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The Witches' Voice made the decision from day one to evolve this web site based on your input. What does our community think about... Spam, ethics, commercialism of the Craft, politics etc. So many questions are hotly debated. In this chapter of WitchVox we simply ask hard questions directly to the community itself. New surveys will pop up from time to time and be announced on the WitchVox home page.
 Author: Pagan Community    Posted: Sep. 1, 1999   This Page Viewed: 14,946  

WitchVox Survey #2 - Spam
Duration: August 23rd through August 28th 1999
Results: Posted the first week of September 1999
Survey Results: Click HERE for the actual results of this survey.
General thoughts on Spam... ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR - FIVE - SIX

Community Comments on Spam in General PAGE #1
(FOR Community Thoughts on "PAGAN SPAM" specifically. Click HERE)

Spam has a reverse effect on me. I would be MORE inclined to avoid or bad mouth products/services promoted by spam than those using other means of advertising. I choose to BUY thing/sservices but I resist being SOLD anything. In the past I have forwarded spam to my ISPs Spam addy and then deleted. But I would rather not receive it at all. Thank you for the chance to voice this opinion. Hawks Dam - Wilma Dibelka

Unsoliced email is an invasion of privacy pure and simple. - Seble

It doesnt bother me too much when I get Spam but it is becoming an annoyance. - Brynn

Frankly WitchVox should not be taking the flack from people whose names have been harvested by rogue scavengers and neither should WitchVox feel responsible for this. These spam victims should take it upon themselves to stop the spamming. Posting ones email address anywhere on the Internet carries with it the risk of having your email address known to unscrupulous individuals. I kindly ask anyone who has been receiving unwanted spam mail to lay off the WitchVox staff and deal with the culprit directly. - Brian Brewer

I do not let myself get unduly stressed over spam but I do not like it and would prefer not having to deal with it. I truly appreciate the way yall try to protect us from it but do not want it to become a burden to either of you or your staff. I would rather just delete it and block the sender than put more work on you. The work that you do is so vital to our sisters and brothers It more important to me that your time and energy be spent in this way. - Lady Garnet Redstone

I think that great sites such as yours are being made an avenue of spam that can be stopped. I am not sure how but I know something has to give. - Andrew Woods

SPAM is the equivalent of telemarketing or proselytizing in that they ALL invade my privacy in an attempt to further their own agendas. SPAMmers telemarketers and proselytizers should be rounded up and subjected to sleep deprevation via forced viewing of infomercial marathons Tammy Faye reruns andor endless loops of old Ronald Reagan movies interspersed with used car sales pitches as presented by Ollie North. Thatll teach em. - Victoria Glynn

spamming is very wrong... the amount of my e mail i get from family and friends is less than 1 of the total e mail i get... at first i sent letters to stop the spamming.. later... just delete... and go on ... it was not worth my time to send letters... sad but true... - Granville Higley

I consider spam of ANY type obnoxious instrusive and incredibly annoying. If I want to know about something Ill find out about it on my own thank you very much. So I for one applaud your efforts to keep the Witches Voice from being used as a source for email addresses by these By the way you guys do a great job keeping those of us who are interested informed. Keep up the good work and keep fighting those spammers. Blessed Be - Margaret Eastman

I think that when one publicly posts their e-mail address this is in effect an invitation for unsolicited mail. You dont know me why should I be interested in your e-mail address unless I have something to say to you that I reasonably think you might be interested in How can I not knowing you be sure that what I have to say will or will not be of interest to you and not offensive in some way I cant. I have accepted that since I have placed my public e-mail address in many locations though out the Net I will receive many SPAM mailings and I rarely read any of them. But I do have a private e-mail that I have used carefully and extensively for more than 3 years that I rarely if ever get SPAM at.In general and I know I will be flamed for this I think that people who actively participate in Usenet forums post their e-mails in relation to a project or cause in a public forum which in most cases Internet sites are one just can not be to outraged when they receive some crap they are not interested in as a result of tossing their e-maill address into the pool.I am very active on the Internet and really dealing with SPAM takes less than 5 minutes of my time per on-line session I just delete what I choose not to read.Just a note about the remove me requests dont do it. This just confirms for whoever sent the SPAM that your e-mail address is good and youll get more of the same. Simply ignore and delete.The last question in the survey I can not answer with the answers supplied. Who is responsible for stopping SPAM You are by learning to ignore lifes little as in minor BS. - Joseph Bottero

