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Allan Yusko’s Bible Prophesy and Rapture Report

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: August 28th. 2005
Times Viewed: 42,842

Allan Yusko is a prolific author of anti-"occult" literature on his Bible Prophesy web site.[1]

His anti "occult" web page[2] is chock full of scriptural quotes, many of these being from the anti Witch books of the Bible like Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Exodus. Yusko endlessly refers to Deuteronomy 18. To give you an idea how many scriptural quotes Yusko includes in his writing: If I had reproduced all of his scriptural references in this article it would be four times longer than it is.

Yusko makes his position very clear in the following statements from this web site:

  • "All the occult is from Satan. There is no such thing as a good wizard or a good witch. All occultism is evil and it is an abomination to God. If you are involved with the occult then... You are lost and a hellbound sinner who has chosen Satan over God."[3]
"Those who hate God will love and enjoy the occult which is an abomination to God."[4]

"People who accept and defend the occult are cursed of God. Do not be led astray by these servants of Satan."[5]

"All the occult is an abomination before God. There is no such thing as good magic or good occultism vs bad occultism. It is all an abomination before God."[6]

"There is really no argument that can be given in defense of partaking of the occult. It is hellish and demonic and there is no excuse for it. The occult is for lost people who have rejected God and are on the way to hell anyway. These people already want nothing to do with God and His Word. People like that naturally accept the things of their father, the devil. These people are children of the devil and are referred to in the Bible as children of wrath or children of disobedience."[7]

"Understand that there is no such thing as a good wizard. All witchcraft and occultism is from the devil. None of it is good."[8]

"All occultism is from the devil. It is forbidden by God and is a sin so terrible against God that it is called an abomination."[9]

"There is no such thing as a ‘good’ wizard (Dt. 18:9-12)."[10]

"The occult with all its witchcraft and spell casting is not innocent fun and should not be considered as such. Many partake and ignore any warnings by saying it is just harmless fun. On the other hand God, in the Bible, clearly states that all forms of the occult is an abomination to Him. Those who practice the occult are blaspheming God and are committing spiritual harlotry. It is not a light sin in the eyes of God."[11]

"We are living in days where there is an occult explosion. We have fortune tellers with 1-900 numbers to occultic warlocks and witches on Saturday morning cartoons. Everyone in society is exposed in some way to the occult."[12] This rant is followed by one of Yusko’s lengthy lists of scriptural references. "It will soon be so widespread that occultic things will be considered normal everywhere, " Yusko continues, "Just as sexual sin is considered normal these days... so will the occult."[13]

"Unfortunately, I have seen many people who fight for their right to partake of the occult. They think it is ‘good or harmless’ and do not want anyone judging them on their entertainment tastes. They want their demonic occult and to call themselves ‘Christian’ at the same time. These people do not love God and are unsaved false Christian tares! The root of their problem is they do not love God and are unable to discern good from evil. Stay away from such wolves!"[14]

"Did you know that reading or viewing movies about the occult is actually going to church. The name of the church is the church of Satan. People who read Harry Potter, for example, are getting preached to by the devil. They are being influenced by the evil occultic teachings in that book."[15]
  • "Astrology is a form of fortune telling and occultism. Do not be deceived as it is all from Satan."[16]
Yusko expands on these sentiments in his "It’s Creeping In" web page.[17] "The occult with its spellcasting, witchcraft, divination etc is all an abomination to God, " Yusko tells us, "The Satanic and occultic garbage is not harmless fun. It is deadly dangerous and will be avoided and rejected by all those who belong to and love the Lord Jesus."[18]

Yusko doesn’t actually come out and say that those involved in the occult should be burned or hanged, but several statements that he makes certainly indicate that his sympathies lie in that direction:

"One of God will judge those involved with the occult. It is not harmless fun. Instead it is an abomination to God. God's attitude toward the occult has not changed. When God ruled Israel by theocracy, it was a capital offence to be involved in the occult."[19] Yusko lists multiple scriptural references after this statement speaking of "the death penalty against those who practice the occult, "[20] including Deuteronomy 18, Exodus 22, Leviticus 20, and 1 Samuel 28.

"Granted, today we do not live under those laws so witches, wizards, and other occultists are not put to death or driven from the land. However, God will still judge those involved in the occult. One thing I can say for certain, is those who practice the occult will not go to heaven."[21]

"Today God is not ruling Israel under a theocracy so these death penalties do not apply. However, the occult is still a very serious sin against God."[22]

"Not only was the occult a crime worthy of death but God gave warnings to people telling them to stay away and reject the occult."[23]

"Verse 5 also mentions the death penalty for those who lead others astray and into the occult. This means if the authors of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings lived in Israel in Old Testament times when God was ruling, they would be guilty of a capital offense and would be put to death. I would also say the so called religious leaders who have placed their seal of approval on Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are also guilty of the same crime. Since the death penalty for such a crime no longer applies to our day, people still need to beware. God will still bring judgment in His time into that person's life. It is not a good thing to make oneself an enemy of God!"[24]

"Is there really any good excuse for exposing your children to the occult? Think about it. The occult is an abomination to God and in Old Testament days it carried the death penalty."[25]

"Satan is up to some very nasty things in these last days. Let me start by saying that the occult is an abomination to God. The God of the Bible hates the occult and years ago when He ruled Israel, such practices earned the death penalty."[26] Yusko then lists Exodus 22 and Leviticus 20.

