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The Witches' Voice made the decision from day one to evolve this web site based on your input. What does our community think about... Spam, ethics, commercialism of the Craft, politics etc. So many questions are hotly debated. In this chapter of WitchVox we simply ask hard questions directly to the community itself. New surveys will pop up from time to time and be announced on the WitchVox home page.
 Author: Pagan Community    Posted: Sep. 1, 1999   This Page Viewed: 13,904  

WitchVox Survey #2 - Spam
Duration: August 23rd through August 28th 1999
Results: Posted the first week of September 1999
Survey Results: Click HERE for the actual results of this survey.
General thoughts on Spam... ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR - FIVE - SIX

Community Comments on Spam in General PAGE #5
(FOR Community Thoughts on "PAGAN SPAM" specifically. Click HERE)

I get about a hundred email messages a week and maybe five of them are SPAM. Usually I can tell by the message line if I even want to bother opening it. I disregard SPAM like any junk mail. At least they didnt have to kill trees like the junk mailer did. - Meadowlark

What I hate the most is when I have politely asked to be removed from a list using exactly the procedures they have instructed me to and the spam continues. The following e-mails are also devoid of anyway instructions in getting them to stop sending. So at that point I add one more e-mail address to the growing list of ones to be filtered out by mymail server but why should I have to keep doing that We can stop most junk mail from coming to our houses why cant we do the same for our e-mail - Talia

I am not Pagan just a curious visitor to ur site.I have lately received an email stating that the only way to be removed from the mailing list was to call a phone number that was not a local number...That totally pissed me off. - LadyAurie

I think it does not pose a problem as in it was posted for pagans and thier groups to get together not as a site used for indivual salesp.s.i am glad to see you are feeling better the dragons flame in lakeland still wishes you well throughout your trials - shado bear

A longtime Email user I have had many many unsolicited mailings. I am never sure where they come from but I believe that this is the ISPs problem. Actually I believe it is the Spammers ISPs problem as I think they should include a term of usage that any reports of this nature would lead to some action against the offender. In many cases this does happen but they just find a new ISP and go on. I think that the Witchvox site is wonderful and the Witches of the World is a very wonderful and useful tool. Overall I think that spam needs to be dealt with on a higher level but I can live with it at its current rate of income about one out of every 15 messages if it means that also I am included on a database which has gotten me in touch with a number of people of this kind. - Eric Grunseth

Keep on fighting Dont let them get you down. How about posting the Spammers Website Provider E-Mail address. - David Finnin

Unsolicited email is merely a nuicance on the individual level. However I work for a major isp and I can tell you that each and every spam email takes part of the precious bandwith available. As spammers get more bold and send messages to more and more people at a time our costs as net users goes up to accomodate this wasted bandwith... - Spencer Zimmerman..

I have never recieved any so I have no real basis for judgement but if it was an obvious attempt for money I wuld be against it. If it was helpful or the like then I wouldnt have a problem with it. - LuvDisney

Quite honestly I feel that spammers should not have access to email if that is all they are going to use it for. It would be easy enough to send a complaint to the provider the spammer utilizes to send the email as well as call that provider to ensure that he or she is warned against doing so and will cease and desist. Spam is not something we should have to deal with. If we want mass email we subscribe to mailing lists fully knowledgeable of what to expect. If we do not subscribe to these mailing lists then we should not have to deal with it. - Lady Kerawynn Falcon

Spam is the bane of the internet. I believe that there should be strict laws defining it clearly and prohibiting it. Once in place those laws should be enforced to the letter consistently. I view spam as a waste of bandwidth and an intrusion into my personal space. I do not want it nor am I interested in anything the spammers have to say on any subject. - Nitewing

