this makes sense. Don't ask me how, I do not know, but I have the faith that it will work out.

Faith manages.

Those who have caused such a devistating blow to humanity WILL be held accountable. I have faith in that. It will not be at my hand. It may be that the hand of the world will work that magick. Maybe it will be something that we as humans on this planet never do or see. But they WILL be held accountable.

Maybe this is the begining of a unified world where peace, harmony, love and acceptance becomes the norm. Look at the unity it has started! It may be small and in a few months all but forgotten but the proof is there that it CAN happen. It is a start. Should thousands more have to die for that to happen? Goddess I hope not! But if world unity and a start to world peace does come from this greatest of tragedies then the lives of those lost will not be in vain. Hopefully the leaders of the world will see it that way, even if to a small degree. To me that would be the greatest legacy that those who died in this horrible display of arrogance and selfishness could leave us and the children of the future.

A world at peace.

Tuesday I realized how easy life could be taken and Wednesday I realized first hand how easily life could be spared. I will be bringing a new life into the world very shortly and maybe, just maybe, this world will be a better place for him/her. I can only hope and pray that Tuesday becomes a start of something very great and profound. That life here on Earth will start to be treated on all levels how it should be, with reverence and love. And I will be sure to pass on to my children the signifigance of Sept 11, 2001. That on that day many innocent people lost their lives in a very tragic way, but it hopefully will usher in a new age of man. A better age of man. An enlightened age of man.

Hopefully the lives lost will not be forgotten, lest we are doomed over and over again to live the same mistakes until we have no one left to make them. This, I believe is our turning point. Our great fork in the road. Our huge chance to wake up and realize that on one side of the road we have the same old self distructing lifestyles of hate and intolerance but on the other side we have love, tolerance, peace and harmony.

This is our chance. It may be our last one. Let's not forget the fallen. Let's make their sacrifice of this lifetime worth the true sacrifice it is.

To all those in this world I bless you with the love of the Goddess and God. I bless you with whatever God(s) you pray to and for those who do not believe in a God I bless you with life and good health. Please take the time to turn to a loved one and say I LOVE YOU. Turn to an enemy and say I FORGIVE YOU. Call a friend you haven't spoken to in a while and just say hi. Smell the flowers. Enjoy the rain. Hug your children and slow down a bit. Enjoy the drive. Take the time in stop and go rush hour traffic to contimplate life. Don't be in such a hurry to get where you are going. Time is precious and even though the universe has all the time in the world, you don't in this lifetime. Nor do those you know. You can't take money and possessions with you when you go but you can leave those you love a bit of you and your time. It is worth more than gold. Patch up a friendship gone bad. Smile at a stranger. Help someone in need. They may be catch phrases quoted many times over in many different ways but they wouldn't be quoted so many times if they didn't have a ring of truth. Be good to each other.

I think I have made a point in all my ramblings here tonight. I know I am thankful for all the precious gifts I have. My daughter, my unborn child, a great and loving boyfriend, family and friends who love me and support me. And even strangers like yourself who take the time to listen to me.

Blessings love and peace to you all now and forever.

I Want To Say That My Prayers Are With All Those Who... Sep 15th. at 12:10:37 am UTC

Jessica (tacoma, Washington US) Age: 18 - Email

I want to say that my prayers are with all those who and to be in this whole thing. and i also want to say my prayer are also to the children who have lost their parants do to some one eles actions.

Greetings To Witchvox. Just A Few Thoughts On What The World Has... Sep 14th. at 11:52:09 pm UTC

