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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 59 - 9/11/2001

911 America: Talking Through The Terror...

Talking Through The Terror... And helping each other cope with the tragedies that struck at the very heart of the United States. The Witches Voice has opened up this forum in order that Pagans may express their thoughts on the terrorist attacks that took place in NYC and DC on September 11th. As the full realization of what happened and the toll numbers begin to come in, Americans have many challenges ahead.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? How are you feeling? Feel free to post any magickal workings or other support gatherings planned in your area.

WebNote 9/16/2001: Since we launched this on 911 this forum as become laced with powerful inspiration and critical information, feel free to use the search functions on your left to better define the info you are looking for. Search for your area, famous Pagans, key words etc. Also check Wren's Nest News for the latest news related to our community.

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Mmm - When I Say Amazon, I Mean, Obviously. You Can Get... Sep 12th. at 5:37:58 pm EDT

JF (Austin, Texas US) Age: 25

Mmm - when I say Amazon, I mean, obviously.

You can get to the disaster relief fund from their main page ( or by following this link:

I Was At First Stunned And Then Horrified At The Events Of... Sep 12th. at 5:36:00 pm EDT

Cheyenne (Flemington, New Jersey US) Age: 22 - Email

I was at first stunned and then horrified at the events of the last day and a half. Everyone in the world has, in some way, felt the reverberations of the explosions and heard the echos of our grieving hearts.
While this deplorable incident has saddened everyone and is heavy on our souls, I am gladdened, impressed, and overwhelmed by everyone's ability to pull together in this tragic time of need. I work at a hospital in New Jersey and we recieved over 2, 000 calls from individuals who wanted to help in some way, our blood bank was overwhelmed by an influx of eager doners, and staff members volunteered to pull long hours or come in unscheduled in order to help in any way. I am inspired by the bravery of our rescue workers and I pray that their strength and resolve is only matched by the determination of those that they are searching for. I am awed by the courage of the men on the plane, that crashed outside of Pittsberg, who sacrified themselves to overthrow the hijackers, saving countless lives at the planes intended destination. I can honestly say that in the midst of one of the darkest moments of our history as a country I have never been so proud to be an American or so proud and awed by my fellow citizens. United we stand and the Gods bless American.

It Seems As If Many Blood Banks Are Full And Cannot Accept... Sep 12th. at 5:35:49 pm EDT

JF (Austin, Texas US) Age: 25

It seems as if many blood banks are full and cannot accept any more blood (ours in Austin is like that) - hopefully if another call comes out for blood in a week or two, people will be as willing to donate.

In the meantime, Amazon has set up a way to donate to the disaster relief for the Red Cross - the fund has grown a hundred thousand dollars or more since I was first pointed towards it, about a half hour ago.

If you can and feel moved to, please donate.

Today Is Very Surreal. I Am Sitting At My Desk, At Work... Sep 12th. at 5:33:38 pm EDT

Ravenstar Moonchild (San Jose, California US) Age: 23 - Email

Today is very surreal. I am sitting at my desk, at work, with the sun shining in through the windows.

There have been moments when I have felt, "Ok, I can deal with this. I can get on with my life." And then I see or hear something that just breaks me. An american flag hung on a bridge over CA-101 on the way to work. Email in my inbox about how to donate money to the Red Cross. The song "Stuck in the moment" by U2 with news clips mixed in. All of these things make this day very hard.

I know we are supposed to just deal with what happened and get on with our lives, but there have been moments today when all I wanted to do is cry for what has happened, and for what will inevitably follow.

I want to cry for the anger in the hearts of my friends and relatives. I wanted to cry when I heard my younger brother say "I wish they'd give me a plane. I'd fly over there and kick their A$$es." Or when I heard my best friend say she was going to enlist as soon as we went to war.

Life as I knew it is over, and I want to just sit down and cry. I am currently across the country from most of those I care about, and I feel very alone. I do not want any more innocents to die, and yet I know that there is nothing I can do to stop that eventuality. I feel very helpless.

"The morning after,
everything looked the same.
The morning after,
everything had changed.
The morning after,
I saw innocence die.
The morning after,
I sat and wondered why.
The morning after,
We started to pick up the peices.
The morning after,
Life as we knew it ceases."

