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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 28 - 2/12/2001

Where Did You Get Your Magickal Name?

The tradition of taking on a magickal name is an old one in many Pagan paths. Once used to protect themselves and their covenmates or to create equality among members, magickal names are now often individually chosen to reflect or project certain traits, pantheonic allegiances or just because it sounds cool. How did YOU get your magickal name? What is the story behind it, the meaning of it and the reason that it was either given to you or you chose it?

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I Am Currently Using Jenett Silver As A Craft Name (and For... Feb 12th. at 2:39:37 pm EST

Jenett Silver (St. Paul, Minnesota US) Age: 25

I am currently using Jenett Silver as a Craft name (and for Craft related writing/purposes) There's a couple of reasons for this.

First, I'm not out as being polyamorous or Pagan to my family of origin (and while I'm working on being in less and less contact with them, three of them are quite capable net-searchers.) Likewise, I'm working on my Master's Degree in Library Science, and wanted to keep my religious searching separate from my legal name (since I'm not yet sure which kind of library work I want to end up in, and am currently interested in both public and school work. I also just plain think keeping my personal interests not readily checkable from my legal name is not a bad idea. Not that I'm embarassed by them, but because several of them (Paganism, polyamory, role-playing gaming) are often stereotyped, and I want the first connection someone makes between me and those things to come via talking to me, not via an internet search on my name)

Secondly, I wanted something consistent I could use as I did more writing online (the same way the name I use for poly stuff has been consistent for a while).

Thirdly (and finally), I don't care much for my given name (Jennifer), but I do like a whole lot of the related names. (The name I've been using on Usenet postings - Gwynyth - is a composite spelling of two variants (Gwenyth and Gwyneth) I've been using for over 10 years now for various purposes).


I thought about this a little, and settled on Jenett, which is a variant of my given name (which means I stand a slightly better chance of answering to it. However, I don't answer all that well to 'Jennifer', either - there are too many people named it in most of the places I spend much time, and I spent a lot of time turning around to find it wasn't me that was being called after)

But the second reason is that Jenett is one of the alternate names for the heroine of the Tam Lin ballad, whose tenacity (and willingness to follow through on dealing with the consequences of choices of action) I've always admired. I felt uncomfortable thinking about a Goddess name, but a ballad heroine is about right. The fact that it's uncommon enough in almost any context (mundane, Pagan, etc) is a plus.

Silver comes from my rapidly silvering hair (and I'm only 25), and from the fact that it has turned up in my life in several other aspects in recent years(my car, my cat...)

I Dont Have One. When I First Got Serious, I Really Considered... Feb 12th. at 2:15:48 pm EST

JLP (columbus, Ohio US) Age: 28

I dont have one. When I first got serious, I really considered the question at length. To be honest I could never find one that I thought was appropriate. So I never picked one. I like my birth name my mother gave me and and happy to honor her by using it. Although not everyone likes their birth name or had parents who picked something meaningful in some way, I was lucky to have one who did.

Personally, I Think A Magickal Name Is A Very Useful Thing. To... Feb 12th. at 1:25:43 pm EST

Drea Reznor (Fort Mac, Alberta CA) Age: 19 - Email

Personally, I think a magickal name is a very useful thing. To me, it's a symbol of beginning. When you are born, you are given a name, I think when you are "born" into the Craft, you should recieve another name. Wether it be chosen for you or by you. I do realize a lot of Pagans use it as an alter identity almost. Something to cover up what they are. But your magickal name shoud accentuate who you are, not hide it.
I am currently in the decision-making process for my magickal name. I've been practicing/studying for almost 4 years, but never really used a Craft name. I went to a site I've found that shows names of other languages along with their meanings. I wrote down those that appealed to me, and now I'll meditate, ask my Tarot, or just ask the Lord and the Lady for assistance in choosing one. I think it's hard for someone to just pick a name. I believe it should reflect some aspect of yourself, at the very least. I hope I find one that suits me.

