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Pagan Problem Children: What Can We Do About Them?

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Question of the Week: 59 - 9/11/2001

911 America: Talking Through The Terror...

Talking Through The Terror... And helping each other cope with the tragedies that struck at the very heart of the United States. The Witches Voice has opened up this forum in order that Pagans may express their thoughts on the terrorist attacks that took place in NYC and DC on September 11th. As the full realization of what happened and the toll numbers begin to come in, Americans have many challenges ahead.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? How are you feeling? Feel free to post any magickal workings or other support gatherings planned in your area.

WebNote 9/16/2001: Since we launched this on 911 this forum as become laced with powerful inspiration and critical information, feel free to use the search functions on your left to better define the info you are looking for. Search for your area, famous Pagans, key words etc. Also check Wren's Nest News for the latest news related to our community.

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I Consider Myself To Be A Christo Pagan In Training. Everything That... Sep 17th. at 3:42:12 pm EDT

Ciarrai (Central NJ, New Jersey US) Age: 34

I consider myself to be a Christo Pagan in training. Everything that I've studied has pretty much told me that I didn't have to completely abandon the beliefs in which I was raised. I have managed to strike a balance. I know most Pagans don't get that. But I am still in my "study phase, " and I I feel that I can't self-initiate until I'm done with my year and a day. I'm also lucky to know a Pagan artist that I am sure will teach me. I never felt ready before, or rather, worthy. Not quite yet educated enough. "Year and a Day."

I will always consider myself a "Jersey Girl, " and man, I have to say that I am pretty scared. NYC is my backyard. NYC is only about 15 miles from my house. I'm fortunate to not have anyone from my family there, but I feel like my family is there, b/c it is NYC. Because it is AMERICA.

I'm feeling more and more Pagan every day. I never realized how open minded I was. I don't think that I used to be. I feel very bad about the American Muslims in the area. I am hearing horror stories about people being beat up. I'm trying not to argue with my friends when they say things like we should send them all back to the Middle East. I'm becoming offended when they suggest that the women not cover their heads if they don't want to be attacked. I'm extremely offended by what Jerry Falwell had to say about the Pagans. I'm just as offended about what the Pagans have to say about the Christians. And I'm tired about people whining about the lack of Pagan presence at the Day Of Prayer. Don't worry; we were there. And I agree about not Bush-bashing right now. He's our President, and we have to have faith in his decisions now. I didn't vote for him but bellyaching isn't going to help. Not when I hear about my friends that have volunteered and have seen people trying to piece fingers with hands and people whose faces were burned off.

I cast my first circle this past Friday night. I read aloud from a book or modidn't bother to get a book to look up instructions from any of the wonderful books from Peg Aloi's list. I went to a "New Age Type" shop in a nearby town on my way home from work. The Pagan shops weren't going to be conducive to my time commitment of my 7 p.m. candle lighting. I didn't have the time to make my own candles, oils and brews as I envisioned my first circle. I purchased candles that were already charged. I charged them myself anyway. I purchased pre-made oils. I knew that what I found would have to do. The woman behind the counter asked me if I needed help, and I just replied no, thanks. As I was shopping she commented that I seemed to know exactly what I was looking for. My athame was a piece of my sterling silver flatware, my boleen to carve the initials of the missing that I know was an old beau's hunting knife that I found in the closet that morning. My altar was on my little balcony.

I'm sure my neighbors are convinced that I am crazy. "What's the chick doing up there talking to herself? What is she carving into those candles? Why is she plunging her silver into the flame?" -- that is what I am sure they were thinking.

My beau arrived late. He knew that I would be performing a ritual and he didn't want to spoil it or tease me. He thought it was beautiful to see me up there.

I'm proud to be a Pagan American.

Thanks so much to the Pagan community outside of the US for your thoughts.

On Saturday, Sept. 22-mabon-the Sisters Of The Moon (a Coven In... Sep 17th. at 3:36:28 pm EDT

Sali Tetreault (Newark, Vermont US) Age: 30 - Email

On Saturday, Sept. 22-Mabon-the Sisters of the Moon (a coven in Northern Vermont) will be dedicating our ritual work to healing, protection and balance for all lives that have been and will be touched by the tragedy of 9/11. We will be doing ritual @ 8:30 ET. and are asking all pagens, wiccans and witch's to focus their Mabon rituals in the same direction at the same time.