We will remember.
September 11th 2001.

I Stayed Home From My Classes Yesterday Morning Due To A Headache... Sep 12th. at 5:31:30 pm EDT

Jade Woulf (Columbia, South Carolina US) Age: 20 - Email

I stayed home from my classes yesterday morning due to a headache. Usually I know what triggers my headaches, of course I found out later on that the cause was due to the tragic event about to take place.

Around 10 o'clock in the morning I decide to change the channel from TLC to a local station to see what talk shows were being televised. What I saw will be forever etched in my mind as the most horrific event in my life. I saw the first tower of the World Trade Center collapsing. Then I heard the news journalist discussing the events. If I had been standing, I would have fallen to my knees as I watched the tower. When they showed the footage of the plane flying into the WTC, I thought that this was the end of the world.

I kept expecting to see the Lord and Lady walk across my television screen as possibly thousands upon thousands of people died right before my eyes. A part of me thought the horror was over, but I then learned about the Pentagon attack and the plane that crashed in Pittsburg.

Over the last two days the Lord and Lady have wept and I weep with Them. They will continue to weep for a long time as will all of America and most of the free world. The Earth is in pain and cries out in anguish as perhaps several thousand men, women, and children were forced to cross over. The Lord and Lady will light the way for all of us in this dark time. This is not a time for us to question our faith, but to embrace it no matter what our beliefs may be.

I attend the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. Our school group is known as USC W.I.C.C.A. We are very small, but we are growing. We held a healing circle last night on the Horshoe around the Maxcy Statue. We sent a very powerful cone of power last night to New York to combat the negative energy there and to aid the rescue workers, clergy of different faiths counseling friends and family of victims, and those that may still be trapped. We also sent wisdom to the officials in the White House so that they may make informed and wise decisions on how to deal with this dark situation.

We welcome all faiths and traditions to join us as we try to comprehend this tragedy. There will definitely be more cirlces and I will post the times and locations for all Pagans and others in South Carolina that are interested in joining us. Our regular meetings are every Monday night (except for school holidays) in the Witten Room on the third floor of the Russell House at 7:45 pm. This semester we are conducting a "Wicca 101" series which discusses different aspects of Wicca. We are seeking to dispel myths and misconceptions about the Pagan religions. Whether or not we will suspend our series in order to discuss this tragedy and to form more healing circles remains to be seen. Feel free to contact me at the e-mail address that I will list below if you wish to know more about USC W.I.C.C.A. or if you simply wish to talk.

I Wrote This And Originally Posted It To A Forum On Sj... Sep 12th. at 5:21:00 pm EDT

Allison E. Kaese (Frederick, Maryland US) Age: 38 - Email

I wrote this and originally posted it to a forum on SJ Games Pyramid.

I think it does equally well here.

Copyright 2001 Allison E. Kaese, Mystic Station Designs, LLC
Permission granted to re-post as long as this disclaimer
is attached.


The Pillars of Knowledge and Prosperity that guard
The Lady in her Harbor Cauldron have been destroyed.

The wards guarding that which lies within the Pentagon
have been weakened, but still are not unbroken.

But the ties that bind the country have been strengthened
Though I fear mostly by anger and not as much by love.

Emergencies and Peace, Loving ties between husband and Wife
have been sacrificed in the name of what is still unknown.

But still as a man from the stars once said -
"When things are at their worst, you are at your best"

Stranger lifts stranger to home and garners new friend
Respect renews for those who are forgotten, despised heroes

Blood sacrifices are made to combat those that were taken
outpourings of time and money to help find that which was lost

and now the ties strengthen as the hours of despair lengthen
this time through that greatest love, of Man for his brother.

