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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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 Author:    Posted: Nov. 17, 2002   This Page Viewed: 14,633,169  

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Question of the Week: 40 - 5/7/2001

What is Your Guilty Little Secret?

Fess Up! What are you hiding? Do you watch 'Survivor'? Do you even watch reruns of the ORIGINAL 'Survivor'? Still have your Barbie dolls-and still change their outfits once in a while? Collect stamps? Think David Cassidy of The Partridge Family is still the babe of the century? Tell everyone that you 'never really watch television', but you're really clocking in some impressive miles with the remote control every week? Hate Celtic music (gasp!) Have a crush on someone? Don't recycle your plastics? This is your chance to come clean and tell all.

(In the interest of fair disclosure: Fritz has the DNA of a sugar ant. He has to have his bowl of ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie chaser every night and he only eats a vegetable about three times a year-and then only if it can be dipped in melted butter. Wren liked Duran Duran before it was cool to like Duran Duran. Of course, it has NEVER been cool to like Duran Duran, so this is a really brave confession on her part. There goes another carefully crafted reputation down the sacred well....)

 Reponses:   There are 101 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

Being A Fan Of Duran Duran Is Normal (i Love The Group... May 7th. at 3:27:58 pm EDT

Lesa (LaPorte, Indiana US) Age: 33 - Email

Being a fan of Duran Duran is normal (I love the group) compared to singing Karaoke! Not only that, I sing Go-Go's songs! What self-respecting witch would do such a gastly thing? I am such a karaoke nut thatI went to a show 2 hours after my graduation from Purdue University! Now, that is a confession.

Ok....couldn't Pass This One Up:) Dirty Secrets..hhmm Well Other Than... May 7th. at 3:24:16 pm EDT

Skye (Dawson Creek, British Columbia CA) Age: 28 - Email

ok....couldn't pass this one up:)
Dirty secrets..hhmm well other than things my mate goes:

Again...Wren..I to am a Duran Duran fan....*sigh* it is so bad that when I am listening to it in the truck with my mate we I mean *I* (shouldn't *out* him too, lol) blast it and sing along loudly, and at every stop sign or stop light I turn it down so that no one with their windows open or pedestrians on the street will hear it. Yes, sad but true. BUT! I think there are WAY more Duran Duran fans out there than we know.
I also talk to *everything* a few people have caught me doing this and think I am totally insane. But they listen I tell ya! and they don't talk back:)
I hold HUGE grudges against anyone I catch killing bugs, and am so stubborn I won't ever forgive them.
I LOVE mens feet...*pant-drool* don't ask me why..but the uglier the better.
I CAN'T and won't cut my toenails..eewww! I am superstitious to some things, but will not admit it to any and if I am called on it I will break a *rule* just to prove them wrong and then try to spend the next .... -forever, - trying to right my wrong.
And the most recent thing I can think of..I stole a 11 year olds balloon because he kept letting it go and it kept flying into my space and hitting me, making that awful squealing noise, so when he asked if I knew where it was I said "nope".
Yes I am terrible *EG*
*Skye crawls back under her rock*

Okay, If You Must Know And Since Your Twisting My Arm. 1... May 7th. at 3:12:19 pm EDT

Lysander True (Oceanside, California US) Age: 27 - Email

Okay, if you must know and since your twisting my arm.
1. I watch Survivor and I'm not ashamed.
2. I watch Bootcamp and I like it.
3. I don't really like cats, I prefer my rabbit, her name is Ostara.
4. I'm a closet Republican and I find Pagans that question that annoying.
5. I've passed gas and blamed it on children and this I'm more ashamed of than any of the rest.

I Love This Question, Something Light And Fun For A Change (well... May 7th. at 2:39:31 pm EDT

Katrina Web-Spinner (Palmdale, California US) Age: 34 - Email

I love this question, something light and fun for a change (well sort of). I have a few, well let's make that many secrets, do I feel guilty about them...nope! O.K. here goes, I'm 34 and still afraid of the dark I have to sleep with nightlites all over my house. I still run and jump into bed so the alligators under it don't nip at my ankles and the closet door absolutely must be closed in order to keep the boogey man inside. (There was A LOT of poltergeist activity in my home as a child, what a surprise).
I would rather eat with my hands than a fork and knife, which works well at Ren faires. For obvious reasons I do not like to eat in front of other people.
I do not have any patience with children or ignorant adults, there I said it!
I have an extremely addictive personality and have had problems with illegal drugs at various times in my life, however I absolutely refuse to take anything a doctor prescribes to me.
If I could I would wear a different period costume every day, Renaissance wench on Monday, Goth chick on Tuesday, Dickens on Wednesday, etc. I would dress like this to go to work, the store, where ever.
O.K. that's enough, can't let out all my secrets or there wouldn't be any room left for other people to list their's.

