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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 59 - 9/11/2001

911 America: Talking Through The Terror...

Talking Through The Terror... And helping each other cope with the tragedies that struck at the very heart of the United States. The Witches Voice has opened up this forum in order that Pagans may express their thoughts on the terrorist attacks that took place in NYC and DC on September 11th. As the full realization of what happened and the toll numbers begin to come in, Americans have many challenges ahead.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? How are you feeling? Feel free to post any magickal workings or other support gatherings planned in your area.

WebNote 9/16/2001: Since we launched this on 911 this forum as become laced with powerful inspiration and critical information, feel free to use the search functions on your left to better define the info you are looking for. Search for your area, famous Pagans, key words etc. Also check Wren's Nest News for the latest news related to our community.

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I Just Saw On The News That Jerry Falwell Blames Pagans, Abortionists... Sep 13th. at 11:34:32 pm EDT

Chasmodai (Las Vegas, Nevada US) Age: 41 - Email

I just saw on the news that Jerry Falwell blames Pagans, abortionists, gays and lesbians for "bringing on" the attack on our country.

Does this qualify as a hate crime? Making such a blatantly false and damaging remark in public?

I am fuming, boiling mad. First an unknown entity attacks our nation and our fellow citizens, and then that religious zealot blames us. He's no better than the people who attacked us, in my opinion.

Is there anything we can do about this?

I Have Read Through Many Of The Posts And Feel I Must... Sep 13th. at 11:29:07 pm EDT

Rhiannon O'Myst (Edmonton, Alberta CA) Age: 16 - Email

I have read through many of the posts and feel I must say a few words. I live in Canada and upon hearing about this disgusting horrendous occurance in Social Studies class at 9:00AM mountain time, I was shocked and very frightened. I never conceived of this happening in North America, I thought things like this only happened in the Middle East and Third World Nations. But, I think everyone needs to be aware that no matter how horrid and appalling an event is, there are reasons for its occurance. There are reasons why Arab-extremeist would do this, and the reasons, when studied, are not as senseless as we would believe. Some people may think I am weird for saying these things because I am a white North American born Canadian patriot, but I think we need to see all sides of this tragedy. Arab terrorists come from areas of the world where freedom is oppressed beyond anything modern westerners can fully understand. These people have seen horrid things in there own nations, many consider life to be worthless because of what they have gone through. This may shock some of you, but it is the truth...western (mostly American) economic greed has caused starvation and much oppression in many areas of the world...including parts of the Middle East. Go, read history, see how western nations have supported foreign dictators and then decided to become enemies with them when they no longer had any economic advantages. Sadamm Huissen, Pinochet of Chile, the Iranian dictators, even Osama bin Ladin were all supported by the United States in the past. We must see the whole picture, we must strive for peace for everyone, but I also believe we must find the exact people who did this any bring them to justice. I think the people responsible (and only the people responsible) should be tried and convicted in the War Crimes Tribunal.

Love, and peace to all who will accept it,
Blessed be,
Rhiannon O'Myst

This Was Written By Krystal Buckner, My 15 Year Old Daughter And... Sep 13th. at 11:19:42 pm EDT

Elizabeth Buckner (Columbus, Ohio US) Age: 38 - Email

This was written by Krystal Buckner, my 15 year old daughter and posted
with her permission.

Today In America
Written in Memory of the Lives Lost on September 11, 2001

God Bless America
For what we have yet to see
Take the souls that died today
Please sir, set them free

Lady bless the children
Who took this pain to heart
Let them hope for happiness
But prepare them to take part

Children all, go out and play
Laugh and be carefree
This won't end with just today
As we have all just seen

We must all get ready, now
Take arms against this foe
We will all stand together, now
Hand to hand, with all we know

Today in America
Thousands of lives changed
Today we are united
The young, the old, and strange

God bless America
And all the we now know
Keep the souls that are alive today
Please God, don't let go

Today in America
We wonder what will come
Tomorrow in America
Change has just begun

Whether The Taleban Was Responsible For The Attacks Recently Or Not, They... Sep 13th. at 11:09:55 pm EDT

Cinnamon (Atlanta, Georgia US) Age: 36 - Email

Whether the taleban was responsible for the attacks recently or not, they should stand accountable for their well known acts against humanity. The taleban have done the same to their own. They make weekly sport out of beating, torturing and amputating limbs from their own women and children.

