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Jeremiah Films [3]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: August 12th. 2002
Times Viewed: 19,566

AUDREY HARPER: Identified in this video only as "Audrey: former Satanist." Harper is a lecturer for the fundamentalist Christian organization Reachout Trust. Harper claims to have been a "black witch" in a Satanic cult and a former heroin addict. Harper alleges that she stayed in a Satanic coven because they gave her heroin. She claims that sex is a common component of "occult rituals." Harper claims to have witnessed child sacrifices and to have been raped by her satanic high priest repeatedly, resulting in her pregnancy. Harper claims that she escaped the group before her child was born. Harper cannot explain why she is unwilling to give these details to the police so that the authorities could apprehend the alleged perpetrators. If her story were true, then withholding such evidence could in itself be construed as criminal. Early in this video Harper states: "According to my Bible, witchcraft is witchcraft. God does not distinguish between black or white or grey. Witchcraft allows you or teaches you to depend upon supernatural powers and spirits to get things that you want on this earth. So I believe that despite all the good that Wiccans think they do, their power source is exactly the same as Satanism." Harper tries to convince the viewer that her brand of Christianity is the only legitimate religion and the only answer to life's problems. As you will soon see, this is one of the main themes of the video Devil Worship.

BILL SCHNOEBELEN: Schnoebelen is listed in this video as an "occult expert/ex satanist, " which as you know from my earlier article on him in this series he most certainly is not. Schnoebelen makes similar claims in Devil Worship to those made by Harper. At one point the video shows what appears to be an upside down close up of the cover of Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft , with Schnoebelen saying that the inverted pentagram is the sign of the second degree of witchcraft, "which is of course the symbol of black magic- a five pointed star turned with two points up symbolizing Satan." Of course Jeremiah Films had to turn the book upside down to make the pentagram appear to be inverted. Even so, the inverted pentagram in Wiccan practice is a sign of the second degree of initiation, not a symbol of black magic or Satanism.

This scene is immediately followed by a closeup of the cover art of Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible. Schnoebelen continues: "I was, ah, finally given the wonderful privilege of realizing that Satan was the god of Witchcraft and, ah, I was, ah, at that time made very clear to me that if I wanted to proceed much further I would have to sell my soul to the devil." Schnoebelen also states: "I think that it can be put in one four letter word- lust. And I don't mean sexual lust. There- there is a- a lust for power that is a part of our sinful nature. There is a- a kind of- C.S. Lewis talks about it as a spiritual lust. As the kind of- of- of spiritual itch to want to somehow reach into the unknown. We're fascinated by it." Schnoebelen states that Satanism is surrendering control of your life. He says that sadomasochism is normal in Satanism and names Beltane and Samhain as Satanic ceremonies in which he used to sacrifice animals. Schnoebelen elaborates, saying that you must kill the animal or human slowly to get the full effect. Of course if he really ever had done these things, he'd have been charged with homicide by the authorities. Beltaine and Samhain are not Satanic festivals.

Schnoebelen claims in Devil Worship that missing person statistics support his claims, but gives no exact figures. Of course, as I pointed out elsewhere in this series, exactly the opposite is true. Like Harper, Schnoebelen advocates Christianity as the only solution.

DAVID WILSHIRE: This fundamentalist Christian was a British Member of Parliament at the time that Devil Worship was filmed. Wilshire was lobbying for a return of the Witchcraft Laws that were repealed in the UK in 1949. In the video Devil Worship, Wilshire states: "Once you open up the mind to the sorts of ideas and imagery and history of witchcraft, where is the dividing line between committing something which is a bit of a giggle and something which slips very readily into full blown Satanism, if that is the right phrase for it, where there are no bounds to how nastily or how foully you treat people for your own gratification?" Wilshire complains that the courts and the public refuse to believe the stories of alleged Satanic abuse survivors like Schnoebelen. Wilshire insists that we must believe the accounts of all alleged survivors. The reason that the courts and public are not buying these allegations, of course, is because there is no evidence, a problem that Wilshire is trying to overcome through denial and blind faith.

