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Posted: January 1st. 2001

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Pagan Music - Press Releases for 2001

by Pagan Communities

PRESS RELEASE 10/31/2001:
Dana Davis Releases "WYRD: Cosmic Radio"

Dear Friends,

For the past couple of years I have been rearranging my life, coming to the place of what will be next. I am traveling from studio to studio (been from Los Angeles, CA to Hartford, CT so far!) recording where time and inspiration are offered. This five song sampler of the work in progress is to let all of you in on my direction.

Four producer/engineers were involved in this portion of the record. I like to think of my producers as foster parents to my songkids.

Here's who's on the sampler:
    Soak in I: Barry Coffing, Grammy award winning songwriter and producer who also led a top 40 band I was in for the first years out of high school.
    Walter's Bird: Eric Leikham, disc jockey, writer, singer and producer.
    Medusa: Rick Del Castillo, my partner in Butterfly Tree, a world class writer, guitarist, producer, and singer(and check it out, he's playing drums on Walter's Bird!)
    Rope" & "ClichŽ: Trickster, captain of mayhem, and leader of Loke E. Coyote's Wiccabilly Circus, songwriter, punster, and theremin master. (also note that Tabber Millard is on drums for two cuts, and all of you will finally get to hear Mike Sutphin play lead guitar)
A lot of love has gone into this project, and will continue until WYRD has been fully realized.

You are helping by ordering a sampler ep, and know I will be working non-stop to make the upcoming release "WYRD : COSMIC RADIO" the best and most entertaining record I have ever done. There will only be 100 of these ep's manufactured, and each is hand numbered in the little green heart on the back. These are the first five hot off the press and they are autographed. These are available on ebay thru madame*magpie OR, search for... Madame*Magpie, WYRD, Dana Davis

After the initial five are sold thru mz magpie, and after autumn meet in Florida, where I have the great pleasure of sharing the stage with DreamTryBe, I will be taking online orders for the sampler here at yahoo.

Peace and Blessings,
Dana Davis

Web: Dana Davis Homepage

Photo Credit: Image of Dana Davis (with Wren) was captured by Fritz Jung on 6/1/1999 at the PhoenixPhyre Festival in Land of Lakes, Florida

PRESS RELEASE 10/8/2001:
Wendy Rule does Harvest Tour in New England

This Week Wendy Rule is returning to America to perform a few shows on the East Coast. She just emailed us with the following information. For the latest details feel free to hit her website ( or check the WitchVox Events pages for your area for the FULL event details.
  • Friday 12th of October: The Baggot Inn, 82 West 3rd St, New York City, 7.00 pm
  • Friday 26th of October: Salem's Old Town Hall, Salem, Between Essex and Front Streets, 8.00 pm, for bookings etc contact
  • Sunday 4th of November House concert in New Haven Connecticut, 4.00 pm, For details contact Meredith Tarr
  • Saturday 20th of October: I'll also be performing a concert in a lovely Universalist Church in Amherst in western Massachusetts, organised by Diedre and Andras from Earth Spirit. Details will be on my website ASAP (
"This is only a very little tour, mainly to catch up with some of the wonderful friends I made on my last trip. Next year's tour (around August) will be much more comprehensive. I'll perform again in Orlando, and will hopefully get a chance to meet both you and Fritz".

Blessings of peace and love
Wendy Rule

PRESS RELEASE 10/8/2001:
Loke E. Coyote releases Pagan rock opera Druid Four Winds

Loke E. Coyote's Wiccabilly Circus is happy to announce the completion of the Pagan rock opera Druid Four Winds. This 2 CD set includes 26 songs which tell a tale of men and women, gods and goddesses, and of birth, life, death and rebirth, a story of love and hate, trust and betrayal, freedom and responsibility. This is serious stuff, nothing like what you might expect from Loke E. Coyote. Band spokesman Trickster had this to say: "I'm glad this project is finished! Now I can get back to recording goofy Pagan party tunes!"