I dont have the TIME to write to every UMM to ask to be taken off their lists. My failure to respond typically results in being taken off their list eventually anyway. I resent the intrusion into my email space and time that UMM causes. I understand the dilemma Witches Voice finds itself in and would understand if they only responded to spammers who sent MULTIPLE COPIES OF SEVERAL EMAILINGS. Its the ones who send 3 or more copies of the same mailing that drive me to insane degrees of wrath. Most of the singular mailings have become so common I think of them as junk email and throw them away as I do the crap that comes in my snail mail box. - Crimson Wing

My name is Tristan and i am the Webmaster of WiccaNet search.This is an ongoing problem which is very difficult to stampout. My Web Hosting Service has a very STRICT policy on thisissue there are a number of hosting services who have this policy. it should be more enforced. i am so sorry to hearthat you are experiencing this problem. if there is anything I or WiccaNet can do to help you please let me knowBlessed Be - Tristan

It is so rare to come across a website such as yours with high ideals and ethics. Advertising has become invasive in everyday life. I cant stand the idea of someone stealing a name and email address for future profit. - Cheryl

Some people may find it useful to have unsolicited mail because they dont have the opportunity to have a look at every site. This is a great way for them to hear about some interesting stuff. But most of the time these spam mails are of no interest for the majority of users. I dont think that the spammers see it that way since for them its a quick way to make a lot of audience... but the audience they seek isnt necessarily placed in a good mood after being assaulted by unwanted mails. - HiveWasp

Spam mail particularly porno can be directed back to the Web Provider. Many web services do not condone porn religious intollerance etc. It should be our responsibility to let these web sites and their providers know that we are not interested in this type of mail. In most cases the web provider dumps the offending party and they have to go in search of another server.It can work if we all work together. - Silver Willow

i think that spam is not only a violation of privacy but that unsolicited mass emails are also worrisome. i immediately delete them all for fear that they not only are annoying but also may contain a virus. the problem is who should take responsibility for it. if the government were to create a law that prohibited mass emails i fear that somehow we would return to conditions similar to those of the CDA where innocent people would be in violation of some strange part of the law. therefore the responsibility needs to be taken by the web service provider of the spammers. the provider has the opportunity to discontinue the spammers service and therefore cease his or her annoying mass emails. - elizabeth hamer

The Problem for some networkers is that we want to offer people the widest opportunity to many people. But all to often it is pornagraphyadult websites who will make ads that show witches having sex. I would bet on it. But On the other hand if you constantly battle them then you may not have time to keep up the quality we have come to know and love.BBEd - Ed Hubbard

If one can grab the headers one can sometimes bust the spamscum with Spamcop or another website devoted to stomping out spam. People can do it themselves and get the credit for busting them. Maybe adding a link from Witchvox to a spamcop type of site will encourage folks to try to decrease spammers themselves. - Rhyanon

I know that once my address is posted somewhere it can be stolen by a spammer at will. I do not get upset with whoever has my address with my permission but so get frustrated and angry at whoever stole it without asking. - Angel Shultz

You guys do way too much to have to be concerned with Spam fighting You do such a wonderful job with Witches Voice its sad to see you wasting time fighting these buffoons. I dont think its your responsibility to have to write the spammers and ask them to stop. It would be ideal if you could protect against it but I dont know how you could. You just cant be everybodys mommy daddy. Its too bad that spamming happens but its not your fault Your Witches of the World pages are the best around Keep up the good work - Acacia from DAWN

I think that anybody who would judge a person based on who they are what they believe or anything for that matter without knowing them must be a neandrathal. In my personal opinion people who hate without good cause are ignorant and I know this because I know people like this So if anybody has a problem with any of my quote or anybody else because of their beliefs they should get to know me or the person before they spam them. Thank You - Jeremy S. Boyer

I cant say Im totally against unsolicited email. I have saved some money and learned some things through it. It can be annoying however. Anyone who is on the net is going to have to accept that their address is sooner or later going to get to the spammers and should hold Witchvox or any other website blameless unless someone sells the list. On the inviduals end there is always the delete key and filters available to stop the trickle-down. No such thing as a free lunch is thereG -