If you doubt this one report from the washington post, do the research yourself on the plight in Afghanistan.

How has this been in our world since 1996 and the majority of world unaware?

Let all of us who seek a world of freedom unite against what can't be rationalized, justified or understood. Let us pagans, and all who have hope that the world can one day be a peaceful place for all people, despite their religious beliefs, join together in thought, ritual and prayer for those victims here in the US and those victims who have gone unrecognized.

Two Days Have Passed, And The Overwhelming Feeling Of Loss That Consumed... Sep 13th. at 11:05:17 pm EDT

Katrina (Vadnais Heights, Minnesota US) Age: 31

Two days have passed, and the overwhelming feeling of loss that consumed me on Tuesday has not subsided. And it may never do so. Even after the maniacs who committed these cowardly and dispicable acts are caught and brought to justice; it will be a long time before I feel at peace knowing so many innocent lives were taken in the name of some Holy War being "fought" against the U.S.. I find myself still crying and grieving for so many that I never knew, but ultimately were a part of my family here in America. And I will do so to show my respect for these lost souls.
I have prayed to the gods, and asked why this happened. And I've asked when will the pain go away? But I know it will not go away. Nor do I want it to. The pain I feel reminds me of so many that are gone. And the sympathy and compassion that I send out to their families, friends and other loved ones. Although I never knew them, I will never forget all those who perished. I will keep their spirits alive within me, and somehow the pain I feel will help me to do so. I can't explain this in a way anyone will truly understand. I just know that the feeling of loss pushes me to remember, honor and respect those who died in this horrible tragedy.

I Am Too Young To Have Experienced The Horror Of Pearl Harbor... Sep 13th. at 10:59:28 pm EDT

Karen (philadelphia, Pennsylvania US) Age: 38

I am too young to have experienced the horror of Pearl Harbor. I was born some twenty years too late. Unfortunately, I and my generation are unwilling witnesses to another, greater horror in the unprecedented, unprovoked attacks on Washington and New York. In all our collective experience, there is nothing to compare to this. All citizens of the world have suffered losses beyond measure in this tragedy - those American, British, Australian, Japanese and other families who lost friends and loved ones, but every country and nationality suffers the loss of human life, and humanity, as a result of this loathsome, pointless act. Our hopes, our thoughts, our prayers to whatever deity or power we believe in go out to them and for them in this darkest hour. Even the attackers have lost by their actions - lost their humanity, lost karmic ground, just lost. I am told they believe that their God will welcome them for what they've done. I think they have quite a surprise waiting for them. And their friends have quite a surprise coming to them on this earth, as well. We cannot allow ourselves to be bullied by faceless cowards. We must, and we will, come back stronger than before and rise above this tragedy. To do any less diminishes the memory of those we lost and lends credence to a madman's ravings.

Im Stunned To Think That Something Like This Could Happen In America... Sep 13th. at 10:59:24 pm EDT

BlueSky (Wallace, North Carolina US) Age: 22 - Email

Im stunned to think that something like this could happen in America. To think that people would try to tear apart our nation and think that they could get away with it is unbelivable to me. My thoughts go out to thoes that lost loved ones. They are the ones that lost in the end because they are the ones in pain and are missing thoes that they held dear. I do not agree with people that want to go to war but know that it is what will happen. I dont see how sheading more blood (there people and our people) will make up for the thousands of people that died. I belive that we should go after the people that where behind it but not go after a nation of people that had nothing to do with it. Hate leads to nothing more then more hate and I think that is the direction that the nation is heading. I dont agree with what the people did I think that they did a stupid and cowardly thing and should be punished to the full extint of the law. My the healing begain and my everyone find peace.

