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Posted: September 16th. 2002

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Warlocks [5]

by Kerr Cuhulain

On page 17 of Alford's manual is a section entitled "Ritualistic Crime in America: Emerging Nightmare." As Alford does not identify the source of this portion, we are left to assume that he authored it. In fact it is a reproduction of an article which appeared in the 1988 Police Fire Investigator's Association (PFIA) Protector newsletter. This article attempts to link fantasy role playing games and heavy metal music with "the occult, witchcraft or Satanism."(92) It calls Pat Pulling (founder of BADD- Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons) "a leading authority on ritualistic crime" (which in my opinion she most certainly is not) and recommends the Parents Music Resource Center (which isn't any better). Alford has even duplicated the diagrams shown in this article. What the article does not tell you is that the diagrams in it, which Alford has faithfully reproduced in his duplication, come from the Necronomicon. What both Alford and the PFIA both missed is that the Necronomicon is a well known hoax created by fantasy author H. P. Lovecraft.

Following this plagiarized PFIA article is a section entitled "Various Known or Suspected Occult Groups in Oklahoma." This is a very curious list, which once again demonstrates Alford's hopelessly inadequate knowledge of this subject. It reads as follows:

"Overall control: The Brotherhood

"1. Oklahoma City Area

"a) The Cure- Putnam City, OKC, Bethany, Edmond

"b) The Flats- Lake Overholster

"c) Children of the Earthmother- Bethany

"d) Urancha [sic]- Quail Springs, The Greens

"e) WASP (We Are Satan's People)- Statewide

"f) Crystal Death (Voodoo)- Mustang

"g) Ninja/Way of Shinobi- Edmond, Bethany, Norman

"h) The Universal Light Center

"i) The Temple of Isis- Spencer

"j) The Rosicrucians (AMORC)

"k) The Purple Church- Spencer

"l) WICCA (various covens)/Santeria- Yukon

"2. Norman Area

"a) WASP

"b) The Cure

"c) Urancha (sic)

"d) Children of the Earthmother

"e) The School of Metaphysics


"g) Sparrowhawk- Tecumseh

"3. Purcell/Sulphur/Stratford

"a) The Way of Shinobi (Ninjas)

"b) Dungeons and Dragons groups

"c) Various Satanist splinter groups

"4. Yukon

"a) Santeria

"b) Dungeons and Dragons (Satanism)"(93)

Alford has made the following errors:

  • "The Brotherhood" is obviously borrowed from Warnke's book The Satan Seller. The real "Brotherhood" is in fact a white supremacist organization within US prisons that has nothing to do with any of the groups that he has listed. They are not Satanic or occult in any way.
  • The Rosicrucians (AMORC), based in San Jose, California, are a well known spiritual group that has nothing to do with Satanism.
  • "Urancha" is a misspelling of "Urantia." Urantia is an organization founded in 1934 by Bill Sadler. It has major offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Santa Barbara, California. This is another New Age group with no Satanic involvement.
  • Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy role playing game, not a Satanic religious sect.
  • Ninja (Ninjutsu) is a Japanese martial art, not a Satanic religious sect.
  • Even if we assume that the "WICCA" that Alford is referring to in 1(l) above is the religion and not the fictitious organization which is the subject of the W.I.C.C.A. Letters," there is no connection between Wicca and the Afro-Carribean religion Santeria.
  • Children of the Earth Mother is a local Wiccan group which Alford has corresponded with. More on this later.

I could go on with more examples, but I'm sure that you can see the point. Alford doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. But it gets even better. The next list in this manual is even more bizarre:




1. Narcotics Rebellion New Age Movement
2. Prostitution Deviant Sex Splinter Occult Groups
3. Pornography Ritual Rape & Child Abuse Eastern Religions
4. Slavery Torture & Mutilation Shamanistic Cults
5. Kidnaping Control Systems Heavy Metal Cults
6. Murder Illegal Disposal of Corpses Infiltration Church
7. Extortion Lust for Violence/Murder Christian/Pagan Mix
8. Snuff Films Destruction of the Family Anti-Semitism
9. Protection Desecration of Churches Racial Groups
10. Terrorism Drug Addiction Communism
11. Movies/Videos Anarchy/Lack of Discipline Legal Aid/Lobbyists
12. Smut Books Breakdown/Traditional Values Brainwashing
13. Rock & Roll Demon Possession/ Destruction of Lives One World Government

