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The Witches' Voice made the decision from day one to evolve this web site based on your input. What does our community think about... Spam, ethics, commercialism of the Craft, politics etc. So many questions are hotly debated. In this chapter of WitchVox we simply ask hard questions directly to the community itself. New surveys will pop up from time to time and be announced on the WitchVox home page.
 Author: Pagan Community    Posted: Sep. 1, 1999   This Page Viewed: 16,516  

WitchVox Survey #2 - Spam
Duration: August 23rd through August 28th 1999
Results: Posted the first week of September 1999
Survey Results: Click HERE for the actual results of this survey.
General thoughts on Spam... ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR - FIVE - SIX

Community Comments on Spam in General PAGE #6
(FOR Community Thoughts on "PAGAN SPAM" specifically. Click HERE)

I really dislike SPAM but find that I feel helpless is repsonse to it. I never would contribute to it but how actually can you stop it. I protect my e-mail address as best I can but networking on the internet is impossible without some sort of leap of faith. I applaud your effort to keep Witches Voice free from it and ask that you continue. YOur efforts are noticed and appreciated. Thank you. - Jess

One major problem I have noticed with spam mail is that when you do ask to be removed it only works half of the time. Whenever I get a spam mail message I ask to be removed and from there it is a 5050 chance that it will be received and dealt with appropriately. Personally i am sick of it all. - Phoenix

I think that spam is rude. I dont think that you or I should be responsible for stopping it it is really just one of those things that we have to learn to put up with.I do think that I should have some manner of recourse for dealing with unsolicited email. The reaping that people have been doing of the WOTW pages in not cool. - Owlie

Spam is anoying i get enuff of it by being on Aohell. If some one is stealing emial address from guest books etc then i would hope one could find a way to trace the culprite and finda way to stop them... I dont know exaclty what whould be the best way to do this but there has to be something out there to help.. Draconis StormTalons - Draconis StormTalons

Spammers are people who take advantage of other people. First I tell them nicely I dont appreciate it. Then if I get more mail I block them luckily I have this choice however some poeple I know do not have that option *sigh* Its rude and unkind for them to do this kind of thing and I think whatever is done to stop them IS the right thing - Li Nightsong Ferelwing

The ore negative thought that you think about someone the more you actually empower them... - Wade White

Some people might be wondering why spam is hated so much but not as much complaint is raised about junk mail you get from the post office. Junk mail through the post office only comes at a cost to the sender. Unsolicited email costs the RECEIVER as well because most of us have to pay for our email and other Internet services. Thats what irritates me the most about spam. Its like someone placing a collect call to try and sell me something and the operator not giving me a chance to say that I wont accept the charges. - Katie

When I receive a piece of spam I DO respond by telling them to remove me from all their lists past present and future and not to send me any information ever again from any organization company network etc. that they ever participate in or will participate in in the future. I let them know very clearly that I do not deal with people who SPAM in any way and I will do my best to let all of my friends and associates know that their organization participates in this unethical and harrassing practice. I also generally forward a copy to hotmail abuse my e-mail provider because they always want to hear about known spammers. - Kala Piziks

Spam is bothersome but for me constitutes only a minor occassional annoyance. If you have the time to put an end to the greater part of this issue then plese do so. However if as you suggest your time could be spent better elsewhere in that case I think we can all cope with a little extra mail. - Proteus

FYI - About a month ago my email address was scavenged by these creeps from a memo I sent to a vendor in which I gave my home email address as a contact It wasnt the vendor.. I started to get 2-3 spams a day. At first I tried to contact the sender and politely ask to be removed from their lists however they often cannot be contacted by email because theyve already moved to a new address. They want you to phone them usually at great expense.I finally used magic to stop the abuse. Let me know if you want more information.I can be emailed at Remove the number 2 from the address given above to get my correct email address. Because anything you send can be scavenged by marketeers bots it grabs anything with in the textthe subterfuge used above is a safer way to send your email address. Sad isnt it... - Ragnell

I dont necessarily like Spam but I would rather not see laws that restrict the freedoms of everyone due to something that is little more than an the way I delete it without reading it. - Silvar

The more spam I get the more frustrated I get. I used to respond to spammers and ask to be removed from their lists. That didnt work. Now I just delete it. Im really sick of it. If I wanted to be on your list I would let you know. - Traven Autumnleaf