I think that you as a website where i may post my address are not responsible for controlling spamming with addresses from your site. I do think however that spamming is unnecessary and rude but i honestly dont know whose position it is to fight it. - Rhiannon

Thus far spam is more of a minor iritant and I simply delete them but I would just as soon not get them at all. I think that technology has surpassed our mental abilities to use it effectively and weve got a lot of catching up to do. - Steven Vercher aka One Wrytyr

As the internet is growing at a vast rate we are all likely pagan or not to recieve spam. I feel that as pagans since the majority of us have our emails spattered here and there throughout the net so that we can help others or meet others in most cases we often get the mucky end of the stick. feel free to change mucky to whatever obscinity you choose. Until there is away to completely prevent it we can either grin and bear it as us witches have done so many times prior or try to contact the sender to be removed more often then not I havent had much of a problem with being removed from their lists. I sincerely feel it is the governments responsibility to control this issue. If we have signs on the doors of our homes that say no solicitation no one can come to our door to sell anything and in my opinion our emails are just like our front door. - Branden Milano HP

I believe that I do not care to assoiate with those that Spam. I take just a moment when this junk comes in and block the source. For me the problem is solved. Some feel obligated to respond to this stuff but I do not. There are too many others to correspond with in the world. Just block them. - Louie Verreault

Merry Meet the thing that bothers Me the most is the deluge of porno spam when I am in some chat rooms. The worst offender is AOLs people connection. The spamers watch those rooms like a hawk.While typing this I recived more spam.O well. Blessed Be - TROLL

I find Spam of any kind to be rude and annoying. Often when I check my email I find say 20 letters. Many of these are junk email. Mostly I just delete it but sometimes I seriously rethink the ethics of sending curses. Then I calm down and have a ho-ho. All is well. - Hawthorn Hoth

I personally think that a responsable person would just delete Spam instead of releasing a load of hatered that probably wouldnt stop it from comming eventualy anyway. I feel that in most cases they just havent found a proper release for their hatered and have nothing better to do. If its a polite complaint then maybe you should consider replying. Otherwise I dont think you guys should worry about it. You guys are wonderful. Spend your time doing something more progressive and fun rather than amusing these people with responces they probably wont even believe. - Electrum

I detest Spam. The Electronic World is a new method of communication. It does NOT free people from the basoc rules of civilized behavior. Unfortunately people forget that as they send communiques into the faceless electronic void. Im projecting here but I feel that Spammers are less socially adept than most people are under NORMAL face-to-face encounters and the solitary electronic format only exacerbates the rudeness. I initially respond politely when requesting spammers to cease and desist. Alas my experience has taught me that the only truly effective way to get them to stop is to get deeply personally VICIOUS. I am sad to report that this type of response is the only thing that has gotten results. I think that EVERYONE is responsible for stopping spammers. Not just the government or website providors. Everyone must take a consistent approach. Dealing with spammers is just like disciplining unruly children. The adults have to stick together and set and maintain standards of good behavior. Keep up the good fight. - Ciaran Palmer

I do not like SPAM at all and do not know how I get these letters. I literally had to close an account because I was getting so much SPAM. I return all SPAM to the sender and to their interenet provider. Down with SPAM - Patrick from Boston

I hate spam. If I want information on a cause subject Ill look it up myself. I dont need someone wasting my busy schedule with crap ie spam. Its a shame spammers cant be mature and intelligent enough to be respectful of others privacy and time constraints. - Ariadne

Junk is junk period. If you receive it in the snail mail you usually just throw it out. Here in cyber-space a real problem can occur a virus. If I see a mailing or anything suspicious I just delete it. Call it paranioa but I know some Christian do-gooder is going to try and make a mess of this wonderful sight. If they cant get you theyll try to get this tremendous Coven that has been built on love trust. I really do see TWV as a coven where ideas and sharing occur. I dont eat spam at home I wont put up with it on the computer I built. nuff said Brightest Blessings-Eric in NH - Eric Weiss

