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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 59 - 9/11/2001

911 America: Talking Through The Terror...

Talking Through The Terror... And helping each other cope with the tragedies that struck at the very heart of the United States. The Witches Voice has opened up this forum in order that Pagans may express their thoughts on the terrorist attacks that took place in NYC and DC on September 11th. As the full realization of what happened and the toll numbers begin to come in, Americans have many challenges ahead.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? How are you feeling? Feel free to post any magickal workings or other support gatherings planned in your area.

WebNote 9/16/2001: Since we launched this on 911 this forum as become laced with powerful inspiration and critical information, feel free to use the search functions on your left to better define the info you are looking for. Search for your area, famous Pagans, key words etc. Also check Wren's Nest News for the latest news related to our community.

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Yesterday Morning I Awoke At About 8:45 Am With A Feeling... Sep 12th. at 1:53:14 pm EDT

Brighid (Murfreesboro, Tennessee US) Age: 18 - Email

Yesterday morning I awoke at about 8:45 am with a feeling that something strange was going on. I woke up again about an hour later to get ready for classes. When I turned on the radio, I learned of the horror that had occured in New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon. I send bright blessings to all survivors, victims, and rescuers alike. I want to encourage everyone to donate blood, funds, or supplies and to keep sending out thoughts and love to everyone. Blesssed be America.

Hello All.i Cant Even Begin To Exspress The Things That Went... Sep 12th. at 1:52:13 pm EDT

Sarena (Gardiner, Maine US) Age: 18 - Email

Hello all.
I cant even begin to exspress the things that went through my mind when I walked into my school cafateria yesterday and saw so many kids surounding around the tv the school placed there last year. At first glance I assumed the smoke and destruction I was seeing was a bad local fire or some kind of war in another country. I was more then shocked when I read the Words Attack on America at the bottom of the screen. One of my friend walked up to me and told me what happened.

I spent the entire lunch and the rest of my class watching the events on tv. When I got home I remember walking in the door saying hello to my cats and setting on my bed. I dont think iv cryed that much in a long time. I keep asking myself why I cryed because I had no relatives or friends involved. It did not directly affect me but I still cryed and even today all I can think about are those people.

Iv prayed alot. At the momment that seems to be all I can do. I think this was a very large turning point for America, All of America. It made a intier country stop and look. Having friends that have recently joined the military I wonder like all the US what will happen next. My Father works recsue and he has informed me if needed he will go to New York as a volonter.
I pray to the Goddess for the friends and Family of the victims.

Blessed Be In Love and Hope, Sarena Ravencraft (Sarah )

Just Like Everybody Else We Here In Europe, Who Are Thousands Of... Sep 12th. at 1:51:56 pm EDT

Stephanie (Cologne) Age: 35

Just like everybody else we here in Europe, who are thousands of miles away, still feel the shock, disbelief, anger and dispair this horrifying attack as brought upon the world.

I still can't grasp what has happend and I dare not imagine, what this might mean in a longer perspective.

My only hope is, that world leaders and especially the President of the United States stay level-headed and weigh their actions against the consequences they might provoke.

"An eye for an eye!" is an understandable reaction in the first moments of shock, but let us prove we have a deeper respect for life and not rush into action still blinded by tears. There is no place for revenge in a civilized world.

The ones responsible for this terrible crime will be found and put to justice, but right now our help is needed by the people who have lost their friends and relatives. This is where we all should put our efforts.

My thoughts are with all the victims and their families!

This Is A Real Tragedy. I'm Not From America, But I Feel... Sep 12th. at 1:51:14 pm EDT

Dagmar (Zaandam, Netherlands) Age: 18

This is a real tragedy. I'm not from America, but i feel a deep sympathy for all of the americans. I cant understand how a small group people without a brain, were aible to create such chaos and total disbelieve and dispear. It deeply hurts me to see that a human live has no value at all to some people. I have only one word for that, sad! Deeply sad!
God bless al the braves people that are still working to rescue people from under the collapsed buildings and of course all the people who are under the building.