KEVIN JOHNSON: A fundamentalist Christian author of books about the aforementioned Satanic Conspiracy. In Devil Worship, Johnson states: "The Satanists have merely followed the pantheist way of thought to its logical conclusion. If there are no absolutes, if God doesn't exist, He hasn't set absolute limits to what we can do. So therefore anything that the self decides it wants the self can go after."

Pantheism is not another way of saying atheist, as Johnson suggests here. Nor does it refer to people who have no absolutes or limits. Pantheists by definition certainly believe in deity, it is just that Pantheists see it expressed in everything around them and usually as many different deities, each representing different aspects of the whole. This being the case, Johnson's conclusion is entirely illogical. Johnson's statement also makes it seem as if Wiccans have no constraints upon their conduct, when in fact they are constrained both by the Wiccan concept of Karma, the "three fold law of return", and by the Wiccan Rede.

Most of the comments that Johnson makes about Satanists and New Age beliefs in the video Devil Worship are rather vague. Johnson claims that occult groups use drugs, alcohol and peer pressure to entice young people. Johnson preaches the Phil Phillips line about Saturday morning cartoons teaching children magic (we'll take a closer look at Phil Phillips later in this series). Johnson focuses on the cartoons "He Man" and "Masters of the Universe." Johnson also preaches Pat Pulling's Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons line about fantasy role playing games teaching youth Satanic practices. Johnson describes his God as being "all powerful" and makes a major pitch for salvation through Jesus, concluding that: "If you are a Satanist and want to get out, you must find a Bible based church and pastor." Here is the same Christian theme that we've already heard from Harper, Schnoebelen and Wilshire.

Sergeant RANDY EMONS. Devil Worship was one of the films that Emons appeared in before he broke ranks and refuted all of this Satanic nonsense. In Devil Worship, Emons is interviewed in front of the Baldwin Park (California) Police station where he worked. Emons, like Johnson, alleges in this video that drugs and alcohol are used to entice young people into Satanism. Emon alleges that heavy metal music teaches "occultic" practices and that young people learn spells from Dungeons and Dragons games. Emons claims to have met children who were taught how to draw pentagrams and who learned spells from their ouija boards. Emons seems bitter about officials in government and law enforcement not believing this propaganda, stating: "The reason some of it is being covered up is specifically- its for political reasons. Its obvious. For instance, a very wealthy community who is plagued with a- animal sacrifice in their community- let's use cats for instance. If the mayor of that particular community allows that to be published, what's going to happen to property values in there? They're not going to say that there is all sorts of Satanists. Let's not bring that up." Of course now Emon no longer believes that there was a cover up, realizing that the reason these agencies did not believe in S.R.A. was because there was no evidence.

DETECTIVE KURT JACKSON: A detective in the Beaumont (California) Police Department, whom you will encounter various places in my article series. In this film Jackson is being interviewed in front of his police station. Jackson is author of the pamphlet: "Determining Ritual Child Abuse". Jackson has appeared on television talk shows such as Oprah Winfrey, Geraldo Rivera, and the "700 Club". Jackson states that people should investigate crime, not religions, but then proceeds to suggest that occult beliefs are a motivation for crime and lumps Pagan beliefs together with Satanic beliefs, stating: "The main theme of their worshiping follows along the teachings of Aleister Crowley, which is 'do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law'. And if you break all that down all it means is to do whatever you want to do. They cater to your needs to get you involved." Jackson conveniently omits the second half of Crowley's statement: "Love is the Law. Love under will."