Explanations are available if needed - comments welcome

It's Only Been A Day And Already I've Been Through So Many... Sep 12th. at 5:19:44 pm EDT

Willow (Boiceville, New York US) Age: 17 - Email

It's only been a day and already I've been through so many emotions. First, I was a little unnerved, but it didn't sink in, like "Oh, wow, really?". Then I was afraid, mainly because I live so close to NYC and the Resevoir. Anything that sounded like a plane made me flinch. We were taken to our school's library to watch the news unfolding, and I was in such shock and I felt so sad. I tried hard not to cry. Today I actually saw footage of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center, and it is truly the most disturbing, horrifying thing I have ever seen, and Goddess knows I've seen some sights. The sounds of the people screaming; and the survivors and rescuers talking about how they could hear people screaming "Help me", but they couldn't see them; there was nothing they could do, they couldn't help them. A reporter said "There are people falling off of buildings and they are seeing death all around them"- I will never forget that quote.

It still seems so surreal, and I can't fully comprehend the magnitude, as in the way it will affect us as a nation. I'm scared to death that we may go to war; 90% of my friends are old enough to be drafted. Some of my classmates have not heard from relatives who were there yet; luckily I don't have any relatives living down there. I do have two friends that just moved to NYC, and I'm sure they're ok, but what if they're not? I remember doing the math to myself in the library: "800 beds (in the hospital). 10, 000 people per day in the World Trade Center on average. Hundreds of rescuers in the building when it collapsed". I just can't believe that this has happened. I keep hearing the line in my head from Rosemary's Baby: "This is no dream, this is really happening!". It is so sickening and so sad, that so many lives were lost, so many people injured, innocent people. New York City looks like it's been through a Holocaust. Everyone in my school walked around like zombies. This hasn't just affected the people immediately involved, and sometimes I feel guilty for being so upset when I wasn't really involved. But it's my country, and my state. And the scariest thing is, there's no way to repair the damage that's been done. Even if we catch the people who did it, put them jail, kill them, or whatever, it's not going to make anyone feel any better, at least not for very long. The emptiness will be waiting for us when we get off the high of vengeance. My dad came home from work yesterday and told us that people are going out and beating up anyone who looks Arab. His coworker said, "What we need to do is get ourselves some baseball bats, get in the car and go hunt down those goddamn Habibs [that's a derogatory term some people use for Arabs around here. I don't know if it's used elsewhere]". It's just devastated so many people, that they will resort to blindly striking out at anything or anyone that could be responsible, just to escape the pain.

I remember Oklahoma City. I remember the Unabomber. I remember Columbine. And I will never forget what happened yesterday; I will never forget the people screaming in terror as those planes hit, and people covered in soot and in complete shock. And the children in other countries dancing merrily because of it. They were given candy in celebration of thousands of people dying, thousands injured, and millions in shock and horror. I will never forget the way my classmates looked when we were watching it all unfold on the news. After this, I never want to get in any stupid, petty fights with any of them ever again; it seems so ridiculous now, to bicker over who has the better outfit, or who so-and-so is hanging out with, or who's a poseur. It makes me feel like such an idiot. Why constantly tear each other down? We share our school, our town, our state, our country. What if we all went to war remembering only the nasty things we've said to one another? It's a hideous thought.

So, sorry that this is so long and rambling. I hope everyone reading this is ok, and their families and friends are safe. May the Lord and Lady protect and heal us all.

I Keep Seeing People Mentioning Soaring Gas Prices - Never Underestimate The Power... Sep 12th. at 5:18:13 pm EDT

Lasairchroide (Cedar Rapids, Iowa US) Age: 36

I keep seeing people mentioning soaring gas prices - never underestimate the power of greed.

The state of Iowa has set up a hotline for people to report any and all price gauging by gas stations, and has stated that there is absolutely no gas shortage. Encourage your state officials to do the same. It's working in Iowa - we've got gas at between $1.65 and $1.84 here in Cedar Rapids.

To quickly throw my 2 cents worth in about retribution - we don't have a choice about that - it's in the works NOW. It's possible that the military are already on their way (a la Desert Storm). Our government has made it pretty clear how they plan to respond - leave them to it and move on with the healing work for those who are suffering as well as those who are about to suffer.

The other thing is that we need to be watching like hawks to make sure our civil liberties are not casualties of this war. Question EVERYTHING.

Above all, be SAFE.

