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Posted: September 16th. 2002

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Warlocks [1]

by Kerr Cuhulain

The word "warlock" means oath breaker. It could very easily be applied to describe individuals who at one time had an interest in Wicca or other Pagan religions and then converted to fundamentalist Christianity, using what little they learned to invent fabulous and hurtful stories about their former associates. I've already described "warlocks" of this sort in previous articles in this series on Bill Schnoebelen and Eric Pryor. People like Schnoebelen and Pryor have gone on lecture circuits and Schnoebelen has written several books about his alleged experiences. Most of these individuals claim that there is a link between Pagan spiritual paths and Satanism. This is not true, but these individuals take advantage of the fact that many members of the general public are either unaware of this or have bought into the Satanic Conspiracy propaganda.

What most of these "warlocks" have in common is that what little they know about Wicca was obtained from Wiccan groups offering correspondence courses. One of the factors common to all of the examples that follow is that the people involved all took the same Wiccan correspondence course. Let's look at a couple of these "warlocks" to see what motivates them to do this and to see how they operate:

The first one that we'll look at is Tom Sanguinet. Sanguinet founded "Witness For Christ Center Outreach" in Wills Point, Texas. Sanguinet is a former member of Gavin and Yvonne Frost's Church and School of Wicca. Frost's organization is well known for its correspondence courses on his interpretation of Wicca. Sanguinet left the Church and School of Wicca to become a "born again" Christian. Sanguinet was quoted in a tract published by Christian Apologetics Research and Information Service (CARIS): "An Open Letter To The Witchcraft And Magical Community," which was widely circulated at one time. Sanguinet has been featured in the newsletter of Personal Freedom Outreach Ministries and was recommended as a resource by the Spiritual Counterfeits Project.

In the Personal Freedom Outreach newsletter, Sanguinet claims that he "got into witchcraft by being born."(1) Sanguinet further claims: "My mother was a Wiccan. She was a practitioner of Wicca. My grandmother taught me most of what I knew. Then, later on, a prearranged minister or priest came to me and tutored me in the priesthood".(2) The newsletter then states: "Sanguinet's mother was Celtic. The Celts came from northern Europe and are the people to whom the tradition of Wicca can be traced".(3) Sanguinet then comments: "My great-grandfather on her side was from Scotland and his mother was from Wales".(4) The PFO newsletter then continues: "Sanguinet's father was a Roman Catholic, although Sanguinet was never formally raised in the church".(5)

First of all, whether Sanguinet's relatives were Celtic or not in ethnic origin is irrelevant. Not all people of Celtic extraction have relatives who are Wiccan.

Secondly, these statements are at odds with what Sanguinet told Gavin Frost in a letter to Gavin dated September 8, 1977, in which Sanguinet was applying to take the Church and School of Wicca's correspondence course. In this letter Sanguinet states:

"Greetings Witches: The very small blank behind 'Race' was not large enough for me to list my heritage of which I am very proud.

"My father is full blue blood French. My mother was Black Irish and Blackfoot Indian. Her maiden name was Gunn from Fort Worth, Texas. Her father was from Tennessee.

"The blank behind 'Religion' was answered none (sic) because I have not found a religion that was real. I cannot accept someone else's antiquated and unproven opinions as fact.

"The powers of witchcraft have already been proven to me and I wish to be a part of this, the true religion. I am not a thrill seeker nor am I the least skeptical (sic) or undecided about my choice. My physical age is only 28 but I truly know I have been here many more years than that.

"I have every intention, if accepted to go all the way in the initiation and try to my utmost to be a credit to the Craft.

"Any chance to improve myself has never been thrown away. In the services I had a high level security clearance. I am not unresponsible [sic]. I shall never reveal any knowledge given to me by the school. Nor will I divulge any information about my fellow members. Blessed be. Thank you. W. Tom Sanguinet

"P.S. I have never failed to do what I set my mind to do."

If Sanguinet's mother and grandmother were Wiccan and brought him up as one, as he claims in the PFO newsletter, why was he applying to the Church and School of Wicca to learn Wiccan beliefs? Sanguinet tells Frost that he had not found a religion before applying to the Church and School of Wicca. Yet Sanguinet tells the PFO newsletter that his grandmother trained him to be a Witch. Sanguinet claims in the PFO newsletter that "a prearranged minister or priest... tutored" him. At that time minister was not a common Wiccan term, but it is a term used on Frost's Church and School of Wicca church charters.