Spam makes me crazy. In this day and age if there is a service or information I need I know how to get it. There are places to post your group your service whatever... there is no need to resort to mass email. Its unfortunate that I often resort to simply deleting things. I have on occasion politely asked to be removed but lately have to deal with so many spam emails that its a bit of a daunting task. I was incredibly grateful to witchvox for taking care of a problem with one spammer... before I got the chance to do anything about it. I think its ridiculous that our ethical system doesnt prohibit people from doing some of the things they do... Those of you at witchvox are doing a great job. I have had at least twenty separate contacts from our group posting and it has helped our community to grow and thrive. I am ever grateful. May you be blessed. - CeltiaRose

I really HATE spam. I would appraciate you working to stop it when possible. But I know you have other work to do. Maybe you could set up your contact pages so that only people who register with Witchvox can view the other namesAnd include a statement that no spamming is allowed that must be agreed to befor any names are viewed. This will give you grounds to take legal action against spammers if you chose to. - Mike Slatkin

I have been receiving and increasing amount of SPAM over the past year. Most of it has been of the Come and Visit this XXX site nature. I usually forward all such messages to my ISP provider and NEVER respond to the Spammer. - Susan Wessells

To clarify a couple of things ... I usually politely state not ask that I be removed from a spam list. However I have been known to respond in anger a few times when the spammer ignores me.Question 6 was difficult. The website provider isnt necessarily to be held responsible since all websites dont reside with a persons provider. I would change that to read Internet Service Provider. In my experience many ISPs wont tolerate abuse by one of their customers. - Lyric Klein

I dont necessarily disagree with Spam simply because you might actually get something that interests you. How many times have you glanced over your junk mail and found something that caught your eye and said Wow thats cool. But I do think that there needs to be some restraint I hate getting tons of mail from people I dont know. - Akquiel

Isps or upstream service providers should be responsible for stopping unsolicited mass mailings and most will be glad to. Spam is generally annoying at all levels. - Ishmael Skye

To tell the truth unsolicited e-mail is no big deal in my opinion. How hard is it to click the delete button I would just as soon have the two of you spend time the way I imagine you would want to more productively then fighting spam. Its like the old saying There are two things certain in life death and taxes. I think we could easily add SPAM to that list dont you -

Unfortunately unsolicited email is kind of like junk mail. It comes whether you want it to or not. We always have the ability to just throw it away without looking just like regular mail. Fortunately this way doesnt involve mountains of blue recycle bags. - Cassandra Amber Oak Grove

I appreciate your fight against Spamming. It is not only distracting its time consuming and I usually just delete if I had to take the time to write everytime to tell them to remove me I would be even less happy. - Teal Mercaeant

This is just one of the ways that people advertise their services. If you dont like it and dont want any more of it then dont put your name on peoples lists. - Endora

I personally cannot stand to have my email box cluttered up with a bunch of advertising for garbage I did not ask to receive. If there was a way for the headers on an email to list the Webmasters email address I would forward all junk mail back to the website and fill up their boxes until they stopped their customers mass mailings. I know there are legitimate mailing services out there I dont mind those so much. Its the junk mail that you cannot respond to other than by going to the website and trying to find the email address yourself that totally ticks me off. And by the time you go to the website the spammers have got you. By visiting their site you ALLOW them the privelege of sending you more junk. To add insult to injury then most of them sell your name to other junk mailers. Well thanks for letting me rant. I feel better now. smile Bright Blessings... - Christie Stoermer

With more personal freedoms are extended e.g. the internet the greater the need for each individual to respect the personal rights of others. Unfortunately 99.999 only care about ways to make another buck. If those spammers cant mind their manners I believe the ISP can monitor excessive bandwidth output and should delete the spam before it reaches the net. Then the ISP should as a responsible netizin advertise the fact that spamming from that site is not tolerated. Do I sound irritated or what - Kelwicke