Robbi Schaffner (Pleasantville, Pennsylvania US) Age: 42 - Email

Greetings to Witchvox. Just a few thoughts on what the world has been through this week.
There have been so many images indelibly etched in peoples minds, a cloud of smoke pouring from an American dream, pictures of those who are missing or gone, clutched in the hands of frantic families, whose lives were forever changed in a twenty minute span of time. To say that the world, not just the United States will remember is the height of understatement. We will remember, far beyond anything that any one of us will say or do, so this, is for my own peace, my way of grieving I suppose for the pain of a nation. Our lost innocence, and our torn dreams.
I also come with a plea.
We've been shaken to our core, been touched by hatred such as most of us cannot imagine the depths of, dealt by someone who does not know us.
Please please, don't permit that hatred to become a contagion.
Those who are of Arab descent, of Muslim faith, were in most cases born here, or immigrated here because they love the country, love the people, and for the most part, love the life they lead here.
In the name of whatever God or Goddess holds your hearts, permit them peace and light in their own land.
Wiccans understand hatred and condemnation, we know pain.
When I embraced my Goddess, and held my first circle, I was excited, thrilled to the core to be a part of the Earth, and the universe around me.
My life partner, who is Christian, turned away, told me in a voice that dripped with ice, that he was leaving, and would return when I was finished, since this was not his idea of a faith.
I understand pain, because of faith.
I understand it enough to never permit it to touch those around me, to see them feel pain I've felt, or cry tears I've had to cry.
Muslims, no matter their race, are entitled to their faith.
It is our duty to permit, defend and encourage that freedom
Freedom of religion means freedom for ALL religions.
Those we practice, and those we do not practice.
There is evil around us, but it is not in a race, or a faith. It is in a man or woman, in an act or a deed, which is not confined to a path or country.
I offer my support, and that of Wintergrove to those Arabs and Muslims who are American by birth or choice. I offer a hand in friendship, and a belief in the goodness inherent in the American people that they will do the same.
It is not Muslim, or Arab, or Iraqian that we should decry.
It is evil, bigotry, and hatred on all avenues.
Remember this please, and print it as indelibly in your minds as the images of the towers burning.
Harsh words, words of predjudice, whether from African to Caucasian, American to Arabian, Christian to Wiccan, Druid to Muslim, or one Wiccan tradition to the solitary, is ALL bigotry..
It is always wrong, and it is ALWAYS ugly.

In service to the light.

Personal Statement From The Wns News Director:the Westwicke Center, Los Angeles... Sep 14th. at 11:48:38 pm UTC

Rev. J. Howard, H.P./ News Director of The Westwicke Center (Los Angeles, California US) Age: 50 - Email

Personal Statement from the WNS News Director:
The Westwicke Center, Los Angeles, CA. USA

Greetings Fellow Americans, and Hello to Our Friends from Around the World.

The Staff of The Westwicke Center and WNS News Service extend our Thoughts and Prayers to the Victims of Tuesday's Tragedy and to their Families, Friends and Co-Workers.

We also extend our Thoughts, Prayers, Gratitiude and Support to the Rescue and Relief Personnel and Volunteers, to Our Men and Women in the Armed Forces, to Our Leaders in Washington and to the Leaders and People of the World who have come to our aid and support. We thank you all.

It is with a heavy heart that I write these words. Dark Times have befallen Our Great Nation. Unimaginable, horrific events have occured. Violence and Catastrophe greater than this Nation has ever seen has been visited upon us. The Terrorists have struck not only physical targets, but they have struck against the very soul of our People. These acts of war against the United States and our People were designed to crumble our society, to extinguish our Light of Freedom, and to throw us into chaos. But those Terrorist Organizations who perpetrated this Vile, Cowardly Attack and the Monsters who support them have utterly and miserably Failed in their attempt.

In response to this heinous act of war, I have witnessed the people of New York City, Washington D.C., and the Nation band together in an unprecedented way. I have seen people of all races, creeds and colors working side by side digging non-stop for survivors of the disaster. I have seen relief workers and volunteers from every walk of life doing what they can for the survivors and their families, I have seen bravery and self-sacrifice beyond belief. Neighborhoods, Towns and Cities across America (and even the World) rallying support of donations of blood, money, manpower and supplies for the relief effort. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists. Pagans and people of myriad other Faiths united in Candlelight Peace Vigils and Memorials. Men, Women, Children, Old and Young, Straight, Gay and Bisexual, Friends and former Foes united in a Common Front of Solidarity. Truly, my Friends, the Symbols of Peace, Freedom and Democracy still stand, and the Light of Truth, Justice and Freedom will forever shine strong amongst our People.

As for those of you who are rallying hate and prejudice within our Nation, we implore you to STOP! You know who you are, and I am not going to stoop to your level by naming names, but you should be ashamed of yourself !! People need Unity and Leadership, not hate-mongering. This is not a time to be divided. For even the Christian Bible states, "A House Divided against itself cannot stand". This is a rare opportunity for us to move forward and get beyond our petty grievances and disagreements for the common good of Our Fellow Americans and the Entire World. We do not need another "witch-hunt". We need to be focusing on what we can do to help. We need to be sending our Prayers and energy to the Leaders of this Great Nation, so they may be wise and just in their decision making. And we, as Americans must unite against this foe of International Terrorism and call for its' Eradication. For Terrorism is a Cancer to the World, and it Must be utterly Cut Out and Disposed of, otherwise - the Terrorists will have achieved their goal. "Divide and Conquer" is their motto, and that is what they are trying to do to us. We must not let this happen.

To those of you visiting The Westwicke Center website, I apologize for the incompleteness and disarray. We were not scheduled to launch until next month and we are still currently under construction. We are a small website run by a small group of individuals - mostly volunteers. The Westwicke Center is a Pagan Organization dedicated to Education, Public-Awareness, Spiritual Study and Practice. Even though we are Pagan, we respect all other faiths and creeds as long as they harm none, and all are Welcome Here at our website.

