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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 73 - 12/31/2001

Do You Believe in Faeries?

Faeries, the Good Folk, the Sidhe and many more Otherworld beings of this type populate the folklore and tales of the world. So such beings exist? Did they ever? Are they an archetype, a memory of a long-lost people or simply that thing that we catch out of the corner of our eye? Have you ever had a Fae Encounter? Tell us your favorite 'faery tale' and point us to it if the source is on the net. And don't forget your pixie dust.

 Reponses:   There are 44 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

For My Initiation, I Went West To Spend The Week With My... Dec 24th. at 10:36:13 am EST

RuneWolf (Reston, Virginia US) Age: 43 - Email

For my initiation, I went West to spend the week with my teacher and his partner at their new home. As dusk drew down on the day I arrived, my teacher said "Come - I want to show you something."

We went about half-way down the steep slope that bordered their front yard, to where a stand of trees began. There stood a low outcropping of whiteish rock, about 9 or 10 feet in diameter. The rock was cleft in the middle, the notch forming a rough V.

"What do you feel?" my teacher asked. I grounded, centered and opened myself. At first I was startled, and I had to move around the rock to convince myself that what I was feeling wasn't just imagination.

"Its open!" I said at last, looking wide-eyed at my teacher. "There's an opening on this side, but not on the other." My teacher, grinning like a fool, just nodded and laughed.

Later that night, as the Moon rose, I went and sat before that Doorway. The rising Moon was framed exactly in the V of the notched stone. As I sat, and opened myself again, I could hear, albeit distantly, the sound of horns...

Yes, I belive in the Aes Sidhe, the Fair Folk. They exist as surely as you or I, though they dwell, for the most part, in a different World, a different Reality. If you have any doubt, find a Doorway yourself, and listen there for the sound of their horns. Once you have heard that sound, you will doubt no more.

For Me There Is Little Question. The Day I Stop Believing In... Dec 24th. at 3:05:03 am EST

Tanais (Auburn, Washington US) Age: 21

For me there is little question. The day I stop believing in the mystical, unexplained, and downright weird is the day I hang up my flying broomstick for good. I may never have had the honor of seeing the otherworld (or so I may remember) but I still believe. Faith is knowing something as fact without proof. Witches are supposed to believe in magic as a real tool to understanding ourselves and our realities. That requires a leap of faith and who is to say what the gods choose to give power to and create? Every day I hear about how there are species of bird or fish we haven't discovered yet so why not Faeries? The only thing I know for sure is my world would be a lot more boring if I stopped believing.

PS my favorite faery tale is still Cinderella. It's nice seeing the good-natured doormat persevere.

Ofcourse I Believe In Faeries. If There Is Science, Then Why Not... Dec 24th. at 2:29:44 am EST

carrie (seattle, Washington US) Age: 15 - Email

ofcourse i believe in faeries. if there is science, then why not magik? if there are robots, then why not faeries? if u had told someone in the middle ages that someday people would be able to fly in the sky or dive deep in the water, they would have called u crazy. the same goes for trying to convince faeries and magik exist. they don't want to believe it because science is so much easier to see and recognize. but i think if everyone opened their minds and their hearts, they would be able to see magik too. i don't think magik is as obvious as the people of "charmed" like to portray. i think it works in much more subtle ways. in everything, there must be a balance, an action and a counteraction. science and magik balance each other out. ofcourse there are faeries just as there are trees or cars! and tho most would have u believe there aren't b/c its preposterous to believe in something uve never seen or had any proof of it being there, just ask them about God. are faeries more ludicrous than the idea of God? ofcourse not.

Being The Skeptic I Am, Before I Began Attuning Myself To Earth... Dec 24th. at 2:27:39 am EST

Artemis Moonshadow (Kfar Saba, Israel) Age: 16 - Email

Being the skeptic I am, before I began attuning myself to Earth I would say no way are there Faeries. However, I always remeber playing in my room by myself, talking to my invisible friends, my mother thought it was normal, you know being five and all. And as I grew older, like many children, Faeries became fairy tales.

When I was fourteen, before I found the Craft, when I was embarking on my everlasting soul search, I began really looking at the world around me and inside me.
I discovered that my hair, in summer in home to a Fay that loved singing (I am not joking people!), and all year round my Cat chases invisable things, and I've gone on the prowl with him, there was "nothing" there.
Cats, like most animals, have Fay sight.
I have yet to actually see a Faerie, but I've heard them, maybe I have Fay hearing instead of sight.
Anyway, I have one book about Fay and that's Brian Froud's Good Fearies/Bad Fearies, an art book, that has folklore in it. what I'm saying is to me Fearies exist not because the Craft says they do, but because I know they do. You can'r *believe* in something you *know*

So far in my soulsearch I know these things for sure: Magic works, Meditation works, I can Shapeshift (not physically) and Fearies are close.

blesses Be and have a good year.

