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Posted: September 16th. 2002

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Warlocks [3]

by Kerr Cuhulain

Todd described the Druids as follows:

"Way over in the British Isles, Scotland and Ireland, in that area, was one of Satan's strongholds. The most evil people living in this horrible darkness were the Druid priests (known as 'men of oak'). They demanded human blood sacrifices. These men were so filled with demons that some had strange, frightening powers. People lived in terror of the Druids. Male slaves or Roman soldiers would be burned alive in cages over barren (solid) ground. The Druids would call forth Elvin fire out of the earth to consume the victims, and it did! In the Background the Druid musical beat could always be heard."(63)

The Druids and the Celtic tribes to which they belonged were not found just in the British Isles. On the mainland of Europe they were known as the Gauls and at the height of Celtic culture spread all the way east to the Middle East. The Galatians in the Bible were Celts who settled in an area in what is now Turkey. One wonders if Todd is suggesting that the word "barren" is a synonym for "solid" here. Todd's assertion that the Druids called "Elvin fire" out of the earth is something out of a fantasy novel.

The word Druid does not mean "men of oak" as Todd suggests. The term "Druid" appeared as "Druydan" in Barclay's Ship of Fools in 1509. It appears as "Druid" in Golding's translation of Caesar's Gallic Wars in 1563. In Latin it was "Druidae". It appears to have been a Gaulish (mainland Celtic) term, "Druides." In Old Irish Gaelic the word for wizard is "drui" (plural: "druid"). "Druid" is possibly derived from the old Celtic words "Dru", meaning "very" or "assuredly" and "Wid", meaning "wise" or "all knowing" (from the Indo European root "wid", meaning "to know"). Thus the name Druid means "very wise" and not "men of oak" as Todd claims.

Todd gives a highly inaccurate description of the history of Halloween customs, as follows:

"Their big night was Halloween, in the occult it is called Samhain, October 31st. All the little kids going from door to door yelling 'Trick or Treat' had its origin with the Druids. It's fun for the kids today- but in the times of the Druids it was a night of horror. On Halloween the Druids and their followers went from castle to castle and serf to serf playing trick or treat. The treat from the castle demanded by the Druids would be a princess or some woman for human sacrifice. If the treat pleased the Druids they would leave a Jack O'Lantern with a lighted candle made of human fat to protect those inside from being killed by demons that night. When some unfortunate couldn't meet the demands of the Druids, then it was time for the trick. A hex (hexagram) was drawn on the front door. The spellbinding beat of the Druid music filled the night as the ceremony began. The men assaulted the victim and they brutally sacrificed her to the god of many names, such as the horned hunter of the night, Kernos, the oak god of the underworld, the god of the dead (we know him as Lucifer or Satan). Stonehenge, in England, was the temple site for many of these occult murders. A thing of the past? Don't kid yourself. A few occult killings take place in the U.S. every Halloween."(64)

I discussed the actual history of Halloween elsewhere in this series, but a few points bear repeating here. There were no castles in the days of the Druids. Serfs were a class of people that existed centuries after the Celtic empire had dissolved. There is no such deity as "Kernos the oak god of the underworld." The Celts had a God of animals and nature named Cernunnos, who is depicted as a man with antlers (A representation of Cernunnos appears on the side of the famous Gundestrup cauldron in the museum in Copenhagen). Cernunnos was not a god of oak trees. The Celtic gods of the otherworld and death were Gwynn Ap Nudd (British), Bile or Donn (Irish) and Beli or Arawn (Welsh). Cernunnos wasn't one of them. Despite many claims that the Druids used sites such as Stonehenge for their worship, no one has found any Pre-Christian inscription of the name Druid on any monument anywhere in the world. Surviving literature by Greek and Roman historians reports that they used sacred groves, which they called "nemeton", instead.