I look at it this way If i want a product or mailings from some one i will ask for it. If i dont i dont think it should be shoved at me. I feel personally violated when some one steals my name from a website. Especially one that you have come to respect and enjoy visiting. Most web sites i use to learn new things and explore what it has to offer. I guess i feel it is a private thing to me even if it isnt really. -

AOLs inability to block its the spam of its own success is one reason I left it. I was the founding host of the PaganWiccan Discussion Group there. Every AOL user I know checks their mail online rather than downloading it because their email is 90% or higher of spam.Since I began using a real ISP my junk mail count is way down. If spam is offensive to me personally I complain to the postmaster at the domain. If the spam appears to be illegal chain letters virus hoaxes possible viruses and I have web access Ill look up the USPS site for reporting such and forward the offending communication. Ill just footnote for your purposes that
1. I very much appreciate your fighting this.
2. I dont think its your responsibility that spammers are skimming addresses.
3. I dont put my email address into text only into the mail link. This prevents the easiest of the spam-scoops where idiots or robots reading pages pull out anything in the format of an email address.4. I suggest you post some of the simpler preventives publicly Spammers are usually using scripts to scoop e-mail addresses and not digging deeper. So if a mailto link has my email address they have to work harder to get it out of a page of HTML code than they do to lift it off the text on the same page. Similarly a preventive that keeps LOTS spam at bay is this pad your reply-to address for anyone who has control over it and your mailto links with an added element thats really obvious to anyone who actually READS the address before mailing it. sets up her reply and mail links as and anything a spammer sends without applying human intelligence to it is bounced because theres no such user. Alternatives might be or whatever you choose. Ive seen nodamnspam used in this spot especially by the people still using a timed or server-space limited ISP account.There ygo and lady bless - Deborah Snavely

I hope you will continue to fight spam that results in people stealing addresses from your website. However I believe we have to take personal responsibility and let the spammers know that we want to be taken off their lists. That way when you complain to them we have backed you up and they cant say people dont mind. I dont expect you to fight my battles for me but I am very pleased if witchvox continues to say no we wont tolerate this. The integrity of this website is what keeps me coming back.Blessed Be - Songbird

SPAM is SPAM... I dont care if it IS something I would normally be interested in.... If it comes to me via SPAM I will ACTIVELY seek out ANOTHER source and let the spammer know that though I WAS interested in his productservice I purchasedaccessed it elsewhere BECAUSE he used SPAM. - Aromadon

The Coven of Five Loves is a religious organization. I recall one e-mail which stated I need your help. being a religious concern we clicked on that e-mail. The e-mail read. I am sooooo horny tonight I need your help to lick my pussy. Needless to say we deleted that e-mail. But they keep coming. It seems that once you click on they have your . They take this as a sign that you want more e-mail of that nature but we do not - Shadow m. Clark

In Canada it is against the law to send unsolicitated faxes. It is also illigal to telemarket if it has been requested even ONCE by the recipient that they not be called. Junk mail is also quite easy to avoid. Put a sign on your mailbox and the postman will not leave it or send a very short reply to the junk mail sender at their mailing cost. Why then should my e-mail address be any less private. For whatever reason I chose or no reason at all I do not wish for my e-mail address to be known by or used by ANYONE other than those it is ORIGINALLY given to or intended for. PERIOD. What is so hard about that. - Wendy Payne

I love you guys but i hate sppammmers you two are really helping ht pagan community - Lee

I hate getting spam... and I hope there will soon be a law to stop it.. maybe we can get a law thrown in there about junk mail in my snail mail address too . that pisses me off. - Melissa

Firstly thanks to you for having the foresight to simply ask the are truly a circle of light to the world and you do us all a service in your continued existence being said. I think you are both correct in being upset at those who manipulate the service you provide. Harm none is the UNIVERSAL law and they violate it. But the fight neednt be yours. We receive the UMM and we know who sent it. We know they will reap what they sowand if we were meant to see the spam it was sent to us for a reason. Even a poor one. I for one would rather see you at your best and most happy. Let the spammers fall where they may. You are right to condemm it but you neednt be a saviour to us all... you do SO MUCH already..THank you. YOURS in service Tanor Thornwalker alias Brian Story - Tanor Thornwalker

It would be wonderful if I didnt have to spend the 20 seconds every evening deleting spam from my email but it really isnt a big enough deal to get excited about. The old delete button is a heck of a lot easier than the process required to separate junk snail mail. I would not be upset at all if you gentlefolk sold the email addresses to help further your efforts for the magical community. May you walk within circles of light which no evil may cross. Blessed Be. Greyhawk. San Antonio Texas. - Tom Read