"As you can see above in historical days in Israel's past, it was a criminal offense to be involved in any way with the occult."[27]

"In days past people who practiced witchcraft with all the spells and fortune telling were put to death. For God to make such a law shows His disapproval against this evil."[28]

"Again the death penalty for those who practice the occult. Little wizards like Harry Potter would have been given the death penalty in old days in Israel."[29]

"Saul had 'put away' the occultists out of the land. This means he kicked them out of Israel. It was a capital offence to practice the occult in those days."[30]

"Granted, today we do not live under those laws so witches, wizards, and other occultists are not put to death or driven from the land."[31]

Yusko tries to stir up fear by telling his readers that "the list of the sins mentioned and are linked to occult involvement: worshipping devils, idolatry, murder, sorcery (witchcraft and wizardry), fornication, and stealing."[32] Yusko goes on to claim:

"The antichrist will start a killing campaign and kill as many of God's people as he can. He will literally rule the world and impose his laws and morality throughout the world. The devil and the people of his kingdom will be killing all who belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. Today training in witchcraft and the occult is very important in preparation for that coming day! ... People are being trained and prepared for a coming day. People must be trained to accept witchcraft, wizardry, blasphemy, and the killing of those opposed to the occult and the antichrist. People must be lead down a path to be very close to Satan while learning to hate and despise God and His people.[33]

Yusko certainly believes in demons. "Another issue is one of demon possession or demon oppression, " Yusko warns, "Again demons just don't enter a person's life on their own. Instead they must be invited into that person's life. By using the occult, people are literally inviting demons into their lives! Many will suffer possession or heavy oppression by demons as they get involved with witchcraft, occultism, and rock music."[34] In one of his anti-Potter rants, Yusko tells us that: "Everyone who embraces and enjoys the evil occultic books of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings are inviting demons into their lives. By enjoying the Satan's occultism, a person is literally giving permission for demons to come into ones life and family. The abomination of the occult is a very serious sin and it is not without consequences! Everyone involved in the occult will either become oppressed or possessed by demons. Do not think you can enjoy the things of the devil and come away unharmed! This is an important warning that needs to be heeded. Occult entertainment like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are literally opening up the door inviting demons in to peoples lives."[35]

Yusko’s favorite expression is the term "tares." This gives us some insight into his world view. He uses it in reference to Christians he does not agree with. Tare refers to Darnel, a Middle Eastern weed. Some varieties of this weed are poisonous. This is a concern, as it looks much like wheat. There are several references to tares in Matthew 13. Yusko obviously means for us to see that Christians that don’t do things his way are weeds that must be eradicated.

Yusko is obsessed with Rock music, especially Christian Rock. "There was a time when the church knew this music was from the devil and was not an acceptable form of worship, " Yusko wails, "However, today... Satan has completely succeeded in getting his demonic music accepted in ‘church’ circles."[36] Yusko tells us that "The term ‘rock and roll’ means fornication. It is a street name for sexual immorality. It has wrecked the lives of many teenagers through suicide, drug abuse, immorality, perversion, Satanism, etc."[37] Yusko sees Rock music as a Satanic conspiracy: "The same thing is happening today with the occult as it did with rock music."[38] He goes on to tell us that "...people who seek after rock music and the occult are satisfying their own lusts. They have willingly turned away their ears from the truth and are seeking the lies from the devil. Men must make a choice between God or the devil. It is sad but many (the majority) are choosing the devil over God!"[39]

Yusko’s version of Rock history reads as follows:

"The popularizing of the occult did not occur overnight. Instead Satan has been moving since the 1950's to get to the point where he is at today. The main vehicle to prepare the hearts of people to receive witchcraft and the occult has been rock and roll music. In the 1950'S rock music started out and became very popular. By the 1960's Satan introduced and popularized drug use, free sex, and eastern religions. During the 1970's through to the present there has been an increase in the occult portrayed by the rock and roll bands. Many groups openly professed their alignment with Satan and that is all part of rock and roll.

