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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 59 - 9/11/2001

911 America: Talking Through The Terror...

Talking Through The Terror... And helping each other cope with the tragedies that struck at the very heart of the United States. The Witches Voice has opened up this forum in order that Pagans may express their thoughts on the terrorist attacks that took place in NYC and DC on September 11th. As the full realization of what happened and the toll numbers begin to come in, Americans have many challenges ahead.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? How are you feeling? Feel free to post any magickal workings or other support gatherings planned in your area.

WebNote 9/16/2001: Since we launched this on 911 this forum as become laced with powerful inspiration and critical information, feel free to use the search functions on your left to better define the info you are looking for. Search for your area, famous Pagans, key words etc. Also check Wren's Nest News for the latest news related to our community.

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I Am Hurt For All Of The Lives Lost.however I'm Not Surprized... Sep 12th. at 1:24:07 pm EDT

V_Huntress_D (Lakewood, Washington US) Age: 33 - Email

I am hurt for all of the lives lost.However I'm not surprized to see this happen.We as a nation have been living under the delusion that this would not happen to us . Then after Oklahoma it showed us that terrorism can happen but that was our own people we were able to tell ourselves . This is a tragic baptism into what the rest of the world goes through . It's time to take what we learned yesterday and gain strength and wisdom from this .I myself am going to up my white light protection barrier and fill it with as much protection as I can , and I am going to be more wary more so than I already am .

I also agree that please go to the Red Cross or your local hospital or blood bank donate .Also like with what we did when 2000 came make sure your stocked up on food and seeds and some means of protecting yourselves because this planet is crazy. I love Mother Earth but others don't seem to share that emotion these days.

I Do Hope That We Don't Judge Any Group Of People.i... Sep 12th. at 1:23:44 pm EDT

Bel (Maiden, North Carolina US) Age: 30

I do hope that we don't judge any group of people.
I share the sadness as well as the anger.
But what i'm seeing is that the Americans where I live wish
To attack American Citizens who are Muslims.
Everyone here(at knows what it is
to have people judge us as a whole.
Like the Witch trials I see so much Chaos and people in public wanting
death for a whole group of people who they see as evil.
I see nothing good that can come from this.
nobody wins

I Am Afraid. I Have The Sinking Suspicion We Will Be Going... Sep 12th. at 1:12:36 pm EDT

Clover Marie EarthFire (San Diego, California US) Age: 18 - Email

I am afraid. I have the sinking suspicion we will be going to war soon. And that scares me. I have made a decision on something. I fear our country will nto only go to war but it will be a large war. And if so they will probably call for people to join the armed forces so they don't have to start drafts. I have made the decision that if it gets to that point I will sign myself up. Not because I want tp, I am very afraid of war and I don't know if I could handle it. But I have younger siblings... I want them to grow up in a country that is safe and for them to lead normal lives. I want them to grow up and have families and not fear these things. And for them I would go and fight. For them and all children. The thing that hit me so much yesterday was what the other secretary here at work said. She is six months pregnant and looked at me with fear and sadness in her eyes and said "I am bringing a child into all of this."

I found out about all of this after driving my brother to school. I dropped him off and turned on the radio and heard the news. I reached my college and went into the commons to watch TV before class. And saw what was happening. At that time neither tower had fallen, but both were hit. I was freaking out. I asked everyone around me what the status on the Pentagon was. No one could give me information. I needed to know about the pentagon, my uncle works there. The news never talked about it except breifly. I spent the next two hours in class worrying. I got to work and immediatly started calling DC. Phone lines are down, lines are full, lines out of service. All I received was recorded messages telling me I couldn't get through. Phone lines are down from California to much of the East Coast. I was finally able to get a chain of phone calls (San Diego, Ca to San Jose, CA. San Jose, Ca to Boston, Mass. Bostoon, Mass to DC) to start to get information. I found out that my uncle was on leave yesterday, and therefore not in the pentagon. Though they are still waiting on information regarding many friends. My second worry of the day was my uncle in Boston. He takes the flight from Boston to LA very often. But through this chain of phone calls I found that he was not on a buisness trip this week and therefore not on a plane. I still only feel a little comfort knowing that.

Last night I went home and let and candle burn all through the night. A white candle covered in sacred oils. A candle of remembrence and reminders. I will continue to do this every night for a week. And every year on the same day.

September 11th, 2001. Let us not forget the beginning.