Jackson considers rock music to be a recruiting tool for Satanism like Johnson does. Jackson says that he believes that human sacrifices are occurring. He even claims in Devil Worship that homicides committed by individuals related in some way to the occult should be considered human sacrifices, regardless of the context in which they occur. This is both ridiculous and irresponsible, since the majority of homicides are certainly not inspired by religious motives. Even if the homicide was religiously motivated, why would a homicide committed by a person having occult beliefs automatically be a sacrifice? Wouldn't this same reasoning mean that a homicide committed by a Christian is a sacrifice too? One can only speculate as to why he would say such a thing. Given that there is no evidence of the human sacrifices he claims are commonplace, perhaps Jackson is hoping that by reclassifying incidents he will create the illusion that what he is saying is true, instead of simply accepting the facts. Jackson, like Emon in this film, is upset that he isn't always believed, stating: "Probably one of the biggest problems would have to be political. They want to keep it, you know, under wraps as much as possible." Here again is this sense of denial. Rather than accept that there is no evidence to support their beliefs they blame others for cover ups. But there is nothing to cover up.

JACK ROPER: Roper is the founder of the Christian Apologetics Research and Information Service. CARIS supplies a lot of information to individuals and agencies on the supposed activities of Satanists. In Devil Worship, Roper makes similar statements to the previously listed "experts." Roper adds that "recruiters will go out there into various high schools and draw kids into the system. Because they're very street smart, some of these Satanists. And they can draw these kids into it very seductively where their parents may not even know it. Sometimes the high priest or the high priestess won't use drugs because they may not be able to have the mental spiritual control over the people that are in the actual coven. But then they will give it to their members." Of course Roper presents absolutely no evidence to back up his claims.

MAUREEN DAVIES: Founder and president of Reachout Trust. Audrey Harper is one of Davies' proteges. In Devil Worship, Davies blames the societal problems she perceives on men for not taking a "fatherly" role in the family according to Biblical principles. Davies further complains that the Christian church is not meeting the needs of young people. She claims that occult groups use extensive "whitewashing" techniques to maintain "an air of innocence." Here is this nonsense about cover ups again to try to explain away the lack of evidence. Davies, like Schnoebelen, tries to convince us that Wicca is simply a lower level or a front for hard core Satanic groups. Davies condemns Witchcraft, stating: "They want the quick slick answers to life. By calling down these forces so they will be able to manipulate whatever they need." Davies may be right about some churches not meeting the needs of young people, but it seems to me that she is the one seeking the "quick slick answers to life."

DOREEN IRVINE: Listed in this video only as "Doreen: former Satanist/black witch." Irvine was the UK representative for Campus Crusade for Christ at the time that Devil Worship was filmed. Irvine alleges to have formerly been a "witch queen" whose coven of 400 members supposedly participated in human sacrifices. In Devil Worship, Irvine makes statements like: "So we, um, have to make [Satan's] army bigger, so the more recruits there are in, um, Satanism and, um, the occult on the earth the quicker his army would grow and then he would take over and overthrow Christ and the Christian church."

GLENN HOBBS: Only identified in Devil Worship as "GLEN: former satanist". Glenn makes claims similar to Doreen Irvine's. Hobbs states: "If you can tear down the prayer foundation of a church then you've destroyed that church. And that's what every witch or Satanist plans to do when they go into a church, is to tear down that prayer foundation and the church will go quickly after that."

The Devil Worship video also includes testimonies of several other individuals, all of whom are only identified by their first names, as follows:

MARK: Listed as "practising satanist/founder of the Temple of Olympus." Also introduced as the lead singer of a punk rock band in London, England, called "The Devoted Men." The video shows Mark and a woman dressed in togas and performing what appear to be rituals of ancient Greek or Roman orientation. The video also shows Mark performing live in concert in a fashion reminiscent of heavy metal groups such as Slayer or King Diamond.

SARA & JULIANN: Two women dressed in Punk style who are listed as "former high priestesses of the Temple of Olympus" mentioned above. They claim that Mark and his temple engaged in Bacchanalian orgies and black magic to raise power to "destroy Christians." They claim that Mark plans to use his Temple's magic to make enough money through his band's music to go to the United States. They claim that once Mark arrives in the US, he will use his band's music to take over the world. As we have not seen any indication since the release of the video Devil Worship that anyone named Mark has become the ruler of the world, one can only assume that he failed with this bizarre plan.

