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Posted: September 16th. 2002

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Warlocks [2]

by Kerr Cuhulain

Here is a list of some of Todd's other fantastic claims:

  • That he joined the US Army to establish "covens of witches."
  • That he became a decorated Green Beret in Vietnam.
  • That he was later transferred to Germany where he killed a former commanding officer in a two hour long gun battle in Stuttgart.
  • That the Illuminati got him out of military jail and that the Pentagon destroyed all of his military records.
  • That President Jimmy Carter was the anti-Christ.
  • That Carter's sister Ruth Carter Stapleton was a leading high priestess of Witchcraft who personally taught Todd.
  • That Todd sent $8 million to Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California, "to launch Jesus Rock Music."
  • That he delivered $35 million to Demos Shakarian of the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship as Shakarian was a leading figure of the Illuminati.
  • That witches helped build Melodyland Christian Center in Anaheim, whose pastor, Ralph Wilkerson, was an Illuminati member.
  • That CBN and PTL Christian TV networks and their leaders were part of the Illuminati conspiracy.
  • That he bought off televangelist Jerry Falwell with a $50 million cheque.
  • That US President John F Kennedy was still alive and that Todd was his personal warlock.
  • That US Senator George McGovern had stabbed a girl to death in a sacrificial ceremony.
  • That many police are associated with Freemasonry, which Todd says is an Illuminati organization and that we should therefore consider police to be our enemies.

This is quite an impressive list, but none of it is true. Let us examine Todd's claims:

Todd's military records do still exist, contrary to his claims. Christianity Today obtained copies of them which showed that Todd served in the US Army from February 1969 to July 1970. Todd was never a member of Special Forces (Green Berets), was never sent to Vietnam, never killed anyone, and was never involved in any gun battles. Todd did serve for only 25 days overseas, but in Germany, not southeast Asia. Twice the army gave Todd psychiatric examinations, the latter being in Maryland in 1969. "His records indicate evidence of an unstable home background and possible brain damage as a result of beatings. The second examination... labeled his malady 'emotional instability with pseudologica phantastica'. Todd finds it difficult to tell reality from fantasy... It spoke of homicidal threats he had made on another, false suicide reports, and a severe personality disturbance. It saw no hope for change and recommended Todd's discharge."(33)

Chuck Fromm, the president of Maranatha Music, states that "Maranatha Music was not started with $8 million, given through Todd by the Illuminati to promote Christian rock music, which Todd says is occultic. We did not at any time sue Todd and certainly did not withdraw a suit when Todd told us such a suit would confirm his allegations. The Calvary Chapel choir director was not given two checks for $4 million each for Maranatha Music by Todd. Calvary Chapel has no choir and no choir director."(34) This was confirmed by pastor Chuck Smith, who indicated that he had started Maranatha Music with his personal investment of $3000.(35) A little later you will begin to understand why Todd would make such claims against Maranatha.

Todd's police record shows that he was charged with a felony fraud involving a bad cheque in New Mexico. Todd was arrested in Columbus in 1968 for malicious destruction of property. Todd was treated for drug overdose at an army facility in 1969: This corresponds to the aforementioned psychiatric assessment. Apparently there is an outstanding warrant for Todd's arrest in Ohio as well as a $22,000 judgement against him in a defamation case.

Todd appeared in Phoenix in 1968 as a 19 year old store front preacher. His wife at the time was named Linda and they had a child named Tanya. Todd met Pastor James Outlaw of the Jesus Name Church and was re-baptized. Todd told Outlaw that he had been studying the teachings of fundamentalist preacher William Brannam, that he had been "in the Navy" and had been converted to Christianity while attending a Pentecostal Church in southern California.(36) Todd disappeared for several months and reappeared without Linda. Outlaw admonished Todd after Todd told him that God had told him to split up with Linda and seek another mate. Outlaw helped Todd get a job as a busboy in a Mexican restaurant, but Todd soon disappeared again.

