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Reactions III

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: January 15th. 2006
Times Viewed: 9,292

The Witch Hunts column that I launched in July 2002 has spawned a lot of e-mail and inspired my book by the same name that came out last year. Much of the e-mail that I receive about Witch Hunts is fan mail supporting my efforts. Much of it is information for future articles. Some of it can only be classified as "hate mail." In 2003 I wrote my first "Reactions" article describing some of this hateful yet often amusing mail. It is time to give you another update.

Much of the hate mail that I receive is simply one liners from people with little imagination. Larry wrote me in November 2005 to tell me "You are a first class screw ball--PERIOD."[1] One note bearing the caption "So Called Ministries" states: "I THINK YOU ARE IN SERIOUS NEED OF A RUBBER ROOM!"[2] Another poorly written complaint from someone named Gabriel with the caption "You Will Bow" states: "You will go terrible things and changes in your life. And one day you will just bow down in your knees asking God's forgiveness."[3] Gabriel's e-mail server is "" which gives you some insight into his beliefs.

Another example of bad grammar and worse spelling came from a Mr. Paulino, who wrote : "hi, mr. cuhulain what you are telling are lies! why do you do this? this is evil and you know that you are a liar! you are the one who is helping satan preparing the one wolrd goverment! please don#t think im stupid. when you will die you will know but then its too late!! you have bitternes in you thats why you serving satan? you cant forgive others? do you think satan loves you? he is using you until he don't need you anymore! why don't you get off this burning ship? bye :-)"[4] I think that you'll agree with me that the smiley face at the end is a bizarre touch, given the rest of the letter. My ship isn't burning, Mr. Paulino, and I'm not the one who is being unforgiving.

Sarah wrote to me to ask, "Why are you so hell bent on attacking christians? I notice that most of your articles are about articles that christians have written- to me it seems very obvious that you are incredibly defensive and that spells out one thing to me. GUILT."[5] Sarah's e-mail handle is "christ_follower_84." Well, Sarah, if you'd actually read any of my articles, read my Witch Hunts book or attended any of my lectures, you'd know that I've always made it very clear that the people that I write and speak about are a vocal minority who call themselves Christian and who do not represent the greater Christian community. As I've pointed out in past "Reactions" articles, I have a lot of Christian friends and many Christians have written to commend my work.

Sherea, who uses the e-mail handle "trueworship," wrote to me to say: "It's amazing to me that you would spend that much time reading Apostle Jonas' book and yet be so blind not to see nor understand the magnitude of ignorance you possess. You and I both know that deep down inside you know that what he has written about it true. I know this because of the amount of time you spend to discredit it. I hope and pray that you would open your eyes and begin to search for the Truth because Jesus (the Truth) will make you free. It would not be good for you to die and go to hell just because you refuse to acknowledge what you know deep down inside is the real thing. Give Jesus a chance - not religion - but Jesus."[6] Sherea doesn't make it clear why she figures that I've spent a lot of time reading the Book of Jonah in the Bible (a very short book). I can assure her that: (a) I don't. (b) I won't. and (c) With regards to her offer regarding Jesus being my saviour: Thanks but no thanks.

One lady, who shall remain nameless, wrote to me to ask: "Is Prince William a Satanist? I have read stories identifying him as the anti-Christ." No. He isn't.


Rocky Scarfone wrote to me twice on 8 December 2005 to complain that he wasn't the author of the web site Last Stop Hell ( "you have my name posted as the owner and website author of and/or," Scarfone complains, "please note that I am just a service provider and am ONLY the CONTACT as such for the above domains.. like i am for 2000 other domains... I am requesting you remove my name.. thanks rock ps 1 800 438 6894."

What I had written in my Last Stop Hell article was:

"You can find a web site bearing this title at Nowhere on the Last Stop Hell web site does the creator of it identify himself: This is reminiscent of the Encyclopedia of Satanic Wicca site I wrote about earlier in my Witch Hunts series. However, a whois search reveals that this site is registered to Rock Scarfone of the Lighthouse Sanctuary Youth Foundation, 1426 Web Gin House Rd, Lawrenceville, GA, 30045."

In his second misspelled note, Scarfone complains: "please be awre that I just complete a settlement in a case and won seven in the past 5 years. I will say this, it is a battle ongoing .... tii protect ones name and reputation. now, I have NEVER EVER been the registrant for your going to hell or last stop hell. I will check back next week, I hope that you have removed my name and ministry from your article..."

I amended the article to reflect the fact that Scarfone was saying that he was not the author of the web site and cautioning him that if he was the service provider he should reassess this since the Last Stop Hell site was basically hate literature. I subsequently learned that Scarfone had created a web site attacking one of his neighbours: Several people, including Tom Papania, founder of God Saving Grace Ministries, are engaged in litigation against Scarfone at present.

