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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 28 - 2/12/2001

Where Did You Get Your Magickal Name?

The tradition of taking on a magickal name is an old one in many Pagan paths. Once used to protect themselves and their covenmates or to create equality among members, magickal names are now often individually chosen to reflect or project certain traits, pantheonic allegiances or just because it sounds cool. How did YOU get your magickal name? What is the story behind it, the meaning of it and the reason that it was either given to you or you chose it?

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I Found My Name Through Meditation. In My Search I Found A... Feb 24th. at 2:45:19 am UTC

Dreaming Cougar (Bryant, Arkansas US) Age: 39 - Email

I found my name through meditation. In my search I found a cougar sleeping peacfully on a rock. She awoke and spoke to me, saying that she would be my totem for a while and that I should follow my dreams to find peace. I only use this name while in ritual and within this website. To all others on the outside and in other rooms, I go by Caillech. I chose that name due to my Scottish ancestry and my closeness to the Crone in her many forms.

I believe that names are used sincerely by most 'true' pagans. Not to say that there are not some 'dabblers' that pop in here and there. Mainly, most people do actually use their chosen name. If you chat with a person for awhile, you can usually start to understand why a specific name was chosen. It speaks to them.

I Chose My Magickal Name From Things Relating To Me. My Magick... Feb 22nd. at 10:47:33 pm UTC

Shane Honer (Truro, England UK) Age: 16 - Email

I chose my Magickal name from things relating to me. My Magick name is: Blue Fire-tiger, i decided to have part of name as tiger because my power animal is a tiger, i chose the word fire because that is my element and i chose the word Blue because when i first became an apprentice the earliest thing i visualized was a cold blue flame burning out a circle around me whenever i called the four quarters, my teacher later explained that this was mage fire. Hence the name Blue-Fire-Tiger. I also don't think that a magickal name is any sort of sheild that i hide behind, i also don't consider it any less real than my birth name, it is simply another designation that i assigned myself for the purpose of magickal workings, i feel that when doing magickal workings, if all those involved it seems to make everyone more equal and it also seems to make the proceedings more meaningful and more magickal.

After Much Searching My Wiccan Name Suddenly Came To Me Out Of... Feb 22nd. at 1:05:00 pm UTC

AmberLion (Altoona, Pennsylvania US) Age: 29 - Email

After much searching my Wiccan name suddenly came to me out of the blue. It was so obvious that I wondered why it took me so long to find it. AmberLion. The "Amber" part comes from the goddess Freyja who wears the amber necklace Brisingaman. Being of Nordic/Germanic decent Freyja has become my patron deity.
The "Lion" part of my name is for my primary animal spirit guide; the African Lion. Now the name AmberLion is so much a part of me that I often forget to respond to my Christian name, Linda, which I felt never really fit me.

I Took My Name After Reading A Book That Is Very Dear... Feb 22nd. at 12:56:39 pm UTC

Jaiyla (Dreamer Hare, or sometimes even Jessyka) (Punta Gorda , Florida US) Age: 19 - Email

I took my name after reading a book that is very dear to my heart. "Always Coming Home" by Ursula K. LeGuin has had the honor of being the work of fiction that has most influenced my life. In the culture of the Kesh, the people whom the book is about, everyone has three names that they take at different times of their lives... their first name they have through childhood, and it is given to them. Their middle and last names they choose when they reach a certain point in their lives, when they know the time is right. From this concept sprang my name... I knew I had reached the point of having a "middle name". I had been doing lots of art with rabbits, dreamer hares all representational and primitive, and these were the images that spoke to me. So I'm Dreamer Hare. I use other names that have meaning to me online, but Dreamer Hare is the one that I use in the circle and among close friends.

It Took Me Less Than A Minute To Decide What My Magical... Feb 22nd. at 12:33:40 pm UTC

Amy Davis (South Deerfield, Massachusetts US) Age: 28 - Email

It took me less than a minute to decide what my magical name was. Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite color was purple. I had a purple room and purple clothes, purple get the picture. I began to read a comic book called "Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld" and saw that she was a beautiful woman with amazing powers, and she became like a role model to me. My birth name is Amy, and so without much difficulty my magical name became Amethyst. There's always an amethyst stone somewhere on my person!

Namaste, All! I'm Of Norse/celt Ancestry, So I Wished My Magickal... Feb 21st. at 12:47:30 am UTC

Dag MacLugh (Mentone, California US) Age: 61 - Email

Namaste, all!

I'm of Norse/Celt ancestry, so I wished my Magickal name to reflect both peoples. Additionally, I'm "into" Runes, to the extent that I've hand-made my own set. (And an attractive set it is, if I don't say!)

Since my birthday's August 7th (Traditional Lughnasadh), "Lugh" seemed the logical nucleus for my name. "MacLugh"! I thought: "Son of the God of Light." I tacked on "Dag", the Rune for "Day", and got: Dag MacLugh: Day, Son of the God of Light.

Do I think my Magickal Name is truly significant? You bet! After all, it's truly MY name, isn't it? And, when I refer to myself as Dag MacLugh, I find a subtle shifting of mental gears. I'm me, but not me--kind of like shapeshifting of the soul, if that makes sense....