Clover Marie EarthFire

Perhaps The Best I Could Contribute Is My Wiccan Community's Outreaching Response... Sep 12th. at 1:11:55 pm EDT

Vindos Circlestar (Winchester, Virginia US) Age: 45 - Email

Perhaps the best I could contribute is my Wiccan community's outreaching response to what happened. It has done some good so far. Perhaps the same thing elsewhere will help others.

More than anything, I thought the first thing that was needed was to calm everyone down as much as possible. I was at work in my office in northern Virginia when we got the news, first from New York and then from D.C., barely 10 miles away. Needless to say, I watched as things got rather tense for me and my coworkers, with everyone glued to a radio or television. Getting work done was impossible. It occurred to me that I might be able to help, however subtly.

First, I switched for the day from drinking coffee to drinking herb tea. I had mint and chamomile available. I then centered myself and started projecting calmness and clearheadedness, hoping to forestall any hysteria. It seemed to work. The office quieted a bit, although it became more pronounced as people started to head home early when our employer offered it.

I then shared my idea with my local Wicca community--mostly in Maryland--by e-mail. I suggested that everyone who could light their altars and blanket the region with the same calm and clear-headedness I had used. I also suggested that those who had no altar handy light theirs by visualizing it, if they could do so conveniently.

The response from my community was immediate. At our elders' word, temples were kept open all night for those in need of solace. Word went out, too, for the rest of us to keep our altars lit all night, or as long as we could without risking fire danger. From the news media, I would say we were successful. We certainly didn't hurt anything.

I plan to keep on doing the same thing. I believe my local brothers and sisters do, too. I feel the best thing I can do involves the healing process, slow though it may be ultimately. I don't not feel compelled right now to seek out whoever was responsible for what happened. Competent authorites are already doing that. Even if they weren't, there is karma. Those who caused the disasters have invoked a great deal of nasty karmic on themselves, payment for which will come due sometime. They won't escape that even in death. For now, there are those who grieve to be comforted, those injured to be healed, and those slain to be helped on their to wherever they're going. Let those be the ones we think of first.

The World Cryed Out In Pain. Here In Florida, Geographically Far From... Sep 12th. at 1:11:32 pm EDT

Scott (sebastian, Florida US) Age: 19 - Email

The world cryed out in pain. Here in Florida, geographically far from the tragedy, I still feel the fear, anger, and sadness that is radiating from the northern states right now. I cryed when I saw the plane hit. I cryed when I saw the towers fall. I cry even now as I write this. The Earth cries as well, for it feels the pain of these devistaing attacks. The Earth feels the misery that is eminating from New York and Washington D.C.. I just want to give my heart fealt condolences to all those directly effected.

Http:// Please Ya'll, Take The Time Today... Sep 12th. at 1:11:04 pm EDT

Steve Bradbury (Gainesville , Florida US) Age: 45 Please ya'll, take the time today to copy paste this URL into your browser-and visit this site. This was sent to me by a friend in NYC, and as one who has a family member not yet accounted for at the WTC- I am not ashamed to say that when I saw this tribute I had tears running down my face.

Also, tomorrow, Thursday at 10:30 PM there is a nationwide candle lighting for Unity, I will copy /paste the letter I recieved-please take the time out of your busy schedules to join in this!!! Light a Candle for Unity!

Thanks , and Blessings to everyone touched by this senseless act of terrorism. Steve @ BLack Hawk Creations


--LIGHT A CANDLE FOR UNITY-- Though terrorists may have struck out at us as Americans, let us come together and show our unity.Let us show that though our arm may have been hurt, they cannot dim the heart of America, or us as a people which even now ...Still burns Brightly!!

On Thursday, September 13, 2001, at 10:30 PM EST, walk out your door and light a candle or lantern to show the world that our spirit burns bright. Gather with loved ones or gather with neighbors but let our light burn in the night to show that we are united and that we remain strong.

Please pass this on to anyone you know..print it up and pass it to neighbors who may not have Internet access, post it to message boards, clubs, news stations, anywhere and everywhere there is a PROUD American!


