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Jeremiah Films [4]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: August 12th. 2002
Times Viewed: 16,816

AUDREY HARPER: Identified only as "Audrey/Former Satanist", as she was in Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism. Harper appears in one interview in this film in which she makes the following statement: "This lady in a black robe came forward with a little baby and at first I didn't realize that it was a real baby, and she just laid it on the altar. It was breathing but it wasn't crying. And the high priest just took the athame, or the ceremonial dagger and just cut the baby's throat and caught the blood in a chalice. At that point I was staggering, reeling. I thought I was going to throw up. I just couldn't believe it but by then I was so scared that I just stood there and then when I was led forward I thought that this is it, its your turn, they're going to kill you. And, and I was lifted up onto the altar and I, at that time was still in white. It was part of a sacrifice known as the sacrifice of the white virgin. Um, and the same blood that had come from the baby was daubed all over my body. Then the High Priest raped me. And I think at that moment I was just, the fact that I was still alive went through my mind. I was still alive! I then had to sign, in blood, a parchment stating that I would never ever reveal what had happened in the coven and if I did I would die." As Audrey spoke the last few lines, a painting of a devil writing in blood in a large book flashed on the screen. Again, if Audrey Harper has turned informant, one would expect a number of homicidal maniacs to be in jail. Nobody in this film seems interested in pursuing this angle.

BILL SCHNOEBELEN: In Devil Worship, Schnoebelen was listed on the screen as an "occult expert/ex satanist". In Halloween he is billed as an "author/former satanist". Perhaps Matrisciana is becoming sensitive to the criticisms about Schnoebelen's credibility? Schnoebelen makes the same sort of bizarre claims that he made in the earlier film. The only difference is that he adds claims that there are women out there who are "breeders", bearing children for sacrifice. This is an indication that Schnoebelen is having trouble explaining the lack of missing children to support his earlier claims of sacrifice. At one point as Schnoebelen is talking a page of David Balsiger's calendar of (bogus) Satanic dates appears on the screen. You will call from an earlier article in this series that Balsiger was Michael Warnke's co-author in writing The Satan Seller.

DAVID WILSHIRE: As before, Wilshire is introduced on the screen as a British Member of Parliament. Wilshire is being interviewed with the British Houses of Parliament in the background. Wilshire states that "Satanism exists in this country as it exists elsewhere. It is appallingly evil, it is about murder, it is about child abuse, it is about sexual abuse. It is no joke and must be taken seriously and must be dealt with." As he makes this statement a film clip of a group of police officers removing a body bag from a wooded area appears on the screen. This incident isn't identified, so we are left to assume that it was a film clip of an "occult crime." But it could just as easily have been just a convenient film clip of some incident totally unrelated to the occult. Wilshire continues: "The most tragic stories that I've ever heard are where a child has told people what's been happening and the adults have said, 'don't be stupid', 'that doesn't happen in this country' or 'you're, you're making up stories; you're lying." Here again is that common theme in amongst Satanic Conspiracy myth supporters: Never mind the lack of evidence, you must believe the children's stories!

KEVIN JOHNSON: Introduced as the "president of the I.C.A." in Devil Worship, he is introduced here as "director: Mt Carmel Outreach." Johnson makes the following statement: "We have an epidemic of young people participating in some strata of Satanism. Now that doesn't mean that they're all out sacrificing human beings, but they may very well be doing the, uh, rituals that involve the mutilation of animals. One fire department individual told me all of the woods around our area have these types of rituals going on." Predictably, this "fire department individual" is not identified in the video. Pictures of dismembered cats appear in the background, including one where an apparently dead cat is surrounded by a "circle" of empty beer bottles.

SERGEANT RANDY EMON: Halloween is another film that Emon appeared in before he changed his mind about the Satanic Conspiracy myth. Being interviewed with the Baldwin Park Police station in the background, Emon states: "The problem we're coming across is that the higher officials in these public organizations do not want to acknowledge that this is occurring. We need to lift that veil of misunderstanding and say: 'Hey! This is a crime to be dealt with. Its the crime of the 90's. It's not going away.'" There is the denial again: Blaming organizations for willfully refusing to believe or for covering up instead of accepting that there is no evidence to support the claims.