Due to the recent events our WNS Newsroom has gained priority status, however, we are operating on a skeleton crew. Most of our volunteers are with their families during this time. We are currently monitoring hundreds of news feeds from around the Globe 24 hours a day. Some of us haven't slept for days, some of us have been living on coffee. I will endeavor to keep the news pages as current as possible, but I need some sleep too.

Currently The Westwicke Center has established a National Emergency Information & Resources Center webpage designed to be a clearinghouse for all pertinent contact information and relief efforts information. We are also monitoring news events and posting relevant news stories, bulletins, updates and alerts in the WNS News Service Site.
We are also seeking your news if you were there when it happened, please submit your news story to us.

In addition to the news-related items, we are responding to the need for people to express their feelings and thoughts by providing Discussion Forums, Message Boards, Polls, and a Memorial for the Innocent Victims of this Tragedy.

We at The Westwicke Center and WNS News pledge our full support and facilities to the efforts of the Rescue and Relief workers, our Nation's Leaders in Washington, our Armed Forces and we are willing to aid in the hunt for those responsible for this Mass Murder of our fellow Americans. We are a small organization, but we will do what we can to be of service.

We encourage members of the Pagan community to continue in their vigils of peace, and to continue the outpouring of love, compassion and sympathy for the victims and their families. Let us all work together to build a brighter and safer tomorrow for America and the World.


I have spent nearly half my life as a Pagan Warrior and Guardian. I am a Gay man and I Love my Life-Partner with all my heart, but I am also a proud Father and Grandfather. I currently serve as News Director for WNS News Service of The Westwicke Center and I am a Wiccan High Priest of 20 years and a Reverend of the Universal Life Church.

But most of all....I am a Proud American!

May America Be Blessed.

With Love and Light during a time of darkness,

Rev. James Howard, H.P.
WNS News Director

The Westwicke Center
Los Angeles, CA. USA
14 Sept. 2001

Web Addresses:

The Westwicke Center - (Soon to be

Emergency Information & Resources Center -

WNS News Service -

My Condolences To Those Of You In The United States, I Hope... Sep 14th. at 11:38:35 pm UTC

Aeryn (Tempest Creek, The Northern Territory AU) Age: 20

My condolences to those of you in the United States, I hope your family and friends are safe. My perception from here is that the US public is baying for blood and that there will be a severe retaliation. But I hope cool heads prevail. The perpetrators should be punished but don't get sucked in by media propaganda. To escape the cycle of violence the US needs to look closely at it's foreign policy in the Middle East, so they can understand why there is such hatred. The coin is never one-sided.

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he
does not become a monster. For when you look into an abyss, the abyss
also looks into you." -- Nietzsche

My Heart Goes Out To All That Have Sacrificed And Suffered Through... Sep 14th. at 11:36:31 pm UTC

Meridian (Worcester , Massachusetts US) Age: 19

My heart goes out to all that have sacrificed and suffered through this whole ordeal. I will pray for you.

I will also thank the Goddess that we have President Bush to finally do something about these terrorist attacks. Terrorists have plagued us for years and years and been met with only token attempts to deal with them by President Clinton. If Gore had been elected, our response would be sanctions and destroying empty asprin factories. Did Clinton really think that countries that throw acid on women for showing their faces in public would care about sanctions against their people or attacks against us? We must hit military targets in the countries (such as Afghanistan) that have been funding and supporting and sheltering these hate groups. According to the Economist, 70% of the world's opium production takes place in Afghanistan. They send drugs to our country to exploit the less fortunate members of our society, then turn around and use that drug money to murder our innocent civilians. We need to come together, and support action against terrorism around the globe. I will be lighting candles tonight for the strength and wisdom of our world leaders, in the hopes they might come together to and try and put an end to this.

This Is An Anonymous Letter That Points Out Many Good Points And... Sep 14th. at 11:14:55 pm UTC

A muslim in the US (Not Stated) Age: 50

This is an anonymous letter that points out many good points and misconceptions we may all be experiencing. I thought this was informative... and will clear up any misunderstandings. I trust it helps - Don Waterhawk (Ft Meyers, Florida)

I am a muslim and I live in the US. I was born and raised in Canada with

Indian background. I feel I need to help clear up what is true and what is

not true with regards to Islam. Islam is a religion and a person practicing

Islam is a muslim. There are five basics pillars of islam that any muslim

should follow. All the guidance of what muslims should do is in the holy

book called the Qu'ran or "Koran". Unfortunately, it seems that Bin Laden and others have taken religion as a vehicle to project their political hatred and motives. What he is doing, has nothing to do with Islam at all. Islam teaches people to be loving, peace giving, god fearing people. It teaches us to live with diversity, other religions, and humility. All the things that bin laden has said in the interviews and has done in the past are not words from the qu'ran but his words. And unfortunately the media and lack of real knowledge has blurred what is true and what is not.