Druid Four Winds was created with the help of some of the Pagan community's finest musicians. The lead part of Flower is sung by Dana Davis, formerly of Velvet Hammer, Butterfly Tree and an awesome solo performer. Dana's incredible vocal and emotional ranges make the rock opera come alive. Trickster sings the lead part of Stag and plays everything from guitar, keyboards and harmonica to theremin, slide whistle and digereedoo. Also performing are Lynda Millard, Ginger Doss and Tabber Millard of Dreamtrybe, the Joes and Beltana of SONA, Sun and Fruitcake of Cherries-n-Silk/Woven Dreams, Charley Stacey of Gypsyfire, Starwind of The Raft, Thomas "Doc" Grauzer, Jammin Sam and Gretchen McMahon. Each of these talented musicians added their own style and vision to the mix, and the result is much more than the sum of it's parts.

Wiccabilly Circus will be presenting a karaoke stage performance of Druid Four Winds for the very first time at the Council of Magickal Arts Samhain gathering. We'll be recording at this sold out members only event and hope to have some Pagan music videos available soon. Future plans also include a road show in the spring featuring a performance of the rock opera, Pagan standup and sketch comedy, storytelling, poetry, fire twirling, and of course lots of music.

The Druid Four Winds disks are enhanced CD's which include full lyrics, links to musician web sites and several bonus tracks. This 2 CD set, and all other Wiccabilly releases, are available thru the Loke E. Coyote website at and you can listen to the band at Loke E. Coyote is a proud member of the International Online Pagan Artist Network. You can hear lots of great Pagan music on the IOPAN site at

PRESS RELEASE 10/8/2001:
Gateway to Faerie!

It is with great excitement that we announce the release of Gateway to Faerie, our second CD on the American Entertainment Productions label. This 55-minute full digital recording contains 12 songs featuring the band's signature tight vocal harmonies and powerful drumming. Gateway is a trip through the Gateway to Faerie, a place beyond the boundary that divides Then from Forever.

As in earlier recordings, Gateway mixes Rock, Folk, African rhythms and Celtic tunes with original melodies, adding the tribal sounds of didgeridoo on two tracks. Described as a deeper exploration of spirit and self than The Dragon, Gateway takes you on a seamless journey through the looking glass and back again, moving from the quick pace of Awakening to the hypnotic sounds of Dreamtime.

The Dragon and Gateway to Faerie are available at

CD Release Party!: Mark your calendars! Our CD release party, featuring the songs of The Dragon and Gateway will be two nights; Friday, November 16 and Saturday November 17 in the theater of the Westport Coffee House in Kansas City, Missouri. Ticket information and other details will be available soon, and we hope to sell tickets from the Merchandise section of our website. We'll be filming Saturday for an upcoming television commercial and video. Stay tuned.

Band Member Update: Nerethel has recently updated the website to feature Gateway graphics. Be sure to reload our site so you can see our "Elf Glamor Shots." Avatar is busy planning and storyboarding the commercial and video for our November party. In addition to her promotional work, Devan spends her time chasing nearly 10-month-old Elenkaia, whose updated pictures have just been added to our site. Kaia is merely days from walking, so Devan appreciates your good wishes and energy. Dragontina, ever elusive, has been in the process of househunting. If you'd like to send energy that she finds the just the right one, please feel free.

"We believe in faeries!"

PRESS RELEASE 10/8/2001:
An Evening with Gaia Consort October 13th, 2001

Just in time for Samhain, (Halloween) Suddenly Naked Arts Collective is proud to present An Evening with Gaia Consort, Saturday, October 13th 2001, 8pm, at the Museum of History and Industry, Seattle. The concert celebrates the release of Gaia Consort's new CD, Secret Voices,

Gaia Consort is a duo; Christopher Bingham; guitar and vocals and Sue Tinney, vocals, backed by the incredible rhythm section of Dan Ochipinti (drums) Dan Mohler (bass) and Jay Kenny (keyboards). Soloists include Mathew Weiss; violin (Trio Con Brio) Heather Alexander; violin, James Lowe; flute and Craig Olson on electric guitar.

Gaia Consort makes music that celebrates the living earth - Pagans, Gaians, greens, Freethinkers, cultural creatives, all relate to Gaia Consort's upbeat wizardry.

Tickets for the concert are $20.00 in advance and $24.00 at the door, and are available at, Sweet Spirit Candles in Renton, and Travelers Shop on Capitol Hill.

Secret Voices is Gaia Consort's second release. Their first release Gaia Circles, received enthusiastic critical acclaim, from nationally distributed magazines such as Green Egg, Sagewoman and Circle.

Gaia Consort is an unusual band, eschewing the traditional venues of clubs and coffeehouses, preferring to build their audience at house concerts, festivals and rented halls. The performance at the Museum of History and Industry is reflective of the need for a larger capacity room.

