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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 101 - 3/3/2003

Have You Made Any Extra Security Preparations?

Faced with the potential threats of terrorism and/or war, many governments have asked their citizenry to ‘be prepared’. Have you stocked up on any items? Do you have a first aid kit? How’s your plastic to duct tape ratio?

Should you ever have to vacate your home and you could only take ten (10) items with you, what would these items be?

If you are trained in outdoor survival skills, medical emergencies or in other related areas, what advice can you share with us on how to be prepared in case the unthinkable does come to pass? What ten things do you think everyone should have on hand?

 Reponses:   There are 85 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

I Feel No Need...... Mar 3rd. at 5:12:40 pm EST

LoneGnome (Oregon) Age: 35 - Email

I feel no real need to stock up on anything since I live in a small coastal community that holds no real terrorist or military interest. If I do have to evacuate I'd take what few camping items I actually own, some blankets, my portable radio and cb, and what food I could.
I spent over ten years in the military so the best advice I could give someone if the unthinkable does happen is first DO NOT panic. It will only do more harm than good. Leave the area as fast and as safely possible. Head upwind if possible, most harmful things will be blown away from you by the wind. Blessed be Mother Nature.
As soon as you're sure you're out of the affected area clean yourself and anything you took with you as thoroughly as possible and take only what you need to survive with you. As far as what you should take with you bottled water, canned food, a complete rain suit including the boots, a water proof tarp (these will help keep any chemicals from getting on you) , some basic cooking utensils, a portable radio w/batteries, and a flashlight.

Here's The Thing... Mar 3rd. at 5:04:57 pm EST

lilith (lost angeles) Age: 33 - Email

i live in southern california, so we pretty much already have a basic idea of emergency preparedness, ie bottled water, first aid kit, and shoes always handy in case ya have to leap out of bed in the dead of night after window glass has shattered out. and that was no joke, by the way-- i had to take my sister to the hospital after the northridge quake due to a glass shard related injury and when we got there they were on full backup electricity and there was blood all over the floor from people who had slashed their feet getting out of bed.

honestly, however, i dont believe in this terror preparedness crap. for one thing all the bottled water in the world couldnt have mitigated the effects of the collapse of the world trade center in nyc, and no amount of duct tape or plastic or blah blah blah would have really helped, even if it was already in place when the attack occurred. even hospitals would be unable to deal with the fallout of a major bio-chemical attack. i think these terror alerts are just a way of freaking people out, ratchetting up the jingoistic talk for war, and making people feel like our government is on top of things when clearly it is not.

having said that, here's my emergency list: water is the most important thing, since dehydration kills; blankets are good, since hypothermia kills; canned and dried food is good, since starvation kills; first aid kit obviously; flashlights and radio is good, since lack of information and light can present a serious danger; and last but unfortunately not least, a firearm of some kind would probably come in handy if a real disaster were ever to strike. of course to me this list only exists because of earthquakes, civil disturbances, and volcanic eruptions. i assume it would be useful in some kind of national emergency as well, but honestly, i am more afraid of our government than anyone elses government or organization.

Why Should I? Mar 3rd. at 4:22:36 pm EST

OtepSkye (Las Vegas, Nv) Age: 22 - Email

Honestly, I see no point in being afraid of an organization that revels in wreaking havok. If we all freak out, they win. That's why it's called "Terror." I'm not saying that I don't care whether or not we are attacked again, I'm just saying that if the Gods feel that it's my time, then the only preparations needed are "Goodbye"s and "I love you"s.

Hail Odin!

Tuna For Terror Mar 3rd. at 4:01:22 pm EST

Rebecca (Las Vegas NV) Age: 31 - Email

I have been thumbing my nose at Ridge's security warnings. If a bio-terror/nuclear/other attack comes, I'll have bigger things to worry about than the amount of pasta in my cupboard. However, I read a news story about a man in NY who was making a "terror kit" which included enough cat food for 30 days for his two cats. This touched me in a way I hadn't thought of before. I may have plenty of dried goods around the house (in nor organized place or manner) but my cat food is purchased week to week. I'm not making a kit (but if I were, flashlights, candles, dried milk and lots of pasta and water would be on the list) but I am springing for a case of tuna and a large bag of Cat Chow. Can't hurt to buy, my three cats will eat it eventually and I'll feel a little more like I've done something to help the critters I love besides arrogantly dismissing the ridiculous notions of an administration determined to cover its collective fanny.

Just The Usual Preparedness For Me Mar 3rd. at 3:53:19 pm EST

Starwalker (Down East NC) Age: 54 - Email

Which is probably 200 times more "prepared" than the average bear..
I have always stored
1. food... somewhere between a month and a year's worth (depending on how long it's been since the last time I needed to USE it or move)
2. alternative ways to heat, cook and light (20 lb and disposable propane cylinders, kerosene, camp stove, screw-on heater for 20 lb propane bottle, lamps, candles, flashlight, batteries, lighter and matches
3. battery operated radio that uses 12v and connection to car battery; small inverter for cigarette lighter plug in car
4. "72 hour kit" for potential evacuation which includes clothing, OTC meds, first aid, blanket and pillow, and usuall the camp stove, a canister of fuel, flashlight, candles, lighter, matches, canned goods and easy to store / transport food for 72 hours.
5. several gallons of water and am prepared to fill many containers with water in advance of an impending problem.
I try to carry BARE NECESSITIES in my vehicle at all times; a space blanket, some munchies, a gallon of water, first aid kit and OTC meds, extra shoes and sox and a change of clothes, candles, matches. Has come in handy in the oddest of circumstances!

my 10 items would be: (in addition to what I have in the truck) : my 72 hour kit, my main workstation, monitor (for my business) , "tin box" in which copies of all my business and personal papers are kept, "ritual in a box" portable altar and supplies, my Staff, my briefcase, animal crate with my crew of catz, and the other items would be determined by the nature of the emergency that caused the evacuation and my best guess at the length of evacuation.

As far as survival goes... the best things you can have on hand is your BRAIN, a sense of humor, and an ability to be flexible and think outside the norm.

I Like Witch Stuff Mar 3rd. at 3:35:23 pm EST

bruce (so cal) Age: 42 - Email

I refuse to prepare for phnatom threats

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