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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 84 - 11/10/2002

Between the Veils: What Did You See?

In the times of the thinning veils, did you look into the past or the future? What did you see?

What forms of divination do you use? Do you have an unusual technique that you would like to tell us about?

Have you had some (or all) of the things that you divined in the past come true? What is the most profound insight that you gained through divination? Do you think that the future is fixed or can it be changed?

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Crystal Ball Of Light Nov 12th. at 7:04:39 pm EST

Journey (Longmeadow/Boston) Age: 20 - Email

This is my favorite form of divination, mostly because it was the first thing that I ever made up on my own.
This is for all of us wo love the mystique of the crystal ball, but have not the cash to purchase one:
Go through your regular cleansing/ grounding / circle casting practices
When you are ready to begin, visualize the power of your ancetors upholding you, and the light of the godess filling you.
Hold out your dominant hand and visualize a pearl pure white of light, slowly imagine the light expanding, filling with the knowledge of the past, present and future.
When the ball reaches yiur desired size, see the light start to change, till you hold in your hand a perfectly clear crystal ball.
Use as you would a regular crystal ball

I find that this works wonders, just don't "drop" it, trust me.
This also, because of the personal power it embodies, works better for me that any other divination source I have tried.

Old Friends Nov 12th. at 6:44:25 pm EST

Maedhril (the den, somewhere in NY) Age: 16 - Email - Web

The night before Samhain - or was it two nights? I forget - I dreamed of an old familiar of mine, a cat called Jesse. I could almost swear she was right there in the room with me. Perhaps she was; until the next thinning of the veil, I can't know.

Most of the magick I do deals with divination; it's the area in which I happen to be most skilled. Mostly I use tarot cards, but I've also developed my own technique using a box of brightly colored stones and a gauze cloth. I lay out the cloth (which is striped in green, aqua, cerulean, and navy blue) and sit down at one end. I shake the box. Closing my eyes, I reach into the box and pull out three stones, which I then toss onto the cloth. I repeat this process twice more until I have nine stones scattered on the cloth. Picking up my wand, I look at stones that are laid out in straight lines and interpret them accordingly. The farther a stone is from me, the farther into the future I'm looking; if the stone leaves the cloth, I'm looking into a future life. It's all about patterns, really. Each stone represents an event, and each event is linked to others in a chain. The stones each have a basic meaning, but their specific meaning changes as time passes. For example, a stone meaning health can predict an accident one week; once that accident happens, it will then predict recovery.

Unfortunately, the things I've seen in the past have come true, somehow or another. Mine's a pesky gift - I'm never sure how true the visions are, yet hindsight becomes painfully clear, and I can always tell what the harbingers were once the event has passed. (I will tell you that I knew what Darren from Savage Garden looked like based solely on his voice. Strange, hm?) Visions usually come in dreams; this can be a problem, because I have past-life dreams as well as prophetic ones. It's even more difficult when I begin to have visions concerning acquaintances. I can't do anything major because I don't know if I'm wrong or not. All I can do is keep an eye on the person or people involved.

Certainly the future can be changed; visions are only a warning of how things will be if nobody does anything about them. The problem is this: most people don't heed visions as warnings, and thus let fate take its course. That's why it's so frustrating to have seeress tendencies. I see things happening that I can't stop, even if I am warned ahead of time.

Wind to thy wings -


Memories Of My Mom Nov 12th. at 5:59:22 pm EST

Filomena Sophia (The Recesses of the Dark Shadows of My Mad Mind) Age: 32 - Email

Being born the day before Samhain has always made that time of year special for me, even having been raised as a Lutheran. Things always seem to happen to me just around my birthday, and this year was no exception. Just a few short days before my 32nd, I had a very visual dream that my mom's spirit entered my body while I was sitting at a piano. Now, beyond one simple song, I have never been able to play the piano. My mom, on the other hand, had been a very talented piano player during her recent incarnation. She mostly liked show tunes and gospel songs, but in the dream, with her spirit inside me, I was playing the most incredible Beethoven--I was truly amazed. It has inspired me to look into taking piano lessons. I want to learn to actually play. I think that would bring me closer to my mom (since we never agreed on anything when she was alive--not politics, religion, or even how best to clean a house LOL!)
Blessings of Darkness,

All The Time. Nov 12th. at 5:33:09 pm EST

Seth (Goulburn, Australia) Age: 18 - Email - Web

For like 2 years I have had dreams that show me the future. I didn't ask for these dreams, or did I do any ritual to get them. It was these dreams that turned me to withcraft.

When I see the future, it is always accurate. I foresaw the terrorist attack in Bali: I was in bed when suddenly I heard a loud explosion, metal rattling, and felt the sensation of alcohol been near. Just 9 days later, the bomb attack occured on the nightclub.

I think the only reason the future is fixed is that we don't know enough of what is coming to change it. When I receive my dreams of the future, the details are always too sketchy to do anything about it.

