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Posted: December 16th. 2002

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Police Who Believe [3]

by Kerr Cuhulain

Eisenbraun, Hill and the Pennsyvlania BCI

Another police officer who has travelled about lecturing on the topic of Satanic crime is Detective Frank Eisenbraun of the Rapid City (South Dakota) Police Department. Eisenbraun is the Rapid City Police Department liaison officer for the Rapid City junior high schools. Eisenbraun is on the board of elders at Peace Lutheran Church in Rapid City. Eisenbraun is also on the board of directors for Rapid City Cops for Christ. He is the director of Occult Awareness Outreach Ministry in Rapid City. Eisenbraun's work has been reported by two South Dakota TV stations.

Eisenbraun claims to be an expert in Satanic/Occult related crime. He claims to get his intelligence on Satanism from notes intercepted by teachers during classes and from interviews with juveniles claiming to be Satanists. In the past his informants included:
  • A 13 year old girl who calls herself "Blood Child." Blood Child claims that there are 813 practising Satanists in Rapid City. This girl claims that they've sacrificed family members, dogs and cats. She says that her group, led by a "warlock" named Troy, are going to run away to Los Angeles on bicycles (which shows you how naive this informant is: That's half way across the US). You'd expect that if any of this information was verifiable, we would have seen a few major homicide investigations and numerous charges in South Dakota. But Eisenbraun makes no indication that anything of the sort has occurred, strongly suggesting that the "disclosures" of this teenager have no substance.
  • A friend who works in a video store who tells Eisenbraun what people who look like Satanists that come into his store are renting. This is obviously a judgement call on the part of the clerk who is assessing people by their appearance. Presumably this video store clerk is telling Eisenbraun who is renting things like horror movies, something that many Christians watch. I'm sure this store isn't renting Satanic training films.

But most of Eisenbraun's information seems to have come from a person that Eisenbraun repeatedly refers to as a "Satanic High Priest." Eisenbraun later describes this individual as follows: 17 years old, spiked hair, white pancake makeup, heavy eye liner, bright lipstick, spiked dog collar, knee high black leather boots with silver plates on them and all sorts of "Satanic" jewellery. This supposedly "secretive" underworld Satanic leader met weekly with Eisenbraun in broad daylight in a Rapid City coffee shop. You wouldn't need a police officer's experience with informants to know that Eisenbraun is being had in this case. I only hope that his department isn't paying for this informant's "intelligence."

Eisenbraun gave a seminar at the Kirkwood Motor Inn in Bismarck, North Dakota, on May 20, 1989, sponsored the Pierre Rural Area Health Education Center (AHEC). AHEC is a project sponsored by the University of South Dakota School of Medicine. .5 continuing education units (CEU or degree credits) were awarded to those paying the $3 fee on top of the $30 registration fee, indicating that AHEC considered Eisenbraun's information to be accurate and valuable.

Approximately 100 people were in attendance. A show of hands solicited by Eisenbraun indicated that 10 of these were law enforcement officers. The only take home material offered was a list of Satanic symbols borrowed from the works of self appointed expert Dale Griffis, a retired police Captain from Ohio (who we will discuss later in this article). On a blackboard in the back Eisenbraun had listed the addresses for the video America's Best Kept Secret by the Calvary Chapel of West Covina, whom I discussed at length earlier in this series and Rising to the Challenge by the Parents Music Resource Center. Both of these movies were shown during the seminar.

A female social worker in her fifties was handing out photocopies of the flyer featuring the classic urban legend that the Proctor and Gamble company are Satanists at Eisenbraun's seminar. Obviously the myth still persists in Fundamentalist Christian circles and Eisenbraun seems to support it.

The introduction was given by Jack Kolbo, AHEC area director. Kolbo stated that since February he had received numerous requests for this kind of seminar due to interest generated by television shows such as Geraldo Rivera's. Kolbo stated that "occult activity always leads to criminal activity," which is utterly ridiculous.

Eisenbraun started by stating that he was not there as a Rapid City police officer, but was there on his own time. This is a very clear indication that he has been told by his department that they do not support what he is doing here. This impression is reinforced by the very next thing that he said: "If you don't like what I have to say, don't write to my chief and try to get me fired." Eisenbraun stated that he was not a "Bible thumper." The contents of his lecture contradict this statement. The following are examples of his "Bible thumping":
  • "Satan is pushing this lie."
  • "This is contrary to Christian teaching."
  • "Christianity is the source of all power."
  • "Deuteronomy says don't mess around with that."
  • "In Deuteronomy Christians know not to associate with fortune tellers, witches, astrologers, and the occult."
  • "This is not fiction! The spirits do come! This is what Leviticus has to say..."
  • "Reincarnation ideas started as a transmigration of souls and is really ancient Baal worship."
  • "[Led Zepplin] holds meetings with witches all the time. That's the reason for all the deaths in rock and roll."
  • "After all, we don't like it when our religion is attacked."
  • "Don't get involved in researching the occult unless your own values are firmly established or you'll get wrapped up in their weird theology."

At one point Eisenbraun was telling the audience what a great dad he was to his 3 year old daughter and said that he "beat her." He then quickly corrected himself, saying that he meant to say "read to her." Freudian slip?

