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Lieutenant Larry Jones [3]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: August 5th. 2002
Times Viewed: 9,387

In the 89-4 issue of File 18, Jones places an article which he entitles "Infiltration or Information?" It concerns another public education seminar by Wiccans in Texas scheduled for September 26, 1989. This time Jones identifies his source: Lt. Mike Bennett of the Bonham (TX) Police Department. Bennett got a letter from Pattalee Glass-Keontop, announcing the seminar, identifying the speaker to be well known Wiccan author Raymond Buckland, and stating that plain clothes officers were welcome. Jones states:

"Since the police and public started to become aware of cult/occult motivations behind criminal acts, some pagan- wiccan-witch groups have embarked upon aggressive PR campaigns designed to distance themselves from stereotypical associations with sinister occult practitioners... Glass- Koentop's invitation may be an innocent attempt by well- meaning wiccans to inform the official hierarchy of their beliefs, position and pertinent issues... It could also be a ploy to draw-out '... plain clothes officers...' who need training about the occult in order to investigate it, and to identify them. Wiccans are not ALL squeeky-clean, trustworthy, ecology-minded joggers who merely practice benign, nature-oriented ancient religions- regardless of what the recruitment brochures claim!... C.C.I.N. has been informed that covens across the country have been given assignments to conjure and cast destructive spells against C.C.I.N., its supporters, certain churches, and men and women who are perceived to be a 'threat'. That hardly sounds innocent or 'squeeky-clean' does it? [emphasis in original]"

Of course, Jones doesn't say who informed him of this destructive campaign and doesn't give any examples to prove it. As we saw earlier, all of the examples that Jones actually has included so far have been cases where the courts decided in favour of Wiccans, which doesn't help his case much. In reality the reason that Wiccans are conducting what Jones calls "aggressive PR campaigns" is to counteract the aggressive misinformation campaigns of people such as Jones.

In this issue Jones tries to prove that Adolf Hitler was a Satanist. Jones quotes a report by Steve Daniels which claims that the fact that Hitler committed suicide on April 30 (Walpurgis) was somehow significant, that Hitler was a "student of the black occultic arts" and that "many believe that Hitler considered elimination of the Jews as a sacrifice to Satan." Daniels claims that Arthur Lyons, in his book Satan Wants You, "detailed the link between satanism and white supremacy". What Daniels and Jones completely ignore is the fact that Lyons also clearly differenti ates Wicca from Satanism in his book and that Lyons points out that many white supremacist groups are linked to White Identity Churches such as the Church of Jesus Christ Christian.

In the list of books offered for sale at the end of this issue Jones has added Johanna Michaelson's Like Lambs to the Slaughter and Mark Bubeck's book The Adversary. Jones also offers tapes of the speakers at a "Ritual Crime Seminar" held by C.C.I.N. Inc. in Boise in October 88. The speakers at this seminar includd: Lauren Stratford, Johanna Michaelson, Detective Bill Lightfoot, Larry Nelson (of Warnke Ministries) and Dr. Lawrence Pazder.

There was an Open Public Forum on Satanism held May 25, 1989, at the Great Falls (Montana) Civic Center. This forum was hosted by Sheriff Barry Michelotti of the Cascade County Sheriff's Office in Great Falls, MT. The speakers were a Cascade C.S.O. Detective and C.C.I.N. Inc's Larry Jones. Jones did most of the speaking and fielded most of the questions asked from the floor. The following is a summary of the sorts of things that Jones stated. Exact quotes are in quotation marks:

TV sets are sources of sex, violence and sorcery.

The occult offers drugs, alcohol, parties and secrets.

Some teen suicides are due to guilt over participating in Satanic mutilation and despicable acts.

Ouija boards raise "demonic entities."

"Occult spiritualism says: 'Do something to get a direct result.' Its a spiral path down."

In response to a question about whether there are laws that states can pass against occult activity: "What we can do is pass laws that make specific acts common to these rituals, such as the abuse of children, illegal."

The movie Star Wars and its sequels preach Hindu doctrine. "The Impersonal Force that is both bad and good is in direct contradiction to Judeo-Christian teaching."

In response to the question "What about white witchcraft?" Jones said: "Some witches I've heard of don't like the words white witchcraft or black witchcraft, but others refer to themselves as white witches so I don't know. White witchcraft means sorcery or witchcraft used for good witchcraft as opposed to black witchcraft, but to them right and wrong are relative. I don't mean to say everyone practising non traditional belief systems are criminals." NOTE: Jones later contradicted himself, see below.