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me. We're Posting To Twv And... May 7th. at 2:35:06 pm EDT

Cst (Asheville, North Carolina US) Age: 34

You have GOT to be kidding me. We're posting to TWV and you ask what our "dirty little secret" is?! I'm deeper in the broom closet than most brooms.

But, in the spirit of certain moods I like ABBA, romance novels, and *Dark Angel* (just to see Michael Weatherby? nah!), cheese steaks a couple of times a year, and Star Trek (TOS or TNG for choice.) And.. if you want to know, I have a real distaste for crystals, fairies, gnomes, poetry rhyming "love" with "dove" or "above", and the assumption that all pagans have psychic abilities and that our magic affects anyone but ourselves. I guess that makes my real dirty secret the fact that bitchery and snobbery aren't exactly foreign to my nature...if you call that a secret. Tar me and feather me and cast me from the coven.

Dear Me... Of All The Things I Could Reveal... Hee Hee! How... May 7th. at 2:04:26 pm EDT

Silver (Calgary, Alberta CA) Age: 20

Dear me... of all the things I could reveal... hee hee! HOw about just one then.... I am quite enamoured with children's books and films, and think nothing of going to buy the latest Harry Potter novel (which I have been waiting with bated breath for) or any other sort of children's book which catches my interest! Plus, I've been devouring all sorts of news about the Harry Potter film... I'm counting down the months and days here! brightest blessings!

I'm Crushing On A Woman I Work With... I Can Hardly Get... May 7th. at 1:39:53 pm EDT

L (NYC, New York US) Age: 20

I'm crushing on a woman I work with... I can hardly get any work done, I just watch her... being her :-) She's incredible.

Well, Here Goes. Until I Cancelled Cable About Three Months Ago, I... May 7th. at 1:10:45 pm EDT

Greg (Mesa, Arizona US) Age: 24 - Email

Well, here goes.

Until I cancelled cable about three months ago, I watched the Trinity Broadcast Network!!!! That's right: the Christian station featuring Jan Crouch (Tammy -Faye times ten). I've seen the healings, the exorcisms, the music videos. I am a total addict, because I find it all endlessly amusing. There's nothing like staring at a woman with a wig the size of Utah weeping about some passage she read in "Habbakuk 5" or whatever. It's a great way to de-stress. Try it!

Dirty Little Secrets, Huh .... I'm A Buffy-holic. My Friends Know Enough Not... May 7th. at 12:36:26 pm EDT

ƒowyn Forestchilde (Western, Massachusetts US) Age: 28 - Email

Dirty little secrets, huh .... I'm a Buffy-holic. My friends know enough not to plan things on Tuesday nights because I can't attend. I start to shake and twitch if I miss an episode. Thank the Goddess for the VCR! I am a hopeless carnivore who has stated aloud that if the Gods had intented for me to eat vegetables, I would have been born a rabbit. Haagen-Daaz chocolate ice cream and Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies are a great midnight snack, even at 2 in the afternoon. I'm a Duran Duran fan (you are not alone, Wren) and love 80's new wave music. I think David Copperfield is the sexiest thing on 2 legs. Vampires turn me on. I still sleep with a teddy bear. But the worst, my dirtiest little secret of them all ... is that I love me and my dirty little secrets.

I Have A Crush On David Boreanaz Of "buffy The Vampire Slayer... May 7th. at 12:30:50 pm EDT

JourneyWalker (Covington , Kentucky US) Age: 17

I have a crush on David Boreanaz of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" fame.
I also ahve a crush on both Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie.P.S. I am a girl I Sometimes like to listen to Britney Spears, but I still really don't like her

My Guilty Secret? Well, I'm A Major Sucker For Any Kind Of... May 7th. at 12:28:38 pm EDT

Rhiannon Solana (Somewhere In, Texas US) Age: 19 - Email

My guilty secret? Well, I'm a major sucker for any kind of Broadway showtune, no matter the cheese factor...I have no shame. I sing along loudly in my car, with the windows down no less. *sigh* I feel so much better now! And while we're on the subject, I'd just like to say that I'm addicted to the Open Diary...I can't stop writing in mine! What else? Oh yes, there's a bag of bite size chips ahoy in my desk at work. I think that's all the confessing I can take for one day!

Okay, I Admit It. I Play "diablo" When I Should Be Working... May 7th. at 11:47:01 am EDT

Darcie (Lawrence, Kansas US) Age: 40 - Email

Okay, I admit it. I play "Diablo" when I should be working on my dissertation. I also want to update my operating system for the sole purpose of being able to play "Diablo II." Finally, I watched the first Survivor and cheered for Richard Hatch from Day One!

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