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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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 Author:    Posted: Nov. 17, 2002   This Page Viewed: 12,918,404  

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Question of the Week: 19 - 12/18/2000

What do YOU of our newest entry into the Presidential Political Pool?

Okay, the United States has a new President-Elect. And that's all that we here at TWV are gonna say about that! What do YOU think about our latest entry into the Presidential Political Pool?

 Reponses:   There are 61 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

First Off Shrub Is Not The President. The Vote In Florida Was... Dec 27th. at 11:39:10 pm EST

Deirdre (Menasha, Wisconsin US) Age: 36

First off Shrub is NOT the President. The vote in Florida was stolen plain and simple. We had a judical coup. Justice Scalia's son and Clarence Thomas' wife both work for the Rebuplican party. Conflict of interst anyone?

I fear for my county and my fellow pagans and witches.

Well All I Can Say Is That IÕm Glad ItÕs All Over... Dec 27th. at 7:19:52 pm EST

Marcus Whitehart (Kansas City, Missouri US) Age: 21 - Email

Well all I can say is that IÕm glad itÕs all over. Sadly though I didnÕt want either candidate, it was like trying to choose between a pack of hungry lions and the burning stake. I feel though we ended up with the lesser of the two evils. GWB is at least straight forward with his intentions. While Gore changed with the winds of public opinion. Rather fight the enemy I can see than the one hidden in the grass, who just might be masquerading as Òour friendÓ to win our approval.

Being A Born And Raised, True Texan, I Am Ok With Bush... Dec 27th. at 1:20:09 pm EST

Lady Ann (Albuquerque, New Mexico US) Age: 41 - Email

Being a born and raised, true Texan, I am ok with Bush. Being a Republican at heart, I am ok with Bush. Being a witch, "newbie", I am not sure that any of the politically correct politicians can fulfill my needs.

I'm Torn Between Being Happy And Being Upset. On One Hand, My... Dec 26th. at 8:42:58 am EST

Ariadne Jarnsaxa (Norfolk, Virginia US) Age: 33

I'm torn between being happy and being upset. On one hand, my husband is in the military, so the new president will be good as far as my roof and my refrigerator are concerned, but hopefully, he is an educated man and will come around to realize that my religion is a religion and not just a hobby or something to be taken lightly.

I Really Don't Like The Decision Of The Courts On This Issue... Dec 25th. at 5:38:01 pm EST

SilverWillow (Cooperstown, New York US) Age: 13

I really don't like the decision of the courts on this issue. I know I can't vote yet, but the outcome of this election really makes me angry. The pagan community can expect a ton of persectution, be attacked, even possibly lose the status that we are a group that practices an acutal religion. We will be experiencing the new milennium with a president who is electric-chair happy, is a redneck, and wears cowboy boots to cabinet meetings! No offence to anyone who supports this guy, but he stinks!

As A Lifelong Texan, I'v Been Witness To Dubya's Pathetic Attempt At... Dec 25th. at 2:22:50 am EST

Aisling Keledy (Arlington, Texas US) Age: 43

As a lifelong Texan, I'v been witness to Dubya's pathetic attempt at Govenorship. Even his daddys money and connections couldnt keep his business dealings solvent. When the tornado struck Ft.Worth, Arlington and surrounding areas, he never even made an appearance (what a photo op missed!), then waited over a month to pick up the phone to ask for federal assistance.All bad enough, but then hearing him on the evening news state that Wicca, in his opinion, is not a religion and should be removed from tax exemption, set a chill through me.

The real problem is, he always changes his opinion to suit the crowd he's standing before. Its a sign of personal weakness, and so he now surrounds himself with very strong military leadership to be the actual movers and shakers. I dread the thought of a puppet presidency and the inevitable arms buildup at the expense of the poor, women and children. I give him credit, though. He has quite a multitalented family when it comes to political chicanery; Judge Scalia's sons are employed by Bush Sr. Hello? Conflict of interest? All in all, Daddy, George and Jeb stole it fair and square.

I'm Gearing Up To Buy A Horse For Travel And A Large... Dec 24th. at 7:09:55 pm EST

Renee' (Cape Coral, Florida US) Age: 35

I'm gearing up to buy a horse for travel and a large closet to hide in! Look for petroleum prices to soar (major Bush family income), and the Wiccan community to become prosecuted (or at least no longer recognized). Alas, 4 years of this? I thought we were entering a NEW millenium.....................