D&D "is a crash course in sorcery for young males, our future leaders." Presumably Jones doesn't think that future leaders will be female. According to Jones, information available in this game can give you all you need to do a Black Mass.

"Relaxation techniques, secular humanism and eastern mysticism are being taught in the schools. We must get to parents in the homes before kids go to school. A curriculum or indoctrination class warning young children needs to be carried on."

Rock music is destructive. It reduces psychological defences in the brain.

"Voodoo, witchcraft, Satanism, some people like to draw lines between them, say they're different. Why split hairs? They're all the same!"

Jones showed video clips of Masters of the Universe, Scooby Doo and Thundercats cartoons and called them "training films for the occult."

Jones illustrated his lecture with the following anecdotes:

Teenage girls play a pyjama party game called "Bloody Mary", played by going into a darkened room, looking into the mirror, and having a candle shining upwards onto the face. The girl then says something like "Bloody Mary kill my parents". Jones stated that this causes demons to appear in the mirror.

The Willard the Warlock story: The Boise police department got a domestic disturbance call. Two officers, one quite large and both Christian Ministers, were dispatched to a house where a 29 year old man had thrown his parents out of the house. He growled when the officers confronted him and said that he was a warlock and would turn them into a newt. When this didn't phase them, he paused to assess them. When they told him that they were Christian Ministers the man supposedly said: "The dark has no power over Christians." It would probably be more accurate to say that mentally disordered people have no power to turn anyone into newts.

The story of Glenn: As a young lad Glenn was having problems and was confused. A teacher at school pointed him towards books on Witchcraft in the school library. He used a power incantation which called demons who taught him. He was later brought to Christ by another teacher.

In the 89-5 issue of File 18 Jones attacks Ken Lanning of the Behavioural Sciences Department of the FBI and also Arthur Lyons, author of the excellent book Satan Wants You. This is a very interesting turn of events, given that in the last issue Jones was quoting Lyons. Jones reports Lanning's scepticism regarding the inflated claims of tens of thousands of occult related homicides every year. Jones says that the statistics quoted by Lanning et al are "only the reported crimes." Jones claims that his figures are correct, since they include all of the unreported homicides. If Jones' beliefs are based on unreported homicides, I wonder how Jones knows about them? Obviously Jones' "statistics" are pure speculation. The fact of the matter is that Jones' statistics can't be corroborated and Lannings can.

Lanning is quoted out of context by Jones as saying: "There just flat out aren't enough missing people to account for all the ritual murders that police officials such as Jones believe are occurring... If ritual killings and other crimes are occurring to the extent claimed... it is clearly -clearly- the greatest crime conspiracy in the history of mankind". Jones admits to underlin ing the highlighted portion of this quotation and says: "C.C.I.N. believes that Ken has hit the nail on the head!" Jones fails to list any of Lanning's reasons as to why Lanning comes to this conclusion; a conclusion which I endorse. In a nutshell: Lanning maintains that the larger a conspiracy is, the greater the chance that some disgruntled and/or greedy individual will break ranks and "rat" on his co-conspirators. And if those co-conspirators are sociopathic/homicidal criminals it is doubly unlikely, since they aren't mentally stable enough to form lasting relationships of a highly organized nature required to run such an organization. There is that "multi-filter" of Jones in operation again.

In the next three pages of this issue of File 18, Jones presents an article by Maureen Davies, director of Reachout Trust, whom I will discuss in a later article. Davies relates the same unsubstantiated stories of human sacrifice, ritual abuse of children, etc. that are commonplace in File 18. Jones concludes from this: "Where do the contrived controversies of '...urban myth...' and statistical dinosaurs stand now in the light of international confirmation that the same satanic crime problems exist across the globe? [emphasis in original]" Jones announces that "Associated Press consistently reports cult/occult stories" and then lists 4 Associated Press clippings of allegations of Satanic activity that are common place in AP articles (and Jones' file 18). The fact that newspapers in Britain are running the same sort of articles on Satanism as newspapers in North America only proves that Jones' so called "international Satanic link" is a global urban myth.

Attached to this issue of File 18 is a missing persons bulletin which is not related to "occult related crime". Besides being a public service this is also likely intended to increase File 18's look of respectability.

In the next issue of File 18 Jones enters into a lengthy editorial about those who disagree with his assertion that Satanism is a major problem in America. Jones states that "to deny the existence of a problem, precludes the search for its solution." He accuses his detractors of "total denial of the reality and danger of cult/occult-motivation crimes" and states that "Propounding this position in the face of mounting evidence and court convictions of confessed satanic perpetrators stretches their credibility to its breaking point!" I agree that "to deny the existence of a problem, precludes the search for its solution", but selectively choosing evidence while ignoring evidence that doesn't suit your purposes, backing supporters even though they have been publicly proven to be frauds, and pursuing a dogma that will not tolerate dissension as Jones is doing here is creating a problem that doesn't exist in order to create the impression that certain religious (Christian) solutions must be applied. It is Jones that is in denial, not his critics.