"Rock and roll popularizes the occult, darkness, sexual immorality, drug use, rebellion, and blasphemy in the music, lyrics, and lifestyles of the musicians. There is one lacking factor with the music. Rock and roll can only be used to prepare the hearts of people to accept witchcraft and the occult to a certain point. More than just rock music is needed to lead the entire world into the world of the occult and into the arms of Satan and his coming antichrist. Rock music was used by Satan to prepare the hearts of lost people for the next downward spiritual step. That step is training in occultism and witchcraft."[40]

Two of Yusko’s favorite subjects to rant about is anything related to Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. He often mentions both of them together. As you can see from the following sample of some of his statements on this subject, he does not consider them to be fiction, but training manuals of actual "occult" practices:

"We are all aware of the demonic Harry Potter books and movies. Harry uses and glorifies the occult in these stories. Many have jumped on the Potter bandwagon and enjoy all the filth presented. For the Christian it is all an abomination. There are no excuses."[41]

"Harry Potter is more candy coated occultism for children. His books are best sellers and are filled with the occult and spells... All this is an abomination to God, but godless parents certainly do not care. It is very natural for people who reject God to get very close to the devil."[42]

"...a another occultic book and movie has been released. It is called Lord of the Rings. Even some Christians have been duped into getting involved with this occultism. Some argue that the author was a Christian. No, he was not. He was a Catholic. Going beyond that there is still magic, witchcraft, and occultism in the Lord of the Rings. Like I previously mentioned, there is no such thing as good occultism vs bad occultism. It is all an abomination to God."[43] Note that Yusko, like many of the people that I write about in my Witch Hunts column, is anti-Catholic.

"Since the Lord of the Rings is another occultic/witchcraft/wizard type of story, it too should be avoided. Remember all occultism is from the devil."[44]

"Satan wants lost people to enjoy occultic entertainment (books and movies etc), rock music, immorality, drugs and other evil things. This will continue to keep their hearts hard and their eyes blind lest they be saved. Lost people are spiritually blind to the God of the Bible. They are blind to God and blind to Biblical morals. This is why lost people can pick up a Potter or Lord of the Rings book and read about the occultism with great enjoyment. They do not care at all that witchcraft is an abomination to God. These people can no longer discern between right and wrong from a Biblical standpoint."[45]

"Satan's apostates will defend Satan's work and occultism. You will see Satan's tares defend occultism and witchcraft found in Potter, Lord of the Rings, and CS Lewis' stories. This type of evil will be popularized by the tares. Potter, Lord of the Rings, snd CS Lewis' occult stories will be proclaimed as good Christian reading material and people will be encouraged to read. Those without any care of discernment will go with the popular flow and partake of the devils occultism. The lost tares will gladly partake and defend these evil things of the devil."[46]

"Many tares will try to justify the occult. As previously mentioned Tolkien's occultism is from the pit of hell and all God's people should stay far from it!"[47]

"Society and the world has openly accepted the occult. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are very popular with the lost and perishing of this world. Many people have been enticed and bewitched by Satan's occultism. On TV and the movies the occult is glorified. Satan and his people recently popularized two blockbuster movies on the occult. Both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books and movies glorify the evil world of the occult. Plus the demonic books and movies are best sellers. People are flocking to the pied piper sound of the occult. Many people have literally been bewitched by the occult."[48]

"Parents do not care that Harry Potter is Satanic occultism. Instead they are happy if little junior improves his reading ability while reading a Potter or Lord of the Rings book."[49]

"Here is an example of blind justification of evil: The most foolish argument I've heard is the claim that the writer of Lord of the Rings is a Christian therefore his occult books are OK to read. Let's answer that dumb argument right away! NO he is not a Christian! The man is a lost hellbound Roman Catholic who loved spells, witchcraft, wizardy, and other forms of the occult. His demonic fruit in Lord of the Rings speaks very clearly that he is not one of God's people. The authors of occult entertainment such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are nothing more that Satanic pied pipers leading people to the devil. They are leading people away from God and the Bible and straight into the occultic arms of Satan."[50]

"When the world was ripe for the occult, Satan popularized both Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings. The books and movies have been best sellers and are very popular to parents and children alike. Both series are nothing more than witchcraft training manuals. The reader is exposed through an exciting story to all the basics of witchcraft and wizardry. The occult portrayed in these books are not make-believe or simply fantasy. They reflect real life witchcraft and the occult. Those enjoying Satan's witchcraft training manuals are being schooled in the usage and power of the dark and forbidden things of the occult."[51]

"Families are flocking to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings to be trained in witchcraft and the dark arts of Satan. As previously mentioned, these two tools of the devil are nothing more than witchcraft training manuals in disguise. They teach real live witchcraft and occultic principles."[52]

"In reality, the author of Lord of the Rings is a Catholic and not a born-again Christian. However, because he is in the Roman false religion, many consider him to be a "Christian" and therefore his occult story must be ok and acceptable. Even Mr. Pope in Rome has given his seal of approval to the witchcraft training manuals of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings."[53]

"Another massive exposure of witchcraft and Satanism was released in June 21, 2003 (Satanic high holy day) with the latest Potter book. The occult in the book is not make-believe. The author used real witchcraft and Satanism in her books. The books are literally witchcraft training manuals. People who read and enjoy them are receiving indoctrination into the concepts of the real world of the occult and Satanism. Call it a introduction to witchcraft and Satanism course, if you will. After reading these evil stories many will wish to explore deeper into the dark ways of Satan. The end result of occult entertainment is to turn people's hearts away from God and toward the devil. To this end the devil is very pleased at the acceptance of his occultism. Another result of occult involvement is demon possession or demon oppression. This is a very serious matter!"[54]

