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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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 Author:    Posted: Nov. 17, 2002   This Page Viewed: 20,400,725  

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Question of the Week: 59 - 9/11/2001

911 America: Talking Through The Terror...

Talking Through The Terror... And helping each other cope with the tragedies that struck at the very heart of the United States. The Witches Voice has opened up this forum in order that Pagans may express their thoughts on the terrorist attacks that took place in NYC and DC on September 11th. As the full realization of what happened and the toll numbers begin to come in, Americans have many challenges ahead.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? How are you feeling? Feel free to post any magickal workings or other support gatherings planned in your area.

WebNote 9/16/2001: Since we launched this on 911 this forum as become laced with powerful inspiration and critical information, feel free to use the search functions on your left to better define the info you are looking for. Search for your area, famous Pagans, key words etc. Also check Wren's Nest News for the latest news related to our community.

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This Is More Than Terrifying, There Is No Word For It. I... Sep 11th. at 8:19:02 pm EDT

Erica (Chicago, Illinois US) Age: 18

This is more than terrifying, There is no word for it. I wake up go to work and this is the first thing I hear. I may not know people in NYC or any were else but Chicago is where I live and I fear that we are going to be next. Right now I am mourning the lost of so many Americans. I am shocked and comfused I really don't know what to think honestly. I guess there is only one thing to do; we should take the time to recognize what we have and be thankful to the Lord and Lady. I feel that this is essential to living. I send my condolences to those who've lost their family members in the termoil of cowards.
I hope the Goddess shines brightly upon the injured and hurt and even the late ones and All of you Gods Bless America!

A Magazine Says That Rhiannon Is A Goddess Who Rewards Those Who... Sep 11th. at 8:14:50 pm EDT

Bridgette (Smyrna (Atl.), Georgia US) Age: 16 - Email

A magazine says that Rhiannon is a Goddess who rewards those who ask what thay want. What we want now is peace... as well as revenge. I don't want America to bomb any countries for what a non-sponsered terrorist group has done. My great deal of empathy will not allow me to rest my mind, but my disconnected attitude towards the Americcan gov't won't allow me to believe that this isn't just another "Red Dawn" movie. If it is revenge we seek, it will be given through the Gods and only the Gods... I fear for the Middle Easters that live in America right now.

Tonight I shall call upon two Goddesses that I don't normally associat with: Rhiannon... and Nemisis.

My condolences to all, and to the dead and dying...

Opinion #3755, Forgot My Email. Any South Bay Vigil Tonight? We May... Sep 11th. at 8:13:21 pm EDT

South Bay Pagan Mother (Palo Alto, California US) Age: 38 - Email

Opinion #3755, forgot my email. Any South Bay Vigil tonight? We may hold one.

We All Must Be Strong And Find Peace. We Need To Send... Sep 11th. at 8:12:55 pm EDT

Herbal Poet (Kannapolis, North Carolina US) Age: 28 - Email

We all must be strong and find peace. We need to send our love, prayers and light to those we have lost from this world to the next to help them in their confusion of being jerked out of this world so fast and harshly so that they may find their way, and to those who have been injured or have lost family .
My heart aches for the lost and devastation that has been the result of this attack.

I will be burning white candles for the rest of the week, and visualizing the earth in a healing blue and pink bubble .

I can hope that this will at least help a little, there is so much pain and anger that it will take more than just me to help, so i am asking all of you to help in anyway you now how to.. no matter if it is in a small or large way. Every little thing will help!

I will be joining many in support and prayer groups for several days. If you would like prayer, support, healing, or just someone to talk to feel free to contact me. Many blessings to all.

To All The Witches Of The World....i Sit Here Listening To... Sep 11th. at 8:10:27 pm EDT

Elric Dreamweaver (Erie, Pennsylvania US) Age: 17 - Email

To all the witches of the world....
I sit here listening to NBC news, stunned, and quite. I have taken this tragic event as a sign to me, and hopefully to everyone still in hiding about their faith to the gods. As of tommorow, I am fully coming out to everyone I know. I believe that the more of us that combine for unity, the more effect we can have, and the more involved we can be in the cleanup. I also will participate in the midnight vigil. I hope you all take up the cause of coming out and becoming active.
Some of you may ask... "Your 17, what do you think?" I have gone through a school shooting and much more, and nothing, ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!!!! can compare this tragedy that has occured. I have devoted my heart, spirit, and prayers to the victims.
Although I go to a highly Christian school, I have already made efforts to bring the pagans and others in the school into a moment of silence, together, as our nation needs to...