MATTHEW: Another alleged "former satanist", who makes claims similar to Irvine's.

LONNY: Another American listed as a "former satanist" who has a Punk style of dress. Lonny claims that when you got married in his group, the bride and groom had to have sex with everyone else in the group. Lonny claimed that the group intended to sacrifice his wife's first born child. Again, no names, dates or other details are given.

All of the scenes of Satanic worship in this film are old archive clips of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan in action or views of old paintings. This indicates that Matrisciana was unable to find any Satanic groups to film. These clips and paintings are interspersed with numerous photos of dead and mutilated animals, unidentified homicide victims, and sensational newspaper articles. Matrisciana also includes photos and film clips of self styled Satanists arrested for various crimes such as Richard Ramirez, Sean Sellers, Pete Roland, Joseph Beeson, and Ed Bennett. Matrisciana does a hard sell on the message that Pagan religions are merely an introductory level or a front for Satanism and that the only answer to this is to accept Jesus as your savior. Matrisciana attempts to convince the viewer that mysterious Satanic groups are everywhere indoctrinating young people. Yet the video Devil Worship advocates indoctrination (not their term of course) in Biblical principles as the best defense against this Satanic bogeyman. Matrisciana sums this up at the end of this video when she says: "Secularization of society has created a vacuum into which Satanism has moved...There is no neutrality. We either have to choose to apply Biblical concepts to our lives or, by silence and non-commitment, we make a stand against them."

Another good example of Matrisciana's style is found in the "Pagan Invasion" series of videos. The promotion at the beginning of each of the videos in this series describes it as "An explosive new 13 part video series providing a thorough behind the scenes examination of today's New Age movement and Neo Pagan revival." The first video in the "Pagan Invasion" series is Halloween: Trick or Treat. This was released in 1991. It is similar in many ways to the earlier Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism. Matrisciana alternates with well known American evangelist Chuck Smith as mistress/master of ceremonies in Halloween.

Halloween begins with very slick computer graphics taking the viewer down a series of crystal canyons to a crystal castle on a precipice. You dive down into the courtyard, across a drawbridge and into a chamber, which serves as the backdrop for Matrisciana and Smith. As they introduce each new topic the viewer is taken through a purple door which opens from this room onto the next series of scenes.

Like the film Devil Worship, the vast majority of clips of actual ritual in Halloween are of Wiccan or Druid rites. Invariably, the narrative you hear as you see these scenes refers to Satanism and gory rituals that have no connection to what is happening in these scenes of Pagan worship being viewed. As in the film Devil Worship, the only scenes of Satanism that are shown in Halloween are either fanciful paintings or old clips of Anton LaVey's group in action (the same ones used in "Devil Worship", in fact). Halloween opens with Smith claiming that viewing horror films causes people to engage in criminal activity. Smith comments on the popularity of horror movies and complains about those who produce them. Smith states:

"The irony is that while these producers label such films as fun and make believe, many of them hire practicing Witches or Satanists as technical advisors to ensure the authentic reproductions of rituals, sacrifices, spells and curses."

While Smith makes this remark, the background scenes in Halloween are of posters advertising the horror movies "Dead People are Cool", "Night Angel", "Playroom" and "Night of the Demons." Given the highly inaccurate depictions of supposedly Wiccan rituals that appear in these sort of films, I can only conclude that if these producers did hire consultants, they certainly didn't have any knowledge of Witchcraft. No evidence is produced by Smith to substantiate his claims that these films cause criminality. Smith does not identify any of these supposed "technical advisors" that he mentions, nor does he identify any of the producers that he believes have used them.