"[Rowling] is more of a high level witch who has a vast knowledge of the real world of the occult. Her occultism in Harry Potter is not make believe. Instead she used real methods and philosophies of the world of the occult."[55]

"The fifth Harry Potter Book is due out on June 21, 2003. It is interesting to note that it is due on the Summer Solstice on the Satanic calendar! Harry Potter is blatant occultism. Even the fifth book release day is scheduled based on the Satanic calendar. The purpose of these evil books is to indoctrinate young and old people into witchcraft, wizardry, and occultism. Harry Potter is also preparing the hearts of the lost to accept the antichrist when he comes on the scene after the rapture."[56]

Yusko devotes one web page to the subject of "Evil Occultic Games."[57] He describes some as "blatantly occultic and evil"[58] and others as "occultic but packaged in a nice and deceptive way."[59] Yusko tells us that "Pokemon and Harry Potter would be examples of the slick way the devil tries to introduce children to the occult. Rock music is also an open door to the occult..."[60] He describes electronic games as being "filled with spells, witchcraft, demons, and occultic powers."[61] Dungeons and Dragons, while not an electronic game, is listed by Yusko’s as part of the first category. "I'm sure there are still plenty of dungeon masters out there serving demonic deities and casting spells as they play their game, " Yusko tells us. Yusko tells us that he believes that electronic games have created a network:

"...people can meet online on the internet for occultic gatherings where people all over the world can do witchcraft and practice the occult in a community setting. Many computer games now come with quests into dungeons and occultic lands where monsters dwell and spells and magic abound. People can go to the nearest software store and find all kinds of games filled with occultism and evil... God calls all of the occultic practices an abomination to Him. All the things that God calls an abomination are used in today's occulitc games. These games are filled with enchanters, spells, witches, charmers, necromancers, wizards, demons, deities etc. God has not changed! It was an abomination back in the Old Testament days and it is still an abomination today."[62]

Specific games Yusko names include:


Yusko lists the following "key words" found in the game as proof that it is Satanic: "dungeon, keeper, foul creatures, horny, mistress, my pet dungeon, horned, reaper, horned reaper, knight, dwarf, giant, wizard, eleven archer, Royal Guard, Fairy, Lord of the Land, King of the Realm, Bile Demon, Warlock, Dark Elf, Troll, Salamander, Dark Angel, Black Knight, Rogue, underworld."[63]


Yusko lists fictional entities in Diablo II such as Diablo, who possesses the body of the hero who defeated him, other "Prime Evils, Mephisto and Baal" and character classes (the Amazon, Paladin, Barbarian, Sorceress and Necromancer). "Do you wish to join forces to fight the Prime Evils, Mephisto, and Baal as you play this Satanic game?" Yusko asks, "Would you want your children to purchase and get involved in such a game?"[64]


Yusko describes the two primary worlds, Britannia and Felucca. "Isn't the above wonderful?" Yusko rants, "Get home internet access and let your children explore huge occultic worlds and get 'hands on' training in witchcraft, spellcasting, and the occult. Learn to steal and cast good and harmful spells on other characters. All this and demonic oppression right in the comforts of home!"[65]


After describing the game, Yusko tells us that "It is very plain to see that Nox is another evil and occultic game. This game is also filled with abominations against God and should be rejected and avoided. God's people will not even consider such a game. Lost people love this type of stuff. To them it is just - fun and games on the way to a lost eternity in the lake of fire!"[66]


Pokemon is another pet peeve of Yusko. This is what he has to say on that subject:

"Satan is also targeting the young children with demonic toys and games. One popular game is Pokemon... These little sets of demon like creatures are fighters. They will increase in psychic energy and become good fighters. Pokemon, Digimon etc. are nothing but candy coated occultism to be fed directly to young children. Parents who love God and wish to raise their children for God should avoid this demonic trash."

Yusko believes that these things will corrupt children and "reap a deadly harvest of rebellion and disobedience in the years to come." He believes that Satan’s goals in corrupting children are:

"Raise up a godless generation. The devvil [sic] knows his time is short. He knows that soon he will have the chance to attack God and His people by the antichrist and his kingdom. Raising up a godless generation that loves the occult while rejecting God is good preparation for the days of the antichrist. We are in the last days. Soon the antichrist will arise. Occultism will increase in popularity among the lost in these last days."[67]

"The ultimate goal is to reject Jesus. The occult is a pathway to perdition. Those on the broad road to hell simply love the occult with all the powers, spells, and excitement. Those who reject Jesus love sin and evil. Embracing the occult is a very natural thing for a lost person to do."[68]