Spirit is love,

My Name Had No Special Meaning To Me When I Chose It... Feb 12th. at 12:54:12 pm EST

Venkah (Rutland, Vermont US) Age: 20 - Email

My name had no special meaning to me when I chose it 5 years ago. It was a name I made up, indeed to hide behind, both off and online. As time passed though people (myself included) began to associate all the things that I am with that name, and it became less an anonymous signature, and more of an identity. Now I cannot hide behind it anymore than I can hide behind my given name, and the once meaningless arrangement of letters now has a very deep and personal meaning to me. Therein I think, lies the magick of names.

My Name Came For A Few Reasons At First, Before I Had... Feb 12th. at 12:50:34 pm EST

Rhiannon Daughtermoon (Sherry) (Seattle, Washington US) Age: 34 - Email

My name came for a few reasons

At first, before I had studied the Craft very long, it was partially because of the Fleetwood Mac Song...(tell me Stevie Nicks isn't a witch ~wink~) It was the first name that just "came" to me. Straight away, without any real thought.
Then of course I came across the Welsh Goddess Rhiannon. The white mare she rides, the mystery of her, the deeper secrets of the underworld she represents to me, it just fit. I am celtic, and I always loved horses growing up, the ravens that travel with her I had always been fascinated with as well. Then I listened to that song again, and for the first time realized what she was really singing about (well at least to me) I have never changed it, it's been my name for about 6 years. I use it on the computer always, and I even used it when I was in a band, that's how I introduced myself. Stage name as it were. As far as Daughtermoon that I use as my last name at times, that's pretty self explanatory. I am in love with the moon, and I certainly feel like her daughter a lot.
I had a secret name once that I had combined from three goddessess with aspects that pertained to me....but I never use it. This one for now, still fits. It's just so lyrical to me, as well. I feel I have grown more into the name rather than outgrowing it. Rhiannon still fascinates me, there is not a lot written about her that I have seen so far, but that only deepens the mystery for me.
I always liked a good mystery!

And that's pretty much it, it conjures many images for me.

Magical Names. I'll Tell You, I'm Not Sure That I Even Have... Feb 12th. at 12:49:47 pm EST

Cat (Asheville, North Carolina US) Age: 34

Magical names.

I'll tell you, I'm not sure that I even have one, because I think almost any name is magical; a name you've had all your life, one which has defined you, is more so than a new one, for me at least. (But then my parents did all right by me--if they'd called me Tiffany or something similar I might feel differently.) And honestly--no offense meant to those who feel otherwise--I don't think I could tell anyone, even a fellow pagan, "Well, I've changed my name to...(let's say) Blackbird" or "Silverwing" without bursting out laughing. So I use what I do, when there's any need to use anything, because it's what the family called me back in the day. It's one of the first ways that I recognized myself, and a tie to my nearest and dearest, and, what the heck, I'm fond of cats (they being neurotic, disinclined to violent activity as a mode of normal existence, and real prone to liking things the way they like them.)

But it's true that I don't often feel much need to use it, other than in conversation with those nearest and dearest I mentioned. Like John, I think what you see is pretty much what you get, and what I am in the circle, I am in the office too. If anybody's read Le Guin's *Tehanu*, you'll know that she speaks well of "those who wear their names openly", and while I haven't the gumption to do that on the open web, I admire those of you who can, like Wren and Trish. Maybe one of these days.

Hey There. My Name's Deagan, You Can Use It As You Like... Feb 12th. at 12:46:14 pm EST

Deagan (jacksonville, Florida US) Age: 21

Hey there.

My name's Deagan, you can use it as you like. :) It was given to me by another who thought it fit my eyes and face! Little had i any idea it was an actual historical name. turns out it's really quite an old surname of a now long dead family, guess i get to start it up again eh? It means "well born" and you can take that how you like it as well.

Safe journeys

Merry Meet, Where Did I Get My Magickal Name? From Alot Of... Feb 12th. at 11:36:18 am EST

Amaris Nightwind (Atchison, Kansas US) Age: 29 - Email

Merry Meet,
Where did I get my magickal name? From alot of places.....I am a moon child, I love the moon and the comfort and ease the moon gives me, so Amaris means moon child and since the moon is at night and the night time is where my spirit comes to life, Nightwind, gives my name a more picture to me...thus my name Amaris Nigthwind...cant get anymore beautiful than that!