New World Order (CFR, TLC, Bilderburgs)

"NOTE: All of these are inter-related; this list is not all inclusive."(94)

Lets see if I've got this straight: According to Alford's chart demons cause organized crime. It also appears that snuff films are a result of anti-Semitism. It looks like we can blame the communists for terrorism and drug addiction. Protection by organized crime causes desecration of churches by racial groups. Extortion is caused by the lust and violence of a mixture of Christianity and Paganism. If this list is confusing to you, welcome to the club. It doesn't come much stranger than this.

The next two and a half pages of Alford's manual have a listing of various different fantasy role playing games. This is followed by five pages of tattoos found on "suspected satanists by police during investigations."(95) Apart from the fact that these symbols are probably unique and not to be seen anywhere else, Alford includes some rather odd tattoos. For example: Alford lists four symbols beside which he states: "This symbol at this time has no meaning to satanic rituals." One of these symbols is simply the number "1863." Why did Alford waste his time including these symbols if they have nothing to do with what he is trying to prove? One symbol is of a heart shape with a cobweb design in it, surrounded by the words "Sacred Hearts- Order #99." Alford's interpretation of this is: "The webbed heart, although has no meaning [sic] in itself, possibly is a logo for the Sacred Hearts Order #99."(96) What a brilliant deduction!

Alford's manual next includes a list entitled "Identifiers of Occult Relations." It lists "Symbols: Pentigrams [sic], Satanic Alphabet Writings, Black Mass Indicators, Trail Markers, Other Symbols,"(97) a list of human anatomical parts, and another list of tattoos, most of which have nothing to do with anything occult. The same list declares that the Pit Bull is the "Official Satanism Dog," the same as some other equally inaccurate "occult crime" manuals that I have examined over the years. Next we find some listings of "Colors Significant to Satanism/Witchcraft"(98) and "Sabbats or Celebrations."(99) This is followed by two pages of "Satanism Facts" that is anything but factual and is so bizarre that I'm not going to waste your time by repeating it here. It is your standard classical Black Mass stuff.

Next we find an article, which I believe came from the Christian Moody Monthly magazine, entitled "Satan's Outrageous Offensive." The author is only identified as "M.U.", whom I believe to be Merrill Unger, who is associated to Moody Monthly. This is followed by an article by Paul Harvey that is so poorly reproduced as to be unreadable, followed by an article from Moody Monthly by Jeff Lilley, "Dabbling In Danger," which describes the work of Dave Hart of Menconi Ministries, a Satanic Conspiracy theory supporter.

Next we find a page long transcript of comments made by Officer Mitch White in a video presentation by Peter Michas of National Information Network, one of the disseminators of the W.I.C.C.A. Letters myth (whom we will discuss later in this series). White makes comments such as:

"We have found cases possibly leading to human sacrifices. We have found two places around Bomount [sic] where occult activity and meetings are being held. I believe that 95% of all the missing children today are going to be occult related. I have had many "punk rockers" attack me just because I am a cop to prove how cool they are. This activity must be stopped. Listen to these men dealing with rock music and occult awareness. It has become a major issue and must be dealt with."(100)

The statistics of the National Child Safety Council and the Canadian Solicitor General have proved White wrong. I would also would like to point out that the majority of punk rockers that are violent are associated with white supremacist Christian cults, not the occult. Groups such as White Aryan Nations are branches of identity churches, in this case the Church of Jesus Christ Christian, not occult groups.

Next we find two more pages of lists of symbols. One lists symbols and interpretations such as:

  • "Bat Wings: The symbol for darkness and witchcraft."(101)

NOTE: Only in manuals like this.

  • "Goat Head: The symbol for death and is associated with Tammuz."(102)

NOTE: Tammuz was an Assyro-Babylonian vegetation and fertility God who appears as the lover of Ishtar in the Epic of Gilgamesh. There is no mention of goats in any myth associated to him. The animal associated to him is the boar.