"Children have been targeted to be brainwashed by the occult." Yusko tells us, "Harry Potter is an action type of story that has great appeal to children and adults as well. Lord of the Rings is more hard core occultism geared for more mature people. Both themes involve wizards, spells, witchcraft, and other forms of occultism. Both stories have "good" occultists prevailing over the "bad" occultists. White witchcraft wins over black witchcraft. Because "good" wins over "evil" some believe there is a moral value to Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Satan is happy that many are being indoctrinated into his world of the occult. Little do some fail to realize the fact that ALL the occult is evil! There is no such thing as a good witch, a good wizard, or good spells. All occultism is an abomination to God!"[69]

Yusko claims that "Cartoons with light occultism are very successful. Witches, sorcerers, and astrology is [sic] presented as a good thing. ... I have noticed the odd time when Yogi Bear, Popeye, Bugs Bunny and others have played around with occultism. Other cartoons are created and are purely occult based. Examples would be Hercules, He Man, and Scoobie Doo etc.. Themes in these cartoons are constantly based on the occult and witchcraft."[70] Yusko complains about Disney’s animated movie Fantasia in which Mickey Mouse plays the wizard. He goes on to rant about how Disney has "degenerated to include gay (sodomite) weeks at their theme park. Imagine a family going to Disneyland and seeing a bunch of sodomites enjoying their immorality with one another in public view. Sodomites go to Disney theme parks with fellow sodomites and enjoy a week of sexual perversion."[71]

Fairy tales are not excluded from Yusko’s rath. He lists the following fairy tales as having occult influence (and seems to have been so affected by this that he can no longer spell):

- "Snow White. Witch casts a spell on an applle [sic] eaten by Snow White...

- "Cinderella. Witch casts a spell so Cindrellla [sic] can go to the ball...

- "Jack and the beanstock. Jack gets some ‘maagic’ [sic]beans...

- "Rapunzel. Put in a tower by an enchantresss [sic] (a witch)...

- "Wizard of Oz... A wizard is the leader and he is the man Dorothy and friends must see for help. Dorothy gets help from the "good" witch and battles the evil witches. The witches cast their spells in the story."[72]

Yusko asks us to note that these stories "have bad witches casting evil spells and so-called good witches casting ‘good’ spells. Many fairy tales have a happy ending so the child will be given a pleasant introduction to the world of the occult."[73] He goes on to complain that Mattel has a "a new spell casting Barbie Doll."[74] Yusko compalins that "Ouija boards are still popular as they were 20-30 years ago"[75] and that "This ‘toy’ opens the door to demon possession and oppression."[76] "The powers of witchcraft play a part in many toys, " Yusko warns. Yusko claims that:

" indoctrinate young children a much more milder form of occultism must be used. The child must be introduced to the world of the occult in a fun and enjoyable way. Fairy tales are happy stories that are filled with witches and sorcerers. Many parents read these demonic tales as bedtime stories to their children. This way the child can go to sleep with happy thoughts about witches and wizards. During the day the child can play with occult toys like spell casting Barbie, the ouija board, or the many witchcraft toys and games for boys. They can watch cartoons and movies filled with witchcraft, spell casting, and other forms of the occult. Over time the child will grow up and be brainwashed into enjoying the occult. Later in life the child will be ready for a deeper level of occult indoctrination. At that point Harry Potter type of occultism will take the child much deeper into the world of the occult.

"Satan's goal for all this occult brainwashing is a pleasant introduction for the young child to the world of the occult. Then as the child gets older they can be exposed to more hardcore witchcraft. Later after the child learns to read, they can "enjoy" the witchcraft training manuals of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. The child can play with ouji [sic] boards, Dungeons and dragons, and enjoy other occult toys and activities geared for older children. This will allow them to experience a deeper taste and acceptance of Satan's world of the occult."[77]

Yusko includes a page on his web site with the title Witches and Satanists Use the Media to Recruit.[78] I found this rather amusing because, as should be glaringly obvious by now, using the media to recruit is exactly what Yusko is up to here. This page is actually an article by the same name by David Benoit. This article was based on chapter six of Benoit's book Fourteen Things Witches Hope Parents Never Find Out. Benoit points out that the Church of Satan and the (now defunct) American Council of Witches are listed in the U.S. Chaplain's Manual. Benoit quotes the Council as saying that "Witches do not proselytize, but welcome inquiries from those who hear about the craft by either word-of-mouth or the media."[79] Benoit claims that Witches and Satanists share "definite similarities."[80] Even though Benoit has just reported that neither organization proselytizes, he insists that "both have their religion propagated by the media."[81]

Benoit goes on to list "three ways that the media helps witchcraft."[82] The first is that "By giving a distorted view of witchcraft. They make a witch look like a wicked, ugly old hag, so that when an attractive woman claims witchcraft as her religion, people become more curious and let their guard down. They introduce good witches to combat the bad, ugly witches. This gives an image that some witches can be trusted as allies for good. You notice that good magic always wins over bad magic. This leads a person to believe that it is okay to practice witchcraft, if it is for good."[83] Benoit gives the TV shows Bewitched and Sabrina the Teenaged Witch as well as the movie the Wizard of Oz as examples. This is followed by an odd and rather pointless argument in which Benoit goes on about "directional witches" in which he tries to prove that the character Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is actually the "good witch of the south." This leads him to claim that "Witches do believe in directional spirits."[84]