I leave you with two quotes ---

Every man and woman is a star. - Aleister Crowley

God bless America, my home sweet home...... - God Bless America

My patron god is Thoth, and believe me, he is the chronicler of the gods, and he has written this down, and has marked for judgement, those responsible...

To all those who join, e-mail me to let me know, and I will forward all the responses to Witch Vox...

I Just Feel Dreadful And Like Other Posts Have Mentioned I Too... Sep 11th. at 8:06:30 pm EDT

Aisling Luna Spiritbear (Toronto, Ontario CA) Age: 14

i just feel dreadful and like other posts have mentioned i too will have a candle burning on my altar for the Innocents who lost their lives for someone to prove a point.Also, my heart goes out to the workers- police, firemen, doctors and nurses etc. and ask that the Lord and Lady be with them at all times through this difficult period.I was at home today and watched the coverage live on CNN...i was in a state of shock for a long time.Thankfully there are online communities such as this that i frequent where i can share my thoughts and just talk to people.sometimes you need the support of complete strangers
thank you twv :)

I Happened To Turn On The Tv A Few Minutes Before The... Sep 11th. at 8:04:21 pm EDT

Sabine Foxglove (Canton, Massachusetts US) Age: 30 - Email

I happened to turn on the TV a few minutes before the second plane hit. After checking in with family, I cried. I was incredibly scared for my country, my family, and my 2 year old. I was terrifed (see "terrorism") that there would be more and more. Then I worried about ripples and after-effects. After that - I got ticked. I was ready to rumble for retribution. And right now - almost 12 hours after I turned off the TV (it hasn't been off since, BTW), I feel proud. And strong. And ready to take a deep breath and dig in to help the people I share this planet with. And I won't worry about revenge - after all, that's what the three-fold is for. Blessed Be to all.

The Trouble With Prophetic Dreams: Not Enough Clues To Interpret Them. What... Sep 11th. at 8:01:13 pm EDT

South Bay Pagan Mother (Palo Alto, California US) Age: 38

THE TROUBLE WITH PROPHETIC DREAMS: not enough clues to interpret them. What the hell can we DO if we don't know enough??? And dreams are so inaccurate / allegorical, so often. Goddess, it makes me feel so HELPLESS.

A (Pagan) friend's experience:
"Folks, I am REALLY freaked out about this because I DREAMED about this over and
over during the last year.In the dream, I would go into a video store, and the
clerk would say"you really need to see a film called THE TWO TOWERS. It
s VERY important. Something bad is going to happen". And we would look for the
video, and it was always missing or out, but I saw a poster that showed the
cover and it was the World Trade center!

I kept going back to the store in the
dream over and over but I was not able to see the video.Everytime, I saw the
poster with "the Two Towers" on it. Finally I said to "I think something is going to happen to the trade center", but I could not find out the details what it would be.

This is a TRUE story, a very disturbing one. I have no idea why I was not allowed to see the video in the dream, but I suspect that what I would
be shown would have been horrible, and what would I have been able to do about
it? Who would have listened to me? says I should call Standford University and talk to someone there who is working with precognitive dreams, maybe they can give me advice on what to do if I have another dream. Many people heard me discribe the dream before this happened, I can document this.

I am really freaked out."

I remember her telling me about that dream a while back. Here's my own experience:

My whole family was actually travelling on a United plane from Newark to San Jose (via Denver) on Labor Day this year. I was exhausted from staying up late the night before, and I fell asleep on the 1st leg of the plane trip.

Asleep, I had this unusual and very vivid nightmare where a woman dressed in black and white with a headcovering rather like a nun pulled a blood-red mask up over her face (a repressed vengeful Goddess???), pulled out a gun and hijacked the plane. (basically a total face covering - could not read her expressions) The crew was no where to be seen (not on the plane???), the other passengers (basically lazy American tourists wearing sunglasses) were chatting to each other about their lives and vacations and ignoring her, but I KNEW something horrible was going to happen, and I knew we all could not stop it. No one could. I did not even think to try martial arts to stop her, and I normally would in real life, because I am a martial artist.

Because of the other people talking to each other, I could not hear most of what the hijacker was saying even though I was very close to her (one row behind hers in fact), but I heard something about (all the? couldn't hear enough about it) men were going to be killed (I was very scared for my husband) and didn't know how many others also might be killed - I also had a strong sense the airplane doors would open and the plane would crash.

The only people I know on this dream plane who were noticing her besides my husband and I were an Asian woman (foreign) and her young daughter (in front of my husband and I) whom the hijacker had been sitting next to - the hijacker started making them put on their oxygen masks.

