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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 59 - 9/11/2001

911 America: Talking Through The Terror...

Talking Through The Terror... And helping each other cope with the tragedies that struck at the very heart of the United States. The Witches Voice has opened up this forum in order that Pagans may express their thoughts on the terrorist attacks that took place in NYC and DC on September 11th. As the full realization of what happened and the toll numbers begin to come in, Americans have many challenges ahead.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? How are you feeling? Feel free to post any magickal workings or other support gatherings planned in your area.

WebNote 9/16/2001: Since we launched this on 911 this forum as become laced with powerful inspiration and critical information, feel free to use the search functions on your left to better define the info you are looking for. Search for your area, famous Pagans, key words etc. Also check Wren's Nest News for the latest news related to our community.

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This Weekend I Dreamt Of Walking Through An Area Where The Torsos... Sep 13th. at 3:01:04 am EDT

JenAb (Memphis, Tennessee US) Age: 29 - Email

This weekend I dreamt of walking through an area where the torsos of the dead were stacked in one room, arms and legs in another. In the dream, I walked through these rooms crying. I remember being angry, too, because there was a feeling of media sensationalism. At the time I had the dream, I was too caught up in my own personal worries to realize it for the omen it was. I didn't even figure it out until this afternoon. The shock of it all. Having to still go to work yesterday and be "perky" on the phone (I work as a receptionist), all the while having to listen to macho posturing, hate language and the ignorant, reactionary comments all day sapped me as much as the constant viewing of the news that came later, that I just couldn't pull myself away from. No matter how much I wanted to. As in every time of stress, I turned to divination to help cope with the confusion. Lately I have been working with the Elder Futhark runes.
I did a reading on the developing situation. Present, recommended/probable action and likely outcome. The rune I drew for the present was Teiwaz, which I read as charged conflict and preparations for war. The action I drew was Thurisaz, a war fetter...used to turn back the negative action on those who sent it. Also, it can, I believe, indicate a response which is violent and powerful in the extreme. Finally, Ansur in the reversed position, as the likely outcome. This I interpreted as communications disrupted, chaos and loss of freedom.
I know that there are some folks out there who are probably more familiar with the rune than I, and if you have a more positive reading on what I drew, please write me and let me know. Also, if anyone has any ideas about using runic magic to help the situation, let me know...I want to help.
I was lucky enough to have the person I love most with me last night as I watched the recap of the news. I feel incredibly blessed and thank the Goddess and God for that, and pray that love will prevail in the world.
Blessed Be,

PS Memphis, TN pagans....where are you?

Alhough I Am Fairly New To The Craft, I Have Felt Our... Sep 13th. at 2:54:45 am EDT

Kerin (Syracuse, New York US) Age: 19 - Email

Alhough I am fairly new to the craft, I have felt our Earth Mother weep just as strongly as I'm sure you all have. As a new resident of New York state, I was terrified that such hate could happen so close to me, and that is could happen at all. As I write this, war planes are flying above me, and the wounded are being delivered by helicopter to my school. But I am not afraid for myself, I am afraid for those blinded by rage. Every action that we take from now until the resolution of this conflict is so critical.... we must join together to send our love to the souls of those who have passed on and to the loved ones whom they have left. Although negative energy is running high, we can't let that enter into our magick or into our hearts. I believe that we, as Wiccans, Witches, Pagans, have an intense obligation to stay positive as we deal with this tragedy. Sending bombs to a country that is full of people as innocent of crime as ourselves is not the answer. Those responsible will be punished, and those swayed by their negativity will hopefully begin to see the truth. I know many of you, as well as I, have mixed feelings about being true to our Craft and wanting to see the offenders punished severely. Just remember- anger, rage and frustration are emotions innate to our human existance. But hate is learned. And Love is exponentially more powerful than any of those.
May the world be bathed in Love and Light. Blessed Be.

I Woke Up On September 11, 2001 Hazely And Looked At The... Sep 13th. at 2:43:21 am EDT

Terra Bast RavenKitty (Jamaica, New York US) Age: 17 - Email

I woke up on September 11, 2001 hazely and looked at the time. 9:00am. Another day to delve on my problems. Had my day planned out since the day before. A trip to the DMV for forms to get my permit, I needed to find out what to do to take my SATs and also I needed to spend the rest of that day trying to find a job to save up for college tuition. I rolled over, and closed my eyes again, hoping to have a little more rest before my mother woke me to get ready. A few minutes later I hear my mother turn on the TV, most likely trying to tune into stock market reports, and a few seconds later I hear an obsenity escape from her. Surprised that my mother would say such a thing so early in the morning, I sat up and asked what was the matter, and with her eyes still fixated on he television set she told me to turn on the television where I was. I fumbled for the remote and when I finally turned it on I was staring at a gaping hole in one of the twin towers. A few seconds after I watched live as the second commercial airliner collided into the other. All day I watched the news and searched the internet, finding out information on the terrorist attacks. I worried for my boyfriend, who works on the docks on Statan Island, hoping for his safe return home. I met my friends, one by one, after school, hearing about their worries for families and friends who work in the Manhattan area and even inside the building. And even tonight I sit here worring for the customers at my mother's video store that I have befriended over the years that had jobs in the WTC that has not shown up for a rental.