Benoit then states that Dorothy sought "spiritual guidance from a ...crystal ball"[85] before going on her journey. This leads him to point out that the professor who owned this crystal ball "said that this crystal ball came from Isis... a goddess worshipped in Egypt."[86] This leads Benoit to state that "Dorothy finds herself seeking occult guidance throughout the whole movie."[87] Like many of the others that I’ve written about in my Witch Hunts column, Benoit fixates on the rainbow: He sees sinister significance in Dorothy’s song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow, " claiming that "the rainbow was used as a symbol for the New Age movement... it means basically the arch or bridge that leads from the natural to the supernatural."[88] Benoit attempts to connect this with the subsequent suicide of Judy Garland, who played Dorothy in this movie.

Benoit then attempts to head off people like me at this point by stating "Right now some of you are angry that I would bring up The Wizard of Oz while talking about real witchcraft. Some of you are thinking that I am, excuse the expression, ‘witch hunting.’ Right now, some of you would like to debate me on all the good wholesomeness of this movie. All I can say is that witches are right-the media can be their best source of recruitment. The media has craftily changed your biblical perspective of witchcraft. Not one time is witchcraft mentioned in a good context in the Bible. Philosophically you might say that witches are not all bad. But biblically they are always bad. As a matter of fact, in Exodus 22:18, the Bible says that ‘Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.’"[89] You can make all of the excuses you like, Benoit. You’re witch hunting.

Benoit then attempts to make the following points:

"They followed the yellow brick road. Yellow is often used as a color to refer to gold. There is only one place I have ever heard about golden streets- that is Heaven. (Remember, her house did spiral northward.)"[90] Apparently nobody else is allowed to use the symbolism of gold streets.

"Omnipotence and omniscience are two attributes that belong only to God. They found that the all-powerful and all-knowing wizard was a fake. He was just a man that people had elevated to become a supreme being. In a world filled with agnostics who are confused about the existence of God, could this be a reference to God? See, God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and yet many would have us to believe God does not exist; that He is just an elevated person that we created to be a supreme being."[91] I’d suggest that Yusko and Benoit are attempting to claim the titles of omnipotence and omniscience here.

The final thing to consider is the pure dose of humanism as the end result. After finding out that the wizard was a man, they found out that they had all the power inside themselves. The Tin Man really did have a heart; the Cowardly Lion really was not a coward; the Scarecrow had the ability to think the whole time; and Dorothy had the ability within herself to go home any time."[92] Of course the reason that Benoit et al object to this is because they don’t want their followers to get the idea that they might have any personal power. They keep control of these people by making them feel powerless.

Benoit then complains about the U.S. District court finding Wicca to be a legal religion in 1985, about how the USAF has recognized Wicca as a legitimate religion and a U.S. District Court case in which a federal judge ruled against the Salvation Army because it fired a woman who practiced witchcraft. He then cites the Biblical accounts of the city of Nineveh and how it’s people would not repent because "of the multitude of the whoredoms of the well-favoured harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts."[93] This leads Benoit to conclude that "that witchcraft destroys nations as well as homes."[94] He then lists what he believes to be three similarities between Nineveh and the modern world.

"Witchcraft became not only accepted, but well-favored...

"Witchcraft today is a very marketable commodity...

"...witchcraft is family oriented...."[95]

Benoit then lists a host of animated movies that had witches in them and complains that the Billy Graham film, The Prodigal, was rated PG. "Do you know why?" Benoit wails, "Because the Motion Picture Industry said that children should not be exposed to Christianity without the consent of their parents. Yet, witchcraft today is all rated ‘G’..."[96] Benoit then attempts to make something of the term "the Craft" that Wiccans sometimes use to describe their beliefs. "Strangely enough, " Benoit says, "craft is the root word for ‘crafty.’ And one would have to admit that they live up to their name."[97] I don’t think anyone could describe Benoit as being crafty. This sort of argument is pointless and childish in the extreme.

Benoit then claims that "the third way the media encourages witchcraft and Satanism is they give a distorted view of Christianity."[98] He again quotes the American Council of Witches from the U.S. Chaplain 's Manual: ". . . cooperation with other religions are cordial, except those groups which have sought to persecute and defame the Craft."[99] Benoit tells us that the religion being referred to is Christianity. Actually it would be more accurate to say that a vocal minority of extremist Christians are responsible, not the greater Christian community. Benoit then quotes the same manual again: "The Church of Satan stands as a gathering point for all those who believe in what the Christian Church opposes."[100] This leads Benoit to hint that Witches and Satanists are somehow related "stand[ing] with open arms, and gather[ing] all those who oppose Christianity."[101] Benoit then produces a list in which he compares the Bible, the Church of Satan, and the "Church of Wicca": Benoit states that the Bible teaches that homosexuality and fornication are wrong, that there is only one true God, and that occult powers are bad. He objects to Satanists and Wiccans accepting homosexuals and finding nothing wrong with sex. He states that Satanists "make themselves god" and complains that Wiccans have many gods. He objects to Satanists and Wiccans having occult powers. Benoit complains that the media "adhere to the god of humanism."[102]