The following points were taught by Eisenbraun at his seminar:
  • Common toys and cartoons are Satanic and leading to Satanic activity.
  • Rock and Roll music causes Satanism.
  • Satanism is equated with Wicca.
  • Eisenbraun stated that just about all of the people who rent videos depicting murder, guts, blood and gore are Satanists looking for tips for their own rituals (presumably this is from his video store friend).
  • Eisenbraun does not believe that peer pressure has anything to do with teenagers dabbling in Satanism.
  • Eisenbraun's history of Satanism was right out of Jack Chick's "The Force" comic book that I debunked earlier in this series.
  • Eisenbraun claims that Satanists cremate their sacrificial victims in 55 gallon oil drums. This is an impossibility- any forensic expert will tell you that a fire of this sort isn't hot enough to destroy bones.
  • Eisenbraun kept changing his story about where his display materials came from. Originally Eisenbraun said that it all came from one 13 year old (his informant?). Then said that he'd bought the jewellery in a store. Later he changed his story again and said that it had been confiscated by the parents of several teens.
  • Eisenbraun displayed a copy of Larry Jones "File 18" newsletter and called it "good accurate information." He put the address of Larry Jones' Cult Crime Impact Network Inc. up on the board for everyone's information. I discussed Jones earlier in this series.

The question/answer period scheduled for the end of this seminar was abruptly cancelled at the last minute. Eisenbraun knew that there were representatives from Pagan religions groups in the audience and there is a very good possibility that he and the organizers believed that these Pagans would ask Eisenbraun embarrassing questions and so cancelled the question period to avoid having to face them. The old "don't confuse me with facts" approach.

Val Farmer, a clinical psychologist in Rapid City, did an article in the Bismarck Farmer's Forum dated April 28, 1989 which praised Eisenbraun's seminar in glowing terms and gave a brief run down on the lecture. Farmer was subsequently contacted by me and introduced to Rick Johnson, a Air Force Reserve Lieutenant who ran a Wiccan group called Desert Henge in Arizona. In this way Val Farmer, a Mormon, discovered something about Eisenbraun that he wasn't aware of: Eisenbraun, like many Fundamentalist Christians, is also anti-Mormon. As a result of Farmer's meeting with Johnson he did another article retracting his earlier comments and making some intelligent comments about the Wiccan faith.

Another police "expert" on Satanism is Detective Sergeant Graig Hill of the Leawood (Kansas) Police Department. Hill is the founder of the Lost Child Network. The membership of the Lost Child Network appears to consist of police officers who, like Hill, have bought into the Satanic conspiracy myth.

Craig Hill was a member of the Kansas City Satanic Cult-Ritual Abuse Task Force. Hill wrote a handbook Introduction to Satanism, which is part of a presentation that he gave April 12-13, 1989, in Joplin, Missouri, entitled "Satanism and the Occult: A Mental Health Perspective." It was sponsored by the University of Kansas Medical Center in Chanute, Kansas, and the St John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri. 15 continuing education credit hours were offered to physicians and registered nurses attending this course and 14 hours to social workers and counsellors. The other speakers at this two day workshop were: Dr. John Henry Wisner, Jr, MD (Assistant professor of psychiatry, University of Kansas Medical Center, director of in patient psychiatry at Veterans Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri, who is also an ordained priest and director of pastoral counselling, archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas), Dr. Carl Middleton (Vice President of Corporate Ethics at Catholic Healthcare Corporation in Omaha, Nebraska), Rosalle Springer, LMSW (Director of social services, Coffeyville Memorial Hospital, Coffeyville, Kansas), and Delores M Vulgamore, RN, BA(psych) (Director of the University of Kansas Medical Center Area Health Education Center (AHEC)).

Hill's manual starts off fairly reasonably, having little to take issue with, the material in question conforming with many legitimate materials available on this subject.

The next section, "Role of Ritual Abuse in the Cult", describes the sort of abuse described in Pazder's Michelle Remembers. You'll note that Pazder, like Hill and some of the other lecturers, is Catholic. This section alternates the words "cult" and "Satanism" as if they were interchangeable. It gives the impression that generational Satanic abuse and baby breeding for sacrificial purposes is widespread. It describes what Hill believes to be common types of cult abuse and torture, including solitary confinement, sexual torture, physical deprivation, forced participation in torture/murder, psychiatric abuse, varied emotional abuse and/or mutilation, drug abuse, brainwashing, near death experiences, forced cannibalism or eating of excrement/urine, cognitive confusion, and simulated birthing of monstrosities. This list is entirely based on the unsubstantiated disclosures of alleged survivors. One by one these "survivors" have been proven to be frauds, yet people like Hill are taking their stories and turning them into lists of atrocities that people later incorporate into their imagined stories of abuse. People like Hill are making lists of symptoms based on these fantasies. It is hardly surprising that lists based on such nonsense sound familiar to the tales of the survivors.

Hill's manual also lists "Religious/Spiritual Abuse," which Hill states "is always targeted against any future acceptance of Christianity (even though many cult families masquerade as active Christians), always emphasizing control of child by Satan and his demons (sic)." Hill describes the following activities, which he says take place in "real or staged Christian churches:
  • Children "raped with symbolic Christian objects."
  • "...insertion of eyeballs into the vagina or rectum symbolize that demons are inside the child always watching."
  • Numerous curses including a curse of silence (if they tell anyone of the cult they die).

Again, there isn't a single proven case of such hideous stuff ever having happened. You'll note that the focus in Hill's manual is gradually shifting here to accusations that there is an organized attack on the Christian church. The Satanic Conspiracy Myth again.

(Continued... Click HERE for page II)


Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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