If there is one Earth celebratory concert you attend this fall, be sure to catch Gaia Consort at MOHI, with the entire band in tow. It's the show your friends will be talking about.

Contact Christopher Bingham (360) 862-8762 or e-mail for more information.

Christopher Bingham / Gaia Consort "Everything was alive - the trees, grasses and winds were dancing with me, talking with me; I could understand the songs of the birds." Gary Snyder.

PRESS RELEASE 9/15/2001:
New York City Pagan Pride Changes Location

In the aftermath of September 11, organizers of New York City's Pagan Pride Day have reluctantly announced a change for the location of the event.

The NYC Pagan Pride Day event has been moved to Washington Square Park.

The event is this coming Sat. Sept 29, from 11 am to 5 pm. Nothing else has been changed, but the location. Those wishing to attend the event can find information about the venue change at . Organizers are requesting volunteers to help with set-up and clean-up as well as other vital tasks. Anyone that wishes to volunteer help may contact

The focus of the event has changed as well. Healing from this crisis and sharing time and energy with our own people is a priority, but leaders also note that it is a time to move forward and keep our spirits strong. Celtic Pagan band Emerald Rose has decided to continue with plans for their New York / New Jersey tour, and will perform at NYC Pagan Pride Day, wherever it is held. They will be joined by Pagan musicians and artists Music for the Goddess and an open drum circle accompanied by Divine GaiaDance. The event will include a Healing and Protection Circle "To help begin the healing necessary and ask protection for all New Yorkers and Americans as we work through this difficult time. Open to all who want to participate. Stand, Breathe, Ground, Pray." The gathering will also feature vendors, workshops, speakers Deborah Ann Light and Lady Rhea, an artists' gallery and arts and crafts for children. Proceeds of the day will be donated to benefit the WTC victims and their families! For more info check out the work of this group of courageous magickal people at


Elvendrums Finishing up "Gateway to Faerie"

The new CD is nearly done, and we're getting daily reports from the company doing the duplication and packaging. We're hoping to have it in time for our shows this coming weekend. For those of you on the Gateway list, expect to get an email from us soon with instructions on how to order your autographed copy.

Kansas City Renaissance Festival Once again, we're playing in Kansas City, September 15-16, three acoustic shows and two drum jams daily. We've heard we'll be on the Town Pavillion stage, but watch the daily program for last minute changes. We're still hoping to have copies of Gateway available, but we won't be sure until later this week. Come by and visit with us and the little elf queen, who is already nine months old!

CD Release Party Here's your first official notification of the upcoming CD Release extravaganza, an event so big and exciting that it will happen twice! We've scheduled two evening performances in the theater of the Westport Coffee House for November 16 and 17. We'll be performing songs from the new CD both nights, and plan to film for our new television commercial and music video on Saturday!! Come help us celebrate!

Band Member Update We had some much needed time off this summer and got a chance to relax and enjoy ourselves. We're continuing our plan to perform only once a month, leaving time open for songwriting, promotion, and rehearsal.

Elvendrums, a band of elves!

"We believe in faeries!"

PRESS RELEASE 8/30/2001:
Emerald Rose, Music for the Goddess to Play NYC Pagan Pride Day

Celtic Pagan band Emerald Rose and pagan musicians Music for the Goddess will be featured entertainment for the New York City's first Pagan Pride Day. The event will be held at Battery Park on September 29th from 11am - 5 pm, with a rain date of September 30. There will also be vendors, an artists gallery, a harvest circle and an open circle drum ensemble, accompanied by Divine GaiaDance. Details of the day's events can be found at Volunteers are needed for all phases of the event and can sign up by contacting organizer MoonTwin at

Emerald Rose will be appearing at Pagan Pride Day as part of their upcoming New York/New Jersey tour, from October 27 - October 6. The tour will see the band performing in some of NYC's best intimate music venues and will include a live webcast from Paddy Reilly's Music Bar in Manhattan, to be broadcast at 9 pm on October 2 on They will also be playing a special concert at "The Lion's Den", one of Greenwich Village's finest music venues on October 3rd at 7:30 pm. For a full Emerald Rose tour schedule, check the "Gigs" link at