Having the gov. to pass some laws in this country aganist spam seems more like a wish to me. Lets face the facts of real life here in this country where personal info is for sale to the highest bider having some laws passed to stop it I dont feel will ever happen. Have you ever subscribed to a magazine with a varation to your name or maybe a apt.number or something in your address and maybe a few months later start receiving junk mail with thoes varations in the address. I have.But this case is this cyberstealing or listmining Personally I feel that it is stealing. That simple. Now should someone be held responsible for this....yes and I think the ISPs that service these people should be and put a stop to it once a complaint has been issued and if a law needs to be passed to make the ISPs comply then that should be done also.Unlike regular mail which I think we view in this country as a public domain e-mail is viewed as a privet or personal domain not unlike ones phone. We all get annoyed when the telemarketers call at dinnertime and this annoyance has forced the government to pass laws to help curb this intrusion into our lives. If you tell them no twice durning the conversation and ask to be removed from the list according to the law they have to and I have shut down many a telemarketer doing this . So maybe notifying the spamers Isp twice of the spamers doings should force them into suspending the spamers service and if the spamer moves to another Isp and continues their spaming then maybe some fines and possiable jail time.But Im not a law maker. - Severin

I hate it and there should be laws against itciao and BB - morgaine*

All of the spam stuff would be okay if you ask for it to be sent to you other wise it should be stoped. - William J Moe III

I am like the next pagan I dint like to recieve spam and thank Goddess that my provider helps in keeping it down to minimum. However I feel people should have the right to send unsolicited email after all we put our information out in the public domain and really there is not much difference between spamming and all the junk mail we recieve via snail mail. For me personally I dont think that the government should have any involvement in it. The less we let them control or world the better. If we give them more imput then the need to well we can kiss the internet as we know it goodbye - Ramsillint

Spamers are the lowest form of life. Id rather have a painful rash in my sensitive parts than receive spam even when its well inteded. and just FYI NO you wont win a free trip to dinsney land NO big famous benificial society X wont give ten cents per person and for the last time join the crew is a hoax.Do NOT reply to spamers they see any response as positive. Report them to YOUR internet provider sysadmin try to include all headers if possible and tell them that you received unsoliceted mass e-mail and to please take action to stop it. - Xot

Spam is the bane of the Internet. I think if every other spammail I recieves WASNT a porn invite I wouldnt care so much. But CHILDREN are getting this stuff too. If you wanna download porno fine. I have no problem with that. JUST LEAVE ME OUT OF IT. We need the ISPs Webhosts and the Feds to work togther on this. - DSAFIRE

If the pagans on this site have a problem they should not post their email address here.Should you fight it that is a question for you to decide. I say yes but I dont have the workload you do. I will help you if I can by sending my spam that I get from someone I dont know and think has taken the address from here. - Daven mka Eric Landrum

Well i dont get any spam apart from the sites you sign up to that send the special offers to you and it drives me indane But i just delete it and dont een bother looking at it - Natalie AirDancer

There will always be opportunists. My e-mail address is hotmail under an assumed last name and really unlikely to cause me any personal difficulty anyway. I just delete as soon as I realize what it is. If others dont like it oh well That is one of the negatives about the internet. - the Shadowdancer

Spam is rude especially adult spam when young children check the email Im no prude but a 5 year old does not need to know what dirty debbie wants to do to me Stop the spam - Morgan Pendragon

I am new to the actual doing of the craft . I mean I think it is in my blood and just now started going with it. It is wrong for others to put us down and harass us. If others were beeing harassed it would have stopped long ago. So yes fight for our right to be what we are. thank you. - rather not say

I applaud sites like yours that try to keep our privacy intact. If I had thought you allowed my info to be shared w spammers I would never have shared my email with you but your policy states your intentions clearly. I do not hold you responsible for the actions of others but I do appreciate your help. However I do inform the ISP that hosts spam sites whenever Im able. I hold them very responsible. And if they seem unapologetic to my queries and complaints I have no problems sharing their shame with others- no website Ive ever designed has been or will ever be hosted by a service that does nothing when I make a complaint. Less buisness for them more for companies that care. Its not much of a protest but where the dollar goes people follow. Thanks for listening and just asimportantly thanks for realizing there might be something worth listening to. - bil Mayer.