Smith does his best to give the impression that there is a world wide epidemic of Satanic crime, stating: "Today reports from all over the world show a growing concern over the mushrooming attraction towards the occult. Heinous crimes connected with the occult, according to police, have reached epidemic proportions." Smith does not identify the "police" who told him this of course. As I pointed out earlier, all that the large number of reports indicates is the extent of the rumor. The number of reports is no indication of the truth of the reports themselves. Incidentally, while Smith is making this statement, the scene the scene being shown in the background is of a Wiccan ritual.

Smith introduces the same theme of spiritual warfare in Halloween that was found in Devil Worship. After quoting Deuteronomy 18, Smith states: "...By participating in the customs of Halloween, whether in fun or ignorance, we are continuing in practices which have been consecrated to Satan... Christians can use the night to gather together to educate themselves about the dangers of Paganism. And take the opportunity to pray and wage spiritual warfare against the powers of darkness in their community... The source of occult power is Satan. It is deceptive, exploitive, and will eventually fail to deliver on its promises. And there is always a hidden and heavy price to pay." Of course the persons trying to connect Halloween practices to Satanism are people like Smith.

In Halloween, Caryl Matrisciana makes sweeping generalisms like: "Whether the public chooses to believe in the frightening growth of Satanism or not, the fact is that a highly organized network of Satanists are operating in America and Europe today. They seem to be respectable members of society and are integrated into all professions and walks of life." Clearly she is taking the same approach that Emon and Jackson did in her earlier video Devil Worship: Matrisciana recognizes that many people don't believe her and blames them for not accepting her word, rather than accepting the obvious lack of evidence. This is simply fanaticism.

In Halloween, Matrisciana states that "At [Halloween] the Druidic priesthood led the people in diabolical worship ceremonies in which they would sacrifice animals and humans in ritual killings." The scene being shown while she says this depicts a modern day Druid celebration at Stonehenge where no sacrifices take place. Matrisciana later states: "The title 'Witch' is from the Saxon word 'Wicca', meaning the one who practices sorcery. The Oxford Dictionary states that a Wiccan is one who is twisted, bent or warped. Despite attempts by modern Wiccans to sanitize the original intention of Witchcraft, this cannot be divorced from demonology." The persons who tried to link Witchcraft with demonology were the demonologists of the Inquisition. Here we see someone who is still at it. The Oxford dictionary does not say that a Wiccan is one who is twisted, bent or warped. It says that the word Wicca can be traced back to a Sanskrit root "wik" or "weik" which means "to shape" or "to bend". Clearly the intended meaning, given that the Saxons used the word Wicca to denote a magician, is really "one who can shape or bend reality."

Matrisciana's attempt at describing the history behind Halloween customs is a depressingly familiar collection of rumor and nonsense that we have already seen several others use in this series. In Halloween, Matrisciana states:

"All of today's seemingly innocent Halloween customs and symbols have their origins in the ancient Celtic day of the dead. For example, the practice of trick or treat is from Celtic tradition where people gave food in return for blessings from spirits of the dead. Failure to supply treats would result in demonic retaliation. Jack O Lanterns grew out of the Celtic tradition of carving the faces of demonic spirits on turnips, and later, on pumpkins. The World Book Encyclopedia says the apparently harmless lighted pumpkin face of the Jack O Lantern is actually an ancient symbol of a damned soul. Candle lit pumpkins, or skulls, at a home signified that the occupants were sympathetic to Satan, and would therefore receive mercy by spirits and trick or treaters on their Halloween rounds. Perhaps the most sickening of all Druidic New Year practices were the human sacrifices which occurred at midnight. Adults and children alike would be thrown into huge fires while the celebrants danced around them in demonic fits of abandon. By mornings light only ashes and bones would remain. These were called bone fires, which is where we get the tradition of bon fires today. The druids believed that black cats were reincarnations of the evil dead and were possessed with supernatural powers and knowledge. Bobbing for apples was part of the Druidic New Years sexual divination ceremony of fertility. The broomstick and Witch's hat were originally considered phallic symbols. When used in the rituals of Witchcraft, these objects supposedly transform the sexual energy released during orgasm into psychic energy. By understanding the Pagan origins of Halloween, we can no longer claim ignorance. As parents we are called to a sense of responsibility and must decide whether to allow our children to participate in a Celtic celebration which glorifies the powers of darkness."