Not Very Successful Nov 12th. at 4:52:34 pm EST

DolphinSmile (Austin, TX) Age: 21 - Email

I have never played with an Ouija board before, until this Samhain. I went to a party with a bunch of other Pagans, and Pagan-friendly people. We tried the Ouija board but all we got was mostly jibberish. They said that was because the veil was thin and a whole bunch of spirits were all pushing and shoving to talk to us. I'd never heard of that, but I guess it makes sense.

I was skeptical, and still am a little, although I did get my turn having my hand on the pointer with three other people, and I know *I* didn't move it! We got a few names spelled out but that was about it. The rest of the night was mostly spent partying, although we did set up an altar to the dead too, and some people put photos and offerings on it, which was nice.

Disappointed Nov 12th. at 2:45:21 pm EST

Terri Adrian (Oswego NY) Age: 41 - Email

I was unable to do anything special for Samhain this year and I was very dissappointed about that. I have, however, enjoyed reading most of the entries here....that is with the exception of one in particular....the one at the end from danielle in TX. I dont understand how anyone can be so cruel and coldhearted. What ever happened to "you do your thing and I will do mine and we will leave each other alone"....namely, TOLERANCE! No one is asking you to change your ways and yet you jump right in and criticize people anyway. You must be a very angry and hurt person to be able to say such things. I feel sorry for you. I hope that someday you will feel loved enough to be tolerant of others. I wish you peace.

Dreams Nov 12th. at 9:22:44 am EST

Foxfire (Flintstone,GA) Age: 34 - Email

Last week I dreamed of twin tornadoes. I figured it was about the issues I have going on in my life right now.Two days later I went to the ER with an acute asthma attack-- I stopped breathing! Then we had these tonadoes come through our area. In my dream the tonadoes were scary at first, but they did no damage. I came home from the ER the night I went in, and my family suffered no damage from the storms. I figured my dream was symbolic, but... I don't know...

Some Thoughts Nov 12th. at 8:08:14 am EST

Mafdet-Athtor (Miami, Florida) Age: 15 - Email

I didn't neccesarily look into any specific time or place. Instead I searched for my departed loved ones, for my uncle who was newly gone and for my best friend Raven whom I lost a few years ago. I felt Raven near as a strong presence, but my uncle was quite faint and dissapeared like the snuffing of a candle. Perhaps, since he was newly departed, he hasn't rested enough in the Summerlands to meddle in matters of human life.
As for forms of divination, usually I only meditate and ask questions and hope for answers. Raven and I were closer than sisters, so many times when I ask for answers I feel her there taking my questions away, then returning with the answers. Maybe it makes no sense, but I think she is my soulmate and now my spirit guide, hence why I use her as my divination source. I've never heard of anyone using a spirit as their only divination source, but if you have, I would really like to know.
Many things I have found through divination have come true. Usually I don't know the meaning of what I find until after the event happens and I put the two together, which suggests to me I have a lot more wisdom to aquire. However, I now believe that men are not to know ther faiths, so they are shown them cryptically but not enough to control their actions. Fate is fate and cannot be changed, but still, we must make our choices blindly or go mad with thinking that we only follow a predestined path.
Bright Blessings

Just A Dream Nov 11th. at 7:50:26 pm EST

squib (Oregon) Age: 32 - Email

sometime between the full moon and samhain i dreamed i had to find something in a room full of thousands of eggs. What i needed was in an egg, and i had to break each egg individually to find what i was looking for. In the dream, i just remembered thinking "I'm going to be doing this the rest of my life". Looking, for something, amongst perfection i have to destroy. I guess... I'm still workig it out.

I'm not so good at "regular" divination, but occasionally the odd dream comes along and i understand something.

Vision At Samhain Nov 11th. at 6:49:00 pm EST

Albatross Autumnsea (Vancouver, USA) Age: 64 - Email

During our ritual feast we called our departed friends and pets. We saw our cat and felt the presence of those friends although we did not see them. We saw our cats several times in the following days. I believe they are powerful souls and share our love and this is why we were able to see them.

Blessed Be.


On Divination Nov 11th. at 5:03:22 pm EST

Tony (Biloxi, MS) Age: 20 - Email

This is my very first time actually reading this website. I've never really believed in wiccanism,
or tried to explore it until a couple of my friends read me and said that I have, quote, "massive
untapped power that I sometimes realize is there," and that it is "an enormous blesing from the
Goddess." So now, that I'm actually learning wiccanism, what are my views on the future? I
believe that as a whole, as mankind, a future is inevitable as long as the Gods permit it. True,
we are born, we live, we die, but by the way we are made, there is an inclination that we are
supposed to live forever. So our futures are what we make of it - where we are, where we plan
to go, what we do when we get there. But for a whole future, I believe that is up to the Gods.
I shall leave you with a saying that can sum this all up, "Victory favors neither the righteous
nor the wicked. It favors the prepared."

Presence In The Present. Nov 11th. at 4:29:10 pm EST

Justin Smith (Sacramento, CA) Age: 25 - Email

When I scry, I usually use smoke. I've always been drawn to smoke as a tool. When I do fortune-telling, I use Tarot cards because of the respect others give them.

I have not had reason to scry in quite a while. I prefer to keep my focus on the "now" rather than splitting my attention. It has been my experience that when I do, today's problems tend to become tomorrow's problems as well.

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