Spam is Spam is Spam. I think anyone would admit that it is bad. It is unethical and does not really work as an advertising program. - Traegorn RavenHawk

While I agree that unsolicited commercial e-mail should DEFINETLY be stopped I do have mixed feelings on non-commercial unsolicited e-mail. For an example I was approached by e-mail by a gentleman who wanted to begin a pagan mailing list. A harmless list to share jokes network together basically form an online community through e-mail. I was all for this small mailing list he only had about 20 names. He informed us where he got our addresses and asked us to please e-mail him if we did not want to be on his list. I was all for it. Then someone got him booted from his ISP for this.I understand that Im one of a very few but some people out there ARE harmless. This gentleman wasnt trying to sell anything and wasnt trying to promote anything. He just wanted to network. Commerical e-mail should be banned.... but personal Theres a different story. - Carden

I feel that there isnt a thing the government can do about spam since it is very much like getting unsolicited mass mail in your normal mailbox We all see the supermarket flyers addressed to dear customer. This type of thing is protected under the first amendment. However I do believe that the webmasters who allow this to occur need to grow a set of ethics. It is not only rude time consuming and usually vulgar to spam but it occurs because those responsible are too cheap to mail out real ads or too cowardly to advertise with their real names and return addresses.When we all get online we like to see things like a letter from a friend or an online greeting card. Spam however is providing us with line after line of nothing we even want in our boxes. Weve all had days were there is one real letter and 74 or so spam ads mostly pornographic at that. Worst of all we get so used to just deleting what we dont immediately recognize that sometimes we delete a message that is really important.I realize that even if ethics codes are mandatory there will still be unscruppulous webmasters and just plain violators but in my opinion it is the best place to start. - Bejer Belrad

I treat unsolicitated spam mail the same way I treat unsolicitated snail mail. Snail mail I recycle e-mail I delete. There are so many other important things to do that I cant waste to much energy getting excited over this. I suggest everyone just click that little check box and delete it unless its really offensive or threatening. Then turn to the people who can take immediate action the spammers server. - imnislandwitch

I used to try to opt out and later to report spam to the originating sites management but I found three things1 It was using up a big chunk of my online time2 I was angry whenever I was doing thisand 3 It wasnt working So I just delete it now and take more care with my e-mail address - Pat in SC

I have gotten unslicited email twice from postin gmy email address on the witchs voice and complained to the senders isp. - Carrie Ellis

I truely do not know who is responsible for spam and I really wish that AOL could do something about it. - SailorGoddess

In dealing with SPAM I used to politely ask to be removed from the mailing list. The amount of SPAM I received actually increased. Then I began responding in anger. The amount of SPAM I received increased further. Through my internet service provider I found out that responding to SPAM in any form lets the spammer know that your e-mail address is not a dead-end but is in fact an active account. Thus the increase in SPAM. My ISP is Earthlink and they have a department to investigate SPAM received by their members. I forward any SPAM I receive along with its header information to that department and have found that I have begun to receive less unsolicited e-mail as a result. - April OConnor

This is dangerous to get spam because you never know if some freak is sending you a virus. Plus it is soooo annoying to receive unwanted mail.Pleassssse make them stop. - Kitiria


I have had to get additional Screen Names in order to cut back on the amount of SPAM that I have to deal with. I have AOL so I can block any or all mail to whichever Screen Name. I have one for AOL Chat rooms because I used to get three to five hundred email SPAMS and hour. If they had something truely interesting for me to be interested in it wouldnt be so bad. But most of what they offer is get rich schemes porno and just plain junk. I used to forward it to AOL Terms of Service and let them deal with it but I have found that the volume increases. Simply deleting it seems to work best. It seems to me any response at all simply tells them that you read thier mail and opens you up to more junk. Also if you ever post your address anywhere and you get SPAMed from or because of it well you were the one that advertised LOL - Hephaistos RavenIron

It is good to act kindly towards those who you believe are not consciously trying to cause problems but in the case of spammers who consciously cause problems then they should be treated less kindly. There is too much time spent by people who retrieve spammed messages and this costs time and money for them as well as yourselves. Do what you can to identify those who participate in spamming to those of us who log on and we will not use their websites or products and let them know why. I have always felt cynically that the pocketbook speaks louder than anything. - Stacey Hinds

