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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 14 - 11/6/2000

The Unresolved US Election

Did YOU vote? Which candidate did you vote for? How do you feel about the political wrangling going on right now in Florida? Will/Should either candidate concede for the good of the country-or should either/both fight it out until we all scream for mercy? How do you think either candidate, if declared the winner, will be able to bring the country together given the inference that the election results now point to an America that is almost equally divided into one camp or the other? And the BIG question-What, if any, impact will the final results have on the Pagan communities?

 Reponses:   There are 263 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Greetings, A Reiteration Of The "rules'" For Our Question Of The Week... Nov 12th. at 7:30:18 pm EST

Fritz Jung (Clearwater, Florida US) Age: 48 - Email

Greetings, A reiteration of the "rules'" for our question of the week ...

Simply post YOUR answer to the question at the top of this page.

Personal/community attacks, hateful behavior or irrelevant responses (and the threads that follow) will be removed (this is just a click away for us).

The Witches' Voice would like to thank all of you that HAVE posted thought provoking answers to the question of the week.

I Have Found The Election Process This Year To Be Amazing. It... Nov 12th. at 6:39:09 pm EST

M. C. Haviland (Christmas Valley, Oregon US) Age: 41 - Email

I have found the election process this year to be amazing. It is very exciting to see our Constitution as a working, fluid document. I do wish that the media and the politicians would simply let the process take place instead of polluting it with their non-sense. They are of course working on their own agendas. Regardless we as Americans have a great opportunity to see the whole process working in a way our Founders foresaw and planned for. I find it all to be very exciting and am enjoyig the living Civic lesson we are getting. As to how the end result will effect all of us as Americans, I have faith that the Constitution will continue to work to protect all Americans from the possible infringment on our rights by the government, just as it was intended. We will have to work just as hard however, to see that the protection which this document provides stays in place. Freedom and liberty are not automatic, even in America, but with diligents, common sense and hard work we can all enjoy these things under any President. In the mean time I plan on enjoying the ride.

Yes, I Voted For Gore. Mostly Because Of His Stance On Women's... Nov 12th. at 6:15:14 pm EST

Naomi Rouse (Ellison Bay, Wisconsin US) Age: 37

Yes, I voted for Gore.
Mostly because of his stance on women's rights and childcare relief.

The Repubs. Continue To Say Things Like The Person In Charge Of... Nov 12th. at 5:32:24 pm EST

Amanda (Port St. Lucie, Florida US) Age: 47 - Email

The repubs. continue to say things like the person in charge of approving the Palm Beach County ballots is a democrat, but not all democrats voted for Gore. And, secondly, a person in the work-a-day world is used to filling out forms. After being a housewife or retired for a number of years, it is difficult to look at the forms with such ease. Or, for that matter, a person who works outside all day and takes his orders verbally. I am shocked and appalled by how so many dismiss the votes of these people. Even Bush doesn't want to be bothered with such trivia. It would be like accepting any award accidently, and then knowing it, going up on stage to accept it. We wouldn't have much respect for someone who would do that, would we? So, can we be proud of our new president if it is Bush under these circumstances? I, a Florida resident, would like to have my neighbors' votes counted as what they intended when they cast it. I agree the will of the people should elect the president, so to ignore the will of almost 20, 000 who would have the deciding vote is to me, very disrespectful. I don't think Mr. Gore is being wrong by wanting these votes to be counted. I appreciate someone appreciating each vote as important.

I Feel I Must Speak Up To Debunk The Vicious Rumor Sheet... Nov 12th. at 5:21:54 pm EST

Lisa/ChaosMoth (Mountain View, California US) Age: 16 - Email

I feel I must speak up to debunk the vicious rumor sheet that someone posted here, because it's one of those pieces of urban legendry that gets passed around by email to cause discontent. (One of the people on this forum, for example, voted for Bush(!) because he'd heard on a hate-site that Gore(!!) was anti-gay.)

A few of those 'facts' are true, and most of them are exaggerated or false.

