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Section: festivals

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Posted: October 26th. 2002

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CMA Samhain 2002 Festival (2)

by Don Waterhawk

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Friday night was music nite... .Oh, was it ever! We were blessed with the talents which opened with Dana Davis and her new band "Wyrd" First time we have ever seen her perform her Magick of sound with her new band. The music was awesome, they felt so insync with each others medicine. I could tell by the movements of peoples heads and bodies, that she had captured the focus of the people, and was able to share her extraordinary talents as it was supposed to for all. Thank you Dana and "Wyrd". And then Dream "Trybe" worked their Magick into the community, and as always, Ginger, Linda, and members of the band did the work well. Thank you for being able to ride your waves. I got a chance this festival to hear Linda's son Taber play. This young man is a "Grandfather Drummer" to be, he works the Spirit of the Drum akin to his own. So as I was standing next to the stage watching as the band was setting up, I overheard a young lady call Taber a "DrummerHunk". (Sooooo... that's why I didn't see him around except during meal time,and short bursts at the drum circle, gotta keep up the strength, right?... :)

Something happened on Friday and Saturday night, another first that I have witnessed and been a part of. A space of time and Magick that happened at the main fire circle. A sharing that few people saw, or even knew about, but I'm sure many felt... even if unknowingly... for the rest of the gathering. The coming together of two Fire Clans to light the Main Fire. Two clan facilitators: Aislinn Awatake of the "Aires Rising Fire Clan" from the Heartland Festival, and Goliath from CMA's "Dragon Moon Fire" Clan. They each came on that night to enter the center, to initiate the Ancient ceremony of Beginning, and utilizing the Fire Sticks of their clans, to give the Breath of Spirit, for the Good of All. Two Magicians of Fire, connecting each of their tribes with the Breath of Life. I was so happy that it was dark. I felt my machismo ego lose its grip on my spirit and I gave water from my eyes to this incredible land and people, and to these two individuals, that did not need the fanfare or glamour to do the Spiritual work for all. This is what its all about. And they do it here at CMA. Wah Do! Thank you!

I could see the bustle of activities around the stage, and someone said that they are going to start the "Performance" (notice the quote marks,I'll expound on that later), of the Fire Twirlers. I had noticed one of the "Performers" the day before, A Goddess of a young woman named Spitfire (aka Kim), who was practicing that day. I was watching her face as she twirled her practice balls around her, and instead of the normal face of a "performer", I saw something different... a look, a focus, sort of an energy flowing around her much like the Shape Shifters we had heard or read about. I tried to get her attention to ask her if I could take pictures of her, but she was absorbed in this... well... Magick!... There... , I said it! Because that's what she was doing, and to think that I had the audacity to try and break her focus for a lousy picture. Duh!... said my brain God. I wanted to hear the sound of her voice, it seemed that then I could connect with her in reality. She told me a bit of information on her Clan, and told me of the "performance" that would happen. So here I was walking back to our space to get the camera, hoping that there was still enough juice in the battery. And I got back in time to see the start. And what a start it was.

First, a loud voice rang out from the sound system, that of a dispatcher at a Fire Station, a clang of a bell and a roar of a fire engine starting up, with the revolving red lights now glowing in the dark. The voice told of a "fire problem" at the address of CMA land. Then from the side lines of the stage came out Two fully dressed fire fighters in complete fire gear, scurrying about the stage area, looking, excitedly about, and then the music came... and it started... the Fire Fighters slowly started to strip off their gear... did I mention... Slowly? Piece by piece, off came the outer gear to reveal two beautiful people (alright, yes, they were Goddesses, I just didn't want to say it outright), until the fire gear was a thing of the past. These Alchemists of Fire and Air, weaving their magick and movement to put on the most beautiful visual display of Alchemist art I have ever witnessed. I stopped taking pictures at that point, just mesmerized by what was unfolding in front of me. (yes, it turned me on, hey I'm a man, deal with it) And feeling, oh, what was coming through into my Spirit. I don't know the exact or approximate time that this "performance lasted. These 16 "performers" with 15 support/safety people (notice the numbers of support to "performers", so intelligence and responsibility was a good factor here) , put on ... well... a lasting memory inside of me. I will never forget that night. Never! I can't put what I saw into words, I could only capture bits of the moment in pictures. If you are interested in seeing what we saw go to ( ), Daniella has put up a page for you to visit, to see these "Performers". These pics will be up from 10-27 to 11-03,2002

The next day I talked briefly to Patrick Thomas of the DragonTrybe clan in reference to who they were. He stated " The groups were, Dragontrybe Fire Productions, Bruja Del Fuego, Chicks with Chains, Scorched Earth Fire Troup, Kim Mclean and Thomas Rymer. Dragontrybe became an established group in Sept 1999 to give ourselves a way to express our love of this unique and evolving artform. CMA Fire Performers Guild (Pyrotopia) as established at Beltane 2002 to implement a standard safety protocol to ensure the safe and responsible practice of this artform and to create an open forum to share skills and ideas between beginners and experienced alike" Thank you Patrick, you have no idea just how many of the words you spoke, I wanted to hear in reference to teaching and safety. So, now I come to the point of why the words "performers" were in quotation marks. Because I know better. I saw. I felt. You Fire twirlers can't fool me, not a bit. You are not "performers", you are "Wizards, Sorcerers, Magicians and Medicine People" working the Alchemists Circle. Using Fire and Air to write your magick in our hearts. You are the Grandparents of the teachings to the Children Yet to Come. Nope... !... wasn't fooled a bit. Your Magick is Good. Thank you so very much for placing into the People's Spirit. And did I mention that they are all CMA members. This is what its all about. And they do it here at CMA.