The PFO newsletter states: "After returning to the United States after a stint in the Navy, Sanguinet eventually teamed up with Gavin Frost, a leader in the Church of Wicca. He and Frost worked in a boatyard owned by the Wiccan Church."(6) Gavin Frost reports: "He joined our School on September 8, 1977 and completed the course on November 5, 1979. That's about an average time. He got an 'A' average which is what we expect for someone going for initiation. I believe he was initiated in Texas but I have no record of it. We eventually granted him a Church Charter--we were into chartering dozens of Churches at that time--we have since stopped the practice".(7) A copy of this charter is displayed in the aforementioned PFO newsletter. It is issued to the Ancient Way Church of Wicca and lists the original "ministers" as "K. Milner" and "W. T. Sanguinet". Milner was Sanguinet's girlfriend Karen. It is interesting that the PFO newsletter says that Sanguinet "teamed up" with Frost, suggesting again that he was already a Witch, when in fact it was Frost's Church and School of Wicca that taught him.

Despite this, Sanguinet was already claiming that his mother and grandmother were Witches at a Church and School of Wicca gathering in Amarillo, TX, in 1980.(8) If this had been the case, why did Sanguinet not mention it to the Church and School of Wicca when he originally applied?

In the PFO newsletter Sanguinet makes the following statements about his supposed Wiccan activities and attitudes:

  • "I was very active and very public. I recruited at colleges by going out and speaking on things like ESP, advanced classes on parapsychology and paranormal activities and metaphysics".(9)

Wiccan groups do not proselytize. While Sanguinet may have taught at colleges, such teaching would not necessarily constitute recruiting. It is interesting that Sanguinet does not name the colleges at which he allegedly lectured.

  • "Any method was fair... go out and promise them the world- that's all you were giving them".(10)

This is another way of saying that the ends justify the means. Ironic, given that Sanguinet, like others that we have seen in this series, are doing exactly what they are accusing Wiccans of doing. Clearly Sanguinet believes that he is justified in deliberately telling tall tales here to achieve his ends.

  • "Witches don't feel like death or murder or any of that is any less than progression".(11)

Contrary to what Sanguinet seems to be suggesting here, Wiccans certainly believe murder is wrong.

  • "My opinion was 'put [Christians] to the sword, burn a church a day".(12)

If this was Sanguinet's attitude at the time he did not show this in public. For example, he was the co-organizer of a Church and School of Wicca gathering in Amarillo, Texas, in October 1980 (the other organizer being Skip Tarrant). It was attended by about 75 Wiccans. There was a bomb threat made during this gathering which resulted in a brief evacuation of the Holiday Inn where it was being held. In addition to this a group of fundamentalist Christians organized by Jim and Judy Madou were protesting outside. Sanguinet spoke with the press and had an opportunity to express these alleged anti-Christian views, which ought to have been aggravated by the threat and Christian protesters present. Instead Sanguinet commented on the differences between Witchcraft and magick and told the Associated Press: "We don't force our beliefs on anyone. One of our most accepted of all tenets is, 'An it harm none, so do as thou will' (sic). That tenet... means do not harm others, for if you do, it will come back to you in greater force".(13)

The PFO newsletter reports: "One day in September, 1981, Sanguinet and his girlfriend got 'somewhat crossways' and she announced that she was leaving. Sanguinet was not worried, thinking he could bring her back whenever he wanted to... Sanguinet 'put her on the bus' the next day, a Friday".(14) Sanguinet then states: "That night I just flat tried to kill myself. I had a business worth $42 million, I had a house, I had property, I had automobiles, I had an entourage. I had all the people and all the things and everything the world could give. But I realized I didn't have any peace".(15)

This is at odds with the PFO newsletter's earlier statement about Sanguinet working in Gavin Frost's boatyard. If Sanguinet had a multi-million dollar business, then why was he working in a boatyard as a welder? Sanguinet admits in the aforementioned Amarillo Tribune article that he was a boatyard welder.