As I've Been Watching Over The Past Two Years As The Middle... Sep 12th. at 1:50:58 pm EDT

Caern (Coral Springs, Florida US) Age: 36 - Email

As I've been watching over the past two years as the Middle East peace process unravels, as Israeli hardliners have reversed many of the successes in this peace process, as Israel, backed by the United States, has taken an ever more brutally repressive and uncompromising stance with the Palestinians, many conflicting thoughts have been going through my mind.

One of my favorite works of fiction is Starhawk's 'The Fifth Sacred Thing'.
This book, and the ideas and lives portrayed in it challenged many of my fundamental principles about maintaining freedom in the modern world. I began to realize while reading this work that there was a war going on within me.

One of the forces within me struggles to understand, to accept the differences in others, to share love and life and respect...the blessings of the Gods.
The other force within me is fearful, hateful, vengeful and violent.

I've been struggling to reconcile these two parts of my psyche. To try and heal myself so that I may heal and teach others. I'm sorry, but I don't know if that is possible anymore.

I was in my car, driving back from dropping my son at school when the news reports of the first airliner strike on the World Trade Center came over the airwaves. At first the reports were disorganized and fuzzy on details. We all assumed it was some horrible accident. That something had gone horribly wrong with the aircraft or air traffic control. Then reports of the second plane hitting the south tower came through, and we all began to suspect the horrible truth: The United States was under attack. The third strike on the Pentagon confirmed our worst fears. The nightmare that has been discussed in quiet, hushed voices at dinner parties, in meetings, in living room conversations, in talk shows across the nation had finally come home to us. Terrorists had managed to use our own civilian aircraft against us, destroying one symbol of America, damaging another and killing or maiming thousands of our brothers and sisters. I stayed glued to news reports on TV throughout the rest of the day and night, stopping only when I could no longer keep my eyes open from fatigue.

How could someone perpetrate this evil act of destruction and murder? How was this possible?

Despite recent terrorist bombings in the US, and violence in our nation's schools, We have considered America uniquely immune to this magnitude of horror. Now we know, as the perpetrators of this act of incomprehensible murder now know, that America is NOT immune. No matter how much I wish, or pray or want to believe otherwise, I know that this is a beginning. More will come unless we take action to prevent it.

After witnessing the devastation and the horror of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon yesterday, and watching, horrified, as men, women and children in the Middle Eastern world cheered and congratulated each other on the suffering of thousands of Americans, I am filled with a deep sorrow and a burning rage. I want those who committed these atrocities, and those who support them in thought, word and deed to suffer! I want them to feel the loss of their loved-ones and their property and the symbols of their way of life!
I want them to grieve and beg THEIR gods for reprieve, as America now does!

My mind has hate, and fear, and a desire for vengeance and violence as much as the minds of those who committed these acts. But I also grieve when I see others hurt and killed. I didn't cheer when I learned that our forces during the Gulf War killed thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians. I grieved for their loss as much as I grieve for the loss of those in Washington D.C. and New York City. I doubt that the terrorists who organized the hijacking of those aircraft used in these attacks feel as I do. It is obvious that those people I saw cheering and waving the Palestinian flag do not feel as I do.

I just can't help but feel that if they were made to suffer, perhaps they'd shy from wishing such suffering on others whom they don't even know. As awful as that statement is for me to make, I know one thing: I would grieve their loss, too.

In The Wake Of Yesterdays Tragedies, It Leaves Me Wondering Why? There... Sep 12th. at 1:47:59 pm EDT