After the fire performance, and after the revel fire lighting ceremony... everyone that wanted to headed over to Bridget's crossings for a live acoustic performance by Canvas. Canvas is a pretty rockin band and everyone had a blast! We were fortunate to be right across the road from the concert and we got to sit and listen from out camp. A most enjoyable Saturday night.

I share with you now a bit of personal Magick that I received at this festival. It is pertinent to the next paragraph. Just before the "performers" were finished, I ran out of memory space in the camera, so back to the table, losing my choice view spot, I went. Retrieved the new memory stick, and my spirit was visited by some magick... some... , what turned out to be teachings... of Magick balance. A Ka mama (butterfly), came into my space. A soft caress of the wings, a gentle touch, a knowing welcoming of who I was... and a teaching about something that I was not paying much attention too, but should. A familiar energy of knowing of the weight of my spirit. A teaching of the unseen balance we need to open our eyes to. Beauty can be such an eye-opener. Now lets see who can figure out what that lesson that I got, is.

On Sunday we awoke to the sounds of people packing up and getting ready to leave. The sounds of getting ready to leave have always been sort of a sad sound. And the better you have felt at a place, such as CMA, the louder the sad sound gets. We will now rely on the memory of our actions and reactions during this short time at festival. So the big CMA meeting was at 10:00AM, the one that I had been warned about being a bit "passionate" at times. Neither times I have been at the meetings of this group has it been anything but grounded and clear and gentle. The "Workers of the People", directors and such, will change. The Leaders and the inner circle will step aside for new energies and thoughts, but still keeping with the whole. It is a time to Honor those that walked with the "Burden Basket" We had asked them to, and they had accepted. Now we Honor, Respect and give Gratitude to those that have served. So to you Greg,who was executive director, I give you Honor, Respect and Gratitude, for what you have done for the people, I give you this Medicine that you may gather it to put it on the top of your circle that it may flow down and spread to all in your working clan. And as you and your people walk from the center to the four quarters of the CMA circle, know that you have been part of what I would consider a Model community for the Pagan arena. And when you step inside your space, with that heavy "Burden Basket", you will do what none of us sees, ask your Mate to help you with the "Burden Basket". So to balance this shift of Magick, I say, thank you, to Greg's mate, Janice, for she too had to bear that "Burden Basket", she too had to do the work, but in a way we did not see. She too completed her Rite of Passage. So the Honor,Respect and Gratitude goes to the partners and families of all the officers of CMA. And it did. Its Family after all. And its here at CMA. I wish to honor Sara the incoming exectutive director of CMA and the inner circle that has been voted into office by the people. To you also, we give Honor, Respect and Gratitude! As you also carry the Burden Basket of the CMA community.

Is there any thing that could be done better at this Festival? Well, the Festival had two fire circles. Both had good medicine and magick being made. Both were on opposite sides of the village. But I felt a separation feeling. The Fire is the most important center of beginning the work of making Magick and Medicine happen. Maybe its just me, I start my work from the center and work out. And a Pagan Festival of this quality, well... its just too... damn... short. So much to do, so many people to connect with, so much learning, and just 3 1/2 days to do it in. People ending up moving to fast, both physically and spiritually. Its been proven that as festivals get longer, the problem of not having people show up to do workshifts, gets smaller. People then have the necessary time to do more. And yes, I'm being a bit selfish here, why wouldn't I want to have a good time for a longer period?... Duh! This is a major Festival, it is, in my humble opinion, the best the US has to offer to date. It"It's Land, foundation and base as a group, its policy, implementation of diverse ideas, the camping amenities, the programs for the Children, and more. Is CMA perfect?

No, I'm interested in Growth, not stagnation. This community grows, and grows well. And this community has done what I have not seen anywhere else. Are there similar points at other festivals around the country? Yes, but here I have seen the most "points" in one place. There is no King or Queen that owns all, no promoters ego, no festival sponsor building a retirement nest. This is a community that works itself, runs itself, for itself. If you want to know how to do it right, come to CMA.

So we packed up on Sunday, said our goodbyes, and stated that familiar saying "Not enough time" to those that we had gotten to know. The drive back was reliving those few days, and walking the memories to get the most out of the teachings. We ended our season with going to what we consider the #1 festival of the year and to date. And thought about how we will be "festivaless" for the upcoming months ahead until the first festival of 2003, Summerland here in South Florida in February. What we call the best festival in Florida. So thank you CMA community, for the Teachings, lessons, and absolute fun.

Someone asked me a few months ago "Don, you once said that you would never belong to another group,etc., yet you have chosen to belong to this one. Why?" To be involved at CMA, one becomes a member. One initiates the beginning of support for a group, a community. Daniella and I have become members, to support this community. We live a long way away, and physical support is near impossible for us. But we do not feel that the need to "Belong" can override our true desire... and that is to "Believe" in this community of CMA. Simply: "I do not need to belong... I need to believe... " And I believe in this Community. I've experienced it twice now. And its here at CMA.

In the Realm of the Sacred Circle,

Don Waterhawk
Year 2002 - October 28th. 2002

Photo credits: All Photos by Don Waterhawk (Web:

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