Brightest Blessings on your enjoyable day

*~* Amaris Nightwind*~*

Aloha, I Did Some Reflection, Some Investigation, And Some Meditation In Order... Feb 12th. at 11:23:52 am EST

Pitch (Concord, California US) Age: 50


I did some reflection, some investigation, and some meditation in order to arrive
at what seemed to be an appropriate "magical" name. It's literary antecedents
are the Mabinogion. I took up The Pitch Black Witch.I began to sign my writings
that way.

But no sooner had I started using this name than it became shortened in use to what it is now. Folks and friends call me Pitch.

Long and elaborate names are difficult to use in speaking. They get pruned down
to their pith.

Musing Better Pitch Than Sludge, I Guess! Rose,


In The Tradition To Which I Was Dedicated, Protocol Usually Dictates That... Feb 12th. at 10:28:27 am EST

Marea (Niagara Falls, Ontario CA) Age: 30 - Email

In the tradition to which I was dedicated, protocol usually dictates that the priest and/or priestess performing the dedication choose a magical name for the dedicant, however exceptions can be made. I guess I would have to be that exception, stubborn as I am!

Years before I ever stumbled across Craft, two things of great import happened in my life. One was an intense spiritual awakening while walking Cavendish Beach in Prince Edward Island which forever left me bonded to the sea as a source for the divine. The second was a 13 year old girl's daydream of what to name her future children. I settled on "Emily Marea" for a girl's name, meaning "Light of the Sea", since Marea is a derivation of Miriam, "Mistress of the Sea".

The name Marea stuck with me and continued to reverberate in my brain for years. When the time came for me to dedicate to life as a pagan - thinking back to that original experience at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean when I felt the presence of the Goddess for the first time, there was only one name I could take.

Bright Blessings,

My Craft Name Is Artemis Moonshadow, Personally I Think There's No Real... Feb 12th. at 9:07:30 am EST

Artemis Moonshadow (Kfar Saba Israel, Israel) Age: 15 - Email

My Craft name is Artemis Moonshadow, personally I think there's no real need for a Craft name but this name just popped one day intomy head and wouldn'y leave.
When I started studying the Craft a year ago, I read a lot about Craft names, what the most common are, why we use them ect.
If we're going to go techniachal it took me about three months to find my name, in actuality, I searched for a month and realised the Gods would just tell me when it was ready, so I stopped and for two months I just read about the Craft.
One day in late spring I was taking a shower (one of the best I've ever taken BTW) when I finished and dried myself off, I noticed the cresent moon outside the bathroom window and a tiny star next to it, I watched it for while and thought of Artemis, a cresent moon always remind me of her bow, them there was a small wind and I saw a thin cloud move over the moon, making the moon look like a shadow. I felt like I had been slapped.
Finally the Gods sent me a message, I was also honoured that Artemis was letting me use her name, she's one scary Lady.
So that's how I got the name Artemis Moonshadow, don't search to hard it's usually in plain sight (when you realise what you're seeing)

My Magick Name Is Hardly Something "to Hide Behind!" I Luve My... Feb 12th. at 7:03:13 am EST

Lizz (Liverpool, New York US) Age: 16 - Email

My magick name is hardly something "to hide behind!" I luve my magick name and there is a very good reason I have it. I developed it after meeting my spirit guides and a quite an interesting astreal dream. If you want to read it though, please visit my website because it's a long story!
However I do know that some people choose them to be cool, but honestly I think if people wait long enough the Lord and Lady will tell you a better name or agree that it's the best suited. I use it a lot for people online because I meet teens almost every day who honestly want information, but I don't trust sending my real name out on the web. Also it's a way for people to recognize me no matter the chat board, Pagan Perspective, or essay i've written.
I've had my magickal name for over two and a half years now, and I'm tellin ya I have changed so much from it. It's given me a whole new sense of self as well as drawn me closer to my religion. Maybe it's just me, but that's how I see it.
Bright Blessings
Night's Aqua Tiger

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