DETECTIVE KURT JACKSON: Being interviewed in front of the Beaumont Police station where he works, Jackson makes the following statements: "Are human beings being sacrificed? YES! They are! There are a lot of things that I would look for to make a determination on a ritualistic crime. It could be marks that are found at the scene. Maybe things like a pentagram. It may be an upside down cross, the number 666, loss of blood in the body, certain parts removed in a certain manner. Their victims? Some are targeted for specific reasons. One: because they wouldn't join. Two: because they did join and they want to drop out. Some of their victims are themselves. They voluntarily do it." It is difficult to say what Jackson means by the remark: "Some of the victims are themselves. They voluntarily do it." Is he referring to suicides here? As Jackson makes this statement, scenes of crude graffiti on walls and unidentified mutilated bodies in the morgue are being shown. Jackson doesn't say how many people are allegedly being sacrificed, nor does he give any examples or statistics to corroborate his claims. While people like Manson, Ramirez and Constanzo have committed ritualistic killings, the total of victims of homicides of this sort is a very small number and in no way justifies the claims by Matrisciana and others that this is a widespread phenomena. I also noted that the bodies shown on the screen aren't identified as sacrificial victims, and given the other background scenes that Matriciana has inserted elsewhere that were unrelated to the narrative at the time, I wonder if these homicide victims were actually victims of ritualistic crime or simply handy morgue photos that Matrisciana plugged in. You would think that if they really were actual victims of Satanic crime that Matrisciana would be eager to give us some sort of case history to accompany the photo, but none is presented.

MAUREEN DAVIES: In Halloween the subtitles introduce Davies as "occult researcher." As a copy of one of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan recruiting posters, declaring "Join Now! Church of Satan" appears on screen, Davies states: "Satanists want to recruit. We know that this has been going on for many years. This is not new. But their arrogance and their outwardness about the way that they recruit is becoming unbelievable." The Church of Satan is a legal church in the U.S. They have as much right to recruit as Maureen Davies' church does.

SARA AND JULIANNE: You will recall that these two appeared in the video Devil Worship, billed as "former High Priestesses in the Temple of Olympus." This appears to be another excerpt from the same interview, as they are identically dressed and positioned and the backdrop is the same. Two curious anomalies occur here however. The person identified in "Devil Worship" as "Julianne" is speaking here and the subtitle identifies her as "Sarah". It further labels her as "former Satanic High Priestess". No mention is made of the Temple of Olympus in this video.

GLENN HOBBS: Sporting a beard that he didn't have in the video Devil Worship, Hobbs is interviewed at length by Matrisciana in this video. Matrisciana introduces Hobbs by saying: "Glenn Hobbs was initiated into a Satanic coven as a child by his grandfather and continued participating for many years. I recently asked Glenn about his involvement and the importance of Halloween to the occultist". Hobbs claims to have been a generational Satanist. Hobbs tells a bizarre story about how his earliest memories are of being groomed to be a High Priest, while his friend Becky, whom he describes as "a little girl", was being groomed as a sacrifice. He claims to have been married to her in a Satanic ritual. Hobbs repeatedly refers to their having been "sexually abused", but gives no specifics. Hobbs claims that Halloween celebrations started at the end of September and continued for several weeks. This is suspiciously similar to Michelle Pazder's fictional account in the book Michelle Remembers that we discussed earlier in this series. Hobbs alleges that he and Becky were sequestered in some old shacks where they spent these preparatory weeks in the middle of constant rituals involving animal sacrifices in which "Lucifer" possessed him. Again, very similar to Pazder's account. Hobbs says that during this period they were sexually abused constantly. Finally, on Halloween, he and Becky were placed in the back of a van, given drugs (no specific drugs named) and driven to some out of the way place. There the Satanists left him in the van and took Becky away. Later Hobbs claims that he was brought out and found Becky strapped to a stone altar with her wrists and the bottoms of her feet slashed. He claims that the High Priest, in red robes, was collecting blood from these incisions in chalices, which he passed around for people to drink. Hobbs claims that this priest forced him to stab an athame into the girl's chest, killing her. Hobbs then states: "This is something that is happening every Halloween. This is not an isolated event. There are children all over the world who are losing their lives Halloween night and yet we in society, we go out and celebrate it. And we go door to door for candy and its a big celebration to us. And I think that its quite ironic how one group of people are thinking its fun while another group of people are taking human life. And yet there seems to be this kind of wall and no one wants to face the facts of what is going on."

Of course there are several problems with Glenn's account:

1) Hobbs says both that this is his "earliest memories" and that his companion is a "little girl." We must infer from this that Hobbs must have been 4 or 5 years old at the time. It seems incredible to me that a supposedly international organization of Satanists would be making 5 year old boys high priests. If the leadership was that young, they couldn't possibly be capable of the organizational skills attributed to them by Matrisciana et al.

2) As I have repeatedly pointed out regarding other alleged survivors in this book: If Hobbs really did participate in these things, then why has this information not lead to arrests? Hobbs is admitting here to having committed homicide. Why can't he name specific dates, places and names? If he really did have this information and was refusing to divulge it, he would be committing an criminal offence himself.