Check out the info here:

This also contains the original document, if you haven't read it. Maybe if more people hadn't read it, the election wouldn't be stalled right now.

Snopes is a site devoted to finding the truth or falsehood in urban legends and email lore, and generally takes a politically neutral standpoint.

I Also Have To Respond To Kelly Stead's Response. I Am One... Nov 12th. at 4:48:56 pm EST

SpiritFlame (Phila, Pennsylvania US) Age: 28

I also have to respond to Kelly Stead's response. I am one of those "no true Pagans" that celebrate the Christian holidays with their families and raise their children in the church. I don't hold a grudge against the Christian church. I left my Christian background simply because I couldn't relate to it. I found a home in Wicca. Yes, I know the history of the Burning Times. But the Christians I know were not there during the Burning Times. They didn't light the stakes, they didn't hang or torture anyone. How can we expect to dismantle ancient stereotypes and bridge the gap between Christians and Pagans if we refuse to accept them as well? We can't flame them and reject them and then get angry when they persecute us!

Choosing to celebrate holidays with my family and choosing to raise my children in a caring church community is my business. Not all Christian churches breed hatred and intolerance of other faiths. Our stereotypes of Christians are as bad as their stereotypes of us. IT IS UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL. It harms none, and when my children are old enough, they will decide for themselves -- just like I did. Don't tell another parent how to raise his/her child.

Being Wiccan is a very personal decision for me (Dianic Wiccan), and I believe strongly that it is up to each parent how s/he raises their child. No one can tell me what faith my child should be. Part of being Pagan means being free. Free to choose our own lives, make our own decisions. If we then judge other Pagans for how AND WHAT and WITH WHOM they choose to celebrate on a given holiday, we are no better. We may as well be the religious intolerants who call us Satanists. Besides, who is to say who is right and who is wrong in the way one worships? No one holds the patent on the truth. We are each on our own spiritual journey.

Flaming other Wiccans and Pagans who don't agree with you will not do anyone any good. In fact, I am not including my e-mail address with this because I don't want to get flamed for this response. I don't usually speak out this strongly about things, but I don't like being attacked, even generically, for what is strictly my personal business. There is enough fighting in this world, and enough religious intolerance in this nation. Let's not add to the hatred.

I Didn't Vote...i Sat At Home Watching Everyone Fight At The... Nov 12th. at 4:21:26 pm EST

Matt DeRuilley (Detroit, Michigan US) Age: 23

I didn't vote...I sat at home watching everyone fight at the polls over who is more attractive. Besides it doesn't matter who is in office, the world is changeing whether they like it or not. The Goddess cannot be stopped now.

I think it'll be funny watching Bush though, he'll freak when he learns "Oh my God THOSE people have a legal right to worship OTHER Gods!!?!" Lol.

Just my thoughts.
Rev. DeRuilley

I Voted For Harry Browne, The Libertarian Candidate. I Believe That Both... Nov 12th. at 4:01:47 pm EST

Zorya (Dayton, Ohio US) Age: 46 - Email

I voted for Harry Browne, the Libertarian candidate. I believe that both Bush and Gore are big government/big spenders and as such are in conflict with my basic political beliefs. I think that the political wrangling going on in Florida is counterproductive and will only increased hostilities between the various major factions in the US. My personal opinion is that the absentee ballots from military members stationed outside of Florida will go heavily for Bush, primarily because of the deep level of anger and hostility that a large number of military personnel have for Mr Clinton and anything associated with his administration. That being said, I do not feel that either candidate should concede until the the absentee ballots are tallied.

On the question as to whether either candidate can bring the country together - it depends on the factions. If one or both continue to cast the other as evil there will be no progress.

The influence on the Pagan community will most likely be whatever the rest of the country is experiencing. I do not forsee a "witch hunt" against the pagan community.