"When was the last time you saw a movie that made a Christian look sensible?" Benoit complains. Dave, I have to tell you, it is awfully hard for anyone to make you look sensible. Benoit goes on to complain that the media and movies make Christians look "mentally ill." Dave, some of you are. Benoit cites the documentary about Jim Jones and the mass suicide of his followers in Guyana and claims that the wasn’t a Christian but a "socialist New Ager." He speculates that one day the US government will declare "humanism to be the true religion"[103] and asks the insane question "Will this give them the right to kill people? Will people of the future accept this kind of barbarianism? The answer is YES!"[104] Benoit goes on to claim that "If we say the Bible teaches us to kill witches, we would be cruel, non-tolerating bigots. Yet, during the Tribulation it will be totally accepted to kill saints. It is amazing how many Americans believe the government was right to kill some innocent women and children because the media called them cultists."[105]

"When I tell people that I am an evangelist, the first thought is not that I am a Christian serving God, but that I am a charlatan and a dishonest person, "[106] Benoit wails. I wonder how they’d get that idea? Benoit complains that ten years ago evangelists were respected, but "Now they grab their wives, hide their children, and hold their back pocket!"[107]

Like many of the other people that I’ve written about in this Witch Hunts series, Yusko makes numerous pronouncements about perceived occult symbolism. By now it shouldn’t surprise you that one of his favorite targets in this regard is Harry Potter. He points out the "Satanic lightning bolt on the forehead of Potter"[108] as evidence that "Harry Potter is part of the devil's plan."[109] Yusko tells us that Potter "is riding a broom (symbol of witchcraft)."[110] Yusko sees significance in the fact that in some of the artwork the the letter "P" in Potter’s name "has the Satanic lightning bolt on it."[111] The white unicorn in the Potter stories becomes "another symbol of the occult."[112] He doesn’t like Potter’s magic wand and says that this is an indication of "demonic power which enslaves and destroys."[113] Yusko tries to associate all this with the Nazi SS by pointing out that the lightning bolt was part of their symbolism. He further claims that "the Satanic 'S' or the lightning bolt symbolizes Satan's fall from heaven, "[114] citing Luke 10:18. This sends Yusko off on a tangent about how the "rock and roll scene" use "all kinds of Satanic symbols such as upside down crosses, hexagrams, pentagrams, Satanic lightning bolts, and 666's."[115] Rather than pick this all apart I’d refer the reader to my earlier Symbols article in this Witch Hunts series for a listing of the many other interpretations of these symbols.

Yusko has many links on his site to equally hateful sites.[116] One page focusing on Yusko’s pet peeves lists links to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings sites and include:

The Lord of the Rings - more witchcraft, wizardry, and occultism

"Lord of the Rings: Foreshadowing the Book of Revelation": Paw Creek Ministries web site article by Joseph Chambers

"Tolkien's Lord of the Rings: Truth, Myth or Both?": A December 2001 article by Berit Kjos

"TOLKIEN AND THE LORD OF THE RINGS": David Brown’s Logos Resource pages David has been the subject of earlier articles by me.

"A Former Witch Looks At The Lord Of The Rings ...Lord of the Rings: Beware of Satan's occultism!": This is a Last Trumpet Ministries article ( by David J. Meyer

· "The demonic Harry Potter":

Yusko provides us with another lengthy list of links to other anti-Pagan web sites on another page on his site.[117] These are grouped into several subject areas, most of which should be familiar to you by now:

Harry Potter:

"Harry Potter? What Does God Have To Say?": Last Trumpet Ministries article

"J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and Witchcraft": A link to which links in turn to other anti-Potter articles

"Harry Potter ‘a Sorcerers tale’": Link to Let Us Reason Ministries anti-Potter article

"Bewitched by Harry Potter": Links to a Berit Kjos article by this name on the Worthy News site

"Harry Potter: A new twist to Witchcraft": Links to Exposing Satanism site article on Potter

"Witchcraft 101 - The Very ‘Satanic’ Harry Potter": Link not working.