  • "Other symbols to look for are: All-seeing eye, Jackal Heads, Raven or Birds, Greek Letters, Eastern Religion Symbols, Magicians, Wheel of Fortune, Zodiac Signs, Tau Cross,.. .and any other signs used by witches or occultists."(103)

NOTE: Note the catch all phrase at the end: "... any other signs used." What exactly does Alford mean by the phrase "Eastern Religion Symbols"? What exactly is a "Wheel of Fortune"? A Tarot card? A game show? Why does Alford consider the Greek alphabet Satanic? The Biblical texts that the translators of the King James Bible used were written in Greek. Does this mean that the King James Bible is Satanic?

The list that follows this one in Alford's manual is a list of "Masses and Rituals"(104) like "Initiation... Gnostic... Mass of Angels... Mass for Dead [sic]... Black Mass". What initiation? The "Mass for [the] Dead" is a Catholic Mass, not a Satanic one. What is a "Mass of Angels?" A gaggle of angels flying in formation or a ritual? None of this is Satanic or Wiccan.

There is more: Next in Alford's manual we find another list of "Signs and Symbols of Occult/Devil Worship." This includes the "ZOSO" symbol with the interpretation: "Demon: 3 headed dog that guards gates to hell." The three headed dog that guarded Hades in Greek mythology was Cerberus, not Zoso. This same list depicts the Star of David (hexagram), Pentagram and swastika as exclusively Satanic symbols, which they are not.

The next page is an elaborate but crudely drawn diagram purporting to be a "Basic Conjurer's Circle". The source of this diagram is not listed, so we presume that it is Alford's work. It is a circle of the Ceremonial Magic variety and is stuffed full of various symbols and squiggles. The next page is an equally crude diagram entitled "Inscription for Atheme [sic] Blade". This "Atheme" has a number of unrecognizable symbols on it. Under the diagram is the following even cruder remark printed by hand: "The Atheme Blade is used in all Rights [sic] even more so than Sword because of its versitility [sic]. Most rituals and if any sacrifices will occur close to full moon but not after [sic]. Basically because the belief is Good energy is in the days before [sic]. Negative Energy and rites are done afterwards." The next page is a hand drawn "Seal of Solomon." Next is a page with a hand drawn circle labeled "Satanic Circle" which appears to be a fairly standard ceremonial magic circle into which the artist has inserted a crudely drawn inverted pentagram and goats head and a few Satanic sounding words like "Beeazlebub [sic]", "Baal" and "Lucifuge" and some not so Satanic sounding ones like "Amy" and "Elei.. The next page is a copy of the bogus diagrams from the Necronomicon borrowed by Alford from the PFIA report mentioned earlier. The final two pages depict some crudely drawn symbols, like a 5 armed figure labeled "Celtic Cross." It most certainly is not, since a Celtic cross has four arms like a crucifix, the difference being that they are all of equal length. The final page lists a cryptic alphabet which Alford has not bothered to name and which I have never seen previously.

Time for some trivia: The name Elei does not appear in any of the grimoires that I have examined over the years. Neither does any spirit with the name "Beeazlebub." Obviously Alford is referring to Beelzebub here. Known variations of this name include: Beelzebuth, Belzebuth, Beelzeboul, Baalzebub, Belzebut, Belzeboub and Belzebud, but not Beeazlebub. This Latin name is derived from the Hebrew term "Baalzebub" and means "lord of flies" ("Baal", meaning "lord" + "zebub" ("ZBVB"), meaning a fly or insect). Originally a Syrian God, Beelzebub appears in the New Testament of the Bible, examples being Mathew 10:25, 12:24 ("But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils"), and Mark 3:22 ("And the scribes which came down from Jerusalem said, He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince of the devils casteth he out devils"). Groups such as the Essenes created personifications of evil such as Beelzebub to denounce their opponents, claiming that their opponents had been seduced by these personifications of evil.