I am really sick of all the crap that comes to me by email. Asking to be removed doesnt work is bounced back or exposes your address to more junk mail. I now try to stay away from certain sites and chat rooms.I appreciate your efforts in trying to shield us from spammers but the problem is too huge. You folks spend many hours on a site that we out here greatly value. For me I dont expect you to waste time on an unsolvable problem or to consort with that kind of negative energy on my behalf. As long as my browser has a delete button I can manage - Anwyn

My main email from CBNet is flooded daily by spam I had to move to Yahoo to get peace - Bernard Walker

I dont think spam in total should be stopped... Many people have multiple e-mail addresses and what should be done by people on the internet is to choose a personal e-mail address from a provider that gives spam blockers. Hey some people live to see the junk mail. I must admit Im one of them. There are just some things you will never know about if you dont recieve junk mail... And thats why I have way too many e-mail addresses and spend over an hour just getting my mail. - Veshka Valkyrie

Unsolicited e-mail does not really bother me to much unless its the same thing every day. Gives me something differnt to check out some times. - lupust

For years I have fought in vain agains the mass snail mail that is unsolicited in my home. I have more than enough credit cards and such thank you. I have been dismayed at the lack of letigious action resulting in ACTUAL CHANGE in the laws and practices of selling mailing lists electronic and physical. I often try to respond politly emphatically but politely. I have been fortunate in that I have met with success in this arena but I hate to consume my time and NRG in that manner. If your practice will decrease the spam I get then PLEASE CONTINUE TO PROTECT MY NAME. Thank you. - DJMonty

I just delete it -

ive noticed that although a great deal of these unsolicited emails have a method of removal... somehow or another even after asking to be removed from their email list... i continue to get more email messages... but then again if the post office cant even remember to keep junk mail out of your box... what should we expect in our electronic mail...i dont believe in getting rich quick and im not gullible enough to think that any of these emails can get me there... the problem is getting worse and just makes me feel that we can no longer leave our email addresses on any page... and it doesnt stop at email... but that may be the one internet aspect we still have partial control over... is who has or can get a hold of our email address - venus

I havent received alot of spam until recently but I cant stand getting it. I dont know if the spammers web page provider should stop it-although many webproviders I think would-or if its the responsibility of the page where the addresses where taken from. Perhaps a cmobination of both would work best. - Fiona Garrity

I am getting very tired of all the spam I am receiving at my hotmail address. Every time I ask to be removed and follow the instructions at the bottom of each email the mail is returned and bounced. It is so frustrating. I feel completely powerless. - spacecoyote

I absolutely will not patronize any businessservice that uses SPAM. I make it a point to cc postmasteroffendingdomain. - Igor....

I do not recieve enough spam to anger me but it is annoying. However I am sure that this somehow falls under some freedom of speech protection. I would like to think that if I were to ask some group to stop sending me mail they would. - Jaynova

Unlike postal mail where the sender accepts the costs for sending the unsolicited message email is something we all pay for. I pay to maintain an email account and I pay for my Internet access. When someone sends me unsolicited email I am paying for the resources that deliver that mail to me. There are already federal laws protecting people from unsolicited faxes and telephone calls for this very reason. These laws should be extended to include email.I applaud your efforts to attempt to prevent spammers from obtaining addresses from your site and I wish you all the best in your continued efforts. Unfortunately until there are more laws to give your fight teeth it will probably continue to be an uphill battle. - Neowolf

I know that alot of people think spamming is rather annoting and it can be. But it is advertizing the same way billboards are or sales papers. People takeother peoples lists on the computer and off. They find nothing wrong with recieving a sales paper in the mail but consider spamming unacceptable. This is because they are not use to it. Junk Mail is expected there is nothing wrong with it. It is a legitetimate way to advertize and while I may not have asked for it specificly I do like to browse it. And if I want it stopped I say so and it is. Spamming is the internets Junk mail. It is quite an expected step in advertizing I think. I personally have never spammed so I am not defending my own buisness. I simply think spamming is an acceptable form of advertizing and soon no one will remember what the big deal was. - Catherine Burns

Fritz and Wren you both do so much for our community. This issue shouldnt cause you distress. Some will take regardless of requests not to do so. Spam sucks but it is really nothing to get that excited about. Those of us who put our email out there do so knowing we may get an odd response here or there. Spam is the same thing. In my opinion there is really nothing to stop it at this point and Im not comfortable with more laws being created. I have the distinct impression many of those who vote on internet issues dont understand them which only leads to poor laws. - SilverPentacle