3) Surely someone would notice large groups of people coming and going, participating in around the clock animal sacrifices for weeks on end? There would have to be a lot of missing animals that surely someone would notice? An identifiable ritual site? A stone altar as described by Glenn would not be easily portable.

Later in the video Matrisciana returns to this interview and Hobbs continues with his vague allegations of death and sexual abuse in the name of Satan. Hobbs makes several emphatic remarks that children are being killed. As before, no evidence is produced.

A new face in this video is Hal Lindsey, a well known Christian author and radio evangelist. He is best known for his books The Late Great Planet Earth and Satan is Alive and Living on Planet Earth. Jeremiah Films has based some of their videos on Lindsey's books. Lindsey acts as the master of ceremonies for one segment of Halloween. Lindsey is shown at an outdoor site only identified as being "in the hills east of Los Angeles" consisting of a couple of old clapboard and stone shacks on an arid hill side. Lindsey alleges that this site "is known to be used for Satanic rituals." As proof of this he shows you a small upside down crucifix made from two sticks tied together with a bit of string and two or three very old and dry animal bones lying on the ground. Lindsey also tells us, but doesn't show us, that he found the diaper of "a very small baby" near these shacks. This is pretty thin evidence of Satanism. Lindsey makes the following statements from this hill side venue:

"I believe that this country is experiencing a Pagan invasion including a new upsurge of practice of Witchcraft and, as we will talk about today, outright Satanism. Around the middle of the 1960s there was a dramatic upsurge in Satanic worship, beginning with Anton LaVey and his writing of the Satanic Bible and the founding of the Church of Satan in San Francisco in 1966. I watched as this accelerated not just in the west coast but around the country. When Charles Manson and his gang in 1969 committed the horrible, brutal crime at Sharon Tate's home. This was done in connection with all of the paraphernalia of Satanic worship. This started a whole avalanche of Satanic crimes. We've seen serial murders. We have watched as one after another has been brought to light. Many murders where, uh, Satanic symbols were discovered. The pentagram, 666, and all sorts of things of this nature are done, but more distressing, we have found all over the country reports that there are animals that have been mutilated in a very skillful and specific style that shows that they were ritually offered as sacrifices. There are now confirmed cases where there have been girls that have been used as breeders and their infant children have been sacrificed to Satan. Halloween seems to be the high holy day of the Satanist and the occultist. Halloween is the time when, all across the country, in secret little places, in the dark, there will be little babies sacrificed to Satan. You don't believe it? I know its hard to believe myself, but there has been such an acceleration of worship of Satan that we believe that these sorts of things are happening and we have evidence that they are." Once again, Lindsey, like the others in this video, is claiming to have evidence. If so, where is it? In lieu of bodies of sacrificial victims we are shown two old animal bones, two sticks tied with a bit of string and told about a dirty diaper. This is not conclusive evidence. Despite Lindsey's assurances, I am unaware of any evidence to date that shows that even one of the reports by people claiming to have been breeders is true.

Lindsey continues:

"Some of you may not even believe what you've just seen. You may believe that this is something that is just aberrational and that, uh, it just doesn't reach the mainstream of America. But just think about some of the headlines we've had recently. The case in Matamoros in Mexico where a group were practicing human sacrifice. Where they kidnaped and actually sacrificed several innocent young people. Think about the Night Stalker case here in Los Angeles, with Ramirez brazenly flashing the Satanic symbol, and uh, and saying "Hail Satan" and holding up his palm with a pentagram in it...These are things that were done as a result, I believe, of getting involved in Satanism."

Of course the religion practiced in the Matamoros incident was a variant of Palo Mayombe, not Satanism. Ramirez was a loner, not connected to any criminal organization of any sort. Such loners certainly exist, but the existence of such loners does not prove that there is an international Satanic organization out there. All it proves is that some disturbed individuals mix religion with their criminality. Lindsey doesn't want to accept that such cases are exceptional. But his denial can't alter the facts.

In summary, the video "Halloween: Trick or Treat" is a slick presentation, using state of the art computer graphics and cleverly edited excerpts of actual Pagan rituals and interviews inserted into a new context in order to completely alter their meaning. It offers flashes of paintings of Satanism, newspaper headlines, testimonials by "survivors" of dubious credibility and the occasional old Anton LaVey film clip in the place of hard evidence.

Earlier I mentioned that one of Jeremiah Films' videos was Death by Entertainment: How the Media Manipulates the Masses. We've seen some pretty clear examples of how the Matriscianas have used the media for their own brand of manipulation here. They complain of the decline of society's morals, but as Appeals court judges Beam, Arnold and Alsop observed in their reversal of the Arkansas lawsuit that I mentioned earlier, "to say that Matrisciana did not cross the line into public-figure libel is not to say he stayed within the bounds of ethics and fairness."

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Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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