Emerald Rose has been working on their third cd, currently untitled, but the band's popularity on the live circuit has slowed production. Recently Emerald Rose was selected to perform at Atlanta's DragonCon, one of the largest fantasy/sci-fi conventions in the Southeast. On Labor Day, the band will be playing at 2:30 pm at the prestigious Atlanta Montreaux Music Festival on the Emerging Artist Stage. The group will return to Atlanta's Variety Playhouse on October 26th for another Samhain concert. This year's concert will also feature guest performances by Celtic legends Andy M. Stewart (Silly Wizard) & Gerry O' Beirne (Patrick Street). On November 9, they will be headlining at Birmingham's new Work/Play concert stage, a new state-of-the-art recording and performance venue. The band hopes to take the latter part of the year off from touring to finish recording the new cd.

"Freya, Shakti", the band's chart-busting Goddess chant is still dominating in the Top Twenty of's spiritual pop chart. The group recently released a new live cut to "The World's Wedding/One Single Kiss" is a much requested original love song about the eternal chase of the God and Goddess through the seasons. The band is currently planning a winter tour of Florida, and a spring tour of the west, including California. Groups and festivals wishing to book the band can contact

The latest from Point of Ares

Point Of Ares has just returned from headlining the Second Annual Pagan Hands Across the Red River Festival near Fargo ND. POA drummer Ryan Desroches joined the crowd of festival organizers and attendees who marched across the Red River Bridge between Fargo ND and Moorhead MN in a show of tolerance for all religions. Ryan was interviewed during the march by Dan Gaffney on WDAY TV News. There's a link to a transcript of Ryan's interview on POA's website at

Point Of Ares's new CD, Enemy Glory Darkly Blessed, is now released and available for sale through CD Baby ( and several other major Internet music retail outlets. For a complete list of sources adventure to Sound samples are available on both POA's and Arula Records's websites. Enemy Glory Darkly Blessed is currently being featured as "CD of the Week" at Indie Productions ( where it is also available for sale.

Enemy Glory Darkly Blessed is a new version of Point Of Ares's critically acclaimed debut release, Enemy Glory. It contains rewritten and rearranged songs from the original album, along with several completely new tracks, darkly blessed with magic and rock n' roll in support of Tor Books's publication of bassist-vocalist Karen Michalson's epic fantasy series, Enemy Glory. Enemy Glory Darkly Blessed is an art rock / adventure rock concept album based on bassist-vocalist Karen Michalson's fantasy series. The songs represent selected emotional experiences from the point of view of the characters in Karen's fictional world. For more information on Karen's book, which was recently selected as a recommended read by (,3359,216857,00.html) adventure to

Karen Michalson delivered her completed manuscript for Book Two of her Enemy Glory epic fantasy series to Tor Books. No word from Tor yet on the publication date.

For the latest info on Point of Aries, visit their Website at -

PRESS RELEASE 5/14/2001:
Emerald Rose Recording New CD, Releases New MP3

Magickal folk-rockers Emerald Rose have begun work on their next CD. The Pagan Celtic band has been enjoying critical acclaim and commercial success for their 2000 release "Bending Tradition", which includes the driving Goddess-chant, "Freya, Shakti". The band will be working in their newly developed home studios, and fans can expect a few surprises on the next cd. The band plans to include an interesting mix of original songs and reworkings of some classics from the Celtic tradition. To learn the latest news, check out the band's website at

To celebrate the album's success, the band has released another song from "Bending Tradition" to . "Red Haired Mary" is a bawdy tale from the Celtic tradition, rearranged in a contemporary style. It is the whimsical tale of the dangers of dating a beautiful redhead. Listen to the song for free at . This will be the last release of songs from "Bending Tradition".

The band has received numerous accolades for their work, and "Freya, Shakti" has become a classic among many women's spirituality groups, especially in the Southeast. The Huntsville (Alabama) Feminist Chorus presented a choral arrangement of the chant in their spring concert performances. The chant/song, which has spent over six months in the Top Ten of's Spiritual Pop charts, has also drawn the attention of pagan and new age media writers. The band will be featured in an article on Goddess Music to appear in the summer issue of New Age Retailer magazine. The group was interviewed by Green Egg writer Blackthorne for an article to be presented in an upcoming issue, and the album will be reviewed in future issues of Pangaia and Out of the Shadows magazines.