Todd resurfaced late in 1972. Outlaw then got Todd a job working for Ken Long, a local leader of the Jesus movement who had operated the "Open Door" coffeehouse. Long went on to become pastor of the Bible Heritage Free Will Baptist Church in Phoenix. Long claimed that Todd performed healing miracles on his customers. Long alleged that Todd healed a handicapped youth's leg.(37)

Todd began to make preaching trips. In San Antonio he met Sharon Garver, who returned with Todd to Phoenix and married him in August 1973. By this time Long was becoming disenchanted with Todd. Long reports that Todd:

"...was trying to seduce teenaged girls at the coffeehouse (two later confessed that they had sexual relations with him). Four girls revealed that Todd wanted them to form a witches coven and that he told them that he was still in witchcraft."(38)

As a result of these revelations, Long removed Todd from his ministry. You will begin to see a pattern here: It appears that Todd is simultaneously using various religious paths as means starting up sexual relations with young women.

Todd next was asked to give testimonials in a Christian television station's telethon. This is when Todd began to make claims about the Illuminati. It was in these testimonials that Todd claimed to be president John F Kennedy's personal warlock, that Kennedy was still alive, and that senator George McGovern was involved in human sacrifice.(39) More than $25,000 was pledged. Doug Clark invited Todd to appear on his "Amazing Prophecies" show. It was at this time that the producers noticed that Todd was carrying a .38 revolver.(40)

Todd and his wife Sharon moved to Santa Ana in California and began hosting weekly Bible study courses in their home. It was during this period that publisher Jack Chick first met Todd and started incorporating Todd's bizarre stories in his comic mini tracts.

But things were starting to fall apart on the home front again. Todd's wife Sharon reported to Christianity Today that during this period:

  • Todd was still mixing elements of what he called witchcraft in with his Biblical teaching.
  • Todd had seduced some of the girls in the Bible classes, several of whom went on to disclose this to leaders at the Melodyland Christian Center.
  • Todd had made Sharon's teenaged sister pregnant.
  • Todd was using drugs throughout their marriage.(41)

Even Jack Chick confirms that "Both John and his wife have used extensive drugs and are still suffering from the effects."(42) As a result, the leaders of the Melodyland Christian Center had an angry confrontation with Todd late in 1973. Clark denounced Todd on his television program and Todd fled to San Antonio. Sharon and John Todd were divorced in mid-1974.

Todd then moved to Dayton, Ohio. There he met Sheila Spoonmore. Todd opened a metaphysical store called the Witches Cauldron at 3140 Main Street. Todd told Dayton Daily News staff writer Wes Hills that he was the local "Grand Magnus" of the Wiccan Church and that Bonewits's AADL was a legal arm of his church.(43) Todd told Hill that he had 5,000 members in his Wiccan church in southwestern Ohio.

The local police began investigating reports that Todd was corrupting the morals of teenaged girls.(44) One 16 yr old apparently disclosed to the police that Todd had conducted nude "witchcraft initiation rites" and that Todd had forced her to engage in oral sex. Todd stated to the Dayton Daily News that he believed that his problems resulted from "allegations made to police by a mentally disturbed and 'phony' member of his occult group."(45) Todd admitted to Hills that he had been the subject of an FBI investigation involving a 17 year old girl named Karen Schnipper who he had transported to Chicago.(46) Todd had been warned that the FBI were looking for him and this girl and had returned Schnipper to Dayton to avoid charges. Todd claimed to Hill that he was being harassed by the local police and said that to protect himself "his covens will resort to their ultimate weapon- witchcraft."(47)

Todd held a church charter from Gavin and Yvonne Frost's Church and School of Wicca at this time. As I pointed out earlier, these charters could be obtained through a mail order course. But this charter was rescinded February 22, 1976, after Gavin Frost and Pagan author Isaac Bonewits investigated Todd's activities. Gavin Frost's report included the following findings regarding Todd's "Witchcraft"(48):

  • "The real relationship between the Todds is unclear. John Todd introduced [Sheila] as his wife; previously she had been introduced as his sister. [There is] No believable evidence that they are or ever have been initiated. Claims by Todd that his mother initiated him while she was a member of Gardner's Isle of Man coven have been checked. No American and no woman by the name of Todd was ever a member of this group".

NOTE: Sheila and John were in a common law relationship at this time.

  • "The use of 'speed' [MDA] in the Circle, which is not condoned by our church."

NOTE: This confirms Sharon's and Chick's reports of drug use.