One lady wrote a misspelled e-mail with the caption "Halloween/Brown" to complain: "Hi Kerr, I read through your various comments on Brown's book and his commentary on the problem with Halloween. I just want you to know, that whether or not his facts or sources are accurate, the Wiccan & Druid religions are evil in the site of God. They are associated with the devil because the Lord clearly says numberous times that there shall be no other gods before me. Both the Wiccan & Druid belief system comes from their worship of a diety that is not the Almighty God. (ref 1 Kings 18:21; Exodus 20: 3-5; Isaiah 42:8) There are several events where the Lord commanded His people to destroy nations of people that worshipped strange gods, and to utterly destroy them. (These begin in Joshua 6- all the way through to the end of 2 Kings.) That never pleased Him, so why would it now? And why do these people (Wiccans particularly) think that just because they are not doing other 'bad' things like, sexual immorality, stealing, lying, killing people, etc. that they are not still considered evil? God does not change, (Malachi 3:6) and a sin is a sin, no big or little sin. They do not acknowledge Him as their Lord, and He is their creator-it is a command to worship the Lord. (Deu 11:13-12:4). This sin of rebellion, is as a sin of witchcraft. Let it be known unto you this day, that the Lord God is God, and Jesus is the Christ. Your knee shall bow and you shall confess Jesus is Lord. (Isaiah 45:23). I pray that your eyes be opened and you come to know Jesus as your personal Lord & Saviour.(Rom 10:8-10). God Bless you."[8] That's a long winded way of saying "you're evil because you don't do it my way." No, I don't, and that doesn't make me evil.

You'll recall my recent article concerning the antics of Pam Schuffert ( She read my article and made the following response by e-mail. The capitalization and spelling in this bizarre note are as found in the original:

"I got a good laff (MORE than one) after attempting to read through your mis/disinformation regarding me. IN true CRAFT fashion, you did an excellent job of distortion, twisting, and other CRAFTY methods of misrepresenting THE TRUTH I stand for and represent, in order to attempt to discredit what you KNOW from the inside is largely the truth about the coming AMERICAN /CANADIAN HOLOCAUST and the targeting of all Christian (and OTHER) resistance to the much desired-by-pagans "dawning of the New World Order."

"(Heh-heh...there are LOTS of boxcars and shackles, guillotines, deathcamps, etc., ALL in place in BC to deal with Christian resisters of the pagan/Luciferian NWO, aren't there, dear??? My research has sertainly uncovered this fact!)

"But alas, there are those of us who know the truth from the inside (on my mother's side, we ARE BUSH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE via LEVI REDFIELD) and my very own relatives taunt me continually, saying, 'Why are you criticizing 666 Bush??? Don't you realize WE ARE BUSH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE???' Indeed, they may still be...but through the greater blood of JESUS CHRIST, I no longer am.

"You are fighting a losing battle on the loser's side. The CRAFT and THE BROTHERHOOD is doomed from the very beginning. And all the Satanic altars, pentagrams, rituals, summoned demons from hell, boxcars and shackles and tools of NWO destruction of the CHRISTIAN RESISTERS OF THE NWO will utterly fail in the end to produce their deadly desired results. WE ARE ETERNAL. DEATH ITSELF CANNOT STOP US NOR THE PLANS OF THE ETERNAL GOD OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

"The powers of Lucifer's darkness are but temporal and faltering.

"WE WIN...YOU lose. Period.

"Glad to read your amusing article on me, and to add you, my dear, to my prayer list! SO many are coming out of the Craft/Brotherhood to find a GREATER light through Jesus Christ. May OUR God grant you do the same."[9]

Pam signs this e-mail: "Blessed be THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, Pam Schuffert."[10] I have to wonder why, given the anti-Pagan rant that precedes it, she'd chose to include a common Wiccan greeting in this? Pam, you can declare yourself the winner as long and loud as you like. It changes nothing. You're deluded. You need help.

On 20 December I received an e-mail from Steven Jones, the Chieftain of the Yunsai Society ( You may recall in my article about the activities of Clifford Alford that Clifford claimed to be "Ceremonial leader for the Dancing Bear Band of the Yunsai Medicine Society." This was taken from Alford's bio, which can be found at: Jones informed me that Alford is not a Chieftain of any band of the Yunsai Society.[11] Jones went on to tell me that their attempts to contact Alford by e-mail and phone to challenge him on this had not been successful: Alford does not have an answering machine and did not respond to their mail. Jones told me that the Yunsai Society would be putting a disclaimer on their web site to indicate that Alford was not associated to them.

I also heard from a former associate of another person that I'd written an article on: Lyle Rapacki. This informant (whose identity I will protect) had come to know Rapacki after Rapacki did four addiction counseling sessions for an associate of this informant. The informant had become concerned about Rapacki's credentials and had gone on line to research Rapacki's background, coming across my article in the process. This informant told me that he believed that Rapacki was acting as a "counselor and football coach" in a local high school.

Holly Harwood of Healing Grove, a group supporting survivors of abuse (, wrote to tell me that she had known Eric Pryor many years ago. You'll recall that I investigated Pryor after he put himself forward as a "former Satanic priest" in the San Francisco area a few years ago and went on to lecture to police agencies on this subject. Harwood stated: "It saddens me that Eric never found healing in the Craft. We weren't close and we never discussed our backgrounds of abuse. Like many abuse survivors, Eric sees the world as made up of users and victims. He has chosen to be a user. When I knew him, I believe he had not made that choice; he was sweet and shy around women. I believe there is a third path, of healing ourselves and each other [and a fourth of protecting children and preventing and stopping abuse]."[12]

Finally, I'd like to help out a person doing some research on the background of Pat Pulling, who is best known for her crusade against Fantasy Role Playing Games, which she believed to be Satanic. Chris Cafferty is doing a documentary on Dungeons and Dragons and his trying to find video footage of Pat Pulling. He'd greatly appreciate it if anyone out there has any video footage of Pat. If you do, please contact me so that I can pass this along to Chris.

[1] 29 November 2005. E-mail from "Larry" (, emphasis in original.
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[11] 20 December 2005. E-mail from Steve Jones (
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Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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