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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 1 - 8/7/2000

Who are you going to vote for and why?

Which political platform or candidate are you leaning towards? Do you think that a level of political involvement is important to pagans? Are you registered to vote, will you vote and who -if you don't mind telling the world- are you planning to vote for (or against)?

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In My Opinion, Anybody Who Claims To Be A Pagan And Is... Aug 12th. at 10:36:30 am EDT

Witchward (Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 37 - Email

In my opinion, anybody who claims to be a Pagan and is voting for Bush is either a liar or a fool.

As Both A Wiccan And An Active Csea Union Member I Had... Aug 12th. at 6:53:48 am EDT

B. Gentilquore (Highland, New York US) Age: 52

As both a Wiccan and an active CSEA Union member I had always been planning to vote Democratic. I particularly like Al Gore & think he and Clinton have done a fine job. President Clinton's unsavery interlude with Lewinsky shouldn't be on the sholders of Al Gore, nor on the shoulder's of Clinton. Wrong as it was, they all do it - so why should Clinton or Gore pay?
However, when I heard of the Gore running mate, I was really shaken. How in good conscious could I vote for someone who wants to privatize social security? Yes, Gore is pro choice, pro union, and, really pro religion (religious equality), but what if something happens to Gore and his vice president becomes president? Many seniors (my mother included) would have absolutely NO INCOME, if it weren't for social security. I have to help her out because she can't afford to live by herself.
On the otherside, George W. My Goddess, what will we ever do if he's elected? Not only will the rich get richer (shades of Ronald Reagan!), but we, as Pagans, well, what will happen to religeous freedom? George W appeared at that Baptist University (don't remember the name) that was anti-Catholic. If he's siding against Catholics - what chance to we Pagan's have if he's in office!
As one political commentator said on CH 13 when he referred to George W, "He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer." Is George W a puppet of the religious extreem?
So what do I do, feeling as I do? I thought of voting for Nader, but I have a problem with that too. I feel that vote for Nader is a vote taken from Gore. If Nader had a serious chance, it wouldn't be a problem, but we all know he doesn't. It's not really so much as a vote taken from Gore that bothers me, as it's also a vote for George W. Do I go in that booth, not vote for the presidential candidates, & vote deomcratic (religious freedom) in all else?

As A Registered Voter, I Intend To Vote For The Vilified George... Aug 12th. at 3:42:33 am EDT

the Reverend Rob (Pocatello, Idaho US) Age: 28 - Email

As a registered voter, I intend to vote for the vilified George W. Bush for president in the 2000 elections. As a proud firearms owner, I do not intend to vote for an individual such as Al Gore who is against my fundamental right to bear arms, which is even more important than the freedom of religion.

Without my firearms, I lack the ability to do something about my other rights being trampled, and any 'freedom of religion' is a hollow cry without the ability to back it up with a vote and a weapon.

Then again, I'm also not one to fall for the standard dogma associated with the "Christian majority." I've been an open pagan for 10 years, and experienced less hassle and harassment than many of my Christian friends and co-workers.

At the ame time, I find the continuing need to find enemies and create persecution in the pagan community absolutely sickening. In choosing to rally behind Gore and Leiberman at large, the pagan community is opening itself to a greater dishonest censorship masquerading as 'liberal values.'

Don't you remember what Clinton and Gore did to their promises to the gay community in the '92 election?

I won't be screwed again.

Hmmm... I Haven't Seen Anyone Voice Any Support For John Hagelin (reform... Aug 12th. at 2:58:57 am EDT

Lisa (Bloomington, Illinois US) Age: 26

Hmmm... I haven't seen anyone voice any support for John Hagelin (Reform Party Hopeful and Natural Law Party candidate) Don't go screaming in the other direction! Check this guy and his platform out and see what you think ( (He can't be all bad - he's working to boot Pat Buchanan from the Reform Party ticket and that's worth a Brownie point or two or ten in my book.) I understand that, in all likelihood a third party doesn't have a very good chance of sweeping the polls. However, a third party will NEVER have a very good chance of sweeping the polls if I wait to vote for it AFTER it has gained popularity. It's an interesting dilemma - do I vote for the candidate who I believe would work for my ( and the country's) best interest? Or do I vote for the person who is least likely to screw me over?