In Milton's Paradise Lost, Beelzebub was Satan's chief lieutenant among the fallen angels. In the Grimorium Verum Beelzebub is called the prince of spirits. According to Eliphas Levi, Beelzebub was the leader of the Chaigidel. Beelzebub was described as the supreme chieftain of demons in Alexis De Terreneuve de Thym's autobiography Farfadets, Ou Tous Le Demons Ne Sont Pas L'autre Monde. Beelzebub was the leader of the "false gods" in Barret's The Magus. Beelzebub is one of the Infernal names listed in Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible, as well as a name used in the performance of a Black Mass in LaVey's The Satanic Rituals. Beelzebub is an archdaimon who is Satan's second in command, who makes one of the "Statements" in the Diabolicon. Beelzebub is a prince of the demonic order of Seraphim listed by Michaelis in his Admirable History. He is also a demon of gluttony listed by Binsfield.

Baal was a pre-Biblical Phoenician vegetation and storm God whose name translates as "lord". Baal is mentioned many times in the Old Testament, an example being Judges 2:13: "And they forsook the Lord, and served Baal and Ashtaroth". In some places in the Bible Baal has become a demon. In other instances the Bible uses the name Baal simply as a synonym for "Lord", as in the name Baal zebub ("Lord of the Flies"). In The Zohar, Baal is cognate with the angel Raphael. In the Grand Grimoire, Baal is a subordinate of Lucifuge Rocofale. In his Pseudo-Monarchia, Wierus lists Baal as the Commander in Chief of the armies of Beelzebuth. He is described as having three heads: toad, cat and man. In Levi's Transcendental Magic, Baal is the leader of the Harab-Serapel. Baal is a demon mentioned by Grillot De Givry in his Witchcraft, Magic and Alchemy. In the Dictionaire Infernal, Baal is listed as a demon.

"Amy" is the fifty eighth spirit of the Lemegeton, described as a great president who appears as a flaming fire. Amy has the power to impart knowledge of astrology and liberal sciences, the power to locate treasures hidden by spirits and the power to assign good familiars. He commands 36 legions of spirits. "Lucifuge" is a name meaning "fly from the light" or "shun the light" (Latin: "lucis" ("light") + "fugio" ("to fly from")). This name first appeared in the Grand Grimoire as "Lucifuge Rocofale", who is named as a subordinate of Lucifer and the prime minister of spirits. Lucifuge Rocofale has influence over wealth and treasures. His subordinates are Baal, Agares and Marbas. Eliphas Levi later listed Lucifuge as the leader of the Satariel. Grillot De Givry lists Lucifuge as the Prime Minister of Demons in Witchcraft, Magic and Alchemy.

Why am I listing all of these obscure facts about Baal et al? Because obviously they all appear in grimoires of Ceremonial Magick or Satanism, not in Wiccan practice.

Alford has not just written bizarre manuals to indoctrinate law enforcement officers in his beliefs in the Satanic conspiracy. He also actively tried to recruit Wiccans into his organization through a group which he created called Wicca Outreach. For example: Children of the Earth Mother, whom I mentioned earlier, received the following letter from Alford dated June 27, 1988:

"Dear friends in the Craft:

"Greetings in the name of the Goddess!

"While I hope that you and I will soon not only be 'friends' but family I am writing this letter with the hope that you will understand my need for a degree of secrecy as I make my living from the Christian community even though I am a Celtic Witch. That has been necessary for survival, but I hope to use that to our mutual benefit in the near future in a way which I have done to a lesser extent in the past. I'll explain that later.