Reverend Mary Miller (Wixom, Michigan US) Age: 37 - Email

In the wake of yesterdays tragedies, It leaves me wondering why? There are a lot of why's about this. It took time out today to write my entire family and friends to let them know just how much that I love them and the relief that I felt when I found none of them struck by this tragedy. But my heart goes out to those who were. It unfortunately comes down to religious freedom. We all have had to fight that battle in this country as well as other countries, and leaves me wondering why? Why must life be lost and fighting occur for a religious belief? I live my life with the words, " It's not what faith that you have but that you have faith." As long as you keep the Goddess in your heart and know her love, does it really matter what other people keep in thier hearts? This tragedy was not caused by a religion, but a people that are obviously not comfortable in their own faith. If a person needs to impose thier beliefs in others, than to me they do not have faith. I give my life to my Gods and Goddesses, but in love, not hatred and anger. It is time for ALL the fighting to end. I condemn the actions yesterday as a lost people, not a faithful one. My lesson in all this is, my neighbor, as I walked by had said very loudly the other day, "and I will be in church". My first reaction was one of anger. Now, in light of what has happened, it is one of pity. I pity her that she cannot open her heart to true faith, because if she were truly faithful, she would not have felt the need to impose her faith on me. In my heart I keep the Goddess alive, and I will now do so in love. I will not feel anger when the baptist come to my door, I will feel pity that they feel the need to "witness" to others just to prove to themselves that they have faith in thier God. It is sad and pathetic, but it is what caused yesterdays tragedy. Lets not condemn the religion, but the people within it. They obviously have no faith, and I pity the person who cannot find the love in thier hearts to be able to have faith naturally in thier Gods. To the Goddess I dedicate my life in love of her gifts and of humanity..... My prayers and candles will be lit to those in need of healing from their loss. My candles will also be lit that the people realize the futility in thier actions. This tragedy happened because a religious faith believed that they had to so that their religion would be preserved, but all they did was prove how unfaithful that they really were. May our country learn a lesson from this. I keep my faith in my heart with the love that I feel from my Goddess. May she heal these ills, and bring a quick end to such a tragedy.......

Dear Friends, Though Anger, Rage, Disgust, And Hatred Are All Acceptable And... Sep 12th. at 1:39:37 pm EDT

Maeve (Boone, North Carolina US) Age: 0

Dear Friends,
Though anger, rage, disgust, and hatred are all acceptable and appropriate feelings after such a horrendous and pointless act of violence ending in the death and misery of so many innocents, I implore you to understand that these people. . . the perpetrators of such a heinous act, are people and susceptable to all of the same irrational and unwise emotions as we all are. Unfortunately, these people had the lack of empathy and lighness in their hearts that many of us have the fortune of possessing . Unfortunately, the U.S. has gotten itself into a holy war that has been going on for thousands and thousands of years. Some people are not so lucky that they have spiritualities based on love, understanding, and peace. Many are told their entire lives that they must fight and die for their religions and that anyone who opposes them is inhuman. I find this very upsetting. It takes an extreme amount of emotional alienation to commit the acts that were committed yesterday morning. These people have become the embodiement of hatred; it drives them. They live (and die) to hate and bestow misery upon those who oppose their political, social, and religious ideologies. So tell me. . . what becomes of us when we begin to walk on that same path? What will become of us when we let ourselves become the embodiment of hate, loathing, and violence, even if it's only against one group? The Milgrim study, done shortly after WWII and the holocost, sought to answer the question, "What makes an banal, familiy-oriented, loving, socially-adept, seemingly "normal", everyday individual commit such heinous acts against humanity?" The answer was frighteningly clear: individuals will commit acts far beyone their personal levels of immorality in the face of authoritarian pressure. Furthermore, when an individual sees another group of individuals as subhuman or even inhuman, the level of violence and desicration increases exponentially. My point, my sisters and brothers, is that vengeance will perpetuate the problem, not to mention rob us of our humanity, love, and empathy. It will help to harden our hearts and create a situation where these people become inhuman. . . just like we have to them. They bomb our cities for what seems to them like a perfectly justified reason (they were willing to die themselves). . . so we kill their innocents for what seems to us like a perfectly justified reason. Wow. . . this really gets them worked up. . . how dare we destroy their innocents after taking their holy lands? It's a horrible, hateful spiral, and as pagans, following the rule of "Harm None", we have no business perpetuating it or even prescribing it. If not for these sad, alienated, misguided, hate-consumed people or their potentially innocent families and neighbors, then for yourselves, your family, your loved ones. . . please let go of the hate and misery. Please don't succumb to the alienation that the blackness in your heart causes. Find comfort in your gods, your goddesses, the force, the universe. . . all will work out in the end. May you find the courage to love in the midst of hatred. May you find the light of peace through the darkness.