Brightest Blessings Go Out From Our Family To You And All Of... Sep 17th. at 3:31:13 pm EDT

Michaelthe9 (Torrance) Age: 44

Brightest blessings go out from our family to you and all of the victims and their families. May the Goddess aid in closure for all. A simple offering of witch thoughts for us:
In spite of the efforts of those people (those responsible for the attacks) with their own negative manifestations of what they call their lives, I trust that we all will learn from this experience. We can't feed the negative energy of those who have forced their ways upon us as they would have us do through quick and unwise retaliation. We must use our magick and our clear intent to gain a balance in this situation. I pray and spell that the government will be wise in their thought and action. I also trust that these attacks will serve us in the witch world as well. One hears about witch wars and petty conflicts about one's light is brighter than another's. These events that we are enduring and learning from must show those who have internal conflicts with themselves that there is a common good, a higher good for us to come together over: The well being of humans as a whole. Witch or not. Bright light or not. Not only do I pray and spell for love to prevail, I pray and spell for this tragic event to bond us as a world. The little things that piss us off really mean nothing compared to the loss and efforts going on in New York and Washington D. C. and Pensilvania. Brothers and sisters, we are saddened and grieve both directly and from a distance. Blessed be that so many of you instantly came together! Thank you for that. We are together and must remain so eternally. That will be an inspiration and an example for the rest of the world.
Love and light,

America The Free. That Has Not Changed. America The Strong. That Has... Sep 17th. at 3:14:18 pm EDT

Wick Green (Los Angeles, California US) Age: 42 - Email

America the Free. That has not changed. America the strong. That has not changed. America the just. That has not changed. What has truly changed? Nothing. An act of violent hatred was perpetrated against America, against its people, and our lives have been altered in many ways, both physically, mentally, both emotionally and spiritually, and this coursse will continue, and possibly, most assuredly in some ways, will forever stay. But what America is, the America found within us, that has not changed. So the rest of the world can take heart in that faith, and hope, and love will continue to wear themselves out on our sleeves, and Freedom still rings in America. And as a Pagan American, as well as all Americans, as well as all people, that is cause for rejoicing.

I Know That This Is A Little Late But It's To Let... Sep 17th. at 3:03:38 pm EDT

Lynn (Glasgow, England UK) Age: 38 - Email

I know that this is a little late but it's to let you know that We in Scotland are thinking about you and are stunned that this was not accident. How can people do this to other people.
The 11th September will always be remember as the day the world changed.
Blessed be

I Hope Everyone Will Feel The Loving Arms Of The Mother Wrap... Sep 17th. at 3:00:18 pm EDT

Morningsong (warsaw, Virginia US) Age: 23 - Email

I hope everyone will feel the loving arms of the Mother wrap around their hearts. Goddess let them greive a for a time but grow strong forever.

May The Divine Light Flow Through Me And Radiate From Me To... Sep 17th. at 2:08:02 pm EDT

Cj DeBard (Bremerton, Washington US) Age: 47 - Email

"May the Divine Light flow through me and radiate from me
to all who surround me." - Cj DeBard

On September 11, 911, My Heart Sank Into The Deep Ravine Of... Sep 17th. at 1:18:47 pm EDT

Selene Raven (Southington, Connecticut US) Age: 27 - Email

On September 11, 911, my heart sank into the deep ravine of my soul. I prayed to the gods for the safety of my relatives who worked within the fancial district of Manhatten. Wishing for the morrigan to watch over them and guide them to safety. My crys were answered as the last of my relatives checked in Wednesday morning.

When I heard about the candle light vigil, I was insprired to write the following to still watch over those who are at ground zero to rescue the fallen. It was part of a memoral service which my coven performed this past weekend on the New Moon.

I call upon Thee, Lady of the Night
Goddess Hecate, on the Dark Moon's light
Protect our Hero's at this tragic time
Carry away the fear, hate, and sorrow
May your love shine upon all those who care
To bring them hope, love and rejoice
I ask of Thee, So Mote It BE

As I light this flame in their honor
Let its fire burn bright to show them the way
Upon the last flames light
May this spell carry through for all the day
Blessed be.

May the Lord and Lady watch over us all, and give us the strength and wisdom to overcome.

