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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 101 - 3/3/2003

Have You Made Any Extra Security Preparations?

Faced with the potential threats of terrorism and/or war, many governments have asked their citizenry to ‘be prepared’. Have you stocked up on any items? Do you have a first aid kit? How’s your plastic to duct tape ratio?

Should you ever have to vacate your home and you could only take ten (10) items with you, what would these items be?

If you are trained in outdoor survival skills, medical emergencies or in other related areas, what advice can you share with us on how to be prepared in case the unthinkable does come to pass? What ten things do you think everyone should have on hand?

 Reponses:   There are 85 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

The Ten Days Of Bushfare Mar 4th. at 1:09:41 am EST

kamama (Planet Earth) Age: 1000 - Email

Where would we go and what would we carry?
Destination Classified
10 sawed off shotguns
9 k rations
8 saws for sawing
7 antibiotics
6 cases of water
5 hand grenades!
4 duck calls
3 cases of batteries
2 lap tops
1 and a radio or a portable tv

Here's My Banter Mar 4th. at 1:02:18 am EST

Moon (New York) Age: 41 - Email

First of all, I refuse to live in a state of perpetual fear and/or panic. I have not stocked up on the recommended items. I most likely should have some water, a first aid kit and batteries, flashlights, radio....but, I am not going out and buy a gasmask or duct tape or plastic.

If I ever was faced with leaving my home, I think I would refuse to do so. I am not sure. There would have to be a damned good reason for me to leave. But, these are the items I would take with photos (because they are not replaceable) , my 2 cats, my bottle of paxil, my bottle of patchouli oil, my Grandmother's wedding band, a case of diet coke, my cigs, and my son's father (because we have loved each other for 25 years) .

Remember Y2K??? Mar 3rd. at 10:30:56 pm EST

Dragon Lady (AZ) Age: 0 - Email

Nothing happened then - I myself never subscribed to the panic that ensued over this supposed "disaster." Nor will I fall prey to this one. No way in the Universe could I whittle a list down to only 10 items!

No, No Excessive Rolls Of Duct Tape Here.. Mar 3rd. at 9:29:29 pm EST

MoonOwl (Planet Earth) Age: 39 - Email

Thou I wish I had stock in 3M!!

Living in the South we are prepared for hurricanes therefore we do have a first-aid kit. We also have a few essentials. I refuse to panic. Thou a deep mountain cave does sound like a great option!!

Gosh Wren, 10 items....Assuming we are taking the car and not carrying these items, I would say water, food, bedding, radio, batteries, flashlight, matches, box of important papers w/extra paper & pencils, first-aid kit w/some bathing supplies tossed in and my jewlery box - gotta have items to barter!

We love camping and I'd like to think we could survive outside for some time if need be. I think we would be capable of taking care of some emergencies if we had to... At least I hope so. I imagine the hardest part is not panicking. To have a cool head under pressure. Thou a survial course might be a good idea. One can always use a refresher.

The only advice I would give is to not panic. I refuse to panic and I refuse to give up hope. What's meant to happen will. I can't stop it. Hopefully, I'll be able to get myself & family out of the way.

I'd advise myself to pick up certain stocks now that they are beyond cheap, but darn!! no extra money..Oh to have a few extra thousand dollars right about now...When the market rebounds there are going to be some very happy people. Wish I was one of em... oh well.. We may be strapped, but we are happy strapped people.. I keep trying to tell myself money's overrated anyway..

In hopes for a peaceful, prosperous, future eventually for all of our world!!

Goddess Bless!


Survival Preparation Mar 3rd. at 8:29:58 pm EST

Mica (FL) Age: 33 - Email

Aside from the basics other people mentioned, it is also pretty important to learn in advance some basic survival skills... how to build a shelter, how to build a fire, what kinds of local plants you could eat (and reiterating what someone else suggested about adding local herbology and medicinal/edible plant guides to the kit) . Knowledge of basic survival skills is lost on most westerners, unfortunately, and if, Goddess forbid, we ever find ourselves seriously attacked, most survivors would have it tough just figuring out what food is safe to eat.

The duct tape and plastic thing cracks me up. Living in hurricane land, I'd sooner board up the windows with screws and caulk than use duct tape!

Millionare! Mar 3rd. at 8:27:34 pm EST

Meenakshi (Missouri) Age: 20 - Email

When i first read this question, it reminded me of an episode of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" I chanced to watch. The guy was on his last lifeline, $50, 000, and Regis read off the question; During Cold war times, what were the instructions given to the people of the United States, in case of a nuclear attack?
Was it...
A. Run and Jump
B. Duck and cover
C. Run and hide or
D. Sit and spin.
Well, i thought to myself, if it IS a nuclear attack, there isn't much you can do about it now, you might as well sit and spin.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, make sure you live life every day with the attitude like you were going to die tomorrow. Make sure you can lie down in your bed each night and tell yourself, I have provided for my family, accomplished everything I can today, shown the world what kind of person I am and can be, and hey, You know what? If i die tomorrow, that's fine with me. I laugh when i see the people on T V smothering their houses with paper and tape. If they are that afraid of dying, It tells me that they've still got things left to do in this world, and don't want to leave it yet. my question is; shouldn't they be spending time actually DOING the things they want/ need to do instead of wasting time preventing something they might not be able to stop?
Blessed be,

Threat Mar 3rd. at 8:22:45 pm EST

Meryl (Connecticut) Age: 16 - Email

I have not prepared for the war. I live 10 min from New York City and 10 feet for the NY border. People would consider that dangerous, but as someone before said, if something really bad happens, I don't know if I would want to be alive to see it, escpecially if all my friends were killed. So far, though, I'm not very worried. I think the government has de-sensitized me to orange alerts because my area has been on it for many months, and nothing happened.

