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Eric Pryor [3]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: July 29th. 2002
Times Viewed: 15,037

For a person billing himself as a former Wiccan High Priest and therefore an expert in Wicca, Pryor proved to be surprisingly ignorant of Wiccan activities, personalities and organizations. During the course of his seminar, Pryor read out some listings of Pagan groups and newsletters from Drawing Down the Moon, in order to give us a list of contacts that we could use to start our infiltration activities. However, Pryor said that "you won't make any friends by mentioning my name." This is probably true, given what he was saying about Pagans here. It was also probably prompted by Pryor's concerns that his obvious lack of knowledge about things Pagan would be noticed. Pryor demonstrated several times that he wasn't familiar with the groups that he was referring to in Adler's book. For example he read out the old address of the newsletter All My Relations, which used to be in Milner, BC. He was obviously unaware that had relocated to Hazleton. On the subject of "names that you should know", the organizations and/or individuals which Pryor advised us to contact were:

Curios and Candles in California. He told us to call information for area code 415 for the number and to "ask for Mark the owner. Tell him you want the reclaiming lines and ask for a listing for the Temple of Set and for the Church of Satan." You'll note that this contradicts what he said earlier about not telling Wiccans that you were looking for such people. He said that the Church of Satan was bigger than the Temple of Set, but later changed his mind and reversed this.

Magical Childe in New York. Pryor gave the phone number and identified Herman Slater as the proprietor. He called Slater "the top gun" in the pagan community, describing him as "a big time homosexual who is into S&M and bondage." Pryor said that Magical Childe sold snuff videos which were advertised in its catalogues (When I got home I checked all of the Magical Childe catalogues that I had and I couldn't find any). Pryor also said that Slater recruited for the Temple of Set. In fact, later Pryor stated that "Slater is obligated to network with the Satanists." If Pryor had really known Slater, he would have known that Slater had absolutely no use for the Temple of Set.

Don Frew of CoG, whom Pryor described as "extremely arrogant." Pryor said that Frew "is known for his connections with the dark side." Pryor's animosity towards Frew is probably due to the fact that Frew investigated Pryor's claims about who he had been initiated by and reported to the Pagan community (and to Bernal in writing) that they were not true.

Wiccan author Starhawk, whom Pryor called "my archenemy in the Pagan community." Pryor said that Starhawk had written Spiral Dance and other books which we must read to learn our parts so that we could successfully infiltrate Wicca.

Church of All Worlds founder Otter G'Zell. Pryor called him "Tim Zell" and gave us the Church of All Worlds phone number. Pryor called CAW "the largest occult organization in the world" and said that "they also have associations with the dark side". Pryor suggested that a good opening line when contacting Pagan organizations would be to tell them that "Tim Zell is an old friend who you hadn't seen in years and you wanted to get on his list." Pryor suggested that if you called the Church of All Worlds you should "let him know that you're a homosexual and your young." Pryor said that Zell had created unicorn goats by "splitting the goat's skull and binding it" over and over again. Obviously Pryor hasn't read his copy of Drawing Down the Moon", because the process that was used by Zell on his goats is described there and this isn't it. Pryor further claimed that "Tim Zell believes that he can grow dinosaurs from spores". Otter and I had quite a laugh about this claim when I told him about it later.

Circle Sanctuary. Pryor told us about Pagan Spirit Gathering and said that it was held on the Circle Sanctuary property in Mt Horeb, using the stone circle. This proves that he has never been to PSG, since it is actually held miles away at a site that doesn't have a stone circle. I later spoke with Selena Fox, who confirmed that Pryor had never attended a PSG. Pryor said that you could not just walk onto the Circle site and would have to infiltrate the Wicca first. He stated that there were a lot of drugs at Circle's festivals and that Circle was "actively recruiting for Satanism".