As A Military Spouse, I Am Also Living With The "heightened Security... Sep 13th. at 10:30:18 pm EDT

Artemis Nemesis Stormphoenix (Dover, Delaware US) Age: 26 - Email

As a military spouse, I am also living with the "heightened security".

Our group, Celestial Circle, is holding a Healing Circle on Friday night at 7 p.m. For details and to attend, please email Artemis. Thank you.

First Off I Want To Say Thank You To Everyone Around The... Sep 13th. at 10:25:43 pm EDT

KN (New York City, New York US) Age: 22 - Email

First off I want to say thank you to everyone around the world who is thinking of us here in New York. It's...surreal to say the least that our skyline...indeed how we percieve things has changed forever. I hope that one day acts like this will be a thing of the past...a memory that we can tell our great great grandchildren.

I don't really know what else to say that my fiber has been shaking would be a gross understatement. I feel more sadness then rage...sadness because there are people in this world who would give no thought to the slaughter of innocents. I haven't allowed myself to can I? There is too much to do..clean up our beloved city, give blood (I am type o negative so my type can be recieved by just about anyone), attempt to locate my friends ...and heal. Although will I ever truly heal I wonder.

I just felt that I needed to say something here...where I can read the thoughts and feelings of other pagans. That's all.

May the Lord & Lady bless you all,

Here Is A Little Poem I Wrote The Day After It Happened... Sep 13th. at 10:10:54 pm EDT

Melissa Lansford (Hot Springs, South Dakota US) Age: 15 - Email

Here is a little poem i wrote the day after it happened
"A tragedy that shook us all"
A brand new day
It started like normal
It ended in tragedy~
Four planes hijacked
Thousands dead.
The American States Ambushed
By unneeded hatred.
Innocents Dying
For a price that needn't be paid
Buildings Collapsing
An Economical Challange.~
A brand new day
It started like normal
It ended in tragedy.

Many Blessings, September 13,2001 My Thoughts Are Many As We Watch The... Sep 13th. at 10:10:44 pm EDT

Lady Magick (Louisville, Kentucky US) Age: 27 - Email

Many Blessings, September 13, 2001
My thoughts are many as we watch the smoke still riseing and the buildings still falling. I am in a small sence still in shock and disbelief. I don't have ythe faintest idea how to explain this to my 10yr old son and to see his innosence broken angers me, his questions were few at first but now there is many. He asks me "Mommy, why do they hate us so much to kill all these people, why didn't they just tell us they were mad so we could say we're sorry"? It's little things like that that hurt me, I see the people on television looking and searching for family and freinds. I hear the stories of last time phone calls and it hurts deeper everytime.
I heard of 9 days of magick from an article emailed to me from where all pagans are urged from Sep.11th for the next 9days to say something, anything to the Gods for these people and this country everynight at midnight EST. I have been doing that since I feel helpless any other way, just sitting here watching.
My Brighrest Blessings,
Lady Magick

Repressing My Emotions Seems To Be Working Out For The Moment... I... Sep 13th. at 10:06:56 pm EDT

Svet (Detroit, Michigan US) Age: 17 - Email

Repressing my emotions seems to be working out for the moment...
i don't feel prepared or ready to deal with the overwhelming depression, and empetheic pain that i will feel in a day or so...
I am only postponing my emotions...
they will stay sealed up tight until i find the time to deal with them..
until then life goes on...
for most of us.

I do however feel guilty for not wanting to help. I have a friend who said he'd be in NYC in a heartbeat if he could. I wouldn't. I would like to help, but i can't. I don't want to. Is that selfish of me... yes. I don't care. I just can't deal with it right now...
It sucks. Thats all i can say.

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