  • "The rituals used by [Todd's] 'Watcher's Church' bear little or no resemblance to those of our church."
  • "In careful cross-questioning, it was apparent that Todd had no knowledge of the methodology of the use of kundalini or dance in the raising of power. Thus the sex acts that were apparently performed were purely for Todd's personal sexual perversities."

NOTE: Kundalini is a Hindu term meaning "coiled." In Hindu or Yoga practices kundalini is the life or generative energy which rises from the root chakra (muladhara) at the pelvic plexus to the top of the head, usually symbolized as a green serpent coiled three and a half times. Kundalini is said to be awakened during certain meditative and sexual practices.

  • The Todds have in the past claimed both to the media and to other pagans that they are 'in control of the area.' They have no such right."
  • "The Todds claim to be 'sixth-degree initiates.' This methodology is similar to the Satanic Church of the Process and is not acceptable to our church."

NOTE: There are only three degrees in Wicca.

  • "The tradition used is eclectic and is based on a Dianic mythos. Aradia is viewed by John Todd as a 'fifteen year old bitch'. Cernunnos is added as Aradia's brother and an overseeing group of demi-god watchers is added. This mythos is not acceptable to our Church; nor do we know of any other church to which it would be acceptable."

NOTE: The first mention of "Aradia" was in the 1899 book entitled Aradia: Gospel of the Witches by Charles Geoffrey Leland, which I mentioned earlier in this series. This was allegedly a tale of Tuscan mythology and Witchcraft. Cernunnos is a Celtic God who does not appear in Leland's book. There is nothing in literature or archeology that would suggest that Cernunnos had a sister, and if he did it would likely have been one of the other Celtic deities, not a Tuscan one.

In February 1976 Todd was arrested and plead guilty to contributing to the unruliness of a minor. Todd made a complaint to the Dayton Police Internal Affairs Unit, claiming harassment. Two officers involved in the investigation were subsequently disciplined. This was not, however, because the prosecutor's claims were false: Sergeant Tunney of the Dayton Police Internal Affairs Unit reports that this was because a patrolman had failed to make a report of a break-in at Todd's home. Officers Holley and Peterson received one-day suspensions after they were found in violation of Dayton civil service rules by operation a private collection business as a result of the investigation of Todd's claims. Todd was found guilty and sentenced to a six month sentence in a county jail.

While serving his sentence, Todd contacted Jack Chick in March 1976. Todd told Chick that he and Sheila had "come back to Christ." Obviously he was looking for someone to bail him out of jail. Todd succeeded. Jack Chick and a lawyer got Todd released as Todd was apparently suffering from some sort of seizures. Chick has subsequently claimed that the Illuminati was using it's people inside the prison to "poison" Todd.(49) Todd was released on 23 December 1976.

Todd was placed on probation which he promptly violated by leaving the state. He returned to Phoenix and got a job with Ken Long again. "Todd swore he was out of witchcraft for good," Long states, "but after only two weeks on the job he was talking to two girls about plans to open up an occult bookstore."(50) Todd abruptly left town after Long confronted him with this.

In January of 1978 Todd joined the independent Faith Baptist Church in Canoga Park, California. Todd went off on a speaking tour arranged by pastor Tom Berry of the Bible Baptist Church in Elkton, Maryland. Todd was invited to speak at the Open Door Church in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania by pastor Dino Pedrone. Pedrone gave Todd $1000 to start a rehabilitation center for "ex-witches."(51) Todd went on to speak at a in Zionsville, Indiana. Berry produced a manual based on Todd's stories about the Illuminati: "The Christian During Riot and After Revolution." This manual included a section on "the morality of killing," and advised Christians to purchase weapons and ammunition and to build retreats as the Illuminati was about to start a revolution to take over the world. It rather resembled Charles Manson's "Helter Skelter" theories. It was at this time that Todd made the claims about Melodyland Christian Center, Ralph Wilkerson and pastor Chuck Smith. He was probably motivated by his anger after having been thrown out of Melodyland five years earlier. This is also when Todd made his claims about supplying money to the Full Gospel Businessmen's Association and Jerry Falwell. You will recall that I mentioned in my earlier article concerning Michael Warnke that Todd claimed that he had confronted Warnke at Melodyland, accusing Warnke of stealing his material about the Illuminati. Todd was discredited before Warnke was found out, but in the end both their stories were shown to be fanciful fiction.