I WILL be practicing positive work to try and assist in the transition and endurance of the term.

Blessed Be.

Well, Hhhmmm..... I'll Start By Saying That I Didn't Like Either Candidate... Dec 24th. at 5:02:32 pm EST

Jay (Amarillo, Texas US) Age: 26

Well, hhhmmm..... I'll start by saying that I didn't like either candidate in the major parties, and that's why I voted Nadar. Now, that being said, now that I really look at what both stood for during the election in hind-sight. I can can now say I'd rather have Dubya there now than Gore. As others have stated, you know where Dubya stands on the issues that were brought up during the election, but Gore really can't be trusted due to his inability to take a stand on his parties issues. Also, Bush may be a supporter of, and supported by the x-tian right, but he also respects the rights of the individual. These are just some observations. I just hopes he does a better job at the National economy than he did down here in Texas.

I Think It Is A Great Day. Gwb Is Honest, A Truely... Dec 24th. at 3:41:15 pm EST

j (athens, Texas US) Age: 36

I think it is a great day. GWB is honest, a truely good person. Something this country has been with out for the last 8 years. He may not be the perfect President , but he is a much better choice than that proffessional politition, al gore. Al Gore doesn't really care about you or what you want, all he cares about is power and how he can keep it. Another thing to think about, The Democratic party gets it's power by taking away your rights. Do you want to lose your right to freedom of religon? I don't. I hope someday to get a president that is truly qualified for the job and a good person but until then I'll be happy with President Bush.

Well, It Happened, And I Guess There Is Nothing We Can Do... Dec 24th. at 2:13:08 pm EST

Emerald (Fort Lauderdale, Florida US) Age: 19

Well, it happened, and I guess there is nothing we can do about it for the moment. But in this country when we feel upset about something like this we cast votes. In a couple years we can put Democrats in the majority in the House and Senate, and both are so even now that Dubya can't push through his positions very easily. And if you really believe that Al Gore won the election because he won the popular vote, don't forget it a few years from now, when George Jr. goes up for reelection. And to the people of my state, Florida, the heart of the beast so to speak, I say remember what happened here when Jeb goes for reelection as Governor, and elect a Democrat as we've done so many times before (our state elects few Republican Governors). And demand that a remedy be granted to the disproportion in the Florida State House and Senate, because the population of our state is more than half liberal and yet our State Representatives are stacked unequally in Conservative Districts, giving less Representation to the heavier populations in, particularly, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, which by themselves equal nearly the population of the rest of our state. If we are to solve the flaws in this election, we must send a clear message that it is not to be tolerated, with our votes on every election day, cast for the people were truly believe in and can truly trust.

The So-called Nostradamus Prophecy (with Regards To The Village Idiot Being Lifted... Dec 23rd. at 4:03:55 pm EST

ChaosMoth (Mountain View, California US) Age: 16 - Email

The so-called Nostradamus prophecy (with regards to the village idiot being lifted to rule, or somesuch) is an urban legend; Nostradamus never said anysuch. (See for the debunking.)

That doesn't make it any less true. Sigh.

My First Response Is "uuuugghh!". I Do Not Believe That Bush Is... Dec 23rd. at 2:33:33 pm EST

Vivienne Phoenix (Arlington, Virginia US) Age: 25

My first response is "Uuuugghh!". I do not believe that Bush is the rightful winner of the election and I do not consider him to be my president. I think that if all the votes had been counted correctly (if the ballot mix-up hadn't happened) Gore would be the winner. I think it's very upsetting that the candidate who won the popular vote by so many votes was not elected. I think that Bush did everything in his power to create obstacles and stalling devices using the judicial system until it was too late because he knew that he didn't really win. I think that he is inexperienced and corrupt, and beyond that, I don't agree with his policies. But, I believe that regardless of who won this election, both candidates are big money, corporate representatives.

I know that change must sometimes be gradual, but I feel that America needs a president who will protect the environment, and protect our freedom of choice. Whether that choice is to bear children, be in a gay marriage, own a gun, or practice Witchcraft. I don't have any solid answers because I know how complicated politics is and that money does make things happen- but I wish we could get a positive president who's willing to take risks and can foresee his impact on the world. A president with integrity and a strong sense of spiritual (not religious)obligation to himself and society. Gore would've been better than Bush. But, perhaps Bush will mess up so badly we'll be ready for something entirely new! There's a purpose to everything!

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