Sanguinet contradicts himself again later in the PFO newsletter article, which states: "Sanguinet walked away from all his possessions, since they were all owned by the Church of Wicca."(16) Sanguinet states: "I had $5 in my pocket".(17) The article continues: "Sanguinet left for his father's home in Texas with 'my Bible, my pickup truck and my motorcycle".(18) What happened to the $42 million dollars?

Gavin Frost has a different story: "[Sanguinet] moved to New Bern with his lady Karen and her daughter. We employed him as a welder in our shipyard and helped him to buy some government housing."(19) Frost reports that after Karen left Sanguinet "He left the area with many outstanding debts and he had also sold a truck he borrowed in Texas to a local man (E. Mayo). A warrant was sworn out on that one. E. Mayo has since died and I don't know the status of the warrant".(20)

I also wondered why Sanguinet's girlfriend would leave him over a slight disagreement. It is curious that Sanguinet says that he was not worried about this. Sanguinet says that he figured that "he could bring her back whenever he wanted to" and then immediately contradicts himself by claiming that he attempted suicide. Frost was able to shed some light on this situation too. Frost reports: "After a time it became apparent that [Sanguinet] was beating the child. Karen decided to leave but had no money so we helped her escape the situation. Tom went through all the magical systems he could think of to get her back."(21) The abuse situation described by Frost seems a much more plausible explanation for Karen leaving Tom and Tom's subsequent actions.

At noon one day in 1982, Sanguinet, who had failed to win Karen back with his attempts at magick, marched into the boatyard and quit, announcing that he had been "saved" by the Lord and was now a Christian. Sanguinet states: "I told Gavin right then and there 'I intend to destroy the School of Wicca. I intend to tear it down'".(22) This remark sounds very similar to Sanguinet's remarks about burning churches that I quoted a few paragraphs ago. This story is confirmed by Gavin Frost, who sent me a copy of Sanguinet's last letter to him dated August 30, 1982. This letter reads as follows:

"Greetings Gavin Frost:

"I the man would not write you, but the Lord has moved on me so that you would know these things. Gavin you, as the head of the household are responsible for the spiritual life of your family. God would have you to know that you are committing not only spiritual suicide but also murder, yes murder of the very souls of your daughter and wife. You are beseached [sic] therefore, even commanded to repent and to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour or be condemned to death eternal. The whore goddess you serve is a false god and abhorrent to the Lord. Your end is very near and the Lord commands you to heed His warning, again I say to you, go now to Jesus Christ and be Saved. I challenge you that your supposed magical powers are to no avail and the Lord will strike you down and you will be no more. Eternal death is not what God wishes for you [emphasis in original]."

Sanguinet took up his new cause with a vengeance. In keeping with his earlier demonstrated inclination to exaggerate and twist the truth, Sanguinet went on to spread falsehoods about the Wiccan faith. In the same PFO newsletter there are two articles by Keith Morse in which Sanguinet makes statements such as the following:

  • "Christmas, we've kind of overtoned the pagan thing (the Roman Saturnalia for instance)... Easter, we still greatly honor (the Middle Eastern pagan Goddess) Astarte with her silly little eggs."(23)

Easter is named after a Germanic fertility Goddess named Eostre. The eggs (and rabbits) are Eostre's symbols, not those of Astarte. Astarte was a Canaanite version of Ishtar, an Assyro-Babylonian Goddess of love and fertility.

  • "But Halloween is purely and absolutely nothing but Satanic. It in no way glorifies God. It in no way deifies God. It in no way recognizes God. Its so absolutely evil that there's nothing we've ever been able to do that would bring it into acceptability."(24)
  • "The modern holiday we call Halloween...has its origins in the pagan holiday of 'Samhain', which, according to Sanguinet, is the night of the full moon closest to November 1, the witches' New Year."(25)

In the Wiccan calendar Samhain always occurs on October 31 and is in no way related to the phases of the moon. This is a surprising error coming from a person who once held a Wiccan church charter.