I remember that my own young daughters were somehow NOT on the flight in my dream, and I was grateful for that, but I was terrified WE were going to die, and I had so much left to do in my life that was not yet done.

I woke up totally terrified. I mean I thought it was REAL. (And I have never dreamed about hijacking while on a plane before!)


Look, I'm totally freaking right now. I normally consider myself about as psychic as a brick.

And my husband, who NEVER wakes up during the night, especially when he's been working late, woke up inexplicably this morning at 5:35 Pacific Time. Now he knows why.

We have family in Manhattan. We hear they are all right, so far. I can't get in touch with my sister-in-law at this moment, the shock might have put her into labor (she was large with twins). A good friend who normally works across the street from the WTC was out today on Jury Duty - THANK THE GODDESS!!!

Stanford Blood Bank is swamped right now, we're waiting for the call that lets us know when we can come in to donate. In the meantime, we're sending out energy to all those dealing with this devastation in so many ways, and burning candles and incense, especially to Kuan Yin, Goddess of Healing and Mercy. I especially worry for our children's future; all our children.

This seems so unreal, yet is horrifyingly too real.

Inanna and Kuan Yin, please help us! Join all our Magick even if we cannot be physically together with other Pagans; alone and isolated we do not have enough Power to deal with this!! Goddess, let there not be global war!!!!!

-- Inanna's Handmaiden

All I Can Do Is Cry.........i Hurt So Much For Those... Sep 11th. at 7:56:27 pm EDT

Danny (Damacien)Valdes JR (oak ridge, New Jersey US) Age: 21 - Email

All i can do is cry.........I hurt so much for those who are and will be suffering.......My alter candles will be lit through the night , and my heart goes out to all the families involved ..........

I First Learned Of This Tragedy From The Radio On The Way... Sep 11th. at 7:52:07 pm EDT

Chiron (Greenville, North Carolina US) Age: 39 - Email

I first learned of this tragedy from the radio on the way to work. As soon as I arrived my phone was ringing with "have you heard" calls. We hooked up a TV and watched the drama unfold all day long today. Despite what you might think of US foreign policy or politics, there is an innocent human element involved here. How many thousands of people had to die for someone else to prove their point? We may not know for days. Personally, I will go out tonight at 9:00 pm EST as requested by another post. I will call to my patron Goddess, the Blessed Mother Bast and request that she give healing and comfort to all those directly affected as well as to their families. I know that those actually on the planes are with Her now. As for the highjackers themselves...woe to be at the hands of an angry Bast! I will also pray for intellegence and clear thinking to prevail as a retaliation of some sort is inevitable. May the grace of the Blessed Mother in Her many forms be with all of us in this time of tragedy but especially with those it presonally touched today!

As A Member Of A Community That Considers Itself To Be Rather... Sep 11th. at 7:50:33 pm EDT

Spoiler of Twigs (Atlantis, Denmark) Age: 30 - Email

As a member of a community that considers itself to be rather evolved in it's spirtual beliefs, I would like to express my compassion to the people that are directly responsible for the tradgey that has occured; my point being that although those who are directly affected by the attack may be truly suffering, their spirit will be fine: the powers that be will always care for the innocent. It is the attackers that are truly suffering, the place that a human being must go to in order to carry out such an atrocity is a dark and cold place, full of illusion and ghosts, away from the light of truth may they one day see the ignorance of these actions.

Thank You,
Spoiler of Twigs

Upon The Tragedy That Struck Our Nation Today, I Quickly Emailed Everyone... Sep 11th. at 7:45:01 pm EDT

Ceriwynn (Buffalo, New York US) Age: 28 - Email

Upon the tragedy that struck our nation today, I quickly emailed everyone I know and care about in my life. Family, friends and close aquaintances to let them know that often times we lose track of what really matters in this world. Sometimes we take for granted our home, our families, our wives or husbands, our children. After realizing that, I sent an email to each one of them sending positive light and love their way.

I have been burning a single candle all day for the lives of those lost in the disasters, I have been meditating throughout the day, and asking for the God and Goddess's strength to endure in this stressful and painful time.

Although many of us did not know someone per se that was injured or killed today, don't forget we are all connected to each other, through this lovely Earth, and through the God and Goddess... what pains one pains the entirety.

Please remember that as you're giving thanks for your family and friends who have survived, and send positive light and love to those who aren't so lucky.
May the Goddess and God help strengthen each and every one of us in our time of need, and help us see a brighter day tomorrow.

We are one.
Love and light and blessings to all,

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