At any rate, it is most unfortunate to have to consider the importance of political involvement in regards to one's religion. But sometimes you have to play the game so you don't get stomped.

I am registered to vote and I plan to vote my conscience this time around. The last time I voted for the candidate who was least likely to do something stupid, I was utterly and totally disappointed. (Thanks for that stellar display of intelligence, Bill.)

Ya Gotta Vote For Al. But Then, Perhaps More Importantly, You Must... Aug 12th. at 12:21:21 am EDT

Iko (Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 36 - Email

ya gotta vote for Al. But then, perhaps more importantly, you must get involved. I would love to be able to vote for the Green Party - but the truth is that is just p***ing in the wind (you know I said peeeing - right? Being female that is pretty diffcult anyway, but I like the saying). The Republicans are doing their best to put on a pretty (read: not scary) show, but if we allow "W" to get his behind in the oval office, you will be fending off the fundies who want YOUR religion outta here about 30 seconds after Bill joins Hillary in New York. You will not only be fending them off you will be sitting in absolute disbelief that your new Prez AGREES that Wicca is not a religion, should have no protection, and perhaps can be outlawed. (I am not making this up - you can read it for yourselves - the quotes are out there and not too hard to find.) Yes, I would LOVE to vote for the Green party, to vote for beings who seem to REALLY care, BUT we cannot let our idealism get in the way of practicality (and perhaps survival). If we WANT a Green Party-esque candidate to actually have a shot at the White House WE must get involved. We MUST not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. We must find, support and then get elected such a person. That takes work (years and years of work) and the right candidate. I hate to say it, because I like the man, Nader will NEVER be that candidate. However, before we can do that we must first MAKE OUR VOTES COUNT. We cannot make our votes count if we vote ideologically for a candidate that has NO chance of winning. (All you have to remember is how Ross Perot got Bill elected by getting a good number of Republicans and independants to vote for him. Do you really want YOUR GREEN PRINCIPALS TO ELECT BOY GEORGE? -- Hey thats pretty cute... Boy George... no offense to the original meant). You have to remember the real face of Republicanism is the likes of Bob Barr. He represents the core, the 'Religious Right' foundation of the party - the Republicans have him hidden away at the moment because no matter how you dress him up he will never even come close to convincing anyone he is a "compassionate conservative." Remember, a vote for anybody other than Al Gore IN THIS ELECTION really will be a vote for likes of Bob Barr... think about it. Be afraid, be very afraid. VOTE!

There Is Only One Choice For Pagans And That Is Al Gore... Aug 11th. at 11:35:00 pm EDT

Walt Starr (Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 37 - Email

There is only one choice for Pagans and that is Al Gore. A vote for any other candidate will only serve to get George Shrubya Bush elected and end religious freedom and the seperation of church and state forever due to the Supreme Court nominations he is likely to make.

No third party stands any chance at all and the Green Party and Libertarians will only serve to suck votes away from the Democrats.

Realistically speaking, voting any other way than for the Democrats is the same as voting to put George Shrubya Bush in the white house.

I Am Leaning Towards Green Or Liberatarian. Green Because They Have A... Aug 11th. at 9:03:55 pm EDT

Stacey (Plymouth, Maine US) Age: 30 - Email

I am leaning towards Green or Liberatarian. Green because they have a better chance, Liberatarian because I'm for less government. I do think level of political involvement is important to pagans. I am registered to vote, I will vote Green or Liberatarian.

Ok, I Am Leaning Very Much Toward The Libertarian Party, Harry Browne... Aug 11th. at 7:52:37 pm EDT

Burnfingers (rural, Ohio US) Age: 25 - Email

Ok, I am leaning very much toward the Libertarian party, Harry Browne. With the two choices being George W(icca isn't a real religion) Bush/ Dick Cheney versus Al (identicle voting record to Cheney) Gore/Joe (and you thought Tipper Gore was pro censorship) Lieberman, we're going to have a president who is anti-pagan or anti free speech.