Yes Indeedy -- I Voted -- For Gore. And One Would Hope That Since... Nov 12th. at 3:32:22 pm EST

diana rhode (amherst, Virginia US) Age: 68 - Email

yes indeedy -- i voted -- for gore. and one would hope that since wicca has been recognized as a bona fide 'religion' in these united states w/all attendant perks and privileges, that it would not really matter who wins the election. however, i recognize that there are those that will follow whatever a president does/approves/disapproves of -- down to what sort of dog to get -- which might bode heavy for wicca were the shrub to be our next president.
no, i don't think either candidate should concede.
as far as the mess-up in florida -- why, f'pete's sake, are there ballots that allow for the appearance of having voted twice, thereby cancelling one's vote.
shouldn't we have a bit of standardization of ballot-casting methods. one reporter from fla. explained that if one filled in the box/circle/place with red ink, it would not 'read' and not be counted. why cannot black-inked pens --if that's what is required -- be handed to voters as they prepare to cast their ballots.
interesting that the bush, alto' he had passed into law in texas a hand-count provision in the event of close elections, is now screaming 'foul' over a hand-count in fla. hmmmmmmm. also, the big puzzle is why were not those that 'messed up' refused a fresh ballot even tho' that is provided for by law in florida. again -- hmmmmmmmmmm. smelly, what.

Yes I Exersized My Futility,i Voted!not That The Menu Was... Nov 12th. at 3:23:29 pm EST

Arwynn Evenstar (olympia) Age: 48 - Email

Yes I exersized my futility, I voted!Not that the menu was that enticing!My stance was BETTER THE EVIL WE KNOW OF....!Bush looks like a maniac Gore brings to mind cloning experiments in Scotland and Nader was only a distraction.Soo with all this in mind I voted for Gore? Havent figured out why yet. At least we can still go to the polls even if no one can remember how to count!!! I think that a lot of mundane people are going to get a rude awakeing very shortly.Talk about schoolyard brawls...just look at the way gore andbush are handleing this snafu.Makes you feel safe dosent it?

Yes,i Voted, For The Green Party. Reason Being Is I Don't... Nov 12th. at 3:22:37 pm EST

Dara (Cordova, Alaska US) Age: 45 - Email

Yes, I voted, for the Green Party. Reason being is I don't trust or "like" Bush or Gore. Neither one of thes persons really care about this country only themselves and their pockets. My state voted for Bush mainly because he wants to build up uor miltary and this we need, BUT, we don't want him or anyone else to mess up our state either. The powers that be have turned thier greedy eyes on Alaska for the oil, timber, and wildlife. The Feds have tried to regulate the fishermen and women to death just like they did to the shimpers in south. I know because I used to live there. Alot of people are losing their livihood because of our goverment.

As for Pagans, I worship when and where I want. I did so in Alabama and I do so here. And yes, I am a pagan have been for awhile. And unless the Constitution is changed(unlikly) pagans and may worship as they wish, and I would hope, with concertation for others who do not believe the way we do. Otherwise we are no better than Jesus freaks who condem others who do not agree with them. Be Blessed, be in peace, remember, we ARE here and we will be heard. Just remember, no matter who wins, we the people will lose if we don't wake up and work in our cities, towns and villages. Prehaps this is the time when we can (I wish) really clean house because there are alot of folks who are ready to revolt. If you think that can't happen then you need to read your history books again.

No, Unfortunaltely I Moved Before The Elections And Even Though I Sent... Nov 12th. at 3:10:58 pm EST

Mouse (Shelton, Washington US) Age: 56 - Email

No, Unfortunaltely I moved before the elections and even though I sent in a change of address for voting it did not go through and I wasn't allowed to vote. If I had it would have been the straight Libertarian Party. I do not see a lot of difference between the 2 primary parties that are forced down our throats. People forget that there are other parties out there. Start with the grass roots and get some of those people elected at a local level and build up the 3rd party of your choice. It angered me that after the aborted Pero attempt last time, there was a measure (luckily defeated) in Congress to legally limit our choices to two parties. It is a power play on the behalf of those entrenced in office. Doesn't it bother people that most of the time they are voting for the lesser of two evils? I prefer to try to promote the party and/or people of my choice by voting for people I believe in.

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