Much love to you all, my beautiful, strong brothers and sisters. . .
Peace & Balance. . .

Raven Hair Day I Woke Up To Day Still Why A Sad... Sep 12th. at 1:32:29 pm EDT

Sonya Skelton AKA Raven Hair (Philadelphie, Pennsylvania US) Age: 31 - Email

Raven Hair
Day I woke up to day still why a sad

heart and pleant of leaf ovre rage.
So to day here in Phila is Wodintag.

I am going to spend my day sending

out so healing runes and kill some

demons that still harm our land.

And i wish we can all send protection

light, enregy, or runes to our Amrican,

Arab sisters and bothers.

To keep them safe from hate during

this time of recovery.

love and lots of mead

Merry Meet To Pagans In Us And All Around The World:i... Sep 12th. at 1:32:13 pm EDT

HawkDance (Singapore, Singapore) Age: 18

Merry meet to pagans in US and all around the world:

I am a Pagan living in Singapore. When I first seen the news of the terrorist attacks, I was watching my tv. I immediately switched the channel to CNN and BCC to find out what was going on. I thought that it was a mere plane crash that was caused by a reckless pilot.

I was shock by what I see on the tv. The newstation repeatedly playback video footage of the two planes that crashed into the twin towers of US WTC. The screams of my fellow brothers and sisters, not just Americans. What shocked me the most was that they were caused by terrorists. The question flashed across my mind, "Why did they do such a thing!".

I insist that this is a horrendous act that could be prevented through them not thinking of such a well planned attack, which is through the usage of civilian air planes as guided missiles. Civilian air planes with human passengers in them. A few of them called their loved ones to pass on their final messages to their family members.

This is a tragic story. Then they smashed it against the buildings. Not one plane but two! These terrorists must have conviniently ruled out the fact that those people in the buildings were humans like they are.

I immediately logged on to my Internet to find out about the well-being of my Pagan friends in the US. Luckily they were alright. Even though they were alrite, my heart hurts when I continuously see the video footage of the planes crashing into the WTC building at different angles. The particular footage shown on CNN shook my spirit. This is not suicide! This is mass murder.

Then palestanians are shown dancing on the streets rejoicing over what they considered as an act of GOD's Will. Children are dancing raising their country's flag. Showing their victorious expression. I know that many would be feeling hatred boiling up like the hot lava in a ready to explode volcano. Some may be thinking, "If I were there I would shoot them down one by one!" Well my response to it is that their lives are just as worth as those living in the buildings. They only express the feelings of what they have kept locked up deep down inside their heart.

The only one thing that matters now is the culprit that must be sniggering over is so called "victorious" acts. The government should do all it can to apprehend this scrupulous and despicable person so that he may be legally charged with what he had done and that such an act would and must not be repeated. Again, there is nothing much that he can do to heal and return back what he had caused. His death cannot be balanced with the deaths of thousands of innocent fellow humans.

I as a civilised human, feel the pain of a knife stabbing through my heart. I cried out loud each time the scene flash across the screen. I send my prayer to those that have unknowingly lost their loved ones in a flash of light. My spirit, mind and healing love goes out to you to give you strength to face what you have gone through. This attack remains a scar that would be remembered by the US and all its citizens about what had happened on this horrendous day. This scar that would never heal but would leave a painful mark on the history of its people.

I once again would like to ask those around the globe to help all they can to help heal this painful stab in the heart of many. You may want to give unconditional healing energies to those that are hurt and love to those that have left these world. Physically, please go to the nearest blood donation centre to donate blood to those that may need it.

I also would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to those firefighters and policemen that had efficiently helped people out and my condolences to those that had lost their colleagues and partners when the building collasped. I am proud that humanity is still burning bright in many hearts.