Jones gives clear evidence of his growing paranoia and concern about the lack of significant evidence, advancing the following "hypothesis" to explain this lack: "One effective tactic to minimize the threat that a disclosing victim could do to a network of abusers might be to infiltrate the established treatment structures and manoeuver into positions to interview, dissuade, medicate, suppress, and discredit the witness/patient, then destroy any remaining evidence they have described." Jones offers no evidence to prove this hypothesis.

At the end of this issue Jones adds Bob Larson's Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth to his "Christian Book Club".

In the 90-1 issue of File 18 Jones mentions "W.I.C.C.A." in passing as if it were a real organization and not a hoax. Jones also endorses Tal Brooke's book When The World Will Be As One. Jones claims that Brooke's book "provides the investigator a good background understanding of the forces and philosophies behind a number of New Age traditions, as well as the motivations of the practitioners." In fact Brooke's book claims that the New Age is a front for the imaginary International Satanic Conspiracy which is plotting a one world government which they will lead. Brooke is the director of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project, an organization which seeks to prove that all religions other than fundamentalist Christianity are false.

The entire 90-2 issue of File 18 is devoted to explaining how to lobby government to get "Ritualised Child Abuse Legislation" passed. Jones tells of how he helped a "survivor" only identified as "Anne" to testify before the Idaho House Judiciary and Rules Committee and the Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee. She claims to have been a member of a Satanic coven at the age of five. This coven was allegedly part of a Satanic group with 125-175 members. Anne tells of having to drink the blood of sacrificed girls, killing kittens, and participating in cannibalism. At the age of five Anne claims that she was put into a coffin with the corpse of a girl that had been sacrificed. Anne claims that between the ages of five and fourteen she watched countless human sacrifices and claimed that the cult members used chain saws to cut up the bodies. She claims that she was given drugs by the cult on a regular basis, making her a willing participant. These were given to her by a doctor who had her held down while he injected her. Anne claims that when she protested they killed several of her school class mates. Anne claims that she was forced by the High Priest to sacrifice a girl named Jenny in one of these rituals. She claims that at the age of eight she was married to the High Priest and became a High Priestess. Anne calls the leader of the covens "The Supreme". As you may expect, "Anne" admits that she remembered none of this until she met up with an unidentified "therapist" a couple of years ago who helped her "remember." At the end of this presentation Anne says: "I don't want to mislead you... Ritual abuse is a serious crime. We need serious laws with serious penalties to fight back and protect our children."

The Idaho legislature passed this legislation into law. Jones and his associates succeeded in convincing them that this stuff was actually true. Despite the fact that we know that Jones is using discredited sources and backing obvious frauds he has learned to present himself to the public and tell a convincing tale. He uses his police connection to establish an air of authority and respectability. Note the strong similarity between "Anne's" story and the fraudulent story in the book Michelle Remembers. But once again we must ask the questions:

If Anne participated in homicide repeatedly, why is she unable or unwilling to name names, dates, places?

How can a person 8 years old possess the organizational abilities to become the leader of a regional Satanic organization?

If "Anne" was constantly in a drugged out state and several of her class mates mysteriously disappeared, having allegedly been sacrificed, why is it that no one at her elementary school notices?

We can see that people like Jones are quietly and systematically ramming their own agendas through government, getting special laws enacted to combat a problem that doesn't even exist.

In the 90-3 issue of File 18 Jones again brings up the subject of the McMartin Daycare case, specifically the unsuccessful excavations done by Ted Gunderson et al in an attempt to find the tunnels which supposedly existed beneath this school. Jones, however, ignores the arguments against Gunderson's alleged findings and states:

"We have to believe the children; they were telling us what happened all along, we just couldn't understand. We must BELIEVE THE CHILDREN! Much of the occult is based upon deceit, deception and illusion, mixed with a reality too bizarre to be believed... Recent psychological research supports the overwhelming truthfulness of child victims of abuse. These studies have documented that they child abuse victims characteristically under report the level and severity of their abuse, not lie and fabricate in lurid sexual fantasies, as many so-called abuse experts and 'apologists for satanism' would have us believe. 'Survivor-art'- the incredibly graphic drawings done by survivors about their abuse- have been studied and shown to be even more accurate than verbal testimony. [emphasis in original]"

Here you see that Jones has jumped upon the research and theories of the therapists who believe in S.R.A. and M.P.D. as validation for his own theories of Satanic conspiracies. Like the therapists involved in this kind of treatment, Jones must strongly insist that we believe the stories of the patients without question. For if we question the stories, the stories will fall apart, because outside of these statements, there is no evidence.