Yesterday Started Out Normally Enough. My Husband James And I Are Both... Sep 12th. at 1:10:11 pm EDT

Amanda (Hagerstown, Maryland US) Age: 27 - Email

Yesterday started out normally enough. My husband James and I are both security guards, and our assignment was to operate roadblocks at Fort Ritchie while the Army removed buried ordnance there. The weather was beautiful, and all was right with our world.
We got a rude awakening soon enough. James radioed to me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, and followed that up with regular radio updates about the news as it unfolded. Everybody else was doing the same thing for a while, and the digging even came to a halt at one point due to someone turning the radio in their truck up full blast so we could all hear it. I still couldn't hear much due to the distance from my post, and my alphanumeric pager wasn't picking up anything except gibberish due to mountain interference, so when the army guys told us to quit talking so much on the radios, I was a little bit annoyed at them! However, work kept stopping at that point due to us needing to open the roads for the servicemen coming and going, so when the Corps of Engineers stopped ordered the base to stop work, it was just as well. We hightailed it back home, only to receive word that all emergency personnel (we're both volunteer firefighters) were to report to their stations ASAP. Off to the firehouse.
WE didn't get much in the way of normal chores done there, and the atmosphere was bizarre. Normally there's a lot of conversation, work being done, joking around, and generally goofing off. Not today. All of us were glued to the TV set watching the news reports and flipping from one channel to another. I felt horrified and sick at the same time, and when I saw the damage to the Pentagon, that made it even worse. My parents still live in the DC-Metro area, so I was worried about how they were holding up. Then I heard about the plane crash near Pittsburgh, and that made it even worse for me, as my sister lives in that city (I called them all later, and they're OK, thank Goddess). I was numb and in shock, especially when I heard how many of my brothers and sisters in the fire/rescue family died in the collapses.
When we got home, I held ritual at my altar that night, lighting a candle for the civilian victims, a candle for the fallen firefighters, and black and white candles to help purge the negativity in this country and heal our nation. I will keep doing this each night for as long as I can. May the Goddess help our nation heal from this act of pure evil and hatred!
I don't know if we're going to help at the scenes or not yet. The county has said that any fire company interested in sending personnel to either disaster can contact them about it, but we haven't heard anything from our firehouse yet. I'm still numb about it, and turning the TV on isn't helping. I've been grounding and centering every day, but the negative energy that's all around isn't helping me one bit. Hard to be an empath sometimes.... I wish I could cry, but I can't. I want to, but I've got to be strong. I still have to help the people in my community in a firefighting capacity.
If anyone knows of any gatherings or rituals are being planned in or near Hagerstown, please let me know! If I ever needed a shoulder to lean on, I do now!
Please send whatever healing energy you can towards our nation, and pray to the Goddess that my brother and sister firefighters will find more survivors. May the spirits of those who died be reborn into a world where their lives will not be ruthlessly cut short by such a hideous act of senseless evil!

Goddess Bless.

I Have Family Right Where The Planes Hit In Nyc. I Just... Sep 12th. at 12:57:11 pm EDT

Solaris (South Charleston, West Virginia US) Age: 26 - Email

I have family right where the planes hit in NYC. I just found out they are ok, thank the gods. But there are those who have lost family and friends forever. Some of these people suffered while they died. Some are still trapped, and may not survive to be rescued - again, suffering, not knowing whether or not they will get out in time. And this terrible act deserves retaliation. We can preach peace as much as we want about being peaceful and rising above violence, etc., AD NASEUM, but the fact of the matter is that the inhuman monsters that did this do not think logically or rationally. They are governed by hate, and are consumed with hate. The only thing they will understand is their loved ones dying in return, their cities destroyed, their lives thrown into chaos. Unfortunately, in this day, age and reality, war must be fought to maintain peace. If we don't strike back, we will then be seen as an easy target, and that will merely open us up for more of the same kind, or worse, acts of violence. This is the way the world works, and to survive, we need to act accordingly.


My Husband Is A Schoolteacher In Md. All The Schools Were Let... Sep 12th. at 12:51:13 pm EDT

Kathleen (Delta, Pennsylvania US) Age: 35 - Email

My husband is a schoolteacher in Md. All the schools were let out early yesterday in response to this tragedy. Gods! He has never hugged me so tight!

Parents. Mothers. Love your children. Hold them close. We never know for how long we have our loved ones. PLEASE! Teach your children not to hate. We can break this cycle with them.

I understand the anger many must feel. Revenge, though, is pointless. And it is what they expect. Turn your anger towards finding the REAL criminals in this, not who everyone BELIEVES the real criminal is. If you continue with your lives as normal, you will still be fighting them. Because that's not what they expect.
As soon as they stepped on that plane, they enacted the great will of Karma. And no one escapes Karma. Be patient. Retribution IS coming for them.

I implore all pagans to help with the relief efforts no matter how small and inconsiquential they may be. Light a candle. Pray to your dieties. It may seem to be just one small drop in a huge bucket but all those drops will add up to a torrent of love and support. I also ask that many with sympathies for animals concentrate their energies on those brave dogs hunting for the survivors. They are the only ones who can tell us if there are people under all that rubble and wether they are dead or alive. They have an important job to do so help them if you can.

