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The Witches' Voice made the decision from day one to evolve this web site based on your input. What does our community think about... Spam, ethics, commercialism of the Craft, politics etc. So many questions are hotly debated. In this chapter of WitchVox we simply ask hard questions directly to the community itself. New surveys will pop up from time to time and be announced on the WitchVox home page.
 Author: Pagan Community    Posted: Sep. 27, 1999   This Page Viewed: 14,509  

WitchVox Survey #1 - Working with Groups

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Community Comments on Working With Groups
Page #1

Group projects always infuriated me in high school and college, and I admit I haven't progressed too far since then. I find it difficult to achieve the personal God/dess connection in group ritual that comes so easily in solitaire practice...and yet, the power of community ritual has a special beauty. EVERY group & public ritual I've attended could have benefitted from more explanation to the group IN ADVANCE, though; not so the members could completely rewrite what had been planned, but so that all participants could "tune in" more effectively (or choose NOT to) before the circle was cast. Mindless/spiritless participation is worse than none! - Joan W.

I've never experienced a witch war but I have seen one spill over onto public mesage boards. -

Merry ye meet, I would like to know if there is a coven in the north of The Netherlands. Could you send some information about covens in The Netherlands to me? Thank you, Kind regards - Daturae

I don't know how to classify myself. I am simply riding by the seat of my pants in magickal workings and am trying to find a religious path that explain SOME of what I've experienced. So I'm not willing to make a selection from the paths given above. - Chad

I have been both a covener as well a solitare. My coven affiliation goes back to a young age 13, as this is a family affair. Through the years, I have struck out to find my own truths, practicing as a solitaire, and learning different paths. Personally, I prefer coven life. The love and support of a circle has a large impact on both your magik and you inner well being. The bond shared within the circle is like no other. As for solitaire practice, this can be the time to really find yourself as well as your beliefs. But solitaire is just that, alone. - Rebecca

It would unfortunately seem that at some point "groups" are formed inside the original group, for example the rest turning against one of the members; suddenly the one is not told of upcoming meetings etc. Group work works best when all participants take a flexible and tolerant stance, and lots of talk is a must. When they work right, group rituals in my opinion give more power/energy than the average solitary ritual. On the other hand, in a coutry as sparsely populated as Finland is, it may be impossible to get a group into one place for ritual and practice often enough and when needed. - Mia

I am solitary however, the Pagan community in Houston, TX has welcomed me and several of my interested friends with open minds and lots of hugs. I could not express how amazing it was to seek for fellow pagans and FIND THEM so quickly. Your website is working wonders to help unite pagans of all paths -I am very grateful to you for the valuable contribution you provide. Blessed Be! - RenČe

Working within groups has been enlightening, but while working on my own i do feel a little more freedom working toward my own goals, etc, but while in the group the added energy is comforting. - Raven Skyhawk

I am new to active studying of my Path. Each day I learn and understand more. I am most comfortable at this time working alone. But only the Goddess knows where my Path will lead. - Carol A. Barton-Silvers

I belonged to a coven at one time and it seemed like everything was going to go well until there was some fueding that broke most of us apart. Now that I think about it, we should've taken more time to really KNOW eachother, not just "know" eachother and taken things slow. We moved too fast and I suppose the force of it brought most of us down a lot more than we had expected... some of us remain friends and there are others of us who, unfortunately, seem to hold a bitterness still, even though these events occurred more than a few years ago. I practice solitary now, but I know that if I am ever to join a coven again, it'll be taken with more seriousness and responsibility than this last time. - Lynn Carstein

I think that the argument on whether a Solitaire is real Witch or not is rediculous. Pagans need to stand together not pick eachother apart. Solitaire work is as valid a path as a Coven or other group. - Sky~fire

While being part of a coven is not for everyone, it is definately for me. Being part of a family is a great thing, and knowing that they are there for me, watching out for me (as I do for them) is a great feeling. Solitary life was okay, being part of a coven is just fabulous. - Starr

Really, I work with two others, my SOs, so it's more like a mini-coven. We don't consider ourselves one, though. We do our own work except for the greater holidays. - Rainbow Dreamfire

I was solitary for 5 years and then joined a Grove. Unfortunatly I will have to leave this Grove because I am moving and my new job will keep me from going back. So I will soon be solitary once again. I enjoy working with Groups and Solitary. My favorite is to teach to a willing group though. - Sarah Metzger

Working in a larger group is always such a blast. As you work together you can feel everyone's energy merge into this singular pulse of life. - Grey

