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Eric Pryor [2]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: July 29th. 2002
Times Viewed: 13,625

Following the condemnation of his actions by the local Pagan community, Pryor referred to Janet Christian of BAPA as a "bitchy little 'my wand is bigger than your wand' type, and condemns Don Frew of CoG as "a self aggrandizing Satanist." Pryor described CoG as "Not a well-established organization; its's just a bunch of burnouts grasping at straws and engaging in intellectual gymnastics." He went on to make several other statements which will give the reader a better idea of Pryor's motives and mind set since his "conversion":

Letter to Janet Christian of BAPA, dated 91-1-28: "It is obvious that you have been busy being deceived by the evil one... as a Christian soldier, as an emissary of God here on earth- The One God... I am going to expose your clearly demonic induced deceptions... it is apparent that the spirit which moves through you is of Satan. Your evil will not prevail. Satan is a liar and so are you... I rebuke you and all of BAPA for your evil campaign of lying, deceit, and deception, which is clearly of the ilk of Satan himself. This is just part of the package that I have put together to expose you and those of you who would deceive and thereby deny people the right to the kingdom of heaven through the salvation of Christ Jesus our Lord."

Letter to Eric Marsh of BAPA, dated 91-1-28: "The following is just a small sample of what is going to be distributed throughout the country and the world... I feel it necessary to expose the self-aggrandizing control oriented mindset of the Neopagan group or groups here in the Bay area (sic)... As a born again Christian with the Holy Spirit running through me for the glory of God our Father (and He's yours too, Eric), I will fight to expose the deception and the deceivers here in the Bay Area and throughout the world that not poor, unfortunate, deceived man or woman should fall prey to the deceptions of the prince of the air."

Letter to Russell Williams, n/k date in early 91: "...It is obvious to me that the Neopagan (sic) movement is being deceived by the prince of the air (Satan), as not a one of you has displayed anything remotely spiritual. Self-aggrandizing, yes. Political, yes. Elitist, yes. As a Christian soldier filled with the Holy Spirit, it is my will to do the Lord God Almighty's will. That includes exposing Satan's emissaries here on earth, all of which are blatant liars. In order that I might glorify God the Father through Jesus Christ and the prayer of the Holy Spirit, I will not cease and desist until your Satanic activities are exposed to the world and my Father God stands behind me, as I am covered with the blood of His precious and glorious Son, Jesus Christ... Your campaigns of deception inspired of the evil one will be exposed. It is unfortunate that there are so many out there who are being controlled by Satan and his emissaries and destined to hell... May our Heavenly Father have mercy on your sinful, demonic soul."

Pryor next tried to set up a "Religious Summit" between Pagans and Christians. Pryor tried to hand pick the Pagan representatives that he wanted to attend while putting no limits on the Christian end of things. Even Sandra Pryor got into the act, sending a letter to Marsh and BAPA chiding them for not participating in the forum and saying: "I hope that you realize that you are playing with fire, for Eric has quite a few more tricks up his sleeve, so I suggest that you back off... Further, the forum will be held at a location which will remain undisclosed until Eric chooses to announce it, probably at the last minute." Many Pagans wrote to Dick Bernal to try to clarify the situation, but all queries directed at Bernal were answered by Pryor. It is no wonder that many groups such as BAPA refused to participate in Eric's planned summit.

While I encourage such dialogue with other faiths, it is obvious in this case that Pryor et al were simply trying to manipulate the circumstances to manufacture a situation to their own advantage. It seems unlikely that any such summit would be a true forum under the conditions being imposed upon it. It is interesting to see that according to Chris Carlysle of the Alliance for Magical and Earth Religions (AMER), Pryor was trying to recruit Lilith Aquino of the Temple of Set into participating in his Prayer Crusade protest. Aquino is a member of AMER. Pryor was unsuccessful, but later contacted Lilith in March 1991, claiming to be organizing a forum for radio evangelist Bob Larson.

Despite Pryor's assurance to the Pagan community that he was only trying to improve relations between them and the Christians, he made quite different statements to his Christian fans. "In June 1991 he spoke at a fundamentalist church in Cameron Park and the local newspaper quoted him as saying, "My goal is to destroy Satanism, humanism, paganism, druidism and the practice of homosexuality in our lifetime." Bernal is quoted as saying, "What do the pagans have against Eric? He has made it public that it is now his calling in life to tell the world that witchcraft can lead to drug abuse, alcoholism, murder...", to which Pryor added, "...and self mutilation." Neither did Pryor make any secret about his financial ambitions. At a speaking engagement in this period at an Assembly of God church in Preoria he said, "There is nothing spiritual about poverty. The Lord commands you to prosper." One very interesting thing about the Mercury News article that reports this is that it was accompanied by a photograph (by Mercury News Photographer Jim Gensheimer) of Pryor talking on the phone in his apartment in Santa Clara, supplied by to him by the Jubilee Christian Center. On the wall behind Pryor you can clearly see a gun rack with a shotgun and a rifle on it. A man with Pryor's criminal record could not legally possess such firearms: CoG member Don Frew noticed this and notified the BATF. It is not known what action the BATF took.