Selene Raven

It Took A Few Minutes After The Second Plane Hit The Wtc... Sep 17th. at 1:03:18 pm EDT

Kristin (Washington, District of Columbia US) Age: 29 - Email

It took a few minutes after the second plane hit the WTC for the reality to start to absorb. And within minutes, my boss came running out of her office in tears. "They just hit the Pentagon!" Approximately 3 miles from the office where I am sitting. And it hit me like a thousand tiny fists that in that minute, my daughter would not grow up knowing the freedom and security that I have always taken for granted. The possibility of dying became very real as we walked outside and looked into the sky, terrified to see what an hour before we wouldn't have even noticed, planes flying low as they prepared to land at Reagan National Airport.
As the days have passed, it still doesn't quite feel real. Until one moment on Friday night, when my 3 1/2 year old daughter looked at me with big, sad eyes and asked "Mommy, when that tall building fell down, did the peoples' hearts break?"
Yes, honey... they did.

One Daysix Days Ago, The World Changed. Like Many, I Thought... Sep 17th. at 12:54:10 pm EDT

Inori Aleynterra Riverli (Clearfield, Utah US) Age: 21 - Email


Six days ago, the world changed. Like many, I thought I was hearing some strange fiction as the DJ quietly announced what was taking place even at that moment. Since then, I can only think of how much one day can do.

One day in Winter brought a young woman out of darkness. The same day 50 years ago brought a lush paradise to its knees. One day last week, wrought with hatred and tears, meant to tear a nation apart, has brought us together, united in mourning and in a battlecry to tell the world that we will not be brought down in one day. We will search out the hatred that perpetrates such actions as these, and we will not allow that person or persons to continue spreading pain.

One day in history will not be ignored. One day cannot crush the spirit of this great nation, and we will continue to show this spirit as we rebuild the piece of our hearts that has been taken away.

Dear Fellow Pagans, I Learned Of The Attacks As I Was Driving... Sep 17th. at 12:52:38 pm EDT

Yvonne aka Starspider (So. Paris, Maine US) Age: 37 - Email

Dear Fellow Pagans,

I learned of the attacks as I was driving along to keep appointments I had Tues. morning. I was stunned and began to weep. With a very heavy heart, I met up with my friend later that day and we ate lunch and talked about our feelings. Awhile later, the overwhelming need to just lay on the Earth came over me. My friend and I went out into her yard and sat quietly together. We smudged and enjoyed the magnetism of the ground. We allowed our spirits to be comforted and renewed.

I went home later to a sad and stunned family. Other friends had called to say that a ceremony would be held for my spiritual community. We gathered our children and went. It was good to be held in the arms of loved ones when the world gets too crazy to stand. I fell into bed and slept badly later that night, but I got up the next day feeling great anticipation for the shamanic drumcircle that I would attend later that night. I knew that we would do some healing work called psyhcopump. This is work for helping souls of the dead to cross into the light. I was anxious to get there because I so wanted to do something meaningful to help.

As I gathered with my close friends, and called upon the nature spirits and Pan to support our work, I felt the power of Spirit become palpable. I am always awestruck by this phenomenon no matter how often it happens to me, but that evening, I was speechless. Spirit felt like it would jump into incarnation at any moment. I felt that I was hugged and full of light.

We started our work together that night with our usual warm up shamanic journey. We chose to do a group question: What gift, lesson or wisdom can I bring out of this tradgedy? I share here what Spirit revealed to our group that night in hopes that it will aid others.

One man in our group was brought by his guide to a high point over looking the WTC. He was saddened by the sight of so much death and destruction and said so to his guide. He asked if the lesson was to be more compassionate. His guide said: "Yes, but you must also offer equal compassion to those who profess themselves to be your enemy."

One woman present was told by her guide that it was very important to savor life and stay totally enchanted with it and her loved ones.

Another man was reminded that the terrorists came from a culture and society that encourages violence for religious reasons and for simple personal freedom and personal protection. They and their father's father's father was raised from infancy to hold guns, see death in their street, hear bombs going off next door. These people live their "normal" lives(if anything like this lifestyle can be called normal), love, marry, have children, and grow old with political unrest, abject poverty, lack of education and medical treatment and murder. They are desensitized and dehumanized by this. They are in need of healing. The guide reminded my fellow journeyer that the work we would do that night at the crash site wasn't just for American victims. He reminded us that it would be for the terrorists too.