"The Demonic Harry Potter": Links to Kingdom Alert update on Potter:

"Harry Potter The Hero for Modern Witchcraft Part 1": Link not working

"What’s Wrong With Harry Potter?": Gregory Reid’s article, featured on Eric Barger’s Take a Stand Ministries site:

"Harry Potter Movie and Three Good Reasons to Avoid it!": Another link to Barger’s Take a Stand Ministries:

"Bewitched by Harry Potter": Duplication of the earlier link to Berit Kjos’s article

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire": Another Berit Kjos article opposed to Potter

"Harry Potter and D&D - Like Two Peas in a Pod?" Yet another Kjos article

"Harry Potter and the Antichrist": Another Paw Creek Ministries article:

"The Problem With Harry Potter": Another Logos Resources article, featuring a photo of "J. K. Rowling In A Black Witchcraft Ritual Robe"

"Harry Potter Lures Kids to Witchcraft with Praise from Christian Leaders": Kjos again

"The Problem With Harry Potter": Logos Resources again

"Potter Mania and Unconscious Learning: How Movie Magic Changes Minds": Kjos yet again

"Twelve reasons not to see Harry Potter Movies": Kjos

"Harry Potter And The Christian... Or Anyone": A link to a "Battle Lines Brief" of Christian Research Ministries, Spokane, WA

"Harry Potter Christians": A Sandy Simpson article on the Deception in the Church web site ( accusing Christian ministers Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, C, Peter Wagner, John Kilpatrick, Steve Hill, Michael Brown, John Arnott, T.B. Joshua of being "Harry Potter Christians".

"Halloween 2000 starring Harry Potter!": Kjos again

"The demonic Pokemon": "Pokemon: Children Having Fellowship With Devils": Another Paw Creek Ministries article

"A critique on the demonic Pokemon fad": A Worthy News article

"A good site exposing pokemon": An anti Pokemon chat group

"The Pokemon Movie" More Kjos

Dungeons and Dragons: "Dungeons and Dragons Bad?": A Christian Sentinel article Feb 1999 by Jim Carroll

"Demonic Dungeons and Dragons game - article 1": A duplicate of the "two peas in a pod" article listed earlier

"DemonicDungeons and Dragons game - article 2": A Logos Resources article

"DemonicDungeons and Dragons game - article 3": Article in the Watchman Expositor by Craig Branch

"General Occultism": "Exposing Satanism": Yusko tells us that "This web site has lots of articles that expose the works of the devil and those duped souls that follow him." It is a link to, which I discussed earlier in my Witch Hunts series.

"Halloween": link to Halloween article

"The Meaning of Halloween": Link not working

"Annie's Halloween Page": A "cute" approach Christian page

"The dark side of Halloween 20 Oct 2001": An article by well known anti Pagan Caryl Matrisciana in World Net Daily

"Touched By An Angel - But Which Kind?" Kjos again

"Taming Tarzan, King of the Apes": Kjos griping about Tarzan movies

"MATILDA SPELLS M-A-G-I-C": Kjos griping about the children’s movie Matilda based on the Roald Dahl book

"CASPER, MORE THAN A FRIENDLY GHOST": Kjos bitching about the Casper movie

"The Spirit Behind The Lion King": Kjos complaining of this Disney movie

"Disney's POCAHONTAS": Kjos again

"HERCULES -- A COUNTERFEIT SAVIOR?" Kjos ranting about Disney again

"The Prince of Egypt": Kjos again

"Exposing Satanism Site Index": A link to the Exposing Satanism site

"666 Watch": A really weird site I’ll write about later implanted bio chips seemingly inspired by Marrs

"C.S. Lewis...General Teachings/Activities (apostate and occultic)": A link to

"Beware of occult healing: Reflexology!": Let Us Reason Ministries again

"Beware of the occult practice of YOGA": Let Us Reason Ministries again

"Beware of occult healing: ACUPUNCTURE!" Let Us Reason Ministries yet again

"YOGA: EXERCISE OR RELIGION?": Anti yoga article in The Watchman Expositor

"The Disney Files: Subliminal messages?": Link doesn’t work

"Astrology: A Vain Attempt at Fortune Telling From the Devil - Stay Away!": Repeat of earlier link

"Freemasonry - a Satanic false religion": Yusko prefaces this list with the comment: "Many Masons claim to be Christians and they even attend a Christian church. The person involved in freemasonry is nothing but a wolf in sheeps clothing... Freemasonry has a false plan of salvation and another savior. The god of Freemasonry is not the God of the Bible.

· "Leading a person away from Masonry": A link to the Ephesians 5:11 web site

· "MASONRY PROVEN CONCLUSIVELY TO BE WORSHIP OF LUCIFER": Link to the Cutting Edge Ministries site which I discussed earlier in my Witch Hunts series


· "Freemasonry Watch website": Link routed to

· "Saints Alive in Jesus. Lots of information on Freemasonry and Mormonism.": This is the web site of Ed Decker, a Bill Schnoebelen supporter, who will be the subject of another article in this series

· "Order of former freemasons Freed from Satan's grip!": Link to Order of Former Freemasons site

· "Masonry... Get Out Now! If you are a Satanic mason then get out!": Yusko article

Yusko uses another article, "MASONRY... GET OUT NOW!", to preface another list of anti-Masonic links:

Nowhere in all of this does Yusko provide any evidence to support his claims. He is entirely fixated on works of fiction rather than reality. It is just another example of how people such as him violently object to anyone having opinions or ideas different than his own.

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