I still cannot believe the towers have fallen. It's so hard for something so devastating to sink in. I remember turning to my father to ask him a question and all of a sudden my mother grabbed me and I turned to the TV and I saw the building collapsing. I couldn't believe it. I used to go to Manhattan occasionaly and I would look up at the Towers, hurting my neck just to try seeing all the way to the top. To think someting so massive...I thought about the amount of damage that must have been done. "It looks like a war zone." "You can't even tell there was a building there, " I hear on the news. I can't imagine what I would tell my children in the future.

I was out with my friends today, like any other day, and of course the subject was unavoidable. My mail friend were sitting around talking about the possible war and agreeing to enroll themselves if it was to happen. How many more lives will have to be taken? And how many more loved ones will be lost?

I pray for everyone out there who have missing loved ones and I pray for all those people who may still be alive but not found. For all the people who have perished and I hope they all have reached Summerland and are happily waiting to be reborn.

I ask that if any Pagans out there in the Queens area, preferably around Jamaica, is doing a prayer or a ritual for the benefit for this crisis, if me and my few friends can join. Or if any teens out there who would like to create our own, please email me. Or if anyone can give us or help us with one we can do on our own, we would be extremly grateful. We are a small coven of about 5, between the ages 15-18.
With love and hope to all, Blessed Be.

Blessings Allsince The Terrorist Attacks That Happened Reciently, I Have Been... Sep 13th. at 2:22:54 am EDT

Wayne Andrews (Siler City, North Carolina US) Age: 50 - Email

Blessings All

Since the Terrorist attacks that happened reciently, I have been asking for help from the God/dess, angelic guides, and my protectors to help me take the right course of action. It would be easy to fall into the temptation to let anger and hate rule over me in spite of what has happened. The first thing I did was to put my *full* trust into the Goddess hands and let her take care of the situation her way, since she knows the situation best.

Frequently, I have been casting circles, calling upon the Guardian of the Watchtower of the four quarters, to send help and energy to the victims of this tragedy. Hate has a way of "eating" your energy and making you do things you'll regret later. Hence, my energies could be better spent helping those at the White House, ones who died at the Twin Towers, and their families.

The list of victims could go on and on. I also have sent energies to President Bush, (and family) that they will be safe and that he will make the best decision possible for all persons. Hate is very old; it never solves anything. It just creates animosity between individuals. However, I feel it is just to pray that the God/dess will exact vengeance on the purpetrators, and those who harbor such criminals. *BUT* I pray that the Goddess (and other dieties) will do this in a way that they see best. In the mean time, I have talked and comforted those whom I have been with. I try to council them to pray to their diety/dieties for wisdom, and to let them take care of matters. Don't take matters into your own hands.

Remember the Three Fold Law (Rule of Three, or something similar): Whatever a person sends out (words, thoughts, deeds, or energies) will come back to then three-fold at least...if not more.

In spite of this sad situation, perhaps there is a glimmer of hope. This may be the one thing that will bring Pagans and Christians together. It doesn't matter what one's faith (or religion) is. Just about anyone will tell you "Violence and killing is wrong. Whoever did this will be punished". Life is precious...may we never take it for granted.

May the God/dess give you the strength, courage, wisdom, and faith to get through this horrible ordeal.

Love and Blessings Always, Wayne D. Andrews, aka Flying Eagle

My Wife Is In The Armed Services. Monday Night I Was Restless... Sep 13th. at 2:22:10 am EDT

Elwyn (Seattle, Washington US) Age: 32 - Email

My wife is in the armed services. Monday night I was restless, and could not sleep, so at 1:30 am I got up, read a little from my local Seattle newspaper, and ate a bit. I keep trying to go to sleep, and couldn't. Finally an hour before she awoke, I fell asleep tight wrapped in her arms, and slept soundly(she had been away with her job for abput 3 weeks). We had a little misunderstanding before I dropped her off at the base. Later that day, we realized she wasn't coming home any time soon. I wish to pray for her, and tell her how much I love her. My dearest Moonbeam Princess, wherever you may fair, know this, I love you, and pray for your safety contiued until you are tight in my arms once again. Blessed Be! (My wife was home all of 4 days, before she was deployed again, this time, we don't know when she comes home...)