Gravest Condolences and Blessings to all,

Earlier I Sent A Nostradamus Article From My Father In Law. I... Sep 12th. at 1:31:41 pm EDT

Amuia (Aiea, Hawaii US) Age: 28 - Email

Earlier I sent a Nostradamus article from my Father in Law. I just saw a website that says that it did not come from him. It seems that even in the wake of this tradedy, the gloom and doomers have no shame.

Sorry to cause a stir.

Magickal Workings Going On Currently To Help:1) A Friend Who Lives... Sep 12th. at 1:29:15 pm EDT

Daven (Nashville, Tennessee US) Age: 33 - Email

Magickal workings going on currently to help:

1) A friend who lives in Amboy NJ, just 24 miles from the tragedy in NYC, said that she needs the help of all the Pagans in the world who have any experience with magickal workings, and specifically shielding, to help build a thoughtform to protect the United States from further attacks like this. She would like to build it from coast to coast and protecting all the places where we have our citizens. It is to keep the Americans safe from further attacks of this nature.

2) I would like to ask all those who have experience working on the Astral plane to help me and a few others in sending those souls who died without knowing about it on to the Summerlands. Mostly it is simply getting them to realize they are dead and it's time to move on, but in some cases it is healing their souls from the injuries recieved before helping them to go on. There are many in the disaster zones that are traumatized and disoriented and who died without knowing what happened who need this help.

3) This is another magickal working I recieved:


People, In addition to everyone's private efforts occuring throughout the day, I am calling for a major coordination of an Act of Magick on behalf of this crisis to take place TONIGHT at Midnight, U.S. Eastern (New York/Washington D.C.)Time, 11p.m. Central time, 10p.m. Mountain Time, 9p.m. Pacific time and 5a.m in Great Britain and Western Europe. All who can please gather in your temples, living rooms, sacred groves and by your nearest power spot to send energy to this situation. If your heart directs you to, please CONTINUE this Act of Magick for Nine Nights - I feel strongly that our country's leadership will direct the country towards wholesale warfare; this Act of Magick will be both healing and prophylactic. The goals as I see it that we should focus on as a bare minimum should be:

* Safety and Healing, both for individuals and our piece of Gaia - and Herself as a whole

* Reinforcement of our personal and national shields

* A STRONG thread of Peace and Calming directed within our own borders as well as towards the Attackers

* A prayer for clarity and equanimity to prevail

* A STRONG thread directed to our country's leaders NOT to consider War as an option and good vibes sent to our people in the military

However your customs, traditions and spirit tell you to combine any or all of these issues (or others you may come up with) and proceed, please do so. The important thing is that we coordinate our energies at the same time and keep the wave going as long as we can - Nine Days is the ancient prescription for such crises.

4) Finally, I would ask those who are into Magickal Workings of any kind NOT TO do any rituals for vengance or attack or any kind of retribution. Our own government will find the perpetrators and take care of them. The sidebar by Isaac is correct, we need to focus our attention on helping those who were the victims FIRST, then on protecting those who will be going into harm's way on this matter. We do NOT need to precipitate any violent action on this issue, not even bringing home the consequences to those who are responsible. There will be time enough for that later. Focus your energies first on HEALING, second on PROTECTION and lastly on vengance.

As I Read Through The Postings On This Site, My Reaction To... Sep 12th. at 1:26:47 pm EDT

O'shee-ana (London, Ohio US) Age: 38

As I read through the postings on this site, my reaction to yesterday mirrors others. Disbelief, shock, dismay, and yes, anger. For the terrorists to involve the innocents on those planes in their plan makes me furious. This type of "suicide" is not noble. I ask that the strength of my Lord and the comfort of my Lady go to all involved, whether they were in the fated planes, the buildings or on the ground. May their last thoughts be of peace and love. And I ask that the same blessings go to the rescue workers, medical personnel, our government and others affected in days ahead.
Another source of my writing is the independent gas station owners. Although prices in my area remain lower than other reports, we still saw a 30 cent raise overnight. According to all reports, there is NO gasoline shortage! Must we suffer a rape from outside sources and be raped again by our own people?

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