Pryor was at one point asked if he could narrow down the kind of activity occurring in the Vancouver area. Pryor promised to supply us with "the number of a woman named Hanley." He said that if we called this number and said "I was at the Intensive" (referring to the Witches Intensive then under way in Vancouver) that we could get into the local community. In fact, there is no "woman named Hanley" involved with the organization of Witchcamp: The organizer's name was Pat Hogan. This was just another example of Pryor's ignorance of Wiccan personalities. Pryor next announced that he was planning to do his own "reverse infiltration" of this festival. This was absurd, since Starhawk, whom he had just announced was his "archenemy," would be there and would obviously recognize him. What about Pryor's claims that the occult community wanted him killed? No one challenged him on this point however (remember, I had agreed not to reveal myself).

Another officer asked Pryor why Vancouver was a center for Satanism. Pryor replied that "You've got a lot of native indians, a lot of idolatry, a lot of US Pagans training people here." Pryor said that Vancouver was "very rural" and that there were "lots of places to do sacrifices undisturbed and dispose of bodies." This raised a few eyebrows: Vancouver and the surrounding Lower Mainland is a highly urban area which at that time housed over one and a half million people. The city of Vancouver has no urban areas at all. Pryor said that real estate was cheaper here (in fact the exact opposite is true- Vancouver is one of the most expensive places in Canada to live) and that you can grow lots of "weed" here (this part is true- indoor grow operations are a major problem for police agencies in the area). Pryor claimed that there were 6 or 7 grottoes of the Temple of Set in the Vancouver area.

Pryor briefly described what Sabbats and Esbats were and said: "If something is going to go down and someone is going to get killed its going to happen on one of these days." He next stated that there were two types of pentacles to look for, upright and inverted. He said that the inverted pentacle was a strictly Satanic symbol (something an ex-Wiccan High Priest ought to know isn't true). Pryor said "At Wicca festivals look for inverted pentagram tattoos on the right arm or on a medallion." Later he stated that "most male occultists have their nose pierced on the right side" and that "most occultists have both ears pierced." I noted that Pryor's nose and ears weren't pierced (nor are mine). He further stated that "anyone wearing a tetragrammaton" (which he drew on the black board as a pentacle with "tetragrammaton" written around it clockwise) can be linked to the OTO."

NOTE: Tetragrammaton isn't a figure or an object, as Pryor is suggesting here. Tetragrammaton is a Greek title which literally translates as "four letter word" This refers to the four Hebrew letters Yod He Vau He ("YHVH", "JHVH" or "IHVH"), which are said to be the unpronounceable name of God. Because of the belief that once you know the real name of a thing, you can create it by its sound, the ancient Hebrews had prohibitions about speaking aloud the name of their God. This lead them to create the Tetragrammaton and use corruptions of the pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton such as "Yahweh", which later became "Jehovah". As a point of interest the early Hebrews, like the Phonecians, didn't usually use vowel characters, which is why there aren't any in the Tetragrammaton. The term appears in many grimoires, such as the Grimorium Verum, The True Book of Black Magic, the Lemegeton, the Grimoire of Honorius, the Grimoire of Armadel, the Grand Grimoire, the Versus Jesuitarum Libellus, the Greater Key of Solomon, Levi's Transcendental Magic, Barrett's The Magus and in the works of Aleister Crowley: In most cases it is simply a name used in conjurations.

At one point an officer asked Pryor if Wiccans had passwords and signs. Pryor told us that you could identify Wiccan High Priests and Priestesses by going up to them and saying "blessed be." Pryor alleged that if they were a High Priest or Priestess their reply would be "Blessed are the Blessed Be."

Pryor next went on about the breeding of babies for sacrifice, something that he called "farming". Pryor stated "I could sell a child right now for $20,000 cash."

This led Pryor into a discussion of the Temple of Set, which he called the "most lethal Satanic temple in the world." Pryor said that the Temple of Set was involved in "drugs, murder, and 'farming'" and said that "Lilith Aquino still calls me to this day." He said that they were connected to the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and that the Temple of Set supplied boys to them. NAMBLA is a paedophile lobby group in the US.

Eric then briefly mentioned Druids, stating that "druids do believe in ritual sacrifice and probably do more ritual sacrifice than the Satanists."