In his 90-4 File 18, Jones opens with a 2 page editorial justifying himself, as usual. The purpose of this editorial seems to be to encourage police investigators to "'Look behind the obvious' and document truthfully". This is a sample of the "truths" he expects you to find:

"Like reading reversed writing in a mirror, it was also necessary to retrain myself to think in opposites, to consider factors and events from opposite perspectives. Much of the occult entails opposites and role reversals... darkness is light; evil is good; up is down, etc. The meanings of words are not what they seem. When I hear a statement from an occultist, I assign the opposite meaning to see what s/he might really be saying. If my attention is drawn in one direction, I intentionally look in other directions to see what I may be missing..."There are many ways to be deceived; the devil is the "Father of Lies", so deception is his stock in trade. FOOL ME ONCE--SHAME ON YOU; FOOL ME TWICE--SHAME ON ME!" [emphasis in original].

This is a convenient investigative technique from Jones' standpoint: If they don't tell you what you want to hear, just assume that they are really thinking the opposite and carry on.

It is interesting to note that in this issue Jones tries to cover all bases by including the following disclaimer:

"NOTE: Certainly, some self proclaimed survivors have been intentional liars or psychologically unable to distinguish truth from fiction. Each case must be examined for credibility and content, so that we do not condemn all for the acts of a few."

This disclaimer is undoubtedly due to the criticism Jones was receiving over having supported alleged survivors who had been publicly discredited like Lauren Stratford, whose book his organization sells. You'll note that Jones does not identify the "intentional liars" that he refers to.

This issue of File 18 also reports a large mandala ploughed into a lake bed in southeastern Oregon. Jones guesses that it is the work of "a New Age (or revived Eastern Mysticism) group intent upon focusing supernatural forces or entities". Jones then goes on to quote from the Time Life book Cults and Rituals, where he has found a picture of what he considers to be a similar mandala. Jones quotes excerpts from this book to do with tantric sex practices. Then Jones mentions that Theosophist Charles Leadbetter practised tantric sex, reporting that "Leadbetter was introduced to Tantra in 1915 by a former pupil who had joined the Ordo Templi Orientis". Jones then takes another logical leap and states: "The O.T.O. as imported to the U.S. from England by Aliester Crowley- IS A WIDE- RANGING SATANIC CULT GROUP. CROWLEY INCORPORATED EVERY MANNER OF DESPOTIC DEVIANCE INTO HIS BRAND OF SATANISM, WHICH STILL STRONGLY INFLUENCES PRACTISING SATANISTS TODAY". [emphasis in original]

Thus we have somehow progressed from a plowed field in Oregon to Jones' conclusion that the O.T.O. is Satanic.

In the 90-5 issue of File 18 Jones works himself up into a frenzy again. He prints an article by David Brown of Logos Communications on the alleged origins of Halloween: "'Hell-oween' is All Year Long." Jones introduces this article by continuing his claims that the occult is the opposite of Christianity:

"Reversal of roles, meanings, directions, values, and a 180 degree departure from the tenets of Biblical Christianity are the hallmarks of occult involvement... This is an intriguing concept- Thinking in Opposites- yet one which has been heavily emphasized by outspoken occult practitioners... We accept a 'credential' above 'logic, fact, and common sense.' Who says things is more important that What they are saying! Celebrities with little integrity pander destructive ideas which are poison to individuals and our society, but still we often lay down hard-earned dollars to partake of their Judas- goat philosophies." [emphasis in original]

Here is Jones's reverse logic again: Assume that they are telling you the opposite so that you'll get the message you want to hear. It doesn't matter what they say. It is only important who they are. This is bigotry of the highest order. Of course Jones doesn't identify the "occult practitioners" or "celebrities" that he is referring to here. It is ironic that Jones is accusing others of accepting "a 'credential' above 'logic, fact, and common sense.'" Time and time again we have seen Jones ignoring his own advice. Jones and the individuals he supports are perfect examples of "Celebrities with little integrity that pander destructive ideas" and who expect us to accept their "credential(s) above 'logic' fact and common sense'".