Those people who can also do Reiki should concentrate their gifts, whatever level, in helping the rescuers. Every little bit will help.

I will pray to Epona to help. May she bring healing on hooves swift as lightning, may she carry the spirits of those departed safely to the Summerlands, and may she offer comfort to those left behind with warm, sympathetic, nickers.

May all the Gods and Goddesses bless, keep and guard you in the days to come.

Devon, Maid of Epona

Wednesday Morningwitchvox Was The First Site I Accessed Yesterday. I Live... Sep 12th. at 12:45:57 pm EDT

Magpie (Boulder, Colorado US) Age: 38 - Email

Wednesday morning

Witchvox was the first site I accessed yesterday. I live in Colorado, and I wanted to offer shelter to any Pagans stranded at the airport. I am so proud to read the responses to this disaster, and see the understanding that knee-jerk violence begets more violence and more loss of life. I think the only good to come out of something like this is the chance to help people who are desperately in need.

I have no belief in a deity or an afterlife, the logic just doesn't work for me. But as I sat at my altar yesterday, I called upon the concept of the Goddess to take away my burden of fear and incomprehension, and I felt better. Maybe it's true that there are no atheists in the trenches. I can't find a way to resolve the idea of a benevolent, all-powerful deity and the events of yesterday, but maybe the Goddess as universal love, as a mother to soothe our pain, even as we're dying, perhaps there is such a thing. I'm crying as I write this - it's the first time.

My tendency at this time is to draw into myself. I'm afraid of the anger that people have as a response, it feels like another attack. Yesterday a friend and I seriously said that we could feel the proverbial "disturbance in the Force." I want to thank everyone here for their thoughts, and their love. Both of those things are our true powers, and we're using them. Today I'll go out, and provide the viewpoint of peace to counteract the scary people.

I'll let my local pagan sisters know about the 11:00 pm ET Nationwide circle on Thursday, and I'll be giving blood. Take care, everyone.


I Hate To Say This, But We Have To Strike. Terrorists Only... Sep 12th. at 12:43:28 pm EDT

Tawaret (Dallas, Texas US) Age: 28 - Email

I hate to say this, but we have to strike. Terrorists only understand hate and fear. Somebody's hatred of us exceeded their fear of us, and thus four planes and three buildings paid the price. Somebody needs to learn to fear us again, or they may feel emboldened to strike against us again. Starting a war is excessive and unneccessary, and the other side can only prosecute the war if they have supporters who do not fear our retailiation. A swift, brutal, but effective strike, and a cyber-strike against the funding of the terrorist cells responsible will do the trick. Yes, it is returning violence with violence, but unless I see volunteers willing to spread positive vibrations and enlightenment to the terrorists personally, and not get laughed at in their faces, it is the only thing I think these sons of Apep will understand.

When I Think Of The Events Of Sept. 11th I Can't Help... Sep 12th. at 12:40:17 pm EDT

owlfeather (Battle Ground, Washington US) Age: 37 - Email

When i think of the events of Sept. 11th I can't help but feel sadness for all the people who were caught in the terror, the madness, and the devastation in New York and the Pentagon. These were people who just wanted go do their job and go home, but when they looked out the window and saw a 767 growing in their 80th floor window, they knew. They knew that they'd never tickle their kids, never pet their dog, never breathe fresh air again.

Then there were those on the ground, running to help those trapped in the buildings, only to be buried under 110 stories of debris. And we sit staring, mouth agape at the TV, wondering when someone will yell, "CUT, PRINT, IT"S A WRAP" but knowing that will not happen. And we watch as horrifying scene after scene is played out before our eyes. The endless commentary assailing our ears with more and more damage and loss and pain.

Then the voices turn sinister and start the accusations. The need to blame. "Who could do such a heinious thing?" It was him, it wasn't me. They find the man, but not the proof. War is declared. Threats are made. Posturing, posturing.

But what I see is a man, in charge of the most powerful war machine in the world, bullying, ignoring, irritating other countries. Blowing off long-standing treaties, then asking those countries he hurt, for help. The man I see as responsible for all this mess, is Mr Bush. He has pushed HIS agenda down the throats of us and the world. Now that this disaster has happened, I'm sure that he will make some goofy statements, and make some money, and execute a scapegoat and feel blameless.

But Mr. Bush, I lay at your feet, the shattered lives, the burned teddy bears, and the many, many newly orphaned children and ask you one question.

Can we work TOWARDS world peace yet?

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