Todd told Christian audiences that his goal was;

"To destroy Bible believing Churches and make witchcraft our nation's religion... A true Bible believing Christian has more power than a witch, but they're not aware of this! As long as they were ignorant of their powers, we felt that we could hypnotize them. Through charms and infiltrating their churches with rock music... and when the time was ripe, we'd blow their churches off the face of the earth."(52)

Obviously Wiccans do not have plans to make Wicca the only religion in the United States. However you will note that many of the individuals and organizations discussed in this series intend to make their version of Christianity the only religion in the world.

Todd claims that "Back when I was on the 'Council of 13', one of my cover jobs was to manage 'Z' Productions, one of the largest producers of rock music. One day we got some bad news. A few pastors directed by the Holy Spirit held record burnings, but it didn't catch on and spread to all churches. It was a close call for the witches."(53) I went to the library and checked every business directory I could find, including the Standard and Poor's Register of Corporations and the Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media, as well as the Music Address Book(54) and found no evidence that "Z Productions" existed.

Todd claims that "Witches have their own language... carefully guarded. When we produced a rock song, it contained coded spells or incantations that the listener wasn't aware of. A witch would write the words and we'd dig up an old druid manuscript containing a melody for the song. Top flight musicians were hired to record the music."(55)

Todd does not name any of these "top flight musicians." The language used by the Celts and their scholars (the Druids) was variations of Gaelic. While this language is not a common language these days it is hardly a secret. For example, it is the official language of Ireland. The most telling flaw in Todd's story is his claim that Witches would take melodies from old Druid manuscripts. It is a very well known fact that the Celtic people did not have any written literature. "Celt" is a name derived from the Greek "keltoi", which means hidden. The Greeks gave the Celts this name because they practiced an oral tradition, and kept their knowledge in their heads. The Druids were the repositories of all knowledge for the Celts. Druids made a profession of remembering things. All of the surviving written records of Celtic myths and legends were recorded by Christians hundreds of years later. Therefore nobody could possibly have taken music out of an "old druid manuscript."

Todd claims that "After the recordings session we ended up with a master [tape]... This master would be set aside for about six months. It wasn't ready for production until it had been 'blessed.' On a full moon some of the most powerful witches in the country would arrive to put the finishing touches on the song. Inside 'Z' Productions, the very large room used for this ceremony was behind large locked doors made of oak... the witches perform this ceremony skyclad (nude). The high priestess summons 'Rege', Satan's Top Demon (principality) over the occult."(56) At this point "Rege" supposedly appears and states: "I shall command my servants (the demons) to follow each relic produced from our magic music."(57) Todd states: "I have been in many of these ceremonies- now you know why rock/druid music has such a hold on its listeners. Remember, every recording that has been cursed has a demon with it. That's why your homes are so messed up. You cast the spell on yourself."(58)

I have examined copies of all of the grimoires and magical texts available and have been unable to find any mention of an entity named "Rege." There is certainly no such entity in Wiccan mythology. This name is suspiciously similar to the word "Reggae," which is a style of Caribbean rock music. Contrary to what Todd says, Wiccans do not believe in demons. But all of this is rather academic, because "Z Productions" doesn't exist. Todd's anger towards the Melodyland Christian Center and Maranatha Music is probably what inspired the ideas for such claims.

Todd attempts to corroborate these bizarre claims by telling an anecdote about the children of an unidentified missionary who goes to an unidentified foreign land. These children play rock music and the natives come to the missionary to warn him that he should be aware that the music that his children is playing is the music that they use to "call up demons."(59) Todd says that Christian rock music isn't any better because "the words may appear to be God's, but the beat belongs to Satan."(60)

Todd claims that occult jewelry was "created for demonic worship and to cast demonic spells on those who wear [it]."(61) Todd describes the inverted pentagram as symbolizing "the horned hunter of the night, which is Satan, Lucifer or the Devil."(62) Most of the symbols on jewelry depicted in the Chick comic in which Todd makes this statement aren't Satanic symbols.

(Continued... Click HERE for page 3)


Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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