The Quick Answer... No! Mar 3rd. at 8:18:35 pm EST

Kro'dog (Caer Gloyw) Age: 35 - Email

The long answer is far more complicated.
We live not far from Britians central military communications centre.
I am a father, I have children to think about.
I don't think we are in any danger, though a very scary part of myself almost 'wants' us to be threatened. The people here are sooo removed from the war. But many can see the horror that could be unleashed on the people of Iraq.
But these people have suffered greatly already, many people around the world suffer. While we try to make ourselves even richer.
I think this is something we have created!
I say 'we' but I'd hate to associate myself with those greedy things that infect our society.
But my life style is by no means perfect.
I'm not afraid, I'm angry.

Unfinished Business Mar 3rd. at 7:45:21 pm EST

willow (ottawa) Age: 41 - Email

I've read the posts and understand where everyone is coming from. My partner and I had this discussion just last week. Interestingly, we do not feel the same threat as our American neighbours, however it truly is equally real here. I live in the nation's capital. I remember when i was a young girl in grade 5 my teacher saying during a science class, "If they ever drop a nuclear bomb in Montreal (1.5 hours away by car) , you had better duck".

I guess my thought is, if there IS such a disaster, do i really want to survive it??? I can hold up in my house with all the protection there is available, but sooner or later i'm going to HAVE to come out. Will there be anything out there to come out to? Will any and all water, food, etc be contaminated? h'mmmm i guess i'm a coward at heart and far prefer to go quickly.

All of this terrifies me in some ways. I had a dream a number of years ago where i was standing outside and i SAW a bomb fly overhead. All i could think of was, "Are my children safe?".. i was standing with my best friend and she started to panic.. and i remember turning to her and saying, "it's okay, it wont hurt and it will be fast".. and then standing facing the oncoming rush of heat .... I woke in a cold sweat...

There is no amount of preparation that i feel would make me safe. I'd only be prolonging the inevitable. Call me a pessimist.. i prefer to think of it as realism.. I dont want to prolong illness...

and to be honest, when watching the news and seeing the people with the plastic and duct tape.. well.. fill your boots, i found it amusing... sorry

my preparations currently are to be certain that when i go out the door to work, or my daughter leaves for school or to meet friends.. that i tell her every day that i love her.... THAT is what needs to be done... making sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.

In love and light

. Mar 3rd. at 7:29:44 pm EST

Sirafirinn (Ottawa, Ontario) Age: 15 - Email

Luckily, I'm canadian, but I do like to be prepared. I keep plant guides around (for my area) and I have several books on medicinal herbs that I would bring with me.
I would grab the bag of books I keep (my parents consider the interest in herbology as a "Witchy" thing, so I hide the books) ,
Grab all the birds, stuff em into their carriers (which I keep right by them in case of any emergency) and grab the sealed plastic food bin (which contains their bottled water) .
I'd take the dogs and their leashes.

That's one bag, one bin, two dogs & leashes, three carriers (one for finches, one for budgies and ***atiel and one for the homocidal quaker) , which is 7 items (the dogs and leashes only count as twop items) .
I'd add the hamster in her carrier. Sadly, I'd have to drop a two week (or month) food pellet in for the fish and leave them.
8 items...

I'd take my BoS and my journal besides that.

Gotta take care of the pets. I promised all of them when I got them that I would never leave them behind. The dogs can hunt for their own food and the birds can be provided for easily enough. The hamster as well (just gotta find what the local mice are eating) . :)

So, that's what I take.


Run Away! Mar 3rd. at 6:32:57 pm EST

Good Trinity (Glenwood Springs, Colorado) Age: 32 - Email

My best, and favorite, option would to be to hop on the next plane to New Zealand! That is, if planes are still flying around... Alternately, I'd head up into the mountains to find that food stash I buried for Y2K... There are many deep caves in our area that would also be good for cover. I know the stuff is great, but I really don't buy the idea that Duct Tape will save us. I was evacuated for our Forest Fires this summer, and my list of important items would be similar: camping gear, tools, the Dog, a radio, and a healthy stash of food and water. I also like the idea of being able to defend myself, in case my preparedness were to lure others. Whichever Way, I don't expect any advance notice.

Nothing Out Of The Ordinary . . . Mar 3rd. at 6:01:29 pm EST

Celticmoon (Oklahoma) Age: 54 - Email

We aren't doing anything that we haven't done over the years, except enlarge our stash of medical supplies. We live about 2 miles from an AFB, so we might need to haul @$$ quickly! BUT we would take the time to load dogs, cats, and horses. Horses don't need gas and are better than SUVs.

One of the most important items in our medical stash is colloidal silver, 500 ppm. At this strength, it is an excellent, all-purpose antibiotic, and has a shelf life of years. I have always stored food, blankets, candles, lanterns, etc.

I think the plastic and duct deal is hysterical!!! Needless to say, not stocking up on that.

Hopefully, we will never need our stash.

Blessings to all

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