The statement by binladen that non-muslims cannot live in a muslim country is false - 100% false. India was ruled by muslims for 900 years, christians, muslims and hindus lived happily together. Same in palestine, before the partition, arab jews and arab muslims lived together for hundreds of years in peace. The main reasons for hatred and fighting the past 50 years was due more to political landscape than religion. Unfortunately, religion is a powerful tool that gets people motivated and people in power have used it as the lauch pad for fighting. Another item that binladen keeps talking about is Jihad or holy war. There is discussion of Jihad in the Qu'ran and when and why it is appropriate. It

is never an offensive tactic. Jihad is only permitted when a muslim is being oppressed to practice their religion. Only real examples where Jihad may have been appropriate in recent years would be the Bosnian war where Bosnian muslims were being executed strictly based on their religion. But by no means, can a muslim country attack another country (muslim or not) as an act of Jihad. That is incorrect, the basics of islam are similar to christianity. Believe in one god. In arabic the word god is Allah. The god is the same between all three religions. jews, muslims and christians pray to the same god. That is very important to understand. But a true muslim is humble, not greedy, not arrogant and never shows jealousy. Tolerance, helping neighbours of any race, creed, or religion is the first thing. One of the five pillars of islam is to give to the poor. It's required, not a choice. As any religion or race, there are a small group of radicals that take any religion and bend it for their convenience. This seems to be the case with bin laden, saddam hussein, and others who have killed humans for their gain. None of these people will go to heaven as they believe they will. Jihad is not valid here nor does is it say to kill innocent children, parents, and siblings. Jihad only allows fighting among soliders, not civilians. Unfortunately these people are misled and doing very evil things that they will be punished for it.

I'll stop rambling here..I hope this helps you guys get a better understand

of what is going on. Just remember, Arab is a race..there are Arab Christians, Arab Jews and Arab muslims. At the moment radical arab muslims are causing trouble and doing things that are absolutely not tolerated in Islam at all. I hope these groups are stopped and removed.

I was in NYC yesterday and I was there when it happened. I saw the second plane slam into the WTC 2. It was an experience I wish I had not witnessed. But we need to grow strong and not stereotype.

best regards,

I Have Just Heard That At 11 Pm (central Kansas Time) Witches... Sep 14th. at 11:09:02 pm UTC

Ivy (Hutchinson, Kansas US) Age: 26 - Email

I have just heard that at 11 pm (central Kansas time) Witches here (and the others we know across the country and elsewhere) are lighting candles in memory and in hopes that this carnage and dispair will be over soon. I can only hope that the Gods and Goddesses will hear us and feel as we do. It is a start.
I took a few moments at work to pray on the day of the attacks. It was the start of what I could do. There is also a few of us witches that are going to start training with the Red Cross to be prepared to be able to help, if help is needed again. It is a small part in the big picture. I am glad that this page is available and that I am not alone in wanting to use my beliefs to try to help.

Robertson Defends Falwell's Remarkstoday At 10:34:29 Pm (est)title... Sep 14th. at 11:05:39 pm UTC

The Washington Post (Washington, District of Columbia US) Age: 1 - Email

Robertson Defends Falwell's Remarks
Today at 10:34:29 PM (EST)
Author: Chris Kahn, Associated Press
Source: The Washington Post
Article# 3415

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson on Friday defended comments the Rev. Jerry Falwell made in an interview with Robertson that groups which "tried to secularize America" were partly to blame for the terrorist attacks.

"In no way has any guest on my program suggested that anyone other than the Middle East terrorists were responsible for the tragic events that took place on Tuesday, " Robertson said in a written statement.

Falwell, a Baptist minister and chancellor of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., said Thursday on Robertson's religious TV program "The 700 Club" that he blames the attacks on pagans, abortionists, feminists, homosexuals, the American Civil Liberties Union and the People for the American Way.

Robertson was among conservative religious figures who backed President Bush in last year's election. A White House official called the remarks "inappropriate" and added, "the president does not share those views."

Full Article...

In Newmarket, Most Area Witches Are Being Asked To Light A Candle... Sep 14th. at 10:43:19 pm UTC

Jen (Newmarket, Ontario CA) Age: 19 - Email

In Newmarket, most area witches are being asked to light a candle per night for one week since the day of the tragedy. I don't care if it's a big candle or a little candle, or seven different candles. I just want people to take a moment to reflect on what's happened and what the reprecussions are going to be in the weeks and months to come.

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