Pastor Henry Hinn interrupted at this point to tell us that he was receiving threats. Hinn described an incident involving a daughter of a hotel owner in the ski resort of Whistler, BC. Hinn did not identify her more clearly than this. Hinn said that she had been abused by Satanists and had her jaw broken by them. He said that he had flown her to Edmonton, Alberta, to hide her. At this point my companion interrupted and asked Henry if he had reported this incident to the police. Hinn became flustered and said that he had been put on hold on the 911 phone line for 20 minutes, which is impossible (alarms go off in the Communications center after two minutes and the sergeant would pick up the line). Hinn finally admitted that he never did report it but that "next time he would know what to do." Hinn said that he had recorded the unspecified threats himself, however. He said that he had been told that there was nothing that the police could do about these threats and that he had therefore gotten a few of his friends together "with baseball bats to protect [him]."

Pryor said that "homosexuality and occultism go hand in hand" and that "occultists never go above ground. They do their secret stuff in their households." He said that the pagan community has strong ties to "Act Up" and "Queer Nation," two radical gay groups. Pryor suggested that the homosexuality in the occult community is why it was so violent. Later Pryor showed us several scars from stab wounds in his abdomen and right side and suggested that he had several other scars from gunshot wounds that he didn't show us. He never specifically explained how he had received these scars, simply stating that they had been received in the days when he was working the streets as a male prostitute.

Pryor next very briefly mentioned Santeria, Macumbe, and Voodoun, saying that "these people are involved in most true occult crime."

Pryor next returned to the subject of sacrifice, claiming that there were 7000 occult murders in the US every year and about 3000 in Canada. He said that these were "more often than not animal sacrifices." Pryor stated that he used to get animals for sacrifice from the local SPCA, "everything from horses to chickens." He then said that there was nothing the authorities could do, stating: "I could chop off my horse's head and drink the blood if I wanted to because it was my horse. I could tell them I had shot it because it was lame or something."

Pryor next announced that "most ceremonial magicians are Satanists" and began talking about "Bacchists." Pryor said that the Bacchist's "sole function is drunken debauchery." Pryor moved from this into a discussion of "The Minoan Brotherhood." Pryor explained that "a Minoan is a gay occultist" and that "all great Pagan leaders were at one time in the Minoan Brotherhood". He gave as examples Raymond Buckland, Herman Slater, Scott Cunningham, Dr Louis Martello, and "Laurie Carbot (sic)", calling Laurie Cabot a lesbian and the rest homosexuals. Pryor stated "most leaders are homosexual or bisexual."

The Minoans are a group that was started some years ago in New York by some homosexuals who wanted to create a gay Wiccan tradition, apparently combining some Gardnerian material with some Minoan mythological material. The largest that they ever got was two covens. None of the people named by Pryor were members of it, and it is not known whether Pryor ever was.

An officer asked Pryor "What about missing kids?" Pryor said that "missing children more often than not were ripped off by paedophiles" and said that he knew "that it has happened on numerous occasions in New York City." This is kind of like saying that he had an inside line that drugs were being sold in New York. He also said that children were necessary in sacrifices because "a male High Priest needs a virgin and a High Priestess needs a male just through puberty." Pryor said that they tempted children with drugs and snatched them from malls. He then contradicted himself by saying that unless a child was "farmed" the satanists wouldn't be interested in it.

At this point a police officer asked why there was no network between Pryor and others like him. Pryor said that this was because "most of us are killed" and that "many police don't believe me until I help them infiltrate." Pryor announced that he was trying to put together a "Defectors Task Force." He said that he was working with Louis Hernandez, the Deputy Chief of the San Jose PD. He gave Hernandez's phone number (408-277-4147) and said that he would be a consultant for his department.

At this point Pastor Hinn jumped in again and said that Vancouver "is one of the worst cities in North America for the church" and that he figured that only 1% of the population attended church. Hinn then handed out free copies of Jubilee Christian Center's documentary tape on Pryor, From Pagan to Pentecost. This tape normally costs $45.