I Am Horrified.. Scared, Saddened.. I Took For Granted The Safety Of... Sep 12th. at 4:52:59 pm EDT

AradiaMoon (Milton, Florida US) Age: 19

I am horrified.. scared, saddened.. I took for granted the safety of our country. I never expected that anything like this would happen to us. This is the kind of thing that is supposed to be read about in history books, like the JFK assasination, or the Holocaust. It isn't supposed to be seen on live tv.. I am scared of what this could mean for our wonderful country.. many expect a depression. Gas prices have gone up to five dollars a gallon in the midwest, and prices have also gone up where I live in the panhandle of Florida. No one should have to live in fear like this. I cannot believe the.. lack of humanity that was demonstrated just a day ago. It was cruel, to say the least... I don't know what else to say.. I have so much more, yet I cannot put it into words.. the anguish, the pain, the tragedy, the fear that the entire country is feeling. I pray that we do not get into war.. that is my worst nightmare, a nuclear war. Goddess forbid anything like that should happen. )o(

Yesterday Morning In Manhattan On The Upper East Side, The Morning Was... Sep 12th. at 4:40:42 pm EDT

Denise Ann (New York City, New York US) Age: 33

Yesterday morning in Manhattan on the Upper East Side, the morning was brightly lit by the Sun blazing in a summer-blue sky. The humidity was light and the breeze pleasant. I was laughing and joking with my coworkers. The day was so normal.

Then my friend called me up to tell me what she was watching on the news in her financial office. A plane crashed into one of the twin towers. She told me there was a gaping hole with flames flashing and smoke billowing in thick black clouds into the serene sky. One of my coven sister said she thought, "oh that crazy drunk pilot". But then there was the other suicide crash and I knew that it was terrorists.

Their is fear and disbelief on the faces of otherwise stalwart New Yorkers. I just want to cry all the time with the pain I can feel coming from the sight and all around me. I could feel the wave of sorrow wash over me after the second plane hit.

The emails came in asking if I was alright. I heard about a friend of mine who worked on the 45th floor in one of the Towers and carried an injured coworker down 45 flights to safety.

I have such mixed feelings; I want justice, but the US, I feel, gets involed with others affairs in a very invasive way and now we have brought this home. In positive and negative ways, we are truly a global village.

People were living their lives and then they were blown up! The news reported the buildings "melted". The people were inside, did they melt too? Dust blowing through Manhattan (where I work) and over Brooklyn (where I live) is not just dust of the building material, but people. I'm sorry if this sounds gruesome, but it's not impossible. I want revenge for my shaken sense of security and the deaths of thousands of innocent people both on the ground, in the air and their friends and families.

I don't want escalated violence, but ... so many people. I just can't get beyond the pain. I cry at commercials, this is overwhleming.

Blessings of Peace and Protection to you all,
Shadowfolk Coven, NYC

S.o.s.!!i Am Speaking For A Few Witches Her In Australia. We... Sep 12th. at 4:38:04 pm EDT

Danny (Sydney) Age: 17 - Email

I am speaking for a few witches her in Australia. We are concerned for the state of the earth. If the American president declares war, it could quite possibly be WW3, which has been fortol by one of our kind to be the end of Earth and all life on it. We are gathering as many witches worldwide as possible to cast a peace spell on all concerned in the hope things will be sorted out by talk, not fighting. The time to cast it if you wish to do so is set at 9pm, Saturday, 15th september.
Please mail me at if you are able to help. Cantacting me is not required however.
Blessed be.

The Shock And Horror Is Unspeakable. I Pray To Great Lady And... Sep 12th. at 4:36:00 pm EDT

Tracey (Pacifica, California US) Age: 44 - Email

The shock and horror is unspeakable. I pray to Great Lady and Lord to comfort those in need and suffering, help the spirits of those crossing over in this sudden, violent manner. I Pray for wisdom and evenhandedness for our leaders. I pray that this brings us all closer together for the good of humanity and our Mother Earth. Tonight I will meet with my Magical Family and we will cast a circle for healing.

I also want to pray for the Arab/Islamic community is this country. They are too frequently targets for fear and anger generated by these acts of terror by extremists who look like they do. I called a local Islamic Community center to offer my support and received heartfelt thanks and we shared our horror at yesterday's devestating events.

Blessings on us all,


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