Pagan Spam...that is...spam about things of a Pagan religious nature is virtually nonexistant from what I have seen. I have received more spam of anti Pagan content but not even that is very much. Pornographic spam makes me increasingly angry because of its is a theft of bandwidth which forces providers to take extraordinary measures to be able to deliver me a letter from a friend. I have been forced to change email addresses more than once because my inbox keeps getting overwhelmed. The argument that we can simply delete spam does not wash when spammers try to deceive us into opening their junk. I do not know how many important letters I have accidently deleted. I do not know how many letters I have sent have been accidently deleted. We and our providers are under attack. - Enkid

If a spam message has a If you do not want to be on this list please reply to this message or something like that DO NOT REPLY TO IT.The spammer is trying to find out which addresses on his list are active. If you write to reply you will *increase* the ammount of spam you receive because the spammer and all of his spammy friends now know you actually use your email account.Spam is evil. Its done by people who want to take advantage of the loopholes of the system which is why you see all the bogus legislation at the top of some spam and exploit the innocent masses.Spam is robbery. It costs the user the ISP and the upstream provider thousands of dollars a year. Its a waste and I think it should be a crime. - Andrew Brown

I kind of found it hard to reply to this Survey as I have multiple e-mail addresses and they each receive a different amount of spam.So I tried to answer in a general sense.I know HOTMAIL accounts are always filled with spam. That is why I closed my account a LOOONG time ago. I have an email address with yahoo excite and email.comI used to receive alot of SPAM at my yahoo accounts because I had my automatic reply on. As soon as I disabled this feature - the amount lessened.Excite and is pretty good as far as spam goes. I get hardly anything at these accounts.Ive been on the Internet for over 4 yrs now so I may dislike it but I also see it as part and parcel of being active on the Internet. One tip in regard to SPAM that I have found handy. Just delete it. DO NOT REPLY TO ANY SPAM. As soon as you reply to the spam - the bot that the Spammer is using will note that your email address is valid. If you just ignore the SPAM delete it then the bot has no other choice but to delete your email address off its list.The only way I can see to totally avoid spam is to not have an email address or not be on the Internet. Unlike snail mail - we cant put a NO JUNK MAIL sticker on our email boxes.Dont give the spam any of your energy by reply-ing to it or reading it. Just delete it. Disclaimer These are my opinions. I only speak for myself - feel free to disagree with any of my comments. - SunsetSeashell

I appreciate all that you do both in terms of the website in general and stopping spam in particular. I dont think that with all the other fine services we receive you need to be the ones to stop all the spamming. In fact I would suggest that you send a letter to the offender and his her system administrator and then redirect those of us who informed you of the spamming to write the sysadmin as well so that the behavior were trying to stop goes to those ultimately responsible for the mail. - Ray Rodriguez

I dont like to receive it. However when I do receive it I send a letter to and I say that I was sent an unsolicited mass email by this person and to please take action against him. Usually this has worked and the owner of the spammers address ends up having that address revoked. - Cathy

I have gone to great lengths to keep my name and email address off of any pages.Some commercial site has grabbed it and now I am getting more and more spam.The correct way to deal with it is to complain to the ISP to other ISPs or to put them on the is a great place to start. - Bruce G. Hearns

My opinion of email spam is the same as my opinion of telemarketers and junk mailers and anyone else who constantly interrupts me by shoving something I didnt ask to see under my nose and demanding my time and attention. We dont tolerate this even from small children. I believe that the sellers or spammers right to promote their product or agenda ends just outside my door...and I mean outside. My right to peace and quiet is a far older and more basic thing. Spammers of any kind take time out of my LIFE and nobody has that right but me. Unsolicited sales pitches ALWAYS turn me right off - and believe me I REMEMBER who spammed me. - Martee Crosson

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