Sending unsolicited e-MAIL should be stopped - MILCAH FERRER

With my last e-mail surface the SPAM was NON stop.. and I got so tired of it. Im 14 and even if I wasnt I dont care about stupid porno sites on the net.. I dont care about the stupid get rich quick plans that will never work. I dont care about STUPID forwards that take forever just to get past all the headers Junk mail is annoying Its stupid Its a waste of time Its a waste of money Its junk. Thatd be why it is called junk mail. I dont think that you wonderful people at The Witches Voice should have to stop it because youre trying to do good.. not annoying people with junk e-mail. But I would like it stopped by SOMEONE If I can help i would like to. I.. have not had many.. if any that I know of- problems from being listed on Witchvox so I cant complain about that. i just know how annoying every other piece of junk mail Ive ever gotten is. And I dont want others to have to deal that. Its not just annoying.. its.. how do I put this.. so many people seem to spend time on stupid meaningless things.. when there is a precious life it be lived.. junk mail just contributes to the wasting of that life. While there reading or deleting or replying really angrily- they could be watching a sunset that will inspire them and fill their heart with joy. They could be reading a story to someone who needs some companionship in their life.. and make that persons day brighter. I dont know.. maybe I make to much of it. I know I waste far too much of my time.. I simply hate to see others do the same. Guess thats all I should say in this box so I dont waste ALL of your time with my endless typing. Thanks for asking me what I think and a good day and hugs to you - Abby Pickett

I never had a problem with spam untill recently. I simply never recieved it and counted myself umung the lucky ones. Recently I have had to create a second email account just for my personal mail I dont post it to any list I dont register any products with it. That seems to be the only way I can reserve it for email from people I actually know. The worse of the spam emails are the ones that dont say that they will remove you if you reply and ask them to but the ones that ask you to call a long distance nubmer just to request that your name be pulled off of a list for email you didnt ask for in the first place.Thank you both for caring enough about us to try to do something to stop this from happening off of your WOTW pageRain - RainWolf

I hate SPAM. I keep my regular Email address carefully reserved. I watch where I place it which is probably why I receive so little. I dont feel though that I should have to vehemently police my address in quite this way. At my home if I receive something I dont want I can tell someone to take me off their list and it happens. This is the law. On the Net if I ask to be removed Ill make my address a target and be deluged constantly. We shouldnt have to deal with this. - Berkana

I think you provide a great service to the Pagan community and it seems to me that it is a service that you very much enjoy providing to us. I believe that a continued fight would be a hassle and you. As mentioned you have other things that you would rather spend your time on. If this is something that would take away from this wonderful site dont waste your time fighting it. I hate spam but I can always delete it. Its that simple. - Sean

As I live outside the US I really dont enjoy receiving UMM from salesmen who havent even bothered to pay attention to where I am in the world. I get a lot of mail aimed at American consumers. This really annoys me because it is just plain dumb. I dont mind receiving unsolicited information about interesting web sites festivals etc. but I do object to people trying to sell me things which I am really not interested in. I am here for information not consumerism.I truly appreciate your attempts to help cut down on SPAM and support your viewpoint on the matter. - Amarinth

It happens all across the board as Pagan activists are time is better concentrated on salvaging and protecting our freedom. Politely pulling the strings of politicians after weve protected our rights to take away their ability to spam us is all thats called for. - Tlalocelotl Tlatoani

I have asked on a number of occasions to be removed from spammers lists only to have the request bounce as undeliverable. Some spammers in compliance with the spam law really allow you to return receipt with the word unsubscribe in the subject line. My experience has been these also bounce as undeliverable. Alot of spammers are well known with multiple addresses and no way of putting a stop to it. I do not see this as the problem of the list where the spammer obtained the material nor are we able to enforce anti-spam laws on the spammer. Laws that the ISPs and e-mail clearance house have to abide by limiting large mass e-mailings might be the answer. That remains to be seen. Its like the junk mail we get in our snail mail boxes. Have we ever been able to put an end to that Only via the trash bin.... - Boudica

i dislike adds for personal webpages. i dislike get rich quick ads. i dislike anything that pushes its beliefs on me-- even if were of the same religion. we might not share opinions on religion and i consider my faith to be something very private. - melissa

Being spammed irks me to no end. Espeacily since my computer is ancient and when I get a huge amount of spam it crashes my system. A couple of days ago someone emailed me attempting at converting me. When I responed with asking them how they got my email I recieved no response. Shortly before that I get spammed with get rich quick schemes then theres the buy this product.After awhile it gets old. You would think that these spammers would get a clue.If we wanted what they offerred we would have already went to their site or joined their list.Alot of people dont think that much about spam but to me it takes up my harddrive space and time that could be better spent than clicking the delete key constantly.I couldnt tell you the numerous times I go to servers over this. Not to mention the fact that I get completly ill over the situation and have responded in a not so nice way.Ive even had to change email addresses and uninstall icq from my computer because of spam.When people cant get your email addy theyll send it to you through icq messages in the form of urls mostly.I really think spammers should be prosecuted on this. I also think they should be made to pay a fine as well as do 100 hours of community service. To me thats not harsh because maybe it will make them think twice before spamming people again. - Brigid