When it is commercial spam I delete it. Responding to it ONLY alerts the sender that they have a live address. If it is personal spam I write to the sender. Depending upon my estrogen and sugar levels that can be nice or not. smile. I also have a personal vendetta against Urban Myths and immediately tell my sender to check each and every thing out at first. - Arwen Nightstar

Im actually torn between answers to question 6 -- I feel both the spammers website provider AND the people carrying my e-mail address should be responsible. But exactly how to define those responsibilities and how to ensure theyre carried out is another issue.Having read your posts on how spammers are using the WOTW listings I suspect youre doing all you can reasonably be expected to do. What I object to is other sites that might sell e-mail lists and those might have to be dealt with sigh through legislation. Obviously moral outrage wont work.In the meantime I think your work is vital to the community. Please keep it up. - J. P. DeMeritt

I do not think I have received spam from any of the harvests from your website. If I had I most certainly would not blame you or expect you to take care of it. Perhaps you could put up a how to deal with spam FAQ showing people how to track the headers by themselves. It is such a tricky situation and I am sorry you have had to deal with it. You two have enough on your plate without being subject to such dispicable practices. - Stazya

I don not think that site owners can do anything against the spamming this has to be done by law So do not spend your precious time on things like that your work for the pagan community is more important than fighting against spammers as they find our addies anyway bright blessings Anufa - Anufa Ellhorn

Spam is an invasion of my privacy almost as bad as being subjected to passive smoking. - Rog Stevens

While I agree that Spam is annoying and just a general pain in the butt I always ask to be removed from the list IF I do not have that request honored I beging to get really mad So far I have never had anyone refuse to take me off their mass mailing list after 3 increasing threatening requests I think that unless we can stop this at the source ie the spammers web providers there is not much else that we can do and I feel that your energies would be of more service to us in the community if you put them elsewhere unless it became a situation that was really widespeard or aggressive in some way - Annyarthra

I dont use AOL much anymore so I dont see much. But there are times on my internet mail I recieve deals for things.I hate getting it but I have seen some good deals..I think AOL is the worst SPAM place. - Hertha from

There are webserver configurations that are harvest-safe. I suggest you look into this if you can rather than deal with the artifacts of fallout afterwards. If you can get a client list of the software being used to harvest tell your web-service provider to exclude them in the future.I hope you find a resolution to this. As it stands I do what I can. Its been getting safer since I gave up posting in newsgroups and joining an isp with a clue and a non-open mail port. - Hilarion

Provided I am not mail-bombed or harassed by a nutcase spamusually does not bother me immensely. I just delete it which one can assume defeats the purpose of mass emails in the first place. Hate to say but when you make your email address available on a public directory newsgroup or website you open yourself up to this kind of crap. On the bright side at least it doesnt kill trees. - Morrigan-Aa

I have put blocks on my main account so that only people from my ISP and other addresses I designate can send me e-mail so all of my SPAM on that account is from within my ISP and I report it. Before the block I was getting between 40-80 spam messages a day now I get about 10. On the secondary accounts I have I have never posted to any newsgroup but I am on some private list-serves and only get maybe 10 a week on the two of those combined. SPAM is a waste of my time and it has gotten to the point where I get hostile with people that e-mail me personally that have gotten my address from a legitimate source such as a Pagan site where I have posted from my local SCA newsletter where Im listed as a contact etc. - Aurelia

I have no problem with extra mail. If it looks unintresting I just delete it. - Borzoi

I absolutely despise spam. I have tried to be taken off their mailing lists but a new one always appears. I applaud you for trying to fight it and I feel that you should. - Kiernan

I hate the spamers that will not let you reply back and say you have to call this long distant number to get put off the mailing list. If I get one more from a certian company Im calling them and cusing them out. I try to put them in a block mode in hotmail but the thing is I beleive they change the email add. alot to keep from being blocked. Im not sure where they get my email from except when I go into these programs where you have to sign a name and password to get in. Proably any where you put your email add. gives these out to ppl who are selling to others. It is bad enough these ppl call at your home but I use my email as a researching tool for onelists. I have enough time going through regular mail I dont need useless emails that are trying to sell me something. The most I get is ones for Vigra and Im not male and for business finances and I have no business. It is reduclous. I hope you both can put an end to theses emails. Thanks for the effort - Karen

About 4 ... I used to politely ask to be removed ... however the spammers seem to respond by doubling the amount of junk they send me. Keep up the good fight. - Kira BlueStar