Todd claims that:

"[The Druids] used a flute, a tambourine and a drum covered with human hide. The words to every song or melody were for casting spells. The drum beat was the key to addict the listener. A form of hypnotism. The same beat the Druids used is in the Rock music of today. Both hard and soft rock, the beat is still there. Let me tell you, gentlemen, the Beatles opened up a Pandora's box when they hit the United States with their Druid/rock beat in the 1960's. Then they became so popular that they were able to turn out young people on to the eastern religions. The flood gates to witchcraft were opened. The U.S. will never recover. It was well planned...[emphasis in original]"(65)

This is simply the wild product of Todd's fertile yet mentally unstable imagination. The Celts did use a type of flute (the penny whistle), but the other traditional Celtic instruments are the harp, various types of bagpipes and a frame drum (covered with animal hide, not human skin) called a Bodhran. Anyone who has listened to Traditional Celtic music will confirm that it does not resemble modern rock and roll.

Todd has been dabbling in both Christianity and occult subjects simultaneously for years, unable to decide which would work more to his advantage. While being used by Fundamentalist Christians to present testimonials about being saved he was found to be running an occult bookstore known as the "Witches Cauldron" and teaching how to mix potions and cast spells. This did not win him any points with either side. His "family members say that Todd was witnessing to... relatives about Christ but at the same time was trying to enlist them in witchcraft, apparently for sexual reasons."(66) Christianity Today reports that Todd's claims and activities were a "cover for sexual perversions and drug abuse."(67)

Earlier I mentioned reports that Todd was armed with a revolver. Several church pastors with whom Todd has worked have reported Todd to be packing a semi-automatic hand gun. Todd's credibility can be judged from the text of the following letter dated 13 June 1978 from Roland Rasmussen, pastor of the Faith Baptist Church who wrote to Chick about the numerous falsehoods that he has caught Todd spreading:

"Johnny Todd, professed ex-grand druid, is the subject of this letter.

"Near the first of June, 1977, Brother Jack Chick of the Chick Publications called me and told me about Johnny Todd whom he at that time had known for about four years. I agreed to meet with Todd so that I could talk with him. During the conversation I became impressed with his knowledge of the occult and his knowledge of Masonic symbolism. After the first meeting, we had other meetings, sometimes with others besides the two of us.

"Todd was invited to speak at a young people's rally in the Sacramento area in October of 1977; and after hearing good reports of that meeting, I decided to invite John to speak to our adult Bible classes on November 13. He did, and all went well.

"I invited John to again address the adult Bible classes on January 1, just prior to his departure for an East Coast tour that lasted three months. Once again, all went well.

"At the end of the Eastern tour, I received a letter from Dr. Tom Berry, pastor of the Bible Baptist Church in Elkton, Maryland, giving good reports of Todd's meetings on the East Coast and in Indiana.

"On Sunday evening, April 9, following his return from the Eastern tour, strange things began to happen around John. For example, he said that as he left the service, before others left the building, two shots were fired at him in the parking lot. No one saw this but John, himself. A half an hour later, while leaving in his car which was driven by another man, a shot heard by a dozen or more of our people was fired. No one saw the shooter, and nothing was hit. There were two or three other similar instances involving shooting or a man seen with a gun. There were some questions in my mind regarding the details of the shooting incidents which have not yet been answered to my satisfaction.

"From that time on, I began to earnestly pray to the Lord to show me whether or not John Todd was genuine and trustworthy. I still trusted John, but at times questions would arise in my mind about him.

"While in Wisconsin on May 23 and 24, speaking at Maranatha Baptist Bible College, I received a call from Mike Griffin, one of our members who has been a member of our church most of the time since he grew up in our church. Mike had been loaned a tape by Todd which he had made of a newscast covering a meeting he conducted in Ventura, California. The tape was not a clean tape, and when the newscast ended, the tape went right into a session during which John Todd was teaching witchcraft to several people. The date of the class was mentioned clearly by John Todd on the tape as March 3, 1976. On April 11, 1978, John had told me that he had gone into a period of backsliding and had actually sold some occult books out of his store in Dayton, Ohio; but he said, 'I never went back into the occult'.

"On the tape of March 3, 1976, John was teaching the people in his class how to cast spells. He was talking to them about the importance of using old herbs because they had more power and then he said, 'One reason witchcraft, I felt, is more powerful than Christianity, is it's got about 8,000 years upon it. It's got billions of people believing in it over that period of time. Christianity is a very new religion.' Discussion arose in the class concerning the gods and goddesses, and one of the people in the class asked John where the gods came from. Todd replied, 'The gods were made by a higher supreme force that's beyond the gods.'