"Let me begin by telling you a bit about myself: The facts are that I am 33 year of age [sic], was born in March 3, 1955, am 6'3" tall, and weigh 196 pounds. I have dark blonde hair which is balding rapidly, blue eye [sic], a fair complexion, and an excellent mind. Educationally, I have studied and occasionally practised [sic] Witchcraft since I was seven. I don't claim to know a lot, I need some guidance sorting out exactly what I do know but considered Yvonne Frost's basic course to be quite simple. In the 'normal' sense of education in our land I have a high school diploma, an Associate of Arts degree in Sociology, Bible College diploma in Ministerial Studies, Bible & Doctrine, Church-Ministries/Christian Education, and Specialized Ministries, a bachelor's degree in Ministry, two Master of Ministry degrees (Pastoral Ministry and Christian Education), and an earned Doctor of Bible Knowledge degree. I earned most of this during four years in a federal prison, where I had plenty of time to study, and by using skills and techniques learned from Wicca. Survival forces me to be a professional Christian at this time, but I AM a practising witch [emphasis in original]. I have a wife and two children, who are Christians like all of my extended family, hence the need for secrecy on my part. If the truth were known then my own blood relatives, though of Celtic ancestry, would try to kill me, and I would lose all further opportunity to educate my wife and children in the truth of Wicca. It is my hope that they too will serve the Goddess someday. They are an integral part of who I am so please respect my need for secrecy, but please do contact me [emphasis in original]. I want to learn and grow as a witch, but I can't do it alone any longer. I need to be with others who are like myself.

"While I was in prison I met a former Wicca flamen who was under attack by the Christians. As I was one of their leaders that stopped when I befriended him. I then began teaching the Christians Wiccan truth using the Christian Bible, and I exhorted them to begin showing love to him rather than trying to start a local inquisition. Out of that came the idea for 'Wicca Outreach,' a 'Christian' ministry which will provide a safe cover for others like me who need a public reason for being involved with other witches. If it works as well as it did in prison then it will also lead many Christians into Wicca. So when you contact me please do so by either telephoning me directly at (405) 636-0179 or by writing to me at the following address: Dr Clifford Alford c/o Wicca Outreach, 105 SE 46th St, Oklahoma City, OK, 73129. Since I approaching you [sic] it behooves me to give you a measure of trust. This letter, in the wrong hands, could destroy my whole life. However, there is one further step I'm willing to take. That is to share with you the first part of my true name. It is Corum. Please guard it well.

"I hope to hear from you soon. Georgia, from "The Four Winds", says that you are good people. She may be able to tell you more about me that may be of use to you.

"Blessed Be, Clifford Alford"(105)

There are a whole lot of obvious warning signs here. If Alford has so many degrees, you'd expect his grammar and spelling to be better than this. If Alford is Wiccan, what is he doing as a minister in a fundamentalist Christian church? Why does Alford capitalize "Christian" but not "witch" if he is so respectful of Wiccan spirituality? If Alford was a Wiccan first and foremost, why did he spend so much time studying fundamentalist Christianity? Why is Alford married to a Christian and why are his children Christian if he is a Wiccan? Why is Alford trying to convince this group that they should be engaging in the very un-Wiccan activity of proselytizing Christians with an organization with the very un-Pagan sounding name Wicca Outreach? This sounds more like an organization designed to proselytize to Wiccans. How can you teach "Wiccan truth" to Christians using a Bible? How could Alford have been a Wiccan from age 7 if his entire family would have killed him for this? Who could have taught him? It is pretty obvious that Alford is making an inept attempt to ingratiate himself to Children of the Earth Mother for his own purposes. Alford finally admits his fundamentalist Christian ties in a brief note to Children of the Earth mother a few days later:

"Dear Friends,

"I'm now working with 'Vine Life Ministries', and can be reached there during the week days or later on Thursday. Please call me soon.

"Blessed Be, Cliff".(106)

When Alford doesn't get the response that he hoped for he starts to get frustrated with them and sends the following letter:

"Greetings Children:

"If I have you folks pegged right then the Sandy I spoke with is Sandy Chamberlain, and the man is Jim Chamberlain. You own J&B Liquor store in Bethany, OK, and you live in some apartments just off of Council Road called "The Woods". If I'm wrong then so what? At least I've identified two people who claim to be a part of the "Children of the Earth Mother'.

"At any rate, I think its time we stop playing games. Do be so kind as to call again. Your last call was most informative and interesting.

By the way, Georgia turned me on to an excellent book by Stewart Ferrar [sic]. The book you recommended Sandy, is currently out of print and unavailable, but Georgia says that it will soon be available again.

"I do hope that I hear from you folks again real soon. If I don't then I may have to give you some Frost style competition since I currently know no other way.

"Blessed Be, Corum".(107)

(Continued... Click HERE for page 6)


Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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