On 26 July 1991 I attended a seminar on "Satanic Crime" in Richmond, British Columbia. The speaker was Eric Pryor. It was for police officers only. I was invited to this seminar by a fellow officer (not a Pagan) in the Extremist Section of the Vancouver Integrated Intelligence Unit who had received notice of it. This seminar was sponsored by the local Vancouver Christian Center and was held at their church in the aptly named local tourist attraction "Fantasy Gardens." It was organized by Vancouver Christian Center member Lynn Crosby, a local real estate agent. She had sent invitations to this seminar to all of the Lower Mainland police departments but had not otherwise advertised it, so far as I am aware.

My VIIU colleagues discussed this presentation with me and we decided that as we were trying to gather as much information as possible, I should not reveal my identity to anyone at the seminar. We felt that if Pryor learned that I was there he would at the very least modify what he had to say.

I arrived with my VIIU colleagues at 8:30 in the morning to find no one yet around. I met up with some Royal Canadian Mounted Police members that I knew. I was informed that the sponsors had asked for the RCMP to supply body guards for Pryor. They told me that the RCMP had not seen the necessity for this and had turned them down.

We did not see any notices around directing us to where the seminar was to take place, so we started scouting around. We found a conference center which was locked up, but you could see a display table covered with Christian tapes through the window. One of the Mounties found the janitor and he opened the door for us. It turned out to be the lobby for the Vancouver Christian Center's chapel, upstairs. We started browsing through the display material, which consisted of:

Tapes by Pryor's sponsor Dick Bernal of the Jubilee Christian Center.

Tapes and tracts by Henry Hinn Ministries. Henry Hinn was the pastor of the Vancouver Christian Center church at Fantasy Gardens. There were tapes by both Henry and his wife Donna.

Eric Pryor's videotape From Pagan to Pentecost.

One of the RCMP members with me commented: "If they start going on about this stuff (indicating the tapes) I'm leaving". After a few minutes the organizers of the seminar found us and hustled us over to the meeting room where the event was being held. Apparently the display had been set up for a speaking engagement by Pryor for their church congregation the night previous and it appeared to me that they had not intended for us to see it.

Once in the meeting room, we were fed coffee and pastries and told that they had been hoping that more people, specifically higher ranking police officials than us, would be attending. They told us that they had hoped to spend the first hour getting to know them. When our reactions to these statements clearly indicated that these comments weren't well received, Crosby announced that they would be trying to get Pryor there earlier. They set up Pryor's videotape From Pagan to Pentecost so that we could see it. This had run only as far as the introduction when Pryor breezed in, wearing a black Stetson and an ankle length black denim coat, looking like a character out of a Western movie. Pryor apologized for this disorganization and said that he was waiting for his briefcase to arrive, as it had been misplaced.

The focus of Pryor's lecture could be summed up as: "How to infiltrate the Wiccan community in order to find the Satanists for which Wiccans are a front." Throughout his lecture he repeatedly insisted that in contacting the Pagan community we should not under any circumstances mention his name. The reason for this will become obvious as you read on. Pryor asked us all to get PO boxes to assist us in our undercover work, due to the alleged risks involved. He promised several times to send us an information package with names, addresses and phone numbers of Pagan contacts to assist us in our infiltration attempts (I sent away for this but never received it). Ironically, Pryor warned us that Pagans had infiltrated law enforcement in order to "pass information to the illegal community," unaware that some of the law enforcement officers present had invited a Wiccan police officer to go to this lecture to get the low down on Pryor.

Pryor's opening line was: "I promise that I'm not here to convert you". As was obvious from the reaction we had to our examining their tape display earlier, the fact that the sponsors and the speaker were fundamentalist Christians was being down played here. Pryor started by saying that "The Occult community encompasses murder, drugs and homosexuality. The stuff I share with you could easily get me killed. New Age and Occult practices are becoming more popular and as it becomes more popular it is a cover for criminality." He said that the occult was a "very popular avenue to be used as a cover" for such activity. He informed everyone that there was "the largest Witches intensive on the west coast" happening in Vancouver at this very moment. This announcement had some truth to it, as the local chapter of the Reclaiming tradition was holding its Witchcamp in the area at the time.

Pryor identified himself as a former Wiccan High Priest and declared that "most of the [Pagan] community was involved in fraud." Pryor went on to say: "I could rob people and I was protected under the constitution." Mentioning that he had now converted to Christianity, he said: "To me spiritually, anyone on the occult side is the enemy." Pryor later said: "I was the San Francisco PD's worst nightmare", suggesting that the only reason that he wasn't ever charged criminally for all of his alleged Satanic activity was because "the cops had a detente" with him. He stated "I was involved in all kinds of crime but this was a product of my misguided spiritual thoughts."