Blessed Be,


I Chose My Magical Name Based On My Fave Time Of The... Feb 20th. at 7:42:27 am UTC

William "Nighteagle" Renaud (Southbridge , Massachusetts US) Age: 34 - Email

I chose my magical name based on my fave time of the of the "day", And the animal I most identify with. Nighteagle was born on July 20, 1997. Bright Blessings

This One Is Very Easy... From A Jethro Tull Album, Believe It... Feb 18th. at 11:46:36 pm UTC

Stormwatch (Fortaleza, Brazil) Age: 20

This one is very easy...

From a Jethro Tull album, believe it or not... Tull has always been one of my favorite bands, and the cover of this specific album looks a lot like I feel - not how I look physically, but what my -soul- looks like. It is also a very environmentally-themed album, and I have always been fascinated by environmentalism. I now use this name everywhere on the web. (okay, I KNOW that the person in the cover is Ian Anderson...)

"We'll wait in stone circles/ `til the force comes through/ lines joint in faint discord/ and the stormwatch brews/ a concert of kings/ as the white sea snaps/ at the heels of a soft prayer/ whispered" (excerpt from "Dun Ringill")

I Based My Magickal Name On Qualities I Wanted To Develop In... Feb 18th. at 3:14:10 pm UTC

Dragon Goldhawk (White Cloud, Michigan US) Age: 31 - Email

I based my magickal name on qualities I wanted to develop in my spiritual life. It took a great deal of time, meditation and research to find a name that would represent what I desire to become. I do not feel a magickal name is necessary. However, in my case, it helps tremendously with my focus.

After Alot Of Meditation, Looking Over New Age Baby Name Books, Trying... Feb 17th. at 11:16:16 pm UTC

Emmah Eastwind (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma US) Age: 47 - Email

After alot of meditation, looking over new age baby name books, trying out the various sound, size and numerology of various names, one kept coming to the front. I didn't like it, it sounded too 'mothering', it was too soft, it had too many humps, but over and over it kept coming back. The numerology wasn't right so I added the letter 'h' to make it vibrate to a 9, and decided that obviously it was meant to be "Emmah". Ok now for the last name. Being an Aquarian-air sign, I'd always been a step ahead, looked to the future, tried new things, was very verbal, so the energy of the East was where I was at. My married last name was Osterhout meaning 'house of the East Wind', and it sounded good with Emmah...and thus I became Emmah Eastwind. It stuck so well that I used it consistently, actually letting it become my name in both secular and spiritual space. After 3 years with the name I decided to take a trip from Florida to Oklahoma and on to California, to check in with the women of my clan. My biological father, in Oklahoma, found out I was coming (I didn't meet him until I was grown, married and had 5 kids and really knew very little about him and nothing about his people) and asked my mother to ask me if I'd like to visit the burial places of his mothers. Very cool and off we go exploring cemetaries all over Pottowatomie County Oklahoma. 1st grave is a great great aunt - Emma. Then great grandma, Emma. Then great great grandma Mary Magdaline. Then great great great grandma - Emma. WOW. On this gravesite I sat and meditated. I asked to be recognized as a member of this family and this tribe. And out of a clear blue cloudless sky - a small rain fell on me! WOW!!!! I leapt up, spun around to my dad who was dictating their stories on a pocket recorder and said "DID YOU SEE THAT? SHE TALKED TO ME!!!" He nodded with him mouth open. Then he said "If you think that was interesting, wait until you visit my mothers site." We got in the car and continued on down the road for several more miles before he turned off into another cemetary and showed me uncles, his daughter, all the while telling me stories. Then he stopped and looked down and when I came to where he was there was my name again, "Emma Hamilton". The "h" on my Emmah. I was overwhelmed. I asked him if he would mind if I laid down on the site and when he approved, I did. I closed my eyes and it was as if I was in her arms, like a baby. She just petted and coo'd at me, "our littlest Emmah, welcome back". Her warmth, like the sun, spread over and through me. What an incredible affirmation for me on my path. The name is still with me, and I suppose it always will be.

When I Was A Little Girl, I Would Wander Around The Woods... Feb 17th. at 10:37:22 pm UTC

Rachel Donaldson (Keauhou, Hawaii US) Age: 15

When I was a little girl, I would wander around the woods in my neighborhood, imagining I was a different person, long before I found the world of Wicca. My favorite name was Asta, and when I was Asta, I was a the Ruler of the Stars. When I grew older and decided to find a magickal name, imagine my surprise when I found out that Asta is Welsh for bright as a star! I have been Asta to myself and the gods ever since.

I Have Been A Witch For Over Ten Years And I Actually... Feb 17th. at 10:19:36 pm UTC

Elizabeth (Laurel, Maryland US) Age: 24 - Email

I have been a Witch for over ten years and I actually have two Craft names: Klaudia and Elizabeth. Klaudia was the name I started using in rituals about 2 1/2 years ago. It is the one attuned to my birth number. Elizabeth has been around much longer. Elizabeth is, in a sense, my alter ego. Elizabeth, while it doesn't fit my birth number, does signify who I really am. I use Elizabeth in public, more than my first name in all honesty.

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