A police officer commented that he thought that a lot of Catholic churches were burglarized and asked Pryor if Satanists were responsible for this. Pryor said that "99.999% of the time if a Catholic Church is burglarized it was by Satanists, usually a rogue group. I've burglarized many churches." Another officer asked if Satanists targeted mosques or Sikh temples. Pryor said that they did not. The first officer then asked why Catholic Churches were targeted. Pryor told him it was because of the ritual implements and robes that one could find there. The officer then asked, "What about cemeteries?" Pryor laughed and said "This was my forte, necromancy." He said that cemeteries were raided by Satanists for bones used in their rituals. Pryor said that he found this especially easy, because to assist his necromancy activities he had become "a licensed funeral director and mortician." He said that he had played a joke on his first teacher in the "Earth Star Temple" in New York, standing a dead robed body in the temple. He next began to discuss which bones were best, and in the process called his claims into doubt. He said that an especially sought after bone (for knife handles) was "the femur." As he said this, Pryor pointed to the bones of his forearm. I'm sure that most of the police officers in his audience could have told Pryor that the major bones in the forearm are the radius and ulna and that the femur is found in the leg (in fact I overheard the officer behind me muttering about this to himself). Pryor recommended that we go to a store in San Francisco called "Sticks & Stones & Snakes & Bones". He said that if we searched amongst the animal bones displayed there that we could find human bones.

An officer then asked what precautions Pryor took against being killed and whether Pryor had worked with the Vancouver Police or other agencies. Pryor replied that he "lectured with the FBI." Pyor said that he had "never been involved with ritual murder" (which is interesting in light of his earlier claims about teaching occultists how to do ritual murder). Pryor said that "secular law enforcement needs educating" and that he "wants [us] to infiltrate" occult groups. He suggested that if "you have the right money and you grease the right palms you're in."

An officer now asked if he would find a lot of documentation in the hands of occultists. Pryor said that he would. Pryor gave himself as an example, stating that he had been "a pack rat" for documents as it aided his ability to dig up material he needed "because I blackmail people."

My companion from VIIU then identified himself. This VIIU officer said that he had personally debriefed a lot of people that had made similar claims to those being made here by Pryor. The VIIU officer said that he had yet to find one whose story checked out. He asked Pryor to justify his claim about there being 7000 ritual murders a year in the US and 3000 in Canada and asked him to name just one case of homicide that had ever been linked to the kind of stuff Pryor was talking about. Pryor appeared flustered and stammered that "well, actually most of the 7000 are probably drug related" and may have been mis-labelled "occult crime." Pryor continued his back peddling by saying that it was "easy to get in" to the occult but that often you would "not be able to solve" such cases. He insisted that there were major rings of Satanists operating out there and that the reason we hadn't found them was because we were "looking in the wrong direction." Pryor said that police didn't look long enough and that we should "keep looking." My VIIU companion took exception to this, telling me that he didn't see how somebody like Pryor, whom he'd never met, could figure that he could get away with suggesting that he wasn't a thorough investigator.

An officer then asked Pryor "Why are you in town?" Pryor replied that pastor Hinn had called him in. Pastor Hinn then interrupted to introduce Dick Bernal, who came in wearing an expensive track suit, excusing himself and saying that he was on his way to go out on a yacht. Speaking about the incident last October, Bernal said that "the press picked it up and said that we were homophobic", a claim that he denied. Bernal excused the activities of himself and Lea, saying that "spiritual warfare is just a metaphor". Bernal said that when he first met Pryor the previous October, that Pryor had been "very sick." Bernal described Pryor as having been "near death" and that Pryor had "smelled bad." Bernal went on at length about how he had stepped in and through his efforts brought Pryor back to health and saved him. Bernal then claimed that he was friends with Tex Watson, a convicted murder serving life who was one of the Charles Manson "family" members. He praised Watson for starting a prison ministry.

After the lecture was over, Pryor spoke to my companion and me briefly, offering his services. He said that if we supplied, for example, a Craft name to him, that he could do "a sort of 10-29" (referring to a criminal wants/record check done by police) and tell us everything that we wanted to know about this person and the organization to which they belonged. We stuck around until Pryor and his entourage departed. We saw Bernal and Pryor leaving the site together (without body guards) in a rental van. Hinn left in a Mercedes.

The day after this lecture Pryor appeared on a local TV news broadcast wearing combat fatigues and advocating "spiritual warfare."

(Continued... Click HERE for page IV)

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Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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