Later Pryor told us some more of his alleged background. Pryor stated: "I ran away myself when I was 12 and I was involved in temples at 10." He said that his grandfather was a founder of the American Nazi Party. Pryor said that skinheads practised "Nazi magic" and that Adolph Hitler "was a member of the OTO and studied the Golden Dawn." Pryor claimed that he had a brand on his right arm (which he didn't show to us). He said that if this was discovered after he died it would "cause [him] to be buried in a certain way." When asked how he first got involved, Pryor replied that he was abused as a 10 year old. Pryor then said that he went to the public library and got his first contacts from Hans Holzer's book "The Witchcraft Report." He said that he studied this book and that when he first contacted some Witches "I so impressed them with my knowledge of the lingo." He said that they were also impressed that he was a male prostitute. He said that he "ran into the most powerful occultist in the world", a person he declined to identify further. He claimed that he "was like the Mozart of the occult community" and that it "snowballed" into higher and higher positions. He said that he "was a kept man in the temple" and practised "Minoan magic." When asked how he got out, Pryor told the now well know claims of being saved by Bernal et al, having "defected 9 months ago." Pryor added: "The only reason that I'm alive is because it was so highly publicized", naming every single one of the various newspapers, magazines and TV stations that had covered the story. Pryor concluded: "I was too high profile." He alluded to having bodyguards supplied by pastor Hinn. Pryor at one point alleged that he carried "a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun all the time" (another BATF violation and a violation of Canadian law if true) and that he was quite prepared to use it to protect himself. None of us saw him with any such weapon. Nor did it appear that he had any bodyguards, despite his claims. In fact, for a person allegedly under threat of death, he seemed extremely casual, taking no visible precautions at all. Oddly, he claimed that "some Pagan festivals must still allow me in because of my status (as a Satanic High Priest)." Why would Pryor want to go to a Pagan festival if he figured his life was in danger from Pagans?

Pryor announced at one point during this lecture that he was "the Pagan community's spiritual leader not the political leader." At another point Pryor suggested that he was the leader of the entire homosexual and occult community in the Bay area. Pryor said that the "Bay Area is the networking capital of North America" and that he had "set up many computer networks for Wicca." Referring to his protest circle outside the Larry Lea Crusade, Pryor claimed that he had told the Pagan community "forget the spiritual, we're going to war!" and stated that he had "fully automatic weapons, grenades, dynamite, you'd be surprised what I had." He said that the people that he had brought to protest the Larry Lea crusade in October had been "armed to the teeth and all I had to do was snap my fingers and there would have been a bloodbath." Pryor described his New Earth Temple as being inside a Masonic temple. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, it was actually in his apartment. Pryor stated: "In my temple I had machine guns. I taught people to commit murder. We sold a little blow and a little acid. The temple was just a smoke screen for the serious people." In fact Pryor alluded to having a large collection of automatic weapons in his temple several times. He must have noticed the looks that he was getting from some of us at this point, because he eventually made a point of saying that his alleged collection was now legally registered.

After his brief self introduction, Pryor excused himself to make a quick phone call. He soon returned with his missing briefcase and began the planned presentation.

Pryor started by saying that:"Wicca groups are for all intents and purposes harmless. All they are doing is getting high, drinking wine, doing weed and doing a lot of sexual activities." Pryor quickly clarified this, saying that by "sexual activities I do not mean deviant." He continued by saying: "These are not confrontational people." This is very curious remark in light of Pryor's earlier comments about his protest outside of Reverend Larry Lea's "Prayer Crusade." Pryor continued: "These people, however, are in the know and if you want to infiltrate the darker side you start here. If you get involved with a coven after a period of time you'll be able to glean the dark side." Pryor suggested that once you were in Wicca, Satanists are "very easy to get involved with. This is step one."

Pryor next referred to Satanists as "our counterparts", and described them as self centred, deranged capitalists who would "kill you over a business deal." Pryor stated that "You must go through Wicca to get into Satanism" and that there was a lot of activity in Vancouver. Pryor later said: "What you don't tell a Wicca is that you are looking for Satanists or the Temple of Set."

Pryor next brought out a copy of Drawing Down the Moon by well known Wiccan author Margot Adler. Pryor referred to Adler as "a friend of mine" (which, as mentioned earlier, is not true). Pryor encouraged us to write to Adler but insisted: "Don't tell Margot you are in law enforcement, because she won't write back." He suggested that Drawing Down the Moon was a good resource for police officers trying to infiltrate Wicca. He told us that the "buzzword" was "network" and that what we should do was try to get into these networks. He advised us to tell those we initially contacted that we were "solitaries who want to network." He suggested that we should read books like "The Book of Pagan Rituals I, II, and III" "to get the lingo down" before attempting to contact any Wiccans. He warned us that "lots of Wiccans claim that they are not into this" but that "anyone who is a Witch will get into something deeper."

(Continued... Click HERE for page III)

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Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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