I hate hate hate and despise form e-mails asking for money for this or that if I had money I would share graciously but I dont I am poor so leave me outta the sob stories - Spooky

I replied I dont care to the first because hate is much too harsh a phrase for this. Sometimes spammers send interesting info but 95 is junk. It falls into the same class as all the junk mail via US mail Please dont think of limiting access to your lists because of this Open and widely disseminated informationcontacts is crucial to all of us. - Tam margraf

Actually on question 6 I feel that it is the responsibility of the spammer to prevent what is happening. You as Witchvox have made your feelings clear on what you feel about spamming and I think that by reading your pages one would have no doubt about stealing names from WOTW. Unfortunately people DONT take responsibility for their own actions. As a fellow Web professional I feel your frustration. Unfortunately I see no end to this irritant. If you cannot legitimately obtain solicited email as a result of your intention then please do not raid my lists. However there is no easy solution to this dilemma. I send you the brightest blessings to find an end to this annoying matter. Until then the Delete button will remain my friend. - Morgana94

Hate it. - Dragonfly

My main weapon is to block my address from the sender as soon as I recognize Im being spammed...... They usually get the message eventually. - Thunderchilde

I recently received a message from a so-called erotic website that stated if they provided a way to get off their list in the original message it couldnt be considered spam. I really hope this isnt true because they did STEAL my address from somewhere rather than asking for it. I would much rather be given the opportunity to sign up for mailing lists that I know Im interested in than just have random crap spewing into my emailbox especially since I have a time limit per week on my online activities. Spam is the height of rudeness to the consumer no matter who its from. - Jess Cullinan

It is not your responsibility to track down and rebukespammers. People also should not reply even to be removed as this only verifies your address and usually does not get you removed from the list but added to others. I have been most successfuly by just ignoring the spam. - Julie Anderson

While I can just delete everday garbage that flies into my mailbox I certainly dont enjoy it. But I also understand the level of frustration in people that spam mail evokes. However I dont feel that there is a need to always reply in anger and negativity. I know that I personally get more irritated at porn mail than I do computer hardware sales and 20-savings-for-a-limited time only-on-this-or-that offers. I also dont get ruffled to the point of cussing at the computer anymore over even the really nasty tasteless stuff. We have to realize that the Internet is a HUGE force and its comprised of many many different types of people. Just as in real life we have to deal with unsolicited ads every once in awhile if were going to share in this profoundly large community together. We dont scream when we walk to the mailbox every day and see the weekly Pennysaver or K-Mart ads do we But I figure that if spamming irks enough people we will fight for a change in legislation and make our time online a more enjoyable experience. - Diana Silvermoon

To elaborate on my last answer...I dont care WHO stops it as long as it gets stopped. But judging on the ethics of these spammers...It just might take the government to stop them in the cause of decency. - Mari

I am generaly agaist new laws but this is a case where it cant be left to the ISPs cus the spamers pick ones known to be freindly to them. Also the volume of them operate without fear. With laws isps might be held acountabel and punished as well as th spmers. - Adalulf

The Internet and the World Wide Web is a wonderful tool for learning and entertainment but as with any tool if you misuse it it will either break or be taken away. Spammer if left unchecked will ruin this tool for all of us. Something must be done - Raven Goldenseal

The critical problem in this Age is the run-away focus on me me me followed by money money money. As we begin to turn our eyes from ourselves and look outward in service to others many things will change. Until then spamming whether Pagan or otherwise is the result of concertration on the self and how much the self can profit. Sending out faxes en mass is the same as spamming except that the spammer is using the paper and ink of his potential customer thereby angering the customer. We get far too much junk mail in our mailboxes outside our homes. When the Post Office raises their rates they are raised on us not those who abuse the system with unwanted junk mail. I pass by my recycle bin on the way into my home from my mailbox. All of the junk mail goes in unread. I feel sorry about all the trees I am throwing away but at least the paper will be recycled.Spammers steal from the internet in taking e-mail addresses they have not gained permission for. They violate the privacy and free-will choice of others. There should be a stiff fine for having done so. Should they be caught the magical 3 times there should be jail time imposed. Thank Goddess spammers are at least traceable. - Binah

I was the victim of Grotomwitchs mining of your address lists and it almost got me booted off Juno. Somehow 15 lengthy emails came from her in one day. I was already subscribing to her quote newsletter unquote at another email address I wrote her and asked to be deleted saying that I do not support spammers in any way and that this was not the first time she had skirted ethics in favor of zeal and what looked to me like excessive ego involvement with her work. - Dana Corby dana.c@junocom