I have enjoyed working in a coven twice. Three years in a NROOGD coven was very satisfying, after 15 years or so of being Solo. Now I am part of another coven (British Trad)...but still consider myself solitary and ecclectic. - Holley Diana

As a priest in the Gardenarian Tradition, I have adapted my workings with groups to combine all traditions present. We should not have a division of traditions like the Christians have in there divisions of worship and belif. We all(those of our way) are all the same. - Lord Dalman

I feel that it is up to the individual to find out what -

I prefer to perform any spellwork/rituals alone, but having the support of a group is such an advantage. I like being able to go to others for help with spellwork, or to ask questions or even just to find a compassionate ear. I belong to two groups, they are generally discussion groups but they also hold open circles, and practice special rituals together. It's like a gathering of solitaries, in times of need. - Silverill (Kimberley Cooper)

i'm mainly a solitare because i'm not out of the closet and no one knows i'm pagan. i like it thoungh. my parents know but arne't the most supportive of people. Brite Blessings, everyone. - Alex


To docket living things past any doubt You cancel first the living spirit out: The parts lie in the hollow of your hand, You only lack the living the living link you banned. Faustus - Welkin

The knowledge and energies we gain from working both in groups and in solitary are fundamental to ones spiritual growth and developement. If you forsake one in preference for the other you will simply lose out on that lesson. It would be akin to only celebrating the Sabbats one half of the year. The relationships we build with other Pagans is also what helps us to grow. If we didn't have the outside influeces and commentaries from otheres, we would never know if we were heading down a dangerous road or hear a small bit of praise for a personal insight or deed. The quiet time spent alone in worship and contemplation gives us the balance we need to fully decide on where our paths are taking us and if/where we need to make changes. Just remember: if you work in a group you aren't expected to be just like everyone else, and solitary doesn't indicate being lonely. Only through a balance of mind, body, and spirit can we ever hope to grow. - Rev. Jericho Moonsinger Simstad

i'm new to this "web-thing". i have always kept my studies to myself, not even my family knew for years. alot of my family are jehovah's witnesses so my lifestyle would not go over well with them. i think in part to that i have always kept to myself. my few postings on the web are the only time i've even spoke of my practice to anyone, and i'm so grateful for a forum to speak, even if it's only once in a while. i look forward to talking more later. - patricia crews

i work by my self right now because i had no one to work with, but i have met a few friends that are pagan and want to start a coven. so i'll see how that is. the only problem i find with working by myself is there isn't any one to talk to or ask questions or get comments, but now i have aol and it nice to have people to talk to. - tiffanie

I've found that in order for a coven to successfully work together (physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually), they need to be understanding to the other members of the group, in all ways. The first coven (a gov't. recognized church with a license), was very fulfilling until the last months before the brake-up. Some members' egos got the best of them - and was shown in circle. It turned out to be very disruptive. Being solitary when I first started, and now being with a group is very satisfying! We all have a bond to each other! Blessed Be! - Aradia NiteOrca

Although I enjoy being solitary, there are times when I feel lonely. This is especially true at times of High Festivals. I'm seeking to get out into the community more, but as I am fairly far from the general pagan populace it's kind of difficult. - Marina-Vert

Either way, working with a group or solitare, magick still happens and that is the beauty of it all! - WyllowRaine

I left groups due to moving. I have found solitaire for now very satisfing. When my time, responsibilities, and possition settle again, I will search for a group or coven that is local and stable. Unfortunetly they seem to either not be local or stable around here currently. So still looking... - Pixy

I was originally trained in a group that taught GD dervied ceremonial magic and folk witchery -- and I'm continued to play on these two string. I wonder sometimes about the common distinction made between solitary and group work. I'm in a group, but my solitary practice is still central to what I do and who I am... and I have trouble seeing group work working well without some similar foundation. - Catherine Harper

Any religous belief in the end is an extremely personal experience. To add to that though, some holidays or rituals seem to work better when shared with others. Yule for example is more about a shared experience than a solitary one. - Cathlene P. McKenna

I've never known anyone to share the same beliefs that I do. Therefore alot of reading is to be done for me to learn. - Jessica

I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering my path on my own. I would like to eventually work with groups, but between 20 hours of school and 50 hours of work weekly, I find my schedule os not very compatible with anyone else's. - Clove RoseDragon; aka Liz Law

I am new to the craft. I have been studying solitarily for the past year and have just begun taking classes from a local preistess. Because of my schedule and being out-of-town a lot I plan to remain solitary with occasional group meetings when possible. - AspenStar