Yes, I do feel political involvement is imperative to pagans. Our voices must be heard on issues like the "Hang 10." While a petty part of me wishes to just refuse to vote, that would effectively be a vote in favor of BOTH abhorrent politicians. I am registered, WILL vote, and have very strong opinions on the subject.

Blessed Be

Greetings To All! I Would Have To Say That I Will Probably... Aug 11th. at 7:43:38 pm EDT

Mistress Madeline (Flower Mound, Texas US) Age: 21 - Email

Greetings to all!

I would have to say that I will probably not vote for any candidate because i believe that it should be about a religious preference all thou I am Pagan. I believe it should be about what they are going to bring to use as We, the people...I just plain out believe neither have anything to offer. I do think it is very important for Pagans to vote. If we didn't vote we might lose our one chance at justice for our religion. Also, justice for all religions to be free to believe in what suits each and every person out there. Neither candidate in the election is going to bring us that let less anything else but, that is my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own. As I end I would like to say that what ever religion you are don't judge those that are other at least the believe in something that may be out there. May the Lord and Lady be with you always, Mistress Madeline

This Year I Take Action Against A Party, Rather Than For Its... Aug 11th. at 7:33:33 pm EDT

Jolandra (Gaylord, Michigan US) Age: 21 - Email

This year I take action against a party, rather than for its rival. I would dearly love to vote for the Green Party, but unfortunately in realistic terms there is no chance of Ralph Nader actually going to the white house on that independent ticket, and it will draw votes away from Gore. Gore, while I wouldn't vote for him if I wasn't so seriously opposed to Bush, is the only barrier between us and the loss of decades worth of ground gained in the fight for religious freedom. I do applaud Gore's choice of a Jewish VP, whatever his motive was it was a good move socially and politically, and gives me much hope for the success of his campaign and his respect for religious diversity. Bush on the other hand, a second-generation political tool for oil companies and industrials, will never see religion and moral conduct in any terms but Christianity. I shall vote against Bush, and encourage anyone who wishes to keep Bush out of office to join forces and not let a divided front over the "other" parties put the religious reich in office....

There Are Many Problems With Both Parties' Platforms, And So I Find... Aug 11th. at 6:47:39 pm EDT

Ariel (Mill Valley, California US) Age: 39 - Email

There are many problems with both parties' platforms, and so I find myself voting more against Bush than for Gore. America seems to be overly concerned with issues of so-called "morality", and not concerned enough about the true state of affairs with the common person in these times. Religion has become a convenient excuse for bigots and hatemongers to spread their disease, and the uneducated and uninterested masses are swept up in that rhetoric. As witches, we are easy targets for the unscrupulous and rabid supporters of a patriarchal system that wore out it's welcome several centuries ago. I think it is imperative for us to stand up and be counted, and to use our various religious skills and tools to bring about the change that is sorely needed, and in my opinion, required as service to the Earth and the Goddess. Is Gore the vehicle for this type of radical change, I think not. However, I lost faith in either party, or our political system in general, long ago. I just feel that Gore is less dangerous than Bush, and that Bush is slimy, a true crook. Not to mention that his agenda is to reinstate the "glory years" of the conservative era, and that truly dismays me, as I do feel that we have gained some ground in the years since and would hate to go back to the dark ages, so to speak. I have not been registered for many years, due to my total disgust with the ineffectiveness of our political system, but have since come to realize that it is worse to abstain than to speak and not be heard. I am registered in the Green party.

I Will Vote Against Bush And Thus For Gore. More Than Likely... Aug 11th. at 6:18:45 pm EDT

Andrea Joy Spilholtz (Los Angeles, California US) Age: 39 - Email

I will vote against Bush and thus for Gore. More than likely the next president will appoint a few supreme justices and the idea of Bush, who has publicly stated that Wicca is not a religion, of being the person to appoint those justices scares me.

I firmly believe it is important for everyone to register and vote. Silence is taken as approval for the status-quo.

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