In addition to good press, the band has also enjoyed some commercial success. They recently celebrated a high mark - over 82,000 downloads of their music on! The massive exposure has provided the band with some great opportunities as well. Emerald Rose is proud to announce that their music can now be found at , the largest supplier of pagan music on the web.

The band is also making in-roads in the traditional music industry. They were the proud recipients of an Artist Endorsement from Carvin Music company, and will be using Carvin equipment in their studio and live shows. Carvin has developed a reputation as a champion of the working musician through their support of indie bands and their dependable, affordable equipment.

Emerald Rose has been touring steadily to promote their music. The band has been playing at pubs, festivals, handfastings and concerts throughout the Southeast, and is beginning to enjoy airplay on college radio. The band will be touring throughout Georgia, and into North Carolina and Alabama during the summer and fall with performances scheduled for every day of DragonCon, the largest science fiction and fantasy convention in the Southeast.

Emerald Rose is planning a major excursion to the New York/ New Jersey area this fall, to coincide with a concert appearance at the New York City Pagan Pride Day gathering on September 29th at Battery Park. The band will culminate the year's work with another Samhain Concert at Atlanta's celebrated Variety Playhouse on Saturday Night, October 26th, in what is sure to be one of the best pagan parties in the Southeast. The group is also happy to be touring to several small festivals this summer. Festival organizers wanting to book the band can reach them at their website,

The group is currently working with other pagan artists on in an organization known as IOPAN (International Online Pagan Artists Network). Hopes are high for developing a Pagan Music compilation cd and possible concert appearances by multiple Pagan artists at selected venues and magickal festivals.

Photo by Celestial Studios Photography -

PRESS RELEASE 2/27/2001:
Gaia Consort Recording in Full Swing

Seattle's own Gaia Consort is in the studio again recording their second release, Secret Voices. Recording began February 19th, at Audio Logic Studios ( and should take until the end of May to complete.

The husband and wife team will once again be joined in the studio (as they are occasionally in live performance) by drummer Dan Ochipinti, bassist Dan Mohler, keyboardist and producer, Jay Kenney, cellist Betsy Tinney and violinist Heather Alexander.

Bingham and Tinney have produced three CDs; The Burning (1993), Angel and the Hanged Man (1995), and Gaia Circles (1999).

Bingham and Tinney started performing as Gaia Consort at the Nudestock '97 Festival, when it became clear that Sue's growing involvement in the music required a name that reflected the duo's values and the content of the music. Gaia Consort is an "out of the broom closet" band that celebrates the Living Earth and Her systems.

After a disasterous episode with an unscrupulous European music promoter, Bingham and Tinney re-examined their relationship with music, stopped playing smoky bars and noisy coffee houses and limited their performances to environments that encourage more connection with the audience. They started playing and hosting house concerts, pagan festivals and producing their own concerts in rented halls. Paradoxically, their movement away from traditional music venues has dramatically increased their fan base. Rooms are beginning to fill. Last Summer they headlined the Heartland Pagan Festival, playing to 1200 fans.

Gaia Consort's music is both Pagan and Humanistic. Appealing to Pagans and non-pagans alike, the music speaks to anyone who has a love of the Earth.

Gaia Consort is an "interdependent" band - funded completely through CD sales and the generous donations of fans and supporters through their Adopt-a-Song program. The Secret Voices project has raised over $7000 in the first month, putting Gaia Consort well on the way to reaching their $20,000 project goal. $10,000 is needed to record and press the CD, the remainder, when raised, will go toward promoting and distributing the CD. Bingham currently manages all promotion and distribution, when he's not performing or composing.

"We'd like to see what would happen if we actually bought some radio and print ads - so far almost everything has been word of mouth." says Bingham.

Find out how to get YOUR name in the liner notes, as well as access to Gaia Consort's recording logbook, information about the band and sound clips from previous releases at . Listeners in the Seattle area can see Gaia Consort at their second fundraising concert, Saturday, March 17th at the Sunset Hill Community Center, in Ballard. Suggested donation is $6 to $15 for the show. For information e-mail or call (360) 862-8762.

Dandelion Wine "Rocks the Press"

"Dandelion Wine thanks the goddess for small blessings! In the past few weeks, their debut CD, "Book of Mirrors," received some recognition for musical excellence.

"The Washington Post's new local music MP3 site,, had Dandelion Wine at #4 in the Top Downloads category. Since the resource was only about 3 weeks old, it was a very encouraging sign that folks care about the music!"