Primary Magickal path: Heretic -

I was a Dedicated Seeker with my group and close to Initiation. I prefer to work with Groups as it allows for a family type setting filled with great people. However, I did find that the group I joined was NOT proper and I am now practicing solitary while I review my options. Both have benefits, but I feel you can learn and share much more with a group. Although I do believe that Initiation is important, I also find that just living the beliefs and celebrating life everyday is incredible in itself. - Dragon Wolf

In answering the above question, I consider myself Ecclectic. I have worked with groups and as a solitary practioner, and find both rewarding in different ways. As an owner of an Occult oriented store, I ofton hear of "witch wars". I have never personally been involved in them, and hope to stay clear of such immature behavior. - Dawna Flowers

I have never worked with a group. I would like to meet with others to further my knowledge. I am basically, a self-taught, solitary practiotioner. I read as much as I can, now with access to internet, I am able to further my knowledge even more. I would love to meet new people in my new area. I would like to exchange views, ideas, philosphies, etc. I don't think it would bother me to observe other's practices of the Craft. My boyfriend and I are both solitary. I enjoy it because it gives me one on one experience with the god and goddess. I would enjoy working with others and exchange of ideas, etc. - Vanyel

I am a solitary witch. I have met with and often worked with a small group of like-minded individuals, but still prefer the solitary lifestyle. I like the introspection that working solitary imposes. It requires dedication and commitment to the craft to maintain a solitary lifestyle in this faith. No one will notice if you don't study, if you don't follow the seasons, if you don't practice what you believe. Another reason for being a solitary is that I live in an area where there is little religious tolerance and have "come out of the closet" only to a few trusted people. I am a little reluctant to trust people that I don't know well when it comes to sharing my faith. - Diagrainne

Although I think it would be rewarding to work with a group, I feel that I am too eclectic to find a group which suits my spirituality. - Heather

like all other religions, Witchcraft also offers ample opportunity for ego maniacs and narcissists. Very sad. - starry

I move so much, it's hard to find the right people to bond with in groups and working covens. I work Solitary just because, and usually my Workings are minor hearth magick born of need. (e.g., I did a Cleansing and a Warding on my new apartment because I was getting some funky vibes here. It worked, either on me or on the funky vibes). - Adam "Chanter" Pacio

The belief system that comes closest to describe me is that of an Animist. I have been looking for a description of my beliefs for a long time and have only recently discovered Animism. - steve parsley

I am a solitary person by nature so I prefer to worship on my own. But,I do like discussing Pagan beliefs with others. Also my method of worship is rather unconventional. I believe that every time I see something beautiful in Nature and acknowledge its beauty (which is a rather relative term), I am worshiping the divine. - Heather

I am solitary, but not by choice. Had I the oppurtunity to experience working within a group... I would. However, having only recently consciously discovered my true path and being married to a Christain makes that an impossibility. Also, my dedication to the service of the Lord and Lady, was conducted by another solitary, who is an INVALUABLE source of comfort, knowledge, and understanding. Thank you and Blessed Be. - Andrew

I would love to work as part of a group. I would love to be initiated. The truth is I don't know of a strong, stable circle or an elder in my area -

While I like to work in groups, especially during sabbats, I prefer solitary esbats. The working of magick (what little magick I have worked) is personal, and I would not feel comfortable in a group. - Jason Novak

Working with groups has been interesting so far,however, I'm a little more formal when practicing solitaire. I like the groups for meetings and formal functions,also for insight and problem-solving.I like to celebrate regular occasions,such as full moons,solitary - deb emery

I have been a solitaire now for... ohhh about two years perhaps a little over. And for now I am quite content. Perhaps in a few years I will branch out and seek out others.. but for now I am happy communing with Mother on my own.. -

I've been involved for 16 years now. I first was involved with a coven, then I was a solitaire, then I was a member of a coven that broke apart, solitaire, member of a temple that broke up really badly on two occassion (on the second my wife and I left), we joined a coven that broke apart, we started our own coven and it evolved into a small temple. I have enjoyed working solitaire, I have enjoyed working in covens and I have enjoyed working in temple groups. Each has its hardships and its benefits. You can be a witch alone, you can be a witch in a large group, you can be a witch in a coven -- it really doesn't matter these days. It is not with whom, or with what tradition, or with how many that should be a concern -- but what is in the heart and the actions, these things matter. Finally, we are all solitary practitioners -- but some of us also work together in groups. - Neil Williams

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