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Question of the Week: 113

Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 94 - 1/13/2003

Who Would Make Your Pagan/Heathen Who’s Who List?

If you were compiling the Pagan/Heathen equivalent of the famous ‘Who’s Who’ list of influential people, which Pagan or Heathen names would make it on your list? Why did you choose these people?

Which non-Pagans, but still people who are/were influential in some way to issues important to Pagans, should be on the list?

What qualities or accomplishments did you consider to be the most important in making your choices?

Finally, which people of your own acquaintance would make your private ‘most influential people in my life’ list?

 Reponses:   There are 91 responses posted to this question. Reverse Sort 

The Who Is Who On My List : Jan 13th. at 11:05:50 pm EST

Gaia's Child kaT (Toronto) Age: 33 - Email

I have chosen Scott Cunningham as a simple but precise man who wrote the basics on wicca and let his audience choose what THEY wanted, what THEY felt as right for THEM.

Secondly I have chosen Jamie Sams for her life changing book ' Earth Medicine '. She is Native American and thus has those views so I placed her in this catagory. Wonderful book ; please read.

Biggest influence in my life were my parents for they let me explore from a child every aspect of life. To this day I bless them both for letting me have my freedom without any judgement.


My List Jan 13th. at 10:56:29 pm EST

Stormwind (Canada) Age: 25 - Email

Gerald Gardner, for bringing Witchcraft into the public eye in Britain.

Raymond Buckland, for doing the same in the U.S.

Laurie Cabot, for her work in publicizing a positive view of the Craft.

Scott Cunningham, for writing about Wicca in a style that is clear and easily understood by anyone, and for opening up Wicca to solitaries.

Silver Ravenwolf, for her friendly and readable writing style. When I was new to magick I could read her books without being afraid that I was "doing it wrong" or feeling forced to give up prior beliefs.

Kerr Cuhulain, for providing the image of how to be a Warrior and a Witch and a Warrior Witch.


In my own life:

My Oma for teaching me about responsibility and love

Dyllan ap Llyr for teaching me that I am worthy of love, and providing it so generously

Wagner & co, my eternal inspiration and the proof of all magick.

Who's Who Jan 13th. at 10:39:26 pm EST

Dragon Lady (AZ) Age: 0 - Email

I believe Silver RavenWolf has been the most influential author to me. Her books are easy to read & very informative to a newbie, & also sprinkled with a sense of humor. I would have to credit my friend Phoebe with helping me along the path; I've learned more from her in just a few short months than I believe I could learn from studying books.

Who's Who In The Pagan World According To GypsyButterfly Jan 13th. at 9:44:19 pm EST

Angela (Canton, New York) Age: 23 - Email

First and foremost I feel that Scott Cunningham deserves a spot on my list. His work has had a tremendous impact on my life and continues to do so. In addition, Margo Adler for her book Drawing Down the Moon. This book has had a notable social impact simply because it has given the "neo-pagan" movement some roots in the eyes of the critics. And this section of my list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Laurie Cabot. Laurie's book The Power of the Witch was my first introduction to witchcraft and, though I don't always agree with what she says or does, she has done wonders for promoting a more positive view of witchcraft.
In terms of non-pagans, I agree that Stephen Hawking is important and for the same reasons. As far as acquaintences from my own experience I want to give credit to Jennifer Vincent-Barwood; she saw the light in me and encouraged me to follow it. Thank you Jennifer; because of you, my life will never be the same!

Who's Who Jan 13th. at 9:17:39 pm EST

Wade Berlin (Florida) Age: 39 - Email - Web

Wren Walker - Lots of reasons, but Dedicated support of the Pagans/Heathens community is the first.

Non-Pagan - Stephen Hawking - For achivements in expanding our views of the universe

My personal list?
Rowan from the Phoenix Festivals Family. - She's opinionated, hard headed, stubborn, and Easily the most dedicated Guardian I have ever met.

Simple Jan 13th. at 9:10:42 pm EST

Seth (Goulburn, Australia) Age: 18 - Email - Web

Fiona Horne, celebrity Witch here in Australia. Has written a handful of books, and though I've only read one I still enjoyed it.

The book I read was "Life's A Witch", and even though it was aimed at the teenage community I liked how it put witchcraft into it's proper context without making it too "fluffy".

Who's Who..... Jan 13th. at 4:39:17 pm EST

may (zanesville, oh) Age: 28 - Email

Marian Green
Her work "Witch Alone" was the first key to my walking the pagan path. She is diverse in her thinking, environmentally aware, and simply powerful.

my friend Kay
Though she is not a pagan herself, she is certainly wise in the ways of peace, love, and harmony.

my Jack
His support of my journey...well, i don't think i would have made it this far without him.

????? Jan 13th. at 2:40:25 pm EST

The Sweeper (OK) Age: 48 - Email

This is an interesting question, it implies that there are signet individuals at the forefront playing major roles in the advancement of my beliefs.
This may be true in some folks mind, however, I suspect the real people who have done the most, are those we know the least.
They are like schoolteachers, filling us, guiding us, pushing us gently down our paths.
They each add something to the pot then pass us on to be tested and seasoned by the next.
I have little regard for those who presume to have all the answers, and less for those who presume to know the only true way.
I respect searchers, questioners, and doubters.
I cherish those who shun the lime light, guide from the shadows and share what they know with out strings. The only people in my WHOS WHO are my Grandmother for here patient guidance and my Mother for allowing me to follow a path so dramatically divergent from her own.

The Sweeper

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