"Then Todd spoke of Diana and said, 'Diana was not a god. She was a witch that progressed the tree of life to the tenth stage and became a god. Any of you sitting here could do it. It takes many, many lifetimes.'

"At the end of the class, he asked two of those in the class who expressed interest in joining a coven to remain afterward to talk with him and Sheila Todd, whom he called by her witch name which was Diana.

"My deacons and I met with John and let him hear excerpts from the original tape he had loaned to Mike Griffin. Upon hearing the excerpts, Todd said that the whole meeting and what he had said was just a sales pitch which he made to those in the class. Todd said that he didn't have the backing of the occult; therefore, the real witches would not patronize his store. He said that the class was conducted in an effort to drum up business. He also said that the class was held during his period of backsliding.

"After hearing the excerpts, Todd, in the meeting with our deacons on May 27, 1978, said, 'That was done in the store and we just did it one time. We called a bunch of people together. We were trying to save the store at that time.'

"Upon checking the original full length tape by Todd made on March 3, 1976, there were several allusions to a previous meeting. Todd said, "Here's when I got started with my new instruments, consecration of atalmay (sic), consecration of book of shadows, consecration of amulets, the one I've got now, midnight, 18th of March, 1975, a year ago, o.k.? In fact you were around living in our apartment at the time when I did it.'

"Todd also said, 'I'm sorry, Phyllis, you weren't here when we last went over it.'

"Again, Todd said, 'I thought we covered it all this last week. But I'll do it for now."

"He also said, "If you didn't get it last week, night winds, you'll hear us talk about the night winds a lot.'

"On Saturday, May 27, which was the day on which my deacons and I faced John Todd, I had just that morning received information from a tape of a message delivered by Todd in Indiana near the first of April, 1978. On that tape Todd said, 'Baptist ministers like Tom Berry, Jack Hyles, Jack Chick and Roland Rasmussen have had to go armed 24 hours a day because of threats. I don't know about Van Impe--but I can speak of personal knowledge of the others.'

"Now, John had tried to persuade me to carry a weapon, but he knew very well that I had not carried a weapon. When I faced him with this on May 27, he admitted that he knew I had not carried a weapon. He said that when he made that statement about my being armed that he was so tired he meant to say one thing and said another.

"Upon recommendation of the deacons, on Sunday evening, May 28, Faith Baptist Church voted unanimously to remove John Todd from our church membership in order to remove our endorsement from his ministry.

"It was my feeling that because of the above falsehoods spoken by John Todd, I could not risk endorsing a man and his message in whom I no longer had confidence. I felt that his false statements rendered suspect everything else he said."(68)

John and Sheila fled to Montana, where they began to put out some very basic newsletters. John had by now become extremely paranoid. In January 1979 Shiela sent out a letter from Florence, Montana, claiming that the Helter Skelter riots had started up just as John Todd had predicted. She urged people to change their money to gold, stock pile Bibles and dehydrated foods.(69) Though Todd has now dropped out of the limelight, his bizarre stories live on in the comic mini tracts of Jack Chick. Chick entirely accepted Todd's outrageous explanations and blames the Illuminati and the Mason's for causing Todd's fall from grace.(70) Chick now refers to Gavin Frost as "the pope of the occult" and to Isaac Bonewits as Frost's "enforcer."

Another "warlock" is Dr. Clifford Alford. Alford's biographical notes in his various publications and web sites are very impressive at first glance. The most detailed example in my possession is "Introducing Dr. Clifford N. Alford, Th.D., D.D., M.H." on Alford's Naturopathic & Shamanic Services, Inc., web site (

"Dr. Clifford N. Alford began his training at five years old, when his Grandmother, a Texas Cherokee Medicine Woman recognized his interest in herbs and the ways of Mother Earth. She taught him an average of two to three months per year for the next fourteen years.

"Clifford volunteered to serve in the United States Army in 1974. At the end of his training, he spent four years with the Regular Army, five and a half years with the U.S. Army Reserves, and three and a half years with the Central Intelligence Agency's Tactical Anti-Terrorist Force, a predecessor of Delta Force. During this time, he proudly served in the U.S. Army Special Forces, the 1st Cavalry Division and the 95th Division Maneuver Training Command as well as TATF.