It Is Hard To Find The Words To Speak On This Tragedy... Sep 13th. at 2:13:51 am EDT

Isis Macnamara (Greenville, South Carolina US) Age: 23 - Email

It is hard to find the words to speak on this tragedy. My heart aches to think of the pain and the desperation of the victims and thier families. I think about the absolute despair of being on one of those planes, or begin in one of those bulidings. I think about the scar that this will leave on the collective psyche of the world, of how I will never quite feel safe and secure again. I think of all these things and I wail inside.

Now I hear people screaming for justice, for war. Justice? Oh yes, I want justice, revenge, whatever you want to call it. I want those responsible for this unbelievable act of phsyical and psychological terrorism punished and punished and punished. Personally I think death is to good for them. Hell, if allowed, I'd punish them myself. But the cries for war that I hear disturb me. Why should thousands more innocent people die? Why should I have to worry if my husband or my male friends (all of the exact right age to be drafted if it came to that) are going to die because of this? Why should any American worry about that? War is not the answer. It is not just the guilty who suffer in war. Everyone loses, even if they win. Example: Veitnam. Who won that war? Noone. So many people died, how could any victories be gleaned from that? Look at the Gulf War. We didn't even get Saddam Hussien. He's chillin in the desert somewhere. But people died in the attempt to get him. Maybe it is an idealistic view, but I feel enough innocents have suffered. Lets just punish the guilty for once.

We are in pain, as people. We need to focus this pain, this wild energy that we all feel, on the victims right now. We need to send strength to those who may still be alive in the wreckage, send healing for those who have lost family and friends, send blessings to the spirits of those who died, and hope that the world can heal. There has been enough hate.

From Reading These Posts I Am Given Courage In This Scary Time... Sep 13th. at 2:13:09 am EDT

Wilde Kat (seattle, Washington US) Age: 20

From reading these posts I am given courage in this scary time. My heart and prayers go out to the familys of the victims of this aweful aweful crime.

You know what? I think that instead of a plaque or a tree to remeber this by... we as a people should build another building in the trade center's place. A BIGGER building... in red, white, and blue. We must show no fear to the people responsible. Harm none... yet in my tradition we belive that you must protect your family. We must protect our country ... and the innocent people from attack.

One Young Witch's Thoughts On The Terrorists Attacki Am Not A... Sep 13th. at 2:10:24 am EDT

Michael Oliver (Auburn, California US) Age: 21 - Email

One Young Witch's Thoughts on the Terrorists Attack

I am not a leader in the Wiccan community. I am not a famous author. I am not a High Priest. I am only a young Witch in California that has seen some of the most visually horrifying images on television that he has ever seen. Video-clips of that large commercial aircraft are played repeatedly on each and every national news station. What the videos don't show are the terror and fear of those who survived the initial hit. They don't show the tears that are being shed by loved ones, many of which don't even know if their children or spouse is or alive or dead. The videos certainly don't show the last thoughts of each and every one of those people.

Many Pagan leaders on various mailing lists and discussion boards have been calling for unified prayer circles for the survivors of the attack as well as for the rescue workers and families that are all being affected by this disaster. These I wholeheartedly agree with. Raise all of the energy that your coven or you alone can muster. It will certainly help. "Think positive, " they say. What I will ask of you is different.

Samhain is approaching soon. Many of you know the kind of emotions that this day can bring for us. The old memories are always stronger. This year, Samhain will be especially potent. There are thousands who have died as a result of this attack. Many of you have probably put yourself in the shoes of someone on one of those planes, or buried in the rubble of the buildings, if only for a moment. Because of the mass terror and fear that these great numbers have died in, it is of the utmost importance that we honor the fallen. Now is not the time to let anger at any propposed attacker deter us from this. We can spare our prayers and thoughts directed to the survivors for a moment to honor the dead. Not only is it healthy for us, but it may even make their passing easier.

Thousands of federal and commercial workers were in those buildings, doing their jobs for the families that they helped to support. They deserve to be honored now.

Hundreds of police and rescue workers entered those buildings to help the injured and trapped before the towers fell. They deserve to be honored now.

Hundreds of people were aboard those planes, some of which made the decision--a terribly difficult decision--to fight back. They deserve to be honored now.

There were many that did not have the time to scream. It's now up to us to scream for them.