"Even more exciting was their Nomination for a Wammie Award, an honor given by the Washington Area Music Association in recognition of the DC Metro area's best musical talent. "Book of Mirrors" was nominated for Best New Age Recording."

"Dandelion Wine is currently taking a long break. Gregory has some projects he's working on. He's just accepted the role of Mr. Thorkelsson with the Great Falls Players (Great Falls, VA) in their upcoming Spring production of "I Remember Mama." He is also assembling the pieces that will make his Digital Project Recording Studio. He is writing music for his debut solo release, tentatively set for a Mabon 2001 Release date. Says Gregory of this new project, "I'll be focusing more on contemporary acoustic songwriting. This project will differ from Dandelion Wine in that I'll be singing. Dandelion Wine always considered themselves "pagans in a band," more than a "pagan band." That spirit won't change. So, my music will be as much about life and myself as anything else.

"I will say this, however," he continues. "I do find my material reflects my beliefs. Already, there is material based on coven life and my walk with the Lord and Lady."

"Enough said!"

Gregory Comyn Lygon

Dandelion Wine's page:
Gregory's new MP3.COM site:

PRESS RELEASE 1/23/2001:
Zorah Staar Cyber-releases New CD of "Pagan Pop"

With the recent creation of the Pagan Pop Music website ( ), Zorah Staar's new CD is now bopping its way through cyberspace!

Zorah Staar is a songwriter, singer and musician who makes "pagan pop" - also described as "radically-uplifting New Age music that rocks, bops and boogies you across the dance floor." Her songs blend lyrics about love, the earth, the Goddess, and other age-old pagan themes with wild new pop, disco and Celtic rock sounds, plus some gentler ballads to catch your breath. Imagine an infectious fusion somewhere between Tori Amos and Loreena McKennitt, all ecstatically played by Zorah (on guitar and piano) and the magical musicians on her new CD.

Where does "pagan pop" come from? As just one example, submerged off the coast of Holland is a 1st century A.D. temple to the Goddess by the name "Nehalennia" - used by Zorah's Celtic and Frisian ancestors and many other ancient pagan folk. Fast forward to the 21st century dance club Goddess "Nehalennia," now the focus of a song by Zorah which melds pounding rhythms with lyrics of transformation and optimism - "So many shining worlds to be... let's start to create what we can't yet see!"

Just as integral to the developing "pagan pop" sound have been the two main musicians on Zorah's new CD: amazing multi-instrumentalist Adrian Schamberger, who's played with the Rheostatics and many others; and gifted percussionist John Hildebrand, formerly of the Celtic funk band "Mad Pudding."

Zorah's biggest dream is to help contribute to the transformation of the world through music. After writing dozens of songs and putting out two cassette albums, she finished her first 12-song CD of "pagan pop" in late 2000, and is now sharing it with the world in various ways: at and other websites; performing at venues and festivals around her home province of British Columbia and beyond; and through pagan, New Age, and other retail channels.

Besides creating and sharing "pagan pop," Zorah believes in sharing the fun, passion and magic of all kinds of music with all kinds of people, and plans to be a student of music and a student of love as long as she's around. So she says big thanks and blessed be to all you other pagan music-makers and music-lovers out there, for the ways you've inspired her and are busy inspiring each other and transforming our world!

CONTACT: Pagan Pop Music, Ph: (250) 629-6964, e-mail: 37148 Schooner Way, RR#2, Pender Island, BC, Canada, V0N 2M2

PRESS RELEASE 1/28/2001:
Velvet Hammer's "StoryBook" on Ebay

This just in from DreamTrybe...

"For those of you who have written and asked to purchase copies of our 'Storybook' cd (which has been out of print for over two years now) -- we have a surprise -- Four copies (in original shrinkwrap) are going up on EBay to be auctioned off. All proceeds will go toward the recording of the new album, which we officially began recording on the first full moon & lunar eclipse of 2001 : ) We're hoping to have it finished and ready for release by Fall. It will be at least a few more days before the cd's are posted to EBay -- we'll let you know when and where to go ASAP ! (These will be the last Storybook cd's to carry the Velvet Hammer name -- if Storybook is re-released in the future, the packaging will be different and it will be released as a compilation of songs by Ginger Doss, Lynda Millard and Dana Davis)".

CONTACT: DreamTrybe at


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