  • "Samhain is the time that the Druids (pagans who lived in Northern France) used to demand their yearly sacrifice from the countryside... The Druids would go to a castle or a house and would demand a female for sacrifice and upon receiving their demand, would leave a jack-o'lantern there as a sign of good luck for the year... The price of refusing to give in to the Druid's demands was high. They would leave a hexagram on the door and usually someone would die. It was either give up a common female or lose your firstborn son... The tradition is carried on in present Halloween practices".(26)

First of all, there were no castles in the days of the Druids. Secondly there is no evidence anywhere that Druids engaged in such practices. I have already debunked similar stories of the origins of the customs of Samhain or Halloween earlier in this series, so we know that this is pure fantasy created by Sanguinet.

  • "The most common basis for witchcraft is reincarnation. This you have in all the eastern religions, that tenet of 'no responsibility in life because karmatically [sic] we'll get it right some other time.' So there's no moral responsibility."(27)

The Wiccan rede is "Do whatever you will so long as it does not hurt another." What this actually means is that the Wiccan must examine each of their actions to determine the possible consequences and must not continue if someone may be hurt by these actions. This calls for a high level of self discipline, rather than a "lack of moral responsibility" as Sanguinet suggests. Also, the common Wiccan interpretation of karma is that if you do evil it will return to you threefold in this life. This is also a factor acting to enforce "moral responsibility" amongst Wiccans.

  • "After you achieve a certain level of consciousness, you meld with others who have achieved that level of consciousness and you go from being to superbeing... This is something where witches don't have a set dogma. They just reach up in the air and grab one."(28)

I have never seen any concept like this in any Wiccan book or class that I have seen in the last 33 years. Sanguinet is the person reaching up in the air and grabbing ideas here.

  • "[Wicca] really appeals to big-business men because they can go on slaughtering their opponents and feel like they are helping them to progress. Whereas, as a Christian, you can't go out and just stomp all over your competitor and have your business be blessed. I can't".(29)

Most "big-business men" in North America are Christians. All of the televangelists are "big-business men" and Christian. Isn't Sanguinet "going out and stomping all over" Wiccans here?

  • "In answer to Morse's question- 'What is Wicca's appeal?': Power; sex-let's face it, sex is a big draw for the less-intellectual and more world minded neo pagan type; rebellion- there's a lot of people that get into thinking, 'This is exactly opposite what I was raised in and I'm gonna get back at my mother and father for raising me that way; thrill-seeking-the fear fetish; some of them get in seeking righteousness or seeking God but without real direction'".(30)

This last statement is ironic given that Sanguinet is obviously the one being rebellious and trying to get back at someone here. Sanguinet has a lot of resentment towards the Church and School of Wicca in particular and Wicca in general, due to their siding with his girlfriend Karen and opposing his violence. In extremist Christianity he seems to have found a religious denomination that will let him express his desires for power and prestige, something that he could not get from Wicca.

In an earlier article in this series I wrote about the prolific publisher Jack Chick. You will recall that he supported a "warlock" named John Todd, also known as Lance Collins. Todd's name also came up in my earlier article on Michael Warnke. Chick refers to Todd and Collins in separate tracts with the same titles and stories. This proves that Chick is aware of both Todd's name and his alias and chooses to use them as if they were two individuals. This in turn suggests that Chick is aware of at least part of Todd's double roles and chooses either to ignore it or to use it to his advantage.

John Todd was at one time traveling all over the United States lecturing on Satanism with the support of Jack Chick and others. Todd claimed: "I was a druid high priest on the council of 13. I belonged to the most powerful organization on Earth called the Illuminati."(31) You'll recall that the Illuminati was one of Chick's favorite subjects. Todd also stated: "I was a druid high priest, the power structure I was part of controlled lodges, politicians and witches. In fact, I had over 65,000 top witches under my authority."(32) Todd describes the "Council of 13" as one of the chosen few whom he claimed ranked just below the "world ruling Rothschild family, Jewish bankers with roots in 18th century Europe," and even claimed that the Rothschild family members are actually demons. Earlier in this series I showed you that the Illuminati was a short lived organization in the 1700's that people like Abbe Barruel later falsely claimed was not only still around but was an international Jewish conspiracy seeking world domination. Witches and Freemasons are not part of any larger Satanic organization. Todd's remarks about the Rothschild family are simply ludicrous.

(Continued... Click HERE for page 2)


Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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