The Celts believed that the flames in their lanterns, made of turnips, gourds or whatever, represented the spirits of their dear departed relatives, not "damned souls." Carving faces into them was probably originally an extension of this belief, not an attempt to create "demonic faces." The Celts did not believe in Satan. So Matrisciana's statement that such lanterns left in windows were a sign that the occupants of the house were sympathetic to Satan is ludicrous. There is no evidence that the Druids performed human sacrifices of the sort described by Matrisciana. The custom of "bone fires" did not originate in the fashion that Matrisciana suggests. It was once customary for farmers to collect the bones of livestock slaughtered for food and burn them in fires at festivals such as Samhain, the fires being called "bone fires" and later "bonfires." Folklore about black cats originated with the Inquisitor's reports of "familiars, " not with the Druids. The origins of Halloween are certainly Pagan, but obviously Matrisciana is ignorant of what those original customs and beliefs really were.

Matrisciana gives other examples of her lack of knowledge of things Celtic by stating: "The ancient Druids worshipped Baal, one of the most powerful of all the demon kings. In the list of Enochian demons, Baal is said to be a king which is at the power of the east [sic]. Eastern religions emphasize that spiritual power comes from meditation. The common denominator between Druids, Witches and Satanists is the practice of meditation for the purpose of making contact with the spirits of the dead or disembodied spirits." The scene being shown while Matrisciana says this is of Wiccans celebrating in a rather smoky circle. Of course Baal is a Phoenician deity, not a Celtic one. Baal wasn't an Enochian demon either. Enochian demons are part of the Judeo-Christian magical tradition, not Druid or Wiccan beliefs. Many religions practice meditation, and just because they share a particular practice does not mean that everything else they do is the same. Druid beliefs aren't an "Eastern religion" as Matrisciana claims here: The Celts were centered in Western Europe.

In Halloween, Matrisciana skillfully edits actual interviews with Wiccans and Druids, adding her own commentary to change the context and deliver an entirely different message from that obviously intended by the Pagans concerned. For example, a Wiccan named Una tells how it is possible to make occasional contact with "spirit guides." As Una tells you this, Matrisciana dubs in spooky background music and paintings of demons flash across the screen. Later, a lady in ritual robes, identified in subtitles as "Sarah: Witch Queen of Germany" tells the viewer about a friend who is a channeller. While Sarah is saying this, Matrisciana dubs in spooky music in the background again and a painting of a horrific demon is briefly flashed on the screen. The title "Witch Queen of Germany" is a Matrisciana addition too: There is no such thing as a "Witch Queen" of any country. Another Wiccan named "Patricia" speaks of contact with spirits. While Patricia is speaking her picture is replaced by a painting of an inverted pentagram with smoke swirling upwards from it. Matrisciana adds to this by stating: "Margaret Adler [sic], practicing Witch and author of Drawing Down The Moon, warns that the trance state, with its roots in ancient shamanism and paganism, is not to be entered into lightly or when alone. For the spirit to be contacted actually enters the witches body, using it to deliver a verbal message... While occult procedures and their rituals may vary in their intensity, the fact is that Witches, as well as Satanists, commemorate Halloween night with the same fervent dedication to invoke spirits for personal power." Of course it is likely that none of these individuals was referring to something that happened at Halloween here, since such channelling or "drawing down" is practiced year round, but Matrisciana tries to make us think so with her concluding remark. Of course the author of Drawing Down the Moon is Margot Adler, not Margaret Adler. Many charismatic and spiritualist Christian denominations practice channelling techniques too, so the technique in and of itself is not an indication that those using it are Satanists.

Many of the same so called "experts" and "survivors" appear in this video as appeared in the video Devil Worship:

(Continued... Click HERE for page IV)

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Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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