A possible reason why you are getting so much reponse mail about spammers rather than the spammers directly is that people trust you. When I get email from a spammer I am afraid of responding to himher because then they will know that my account is good and checked regularily. They could knock me off their list but who knows who they may give my address to There is no easy way to stop it. - Cormac

I think it is very annoying to get this kind of mail. I really dont get angry from it but it seems to fill up your e-mail box before you know it. - Leena Covenant

I personally dont like Spam and wish it would stop. But I realize thats like wishing for no more junk mail in my mailbox. It has become a part of cyberlife and we will all have to live with it so I just delete it without reading it.I think we should all do that. If you do not recognize the name just delete it. That will save you time reading it and may save you from the next super virus too. - Matt

spam is no fare and i hate it like you wouldnt believe. im also totally against chain mail because it has no purpose and i dont care if ill die if i dont send it to annoy 20 different people in 1 hour - Shadi

I think what people .INCLUDING myself. need to do to stop spam is take action. Instead of ignoring it .I do this too. we need to write to those concerned .politely. and ask for it to be stopped.Apathy is the problem. On the street or on the net.Next time I get spammed I have resolved to take action instead of ignoring it.Also I have noticed there are degrees of spam. Totally undirected commercial spam or a new pagan list that sent you a mail because you were on another pagan list. To the first one I automatically complained but to the second I just ignored because it was pagan. However I have decided to write a mail to the second one explaining my thoughts instead of ignoring it.P.S. Congrats to the overwhelming popularity of Witchvox - Grail

now that i am with yahoo mail i have gotten less porn and stuff than when i was with aol. ever since yahoo i havent gotten any. with aol at least 50 was mass mail. it was frustrating. one of the main reasons why people are stopping with aol. and the fact that they kick you off when they please. - Brynn

I thought I might Add that there are FTC sites that request the forwarding of spamheaders. NA a site that allows you to trade in spam for discounts on stuff.I have a cute little spam reporter script for emailer that sends a not and a copy with headers to all it ip addresses on the header but not to the spammer. And it sends copies to the govt. agencies - Wade Berlin

Spam is a bad thing that is becomming more and more annoying. I think that it must be stopped eventually... - Nightmare

It seems on certian providers you receive more than what you would normally. The largest provider we wont mention names but they their initials are AOL it seemed that when we had that account there were tons of porno mailyuckand tons of chain letters. On our current provider unless you specifically email someone you dont receive all the junk that clogs up our email. Maybe all our providers should give us this security with out email. There are too many kooks and too many virus problems out there. Thank you - Severina

Just some friendly advice. Responding to unsibscribe links to spam e-mail just tells the spammer that youre e-mail address is active and that you are recieving AND reading the mail. Here is where I send most of my spam to its an orginization that is helping to fight the spam problem... - Chris

Most of the spam I receive is not pagan in theme or isuue. I find it to be either sales or sex oriented. - Liza Love

My fealings are that spam is just digital mail. I would rather receive spam than junk mail because with junk mail it wastes paper which comes from trees. Also spam can be deleted so it is rather easy to ignore. - Robert Greene aka GreyHawk

actually i ahve found some really good people because of typical spma email...not to mention thats a way of making money for alot of people. to me i would rather get it in my email than have it sent through the mail and waste a tree. if you dont like ti all you ahve to do si delete it. its not that hard. there is a wonderful feture on most emails that says block works too.Never Thirst - Gawwain

I like eating Spam but I dont like receiving it ive only got a 5Mb inbox. - Daniel Cordingley

Spam MAil in any form should not be happening. It happens because we allow it to. If you remember that basically everything that you do on the web is being monitored by god only knows who including the government then you will be less likely to keep recieving all the BS mail. If all else fails start blocking out the Spam mail with the filters provided or simply return the message to the sender with a message of your own. Invite them to come and visit some of your sites I found that it has stopped most of the ones that started on me. Now I just deal with all the new ones. - Chris

I think most spam comes from posting to mailing lists and join free e-mail serves yahoo juno hotmail etc I find my spam increases after posting to a mailing list - but whats worse is those chain letters everyone on earth sends you- Idelete them and they just keep coming because someone is adding your name to the list- probably a good sorce for spam - Tricia

Some of the things that I recieve are down right stupid and inapropriate. But life is how we make it so dont let it bother you - Magnus

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