Michael Oliver

I Have Always Embraced The Ideals Of The Goddess That All Like... Sep 13th. at 2:03:22 am EDT

Patrick (Ft. Wayne, Indiana US) Age: 25 - Email

I have always embraced the ideals of the goddess that all like is sacred and that even the loss of one diminishes us. However, my feelings right now are very conflicted. I must admit that when we find out who has done this to us that their entire country be reduced to a crater.

I have refraned from any kind of spell casting or wish craft as right now I dont think my focus is pure.

Sorry, I know I should be dealing with it better but I just can't seem to do it.


On Behalf Of My Mother, Melanie, And Her Family:we Are Shocked... Sep 13th. at 1:56:56 am EDT

Melanie Anne Whelan (Carpendeit, Victoria AU) Age: 41 - Email

On behalf of my Mother, Melanie, and her family:

We are shocked to the core and crying in our hearts for your losses.

We are thinking of ye and have lit candles for your bereaved...

Although we are Christian, we are against this kind of warfare and we feel that everyone should be entitled the love of the world.

Our thoughts, loves and hopes soar on the wings of the Phoenix of Life for ye!

Merry Meet Everyone Of The World, (or At Least As Merry As... Sep 13th. at 1:47:07 am EDT

Laneth the Wanderer / James Simon (Colac, Victoria AU) Age: 18 - Email

Merry Meet Everyone of the World, (Or at least as merry as possible...)

What a travesty! My whole community is totally dumbfounded and is living life like drones because they are stupified by the extremity of the violence that has taken place in your lovely country of America.

I feel for every person who is grieving and that is the whole world, and I wish that there was something that myself and my coven members could do for ye.

I am currently channeling the power of colac from the Botanical Gardens through my body and sending it to the needy in America. I know that it is reckless and dangerous but any risk is acceptable for such need.

I don't feel that anyone should condone such acts of terrorism, I certainly don't. As a Druidic Sorcerer, I am calling on the help of other the other sorcerers of the world to assist me in aiding the Special Sevices to find the perpetrators.

As Pagans, I know that killing is out of our beliefs and that we feel that a;ll life is embraced, but at the moment, the non-Pagan community doesn't share our beliefs and they need our love and support.

I have recently set up the biggest Ward working that I have ever constructed in my 10 year history of being involved in the Craft. I need to know from others around the world what I can do to assist the peoples who are working magick.

I can be contacted at the following (ringing, though expensive, will reach me quicker and before tomorrow midday in Australia...) /

61 3 52 31 22 00 (03 5231 2200) / +61 407 095 725 (0407-095-725)

Please let me assist in your magickal workings. I can spread my awareness very far indeed.

A Message To The Families / Friends Of The Victims.

I would like to take this opportunity to state that if in any way I can help,
I will. I know that ye are all very upset and will probably say that and Aussie 18 yr old cant do anything for us, but just know that I am more than I seem.

Self proclamaition I dont take part in, I only state the truth.

I have retained all my knowledge from my past lives and I can help share with ye. Chances are, I have probably met some of ye before.

Please Take Me seriously and I will act as though ye are my family.

Blessed Be all thee who seek the Love and Guidance of Aradia and Pan.

Blessed Be and loved are Ye!

Laneth the Wanderer
Keybearer to the Sacred Coven of the Southern Oracle.

I Just Turned 19 A Week And A Half Ago. I've Been... Sep 13th. at 1:45:11 am EDT

- Morgaine, Priestess of the Coven of the BlackRaven (Bellingham, Washington US) Age: 19 - Email

I just turned 19 a week and a half ago. I've been practitioning for over a year. I know the Lord and Lady speak to us in many ways, but I was not prepared for Tusday.

Monday night I was restless, to say the least. I sat up and read, tried top go to bed. Finally I did fall asleep around 2am, PST. I woke up around 5am from a dead sleep. I wandered around the house for about a half hour, feeling rather distraught, welt to bed again, and then fell back asleep, and began dreaming.

I dreamed about an airplane.
I was woken up by my fiancee's mother at 8am PST. She said, "The WTC and Pentagon have been attacked by hijacked planes."

Why would I have a dream of a plane right before and during the time it happened? I don't know. Since Tusday I have been unable to sleep, and when I do close my eyes for any period of time beyond a few minutes, I see images of what happened from the view of victims. One moment I see it from the veiwpoint of an airplamne passenger, a woman with a child, seeing a blond stewardess being stabbed, then I see it from the view of a man working in his office in the WTC as he looks out his office window and sees the plane coming....then blackness.

Do any of you others out there see these things? I do not know what to do, and I find myself more and more distraught.

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