"Over the next five years, Dr. Alford worked as a Correctional Officer with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and worked with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Today he continues to serve in the area of corrections as the Spiritual Advisor for the Native Americans incarcerated in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, a high maximum security prison.

"Following his time with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Dr. Alford worked as a counselor and ministry director before moving into a more specialized area of counseling victims of occult-related crimes, and training police officers to investigate those crimes. This work took Clifford throughout the United States, Mexico, and to El Salvador, where he lectured on the subject to the National Police, El Salvador's version of the FBI, and assisted in some of their anti-terrorist activities. He returned home to the United States in 1991 to convalesce from injuries resulting in the loss of his gall bladder and five pieces of his small intestines.

"Throughout all of this time, Dr. Alford continued his formal education as well as being mentored for eleven years in the spiritual practices of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee People. During his convalescence, Clifford did independent contract work as a Loss-Control Engineer, and then entered into the full time practice of Cherokee Medicine which involves the living and teaching of all the Cherokee culture.

"Dr. Alford holds classes bi-weekly in his home in Baton Rouge, LA, serves as the Ceremonial Leader for the Dancing Bear Band of the Yunsai Medicine Society, and teaches seminars throughout the United States. Clifford also teaches both Anatomy and Physiology and Herbology twice per year at the Oklahoma School of Natural Healing in Tulsa, OK.

"Dr. Alford's formal education includes an Associate of Arts degree in Sociology with emphasis in Criminology from Rose State College; Diplomas in Ministerial Studies, Bible and Doctrine, Church Ministries with emphasis in Education, Specialized Ministries with emphasis in Education and a teaching certificate from Berean College of the Assemblies of God; a Bachelor's Degree in Ministry, and a Master of Ministry degree from North American Biblical Seminar; a Master of Ministry Degree in Christian Counseling from Christian Bible College; a Doctorate in Bible Knowledge from the United Christian International Bible Institute; a Doctor of Sacred Theology Degree (Th.D.) from International School of Theology, a Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) from the Church and School of Wicca; Master Herbalist Degrees in both the Cherokee and European traditions from Natural Health Alternatives; and a diploma in Biblical Polemics from the Jerusalem Institute of Biblical Polemics.

"Clifford is also credentialed as a Rabbinical Para-professional by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, and has certificates as a Reiki Master in both Usui and Karuna Reiki; is an Eighth Degree Initiate to Astara, is a medicine chief of the Sidda, and is an ordained minister by both the Church of Wicca and the Inner Light Church of God. He is also a member of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and the American Correctional Association."(71)

As you can see, this resume includes quite a number of spiritual paths that are not necessarily compatible with one another. This will become even more apparent later when you compare his current Shamanistic courses with the extremist views found in Alford's police manual on occult crime investigation.

I have been able to confirm that some of the educational qualifications listed by Alford are correct. For example, Alford does have an Associate degree in Sociology from Rose State College. However, some of the qualifications on Alford's list appear to be only partially accurate. For example, you'll note that Alford claims to have obtained a "Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) From the Church and School of Wicca." Gavin and Yvonne Frost's Church and School of Wicca is not a university accredited to award such degrees. Alford states in this resume that he is "an Eighth Degree Initiate to Astara." It is true that Alford joined Astara in June of 1999 and has indeed completed all eight of their degrees. Yet in another biographical page connected to NASS (, Alford claims to be "a Knight of the Ruby Cross with the Astara."(72) . Susan, a spokesperson for Astara, informs me that "At the end of various degrees, it speaks of the bestowing of particular crosses in the higher dimensions. The Ruby Cross symbolizes completion of the Third Degree, and members who attain that are referred to in the Lessons as 'Brothers of the Ruby Cross.' The word 'knight' is not used."(73) Obviously the title of "knight" is one that Alford has added to make his qualifications sound more impressive.

Alford has indeed been involved in "counseling victims of occult-related crimes, and training police officers to investigate those crimes" as he suggests in this resume. This is why I am writing about him here. Alford is the author of an awful 60 page manual entitled Occult Crimes Investigations which I will discuss in a moment. Alford was formerly a member of Vine Life Ministries, Inc, and did lectures about the "Satanic Conspiracy" for them.

(Continued... Click HERE for page 4)


Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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