Another organization that Jones touts in this issue is The Lighthouse Project in Forsyth, IL. This organization was founded by Pastor Jack Cluney of the Forsyth Baptist Church, who is called an "occult expert" by Jones. Jones describes it as "a private, non profit corporation dedicated to education, intelligence sharing, and resource management among other professionals working to uncover the secrets of cult/occult crime activities". Jones goes on to say that "Jack Cluney, earlier in his life, dabbled in the occult, and experienced the turmoil of having his brother marry a practising (sic) occultist. However, since Cluney's decision to accept the road to Life through Jesus Christ, he has turned his knowledge of the occult toward a positive purpose. He has been a missionary to the American Indians of the southwest where he studied native witchcraft and occult practices".

Jones also quotes Randy Emon in this article, who at this time stated that: "'[The occultist's] entire year can be categorized in three phases: Preparing for Rituals, Performing Rituals, and Cleaning-up or Following-up after Rituals'. For the daycare toddler being victimized in satanic ritual abuse, 'Halloween Parties'--which include demonic costumes, drugs, pain, fear, blood rituals, and violent sexual abuse--can occur daily!" Emon has, of course, since recanted. Emon now states that this is not true.

Jones concludes by trying to instill fear in the hearts of his readers:

"Contemporary Halloween festivities sugar-coat a very real, devastating history of violence, fear, destruction, and the occult. It still emphasizes violence and death while luring children and adults to become involved in manifestations of the occult. Knowing what we now know about the roots and contemporary practice of this dark un-holy-day, do we have any justification to continue to accept, participate, or promote it? Have you mentioned to your child's teacher, or your grocery store manager, that 'decorations' promoting Halloween are offensive?"

Jones further warns his readers:

"Do not succumb to the deceptive programming that Halloween is a one-day-per-year-problem! The inspiration behind this highest unholy day is active every moment of the year. Its followers work tirelessly behind the scenes to complete their agenda. If you are asleep, deluded, deceived, distracted, or disinterested, they face little resistance. Hell-oween is going on all year! [emphasis in original]"

Commencing in the 91-1 issue of File 18, Jones departed from his usual format of quoting newspaper articles sent in by sup porters, instead running a series of articles entitled "Survivor Management." These articles, all written by Jones, were basically all long winded diatribes. Jones strikes out at all who are critical of him and tries to invent new ways to explain away the mounting evidence against him. A frequent target of his venom is Ken Lanning, an instructor at the FBI's Academy in Quantico, Virginia, whom as we saw earlier, has several times publicly pointed out the holes in Jones' arguments.

Jones opened the series by saying: "...The Directors [of C.C.I.N. Inc] had a composite of 45 years of police experience, a shared belief that we served a good God who is the author of justice, and a dedication to follow where He lead". This is a recurring theme in Jones' materials: That only Christian police officers have the knowledge and strength to fight "ritualistic crime".

Jones' entire series is nearly devoid of evidence that can be corroborated. It relies heavily on the disclosures of "survivors" only identified through pseudonyms. This new series has taken up most of the space in his newsletters, leaving very little for the newspaper clippings so common in the past. The series consists of the following instalments:

January 1991 Part 1: "Receiving the First Report: I was rit ually abused by my family. Can you help me?"

This serves as an introduction to the series. Jones starts in this issue by trying to explain away the lack of physical evidence to support his allegations of widespread animal sacrifice and mutilation. He claims that the reason that we cannot find human footprints around the carcasses of animals that have been found is that "perpetrators with spikes welded to steel plates bolted to the soles" do not leave foot prints on the ground. Presumably they leave holes instead, a detail which Jones' appears to have overlooked. He also repeats the claim made by some Arkansas police officers a few years ago that Satanists were using specially equipped trucks with telescopic booms to "suspend perpetrators over fences to work on animals". This would, of course, be physically impossible without having a truck of considerable size, set up on stabilizers. A truck the size of a pickup or van would simply fall over! Such a large truck would be painfully obvious, slow, unwieldy and rather noisy. Jones also suggests "the old Indian trick of brushing out footprints". Nice try Larry, but experienced trackers in agencies such as the US Border patrol know that old trick too and would presumably recognize it.

Larry also advises his readers in this issue that if they see coloured candles in the course of an investigation or a social worker's home visit, they should suspect candle magic. He announces: "From other sources, we have also learned that human fat, especially human baby fat, is valued by some satanists who render it down and pour it into various molds to form their own magical candles. [emphasis in original]" Jones then reveals his lack of real knowledge or evidence on the subject by asking: "If any of our readers are forensic chemists, the Editors would like to know if analysis of wax can isolate the source/type of the fat used, i.e. human fat".

(Continued... Click HERE for page 4)

Article Specs

Article ID: 4590

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Age Group: Adult

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Times Read: 9,387


Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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