I recieved all of this profound wisdom and direction in the places that my values live. I knew that I would be challenged that night. I knew that my rage and anger at what the terrorists had done would have to be tempered with compassion if I was to truly heal in a meaningful way.
I want to share a bit about what I saw as we proceeded to offer the psychopump healing work:

I saw only darkness and the astral hands of my fellows holding my own hands. I felt a rage and grieving that had come alive and was consuming all in its path. This living blackness grasped at me. I saw a few faces rise out of that. One was a woman's face that exploded before my eyes. I saw a terrorist dancing a dance of glee. I saw two other terrorists standing in abject shame and horror at what they had done. I heard and felt the collective shrieks of thousands of voices as they passed through my body on their way to the light. I too shrieked from my soul, though my physical voice made no noise. From the depths of my being rose a song of power and faith. My astral voice began to sing with all the force of my life. My physical throat ached withit. I saw other beings of power holding my hands and we began dancing to raise power to aid these souls to the light. More blackness and grief passed through me, but I felt that it didn't touch me so deeply as before the others began to dance with me. Still it felt like the black beast born of the terrorists terrible work would was neverending...I focused instead on the work and not as much on the horror of it all. I felt grateful for those that were in circle with me. I began to tire...Finally after what felt an eternity, the work and blackness came to an end and I could see the astral faces of my friends standing with me in a circle and then sitting down to the sound of the call back drumbeat.

I wept and shared what I had seen as did the others. The rest of the group had seen the terrorists too. Each had encouraged them to go to the light. One circle member, shared that the gleeful terrorist had come up to her during the journey and asked if she was going to judge him. He expected it and was trying to encourage her to express it so that he could gloat some more. She said, "No...why don't you go to the light?

Needless to say, the shamanic experiences that I had will stick with me for the rest of my life. I pray for that man's soul that he might be helped to understand that power over is not the way to True power...and is certainly not a True way to express religious joy.

Delusions about correct and rightful use of power and the willful, selfish misuse of power is what brought this day to us. It will keep our society imprisoned if we allow it to. Our hope for a future that is filled with peace and joy will only come from a world society that holds dear shared power and power that comes from within...that Divine source of life within us all.

I want to share a final event that came at the end of my shamanic drumcircle. Our facilitator recieved a visit from the Iotolla Khomaini(sorry for spelling). IK said that he had come to think that he was wrong about many things when he was incarnated. He said that he was still working on himself and would someday try to help things to be different among his people. He said that he was very sad that this had happened to all those victims.

I took great hope from that. I am amazed that he visited us and very grateful that he did. I intend to remember what I saw, felt and heard last week. I want to hold that memory of the wisdom spoken to me and my fellows. I want to live that truth. I will continue to offer prayers for the healing of our nation and for the peace of the world. I will continue to hold the vision of beings of light holding our world in comforting arms and that enlightened and powerful people of the world will be doing great magics to prevent the loss of human rights and freedoms. I will pray that the world leaders strive to promote world peace...and it is my profound wish that all of this occurs through peaceful means...not through violent revenge. I want justice and healing. To me they are one and the same if they come in the form of love. Love heals all. It is powerful beyond imagining.

I am deepening with the spiritual truth that my soul, that your soul too is powerful beyond imagining too because of my experience of this event. I am filled with love and compassion. I see so many others too. More than I knew existed intellectually...I pour out upon the Earth the Divine Light that is within me. I rejoice in that poured out from the hearts of others. I am eternally renewed with the infinite love that is the starstuff the universe is made of. So are you. So are we.

This event has driven home to my heart the saying: I am of you. You are of me. We are one... I have come to realise that this is true beyond the metaphysical energy level I have understood before. We are one society. One economy. One human nation. If we realize this and allow love to guide our Higher Will, all will be well on Earth.
May peace, comfort and love abide with you and yours..

I've Seen Lots Of Arguments Brewing In The Pagan Community As To... Sep 17th. at 12:38:56 pm EDT

Lysander True (San Diego, California US) Age: 28 - Email

I've seen lots of arguments brewing in the Pagan community as to what we should do, should we get retribution, should we stand by and only get the terrorist responsible. Personally, I think our arguments are foolish, I will back the United States government, I will back the United States military, I will do these things because I am American, Republican and Pagan. If you are of like mind please join with us, where we don't Bush-bash and we understand that the old ways involved Gods and Goddesses of War, Vengeance and Retribution.

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