I Wouldn't Say That Belief In Fays Is Neccisariy "fluffy Bunny", Or... Dec 24th. at 12:23:12 am EST

Dolphinsmile (Allen, Texas US) Age: 20 - Email

I wouldn't say that belief in fays is neccisariy "Fluffy Bunny", or "newage", but belief that fays are here to help us and it's a good idea to go look for a fay buddy to help you find your lost keys certainly is.

All I've read about fays aside from some newage stuff says that they don't like us! Now, I don't know if they exist or not, and I'm not going to go to much trouble to find out, because if they do, I am sure they are best left alone. There's all these stories of people getting lost in the woods because they are confused by faeries, or faeries stealing people's babies, or leading children into lakes and then drowning them. These are not friendly creatures!

Anyway, if such creatures do exist, I will respect them by leaving them alone. Maybe they aren't as scary as the folklore suggests (wolves do have a pretty bad rep in old folktales too), but considering how humans act, I don't see any reason why faeries would like us, and I wouldn't be surprised if they actually dislike us.

Hi!; Faeries? Are You Guys Going Fluff-bunny In Your Old Age? Are... Dec 23rd. at 11:33:00 pm EST

Tarostar (Toronto, Ontario CA) Age: 59 - Email

Hi!; Faeries? Are you guys going fluff-bunny in your old age? Are we to see you on Llewellyns list of hack writers, soon?

Being Pagan does not equate with newagesewage, although some want to turn it in that direction.

I'll bet you even have a copy of Lady Coddington's Pressed Fairy Book!

Those things are better off left in Celtic folklore and we can venture there, if we want.

Are There Faeries? I Most Certainly Believe So. I Have Often Believed... Dec 23rd. at 10:53:31 pm EST

Ldy Rhiannon (Hesperia, California US) Age: 38

Are there Faeries? I most certainly believe so. I have often believed as a child and now that fearies are and have been present here on earth. I know for a fact that I have one as a guide (he is a leprecaun in fact). He has this habit of hiding a mundane object in his game of "I hide it and you must try to find it". He usually wins the game when I say alound "Alright Paddy (that's his name) give back the _____." In a few minutes the missing item will be put in plane site where I know I looked at least 3-4 times. His favorite object to hide though is my room mate's cigarettes ( I don't smoke ).

Also with the diversity of life and new ones being discovered who is to say that the denizens of myth and legend were never given life by the goddess. All legends and myths have some seed of truth for them to be born from. They have even found proof that Merlin may of actually existed, and if that is the case....

Do I believe? Most certainly, do they exsist now yes but in a realm in between ours and the Summerlands. We see them when they wish to be seen, and we hear them with the mysterious chimes ringing when there are none to ring.

I Have No Choice To Respond To The Question Of "do You... Dec 23rd. at 10:04:56 pm EST

Rev. Carolyne Kleinman (Round Rock, Texas US) Age: 43 - Email

I have no choice to respond to the question of "Do you believe in faeries?" with a resounding "YES! Don't you?" and give the questioner that Look...the one that makes you feel sheepish for asking in the first place. The Fey are the most precious part of my childhood memories, for it was they that brought the magick to my early youth. They protected me from all the harm an innocent can court, and they blessed me with not one but two offspring that (I SWEAR!) are fey in all but wings...and I think those will hatch out someday, just haven't found the right combination of chocolate and what-have-you.
The fey bless my gardens, wherever we are. I am blessed to have their presence in the morning glory vines outside of my kitchen door, and they always allow me the greatest joy of being able to plant varietals that "aren't supposed to grow down here"...Pfft!
You ask for a favorite faery tale? Hmmmmm, perhaps the one often told to anyone willing to listen to my Mom will suffice.
We had a large continous wall of crepe myrtle bushes in the back yard of my earliest childhood home, and it was my favorite place to play. Of course, it was chock full of my "little friends" who sang to me, played wonderful music, and best of all played with me tirelessly until I grew sleepy and sweaty, and just plain ol' pooped out. Then, with a warm sweet voice buzzing in my head, I distinctly remember being told it was time to "go home" and before I knew it I was on the back porch, tugging on the screen door. Later, at bath time, I would relate my tales of high adventure to my Momma or my Nana. I'm sure that they listened with a smile, not really giving credence to the tales of a 4 year old. Then came the day in early spring when I heard the music playing through my bedroom window, and told Momma that I JUST HAD to put on my bestest dress and go to my "Friends". She smiled indulgently, allowed me to slide on my velveteen frock and skip barefoot out the back door towards the crepe myrtles....and watched me DISAPPEAR into them. It was then that she, too, heard the music of the fey briefly as I went into 'their world'. Needless to say, Momma always watched a bit closer after that, but I don't think she ever doubted any 'faery tales' I related after that either.
Now, I'm the 'Mommy' - and I have the signal honor of two fey children blessing me with what I blessed my Momma with, Goddess bless us all! On the other hand, I get to hear that lovely music time and again as my younglings wander with their 'friends'......

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