I think that it as much our responsibility as yours to stop spammers. Folks should be responsding to the spammer if possible their provider and the chatboardlist. It isnt as though you have to write 3 seperate e-mails respond to the spammer and cc their provider as well as the site that your address was stolen from. Almost all providers have rules against spamming and if they are notified will cancel the offenders account. Give Wren Fritz a hand they already do so much for us - Kitsune

If I feel I have the time and energy Ill try to decipher from the spams header which web site to complain to. This usually has productive results. But usually I just delete it its a hassle. I just wish people would be more considerate. The spammers who claimed that their service was enjoyed are full of crap and Im glad you arent fooled.Theres some links to anti-spam web sites and FAQs that might be worth posting unfortunately I dont have any at ready disposal to give you. - Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little

Who is most responsible for stopping unsolicited emailUs the recipients if we pursue getting ooff the lists. No one does it for us. - Catnip The Ever-Enlightened

Its getting out of hand. A certain level is tolerable similar to junk snail mail but the volume keeps increasing and I know from friends involved with mail servers that the load can be overwhelming at times. I dont really want to see the government involved via the passage of laws but if we cant regulate ourselves they WILL step in eventually and start imposing restrictions. - Athelwolfe

I basically dont care. I delete those that I recognize as adult content spam. I may look at any other spam for anything of interest. If its aimed at my kids I will respond in anger if warranted. Basically its up to me to police my own mailbox. - Charlayne

Greetings All I dont want to see the Government making more LAWS. I think it is the reponsibility of web sites and ips to regulate their own and keep some off the internet if they violate the rules.I am one who believes that we have far to many laws. - EarthMoon

At which point did I give up my rights to privacy If I answer a question over the phone or request information about a more comfortable bed or apply for a credit card I get countless pieces of mail from people I have never heard of. Be it through e-mail or snail mail this is truly annoying. Most of all because they always want my money...and being a college student that is extraordinarily precious. Spammers of any form should be monitored and booted from and by their website providers. If I actually took the time to write everyone of them with a PLEASE REMOVE message I would never leave this computer. END ALL SPAM - Kamen ap Conor

I have come to realize over the years that the best way to deal with spam is to ignore it totally. Most of the time I will not even open an email from a sender I do not recognize. NOTE...if a spam email has instructions on how to remove yourself from the spammers email list DONT DO IT. Always wait and see if you even get a second message from that spammer. Alot of times this is just their way of weeding out invalid email addresses. This way if you send a message asking to be removed they know the email is valid. You will get ten times more spam. Just wait it out and see if you receive anything else from them. Nine times out of then you wont. - Rowan

When a website compiles its list of e-mail addresses for the purpose of networking states on their site that the lists are Not for commercial purposes and someone copies and spams the list. It should be considered theft and harassment. Plain and simple. - Sam Raven

I posted contact info on Witches of the World in order to network with individuals interested in the Craft. I didnt say anything in my posting to indicate I want to be inundated with investment offers mailing lists business ventures and any other junk mail. When it comes thru snail mail I trash it. When it comes over the phone I tell them to put my name on their Do Not Call list. I have a No Soliciting sign on my front door. When I want to buy something I can generally figure out where to go find it. I certainly dont need anyone else to tell me what I should buy think believe or invest in. - Dena Rae Smith

Look into This is probably the best source for fighitnig spam. It doesnt take long to respond to a spam by sending it on to their provider.Do NOT use the remove requests for a spam as this simply confirms to the spammer you are a valid email address getting you added to more lists rather than removed. - Kit

Thank you for taking the time and effort to stop these spammers.I only speak for myself though not the rest of the pagan community.Ive been listed on the Witchvox page for almost a month now and I personally have never been contacted by spammers.I have been since since Ive been on aol but I usually just either delete or ignore them. -

I do not look forward to a box of crap each day but it is not something that causes apoplexy. I dont think were likely to see an end to spam in the near future--were not going to see an end to annoying dinnertime phone solicitations either. Unfortunately spam is probably part of the dues of enjoying the vast resource of the internet.Hate is too strong a term for question 1 a fourth choice of generally dislike would have been a nice option. - Shadowcatcher -

I usually do not use my primary address to post messages or respond to solicitations. My primary address I reserve for personal email. My alternate address I reserve for newsgroup postings. I personally do not like unsolicited spam from outside areas that I can not contact